Special Edition

May 1, 2014

“Ending Today!”

Hi Jeremy,

In this email I’ll answer some frequently asked questions about my

new No Cost Income Stream 2.0 course.

But first, if you’re in a hurry, please go here and start watching

this video because it will be taken down soon:


Now to answer some questions…

1) What is the course all about?

Essentially, this course is an answer to one of the most frequently

asked questions I receive on an ongoing basis. The question is,

“how to I make money online without spending money?”

My partners (Paul Counts and Jeff Wellman) and I wanted to give the

very best answer that we possibly could, so we created a

comprehensive step-by-step video course showing how to actually

build an online business using 100% free tools.

2) What’s the difference between the first NCIS course and NCIS 2.0?

We created NCIS 1.0 about two years ago. It basically covered one

business model, which was affiliate marketing. NCIS 2.0 actually

covers 5 business models: No Cost Product Launches, No Cost

Freelancing, No Cost Video Marketing, No Cost List Building, and No

Cost Affiliate Marketing. It goes into a lot more options, more

depth with 89 videos, and it is 100% up to date at this time,

having been created in the past month.

3) What do you mean by saying it’s a “best seller”?

The original No Cost Income Stream course has been the best selling

product of my partnership with Paul and Jeff. It has generated

hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales. We have sold many

thousands of copies, and continued to sell copies of it every day

up until about a week ago when we pulled it off the market to get

ready for the new version. The market for this product is proven,

so we can virtually guarantee that this new version (which is

bigger and better) will be a best seller too.

4) What’s the licensing deal?

By grabbing our new course right now during this one-week launch

(ending May 1st), you will also receive an exclusive resale license

for the entire course. You can resell the course as your own

product, and keep 100% of the profits. We’re even including a

pre-made sales page for you. We spent over 300 hours creating this

product, so this is a huge shortcut for you to have it as your own


5) Are there any bonuses included?

Yes! There are several valuable bonuses included with the NCIS 2.0

course. We’re including some additional courses with rights, 10 PLR

list building packages, and more. Perhaps the most valuable bonus

is that we’re including a live Q0dSamp;A webinar, in which we will answer

all of your questions about the course. We’ll answer any questions

about setting up your own no cost income stream, as well as any

questions about selling the course as a reseller.

Hopefully that answers some of the most pressing questions.

As I mentioned, we literally spent over 300 hours creating this for

you, so it’s something we’re really proud to be offering. The

quality is top notch, and I’m confident you’ll really enjoy the

course (and reselling it).

The only catch is that this offer is ending TODAY (May 1st), so I

recommend checking it out immediately:


Thanks for checking it out

Have a great day!

Eric Holmlund

“Eric’s Tips”

PO Box 273196, Fort Collins, CO 80527, USA

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