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PIA|Pakistan International Airlines Pakistan International Airlines (پاکستان انٹرنیشنل ایئر لائنز ;

Pakistan International Airlines Pakistan International) or generally known as PIA;, could be the national banner company and a state-owned enterprise of Government of Pakistan. Once thought to be Asia’s best airline, it’s headquartered at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi and operates slated solutions to 24 home destinations and 38 international destinations in 27 countries across Asia, Europe and United States. Their key facets are at Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi.

The airline’s supplementary bases incorporate Peshawar, Faisalabad, Quetta, Sialkot and Multan, from which it connects the metropolitan cities with all the major bases, the Middle East, Europe, and the Far East. It’s mainly owned from the Government of Pakistan and is positioned under the Ministry Of Defense as an autonomous body. It utilized 18,043 people at the time of May possibly 2008.


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Pakistan International Airlines could locate its origins for the times when Pakistan had not however came into being and was part of British India. In 1946, the country’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah realized the necessity for a flag carrier for the prospective country and requested financial help from a prosperous entrepreneur Mirza Ahmad Ispahani for this purpose. Around that time, a new airline ‘Orient Airways’ was authorized in Calcutta on 23 October 1946. In February 1947, the flight received a permit to soar in May of the same year and bought three DC-3 planes from an organization in Texas. The flight began its businesses in June, giving solutions from Kolkata to Yangon and Sittwe. This was the primary article second-world-war airline journey by way of a South Asian registered airline company.[citation needed] On 14 August 1947, Pakistan came into being and Orient Airways commenced aid procedures for the new country. Soon after Pakistan’s independence from British India, the airline moved its operations to Karachi.

PIA L1049C Super Constellation at London (Heathrow) Airport in 1955

A Convair CV-240 in the 1950s at Karachi airport

A Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 707 captured in Germany, 1961


On 7 June 1954, Orient Airways began its businesses by giving airfare companies between the two wings of Pakistan, i.e. Assistance from Karachi to Dhaka. Additionally, the airline additionally introduced two new domestic routes, i.e., Karachi-Lahore-Peshawar and Karachi-Quetta-Lahore. Nevertheless, due to sustained losses being suffered by the airline, the Us Government of Pakistan proposed that Orient Airways merge with a new national airline. On 11 March 1955, Orient Airways merged with all the government’s suggested flight, becoming Pakistan International Airlines Corporation. The freshly created airline not merely presented companies on its domestic routes but also inaugurated its first worldwide route, Karachi-London Heathrow Airport[7] via Cairo and Rome, utilizing 3 newly-acquired Lockheed L-1049C Super Constellations. The airline continued using DC-3s on home avenues in Pakistan. In-may 1956, PIA bought 2 Super Lockheed Constellations of the latest L-1049H type and 5 Vickers Viscount 815.


The appointment of Air Marshal Nur Khan while the Managing Director of PIA in 1959 heralded a period of fantastic accomplishments for PIA. In March 1960, PIA wet-leased a Boeing 707 from Pan American air companies, therefore getting the very first Asian flight to in-duct a jet-aircraft in its navy [8]. With all the newly purchased aircraft, the flight presented its first trans-Atlantic route Karachi-New York-jfk in 1961. In 1962, it enhanced its navy by inserting purchases for Boeing 720s, Fokker F27s, and Sikorsky planes. In the same year, one among PIA’s Boeing 720s built a world record for that smallest length non-stop flight ( 6 hours 43 moments and 51 seconds[8] ) from London to Karachi, a record which nonetheless keeps even today. The Boeing 720 was on its first journey when it travelled from Seattle-London-Karachi[citation needed] by PIA’s senior Captain Abdullah Baig. [8] From 1962 to 1966, PIA controlled only its Sikorsky S-61 planes for services linked to East Pakistan (current day Bangladesh) due to some technical difficulties. When problems increased the normal operations on these channels resumed in 1966. Upon the place of connections between Pakistan Government and People’s Republic of China, PIA started flying to Beijing in 1964, becoming the first airline of the non-communist state flying towards the People’s Republic of China.[8] At the outbreak of Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, the Pakistani Armed Forces seek PIA’s solutions for logistics and move functions. The Viscounts were phased out in 1966 and were exchanged by 4 Hawker Siddeley Tridents. These plane were later offered to Civil Aviation Administration of China.


