NEW YORK (UPI) — Dating websites attracting niche markets are common, and one, Passion Networks, has rolled out “Vampire Passions” for vampire enthusiasts.

Passion Networks features more than 100 standalone websites that typically offer categories involving sexual orientation, race, religion and politics, and more eccentric classifications that include mustaches, Star Trek enthusiasts and “jazz passions.”

Get ready for its newest website: “Vampire Passions,” the slogan of which is “Bite Me!”

The website calls itself a “free online dating and social networking site for vampires and vampire lovers.” Vampire hunters are welcome as well, it says, as well as fans of “sanguine vampirism” and “psychic vampirism,” although it does not define those terms.

It offers a “single location where fans of vampire-related books, movies and television shows can all find one another.”

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