There is just so many things wrong, when it comes to Paranormal catfish and we have what looks like a sardine on our Paranormal hands.

Anna Hill is simply just that. The woman seems to intervene,when others are simply miserable, is this a kind thing or someone with some vendetta?

Edwin F. Becker It is nice that you use my grief and despair as a format to spew your opinion. Why would that be uplifting? Your relationship with Jensen has no bearing on the facts. or my feelings.

Anna HillEdwin, I’m only just catching wind of this situation this morning. No one needs to be in your business at all. I just hope you’re taking anything Evan Jensen says with a grain of salt. I wouldn’t put it past the guy to make up screen shots and falsify information. He’s been known to do it to others in the past. Maybe log off Facebook for awhile and take care of you guys. Wish you luck.

Want more to this story?so be it here it is.

Just a day ago on 10/13/2015,we saw a comment from a woman named Anna Hill using a feed or post from a true friend

. Anna Hill posted her personal feelings about the writer and owner of the Paranormal Herald,knowing full well she was using another mans hard luck and personal feelings as a tool to intervene and slander someone.

This shows callousness and no actual feelings for the man that made the post Edwin F Becker.

Anna Hill poses herself,as some paranormal person but say’s she is a skeptic and critical thinker, this is by far a way of saying she don’t believe in the paranormal,but then she represents herself as someone inside the paranormal and why? most likely she writes for a news source DoubtfulNews


Meet Doubtful News creator Anna Hill. she also goes by Anna Banana on twitter.

Edwin Becker a kind man, getting bombarded by catfish such as Anna Hill.


Anna hills Facebook page.


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