The decade was designated by appointment of Nur Khan, benefits of fresh destinations, resumption of transatlantic flights as its executive for the next term, and the beginning of monetarily profitable period for the airline. When the political situation in East Pakistan (current Bangladesh) began difficult in early 70s, the Pakistan Army once more employed PIA’s services to airlift troops and ammunition to East Pakistan.[citation needed] Most routes needed to detour to Sri-lanka throughout trips between West Pakistan and East Pakistan. Nonetheless, few PIA’s cargo airplanes were shot along from the fighter-jets of Indian Air Force.[9] With all the institution of cordial ties involving the Libyan and Pakistani governments in early 70s, PIA included a new international route, Tripoli, to its road in 1972. Additionally it signed a contract with Yugoslav airline JAT. PIA acquired Mcdonnell-douglas DC-10s in 1973 and employed those airplanes to replace Boeing 707-300s. In 1974, PIA introduced offering atmosphere cargo, Pakistan International Cargo and cargo services. In 1975, PIA launched brand-new outfits for oxygen hostesses that have been picked through an open competition, with the successful accessibility designed by Sir Hardy Amies, the designer of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The later half the decade witnessed further enlargement of PIA’s fleet with all the benefits of Boeing 747s through either hired or ordered aircraft. With this decade, airline obtained significant popularity and was viewed as Asia’s most useful airline [10]. For the very first time since its inauguration, PIA started supplying administrative and specialized guidance or leased aircraft to overseas airlines including Somali Airlines, Air Malta and Yemenia. A part of PIA furthermore started supplying inn management providers in United Arab Emirates towards the end of the decade.

The Fokker F27 was previously the anchor of PIA’s services to northern Pakistani locations in the 1990s [11]

A Pakistan International Airliens Airbus A300 at Fiumicino Airport in 1991.


The 1980s decade began using the starting of a cargo managing heart at Karachi airport, duty-free stores, the first C and D protection checks on its whole fast, in addition to the launch of airline’s first Airbus A300B4-203 plane. In 1984, the flight unveiled Night-Coach support as being a low-cost option to day-time domestic flights. In the following years, PIA Planetarium was inaugurated in Karachi which was followed closely by planetariums in Lahore and Peshawar. These planetariums presented outdated PIA airplane on display for informative or observational purposes. Two more retired Boeing 720B planes were provided towards the planetariums in Karachi and Lahore afterwards. Additionally in 1985, five new Boeing 737-300s aeroplanes were introduced in PIA’s fleet, producing PIA the initial Asian airline with such diverse aircraft fleet. In delayed 1987 and first 1988, services to Toronto and Malé were unveiled. In 1989, Shukria Khanam became the very first female pilot to acquire a licence to soar a commercial passenger airplane but never joined PIA as being a pilot. Per year later, First Officer Maliha Sami became the first women pilot of PIA when she took-off on Karachi-Panjgur-Turbat-Gwadar path.

In mid-1980s, PIA additionally aided build Emirates flight by renting two of its planes – Airbus 300 and Boeing 737 – in addition to offering technical and administrative assistance to the brand new carrier.


In June 1991, Airbus delivered the very first of six Airbus A310-300 airplane that PIA had purchased. With all the fresh airplanes, flights were introduced by the airline to Tashkent in 1992 and to Zürich in 1993. PIA included Fujairah, Jakarta, Baku and Al-Ain to its locations in 1994. Furthermore, PIA turned a consumer of several diverse flight-reservation programs, namely: Sabre, Galileo and Amadeus. Atmosphere Safari flights were launched in 1994 employing Boeing 737–300 aircraft which used to fly on the Karakoram hill variety. In 1995, PIA ordered a Boeing 747 trip simulation to train its pilots. Another used Airbus A300 aircraft was also purchased by it from Air France. A Tupolev Tu-154 plane was likewise leased briefly in 1996 to deal with spike in individual traffic all through summer 1996. Routes to Beirut were resumed the identical year too.

In 1999, PIA booked 5 Boeing 747–300 airplane from Cathay Pacific to displace its Boeing 747-200M navy. The aircraft were decorated using a new livery – a handwork Pashmina end on bright body and huge Pakistan games on the front fuselage. The livery was adopted in first 90s but on account of some trademark troubles it’d to become lowered. The Boeing 747-300s remained while in the new-look but with an ordinary natural tail with PIA headings. The other airplane while in the fleet were repainted in early 1990s livery.


