Colorful Sweet Candy Shoppe Party Supplies

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Sweet Shoppe candy party supplies allow you to create a party that is bright, colorful and fun! Imagine your child’s face when they see a rainbow of brilliant colors filling the room. This includes hot pink, neon yellow, lime green, turquoise, neon yellow and classics staples like black and white!

No party is complete without a fun collection of Sweet Shoppe candy party supplies to go with it. Your child will love brightly colored rock candy sticks, sweet and colorful Whirly pops, a mind boggling selection of gumballs, lollipops and so much more. When all is said and done, your child will have an incredible candy themed birthday party that is super sweet!

With your supplies in hand, it’s time to decorate. While the personalized candy banner is a good start, you do need more. Consider using some of these whimsical decorations to spruce things up. Line your walkway with beautiful lollipops decorations, or line the area with crepe paper with candy decorations on it. Colorful balloons are also a welcome addition, especially when they blend in perfectly with the theme. When you decorate imagine what Candy Land might look like or even the adventure through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

Now, the kids need to do more than eat candy for a few hours. Thankfully, there are some great choices. Think about breaking the norm and make your own mini pizzas, or make some sliders they can load up. You can even promote healthy eating with colorful fruits and vegetables that catch the bright joyful nature of the event, without adding to the sugary foods they are eating. Think things like blueberries, cauliflower, green beans, yellow bell peppers, strawberries, carrots and other tasty treats.

But this is a colorful candy event and if you don’t have something sweet there might be a tiny rebellion. To avoid this, consider having treats like licorice sticks in a cup. Then let the kids bite off one end and use them as a straw! You can even decorate your cake with jelly beans, M&Ms or Pop Rocks and add something new to the experience for them. Just make sure you use some Candy Shoppe plates, napkins and cups to add to the overall feeling of the event.

No Candy Shoppe party is complete without games and favors. Make sure you use them for your child’s special day. Consider things like a game of Candy Land. Perhaps a Giant Cupcake Pinata filled with delicious candies is in order? You can even find things like cupcake scented nail polish, ice cream lip balm and even Candy Shoppe tattoos to fill it with. Then send each guest home with a party favor box with some tasty treats along with a candy sticker sheet, candy buttons and even a glitter bracelet. Oh yeah, did we mention more candy!

When the event is done, teach your child to be the sweetheart they are and tell their friends it was sweet to come! This is as simple as using the Birthday Express Candy Shoppe thank you notes!
It isn’t hard to plan the perfect party! Just use these great ideas and make sure you stock up on Birthday Express Candy Shoppe supplies!

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