Boeing 747-300 on finals to London Heathrow Airport, England

In July 2002, PIA acquired six Boeing 747-300 airplane from Cathay Pacific, several which were already on lease. The sixth one appeared shortly afterward and was used mainly on its Us and European paths. In October 2002, after a period of ten years with no new orders, an order was placed by the airline for eight Boeing 777 aircraft from The Boeing Company. The order included all several variants of 777, i.e. three 777-200ER (Extended Range), two 777-200LR (Longer Range) and three 777-300ER variants. PIA was the release client that improved the Boeing 777-200LR project that, till then, only had three instructions by EVA Air.

External films

A promo video by PIA on delivery of the Boeing 777

Boeing shipped the first of three 777-200ER aircraft to PIA in January 2004. PIA released a brand new livery for 777-200ERs airplanes and that livery was later placed on many airplanes of its fleet. PIA likewise rented six more Airbus A310-300/ET airplanes from Airbus organization right. November 2005, PIA placed a purchase to purchase eight ATR42-500 aircraft from ATR to restore its aging fleet of Fokker F27 aircraft on three. On 6 December 2005, PIA acquired yet another fresh Boeing 777-200ER on a ten year lease from your International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC). The plane was delivered in January 2007 for the airline.

On when it travelled from Everett to Islamabad via Manchester, 25 February 2006, Boeing provided its first 777-200LR Worldliner to PIA. With the induction of long range airplane in its navy, PIA started presenting non-stop routes from Toronto to Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore from 3 March 2006. PIA had furthermore in the pipeline non-stop flights to The Big Apple and additional US locations with substantial Pakistani numbers but wasn’t given approval by US specialists. ATR supplied two of the eight ordered aeroplanes by PIA in December and May of 2006 respectively, pursuing that your airline discontinued applying military Lockheed C-130 Hercules for traveling companies in upper regions of Pakistan. The military planes were getting used following the PIA Flight 688 crash. On 23 December 2006, PIA required shipping of its first Boeing 777-300ER.

A set of Boeing 747s stashed at Sialkot in 2008 throughout the EU restrictions. However, after the bar was lifted the aircraft were back in use on all routes

Eu Ban

On 5 March 2007, the European Commission prohibited all but seven airplanes of PIA’s 42-plane fleet from flying to Europe stating safety problems of its aging fleet. The ban was enforced following an on-site visit led by Federico Grandini, European Commission’s Air Safety Administrator[12][13]. The rest of the seven, specifically the navy of Boeing 777s, was exempted from your PIA said that the bar was discriminatory and unjustifiable. On 26 March 2007, Tariq Saeed Kirmani was forced to decide after severe pressure from higher specialists due to the EU ban[citation needed]. Zafar Khan was employed because the new chairman of Pakistan International Airlines. The ban on the eleven of thirty-five airplane was put after a period of several months on 5 July 2007, following another inspection by European Union’s Air Safety Administration. Of the eleven aircraft, five were Boeing 747-300s and the remaining six were Airbus A310-300s. On 29 November 2007, the EU fully eliminated the ban and PIA’s whole fleet was authorized to fly to Europe.[15] To prevent such discomfort in potential, PIA signed a package to lease seven new Airbus A320-200 from Kuwait centered leasing company ALAFCO. The plane were said to be delivered throughout 2008 and 2009 but the option was cancelled before any supply happened.

Existing decade

In February 2012, PIA requested 5 more Boeing 777-300ER aircraft with distribution beginning in 2015. The buy is worth more than US$1.5 thousand. In August 2012, this can be reported that PIA is incorporating seven Aircraft inside the Fleet. Two 777-200ER, Two Boeing 747-400 and Four Boeing 737-800 are now being included in the Fleet within this year.

Corporate management


Pakistan International Air companies Corporation (PIAC) is majority owned by the Federal Government of Pakistan (87%) while the remainder (135-point) by exclusive investors. The airline is beneath the government of Ministry of Defence the chairman that is Ahmad Mukhtar. The airline is managed by the Board of Directors as well as managing director. The Board contains nine unbiased non-executive customers and has four sub-committees: an Audit Committee, Advertising and Brand Committee, Finance Committee, and Human-resource Committee each having its own charter and chairman. The MD leads the government administration of staff who manage the flight. The airline’s key headquarters are located at Karachi Airport while smaller sub head offices are located in many towns within Pakistan.


Jinnah Airport Terminal – the PIA hq is found in that advanced

PIA practices in Lahore

In the late 1990s, the Government of Pakistan considered marketing the airline to the private sector due to the persistent losses suffered by the airline. The Government released its privatization ideas nevertheless they were never implemented. Several steps towards freelancing of non-core business have already been begun. Catering devices (starting with Karachi Flight Kitchen), terrain handling (starting with bring services) and design, can be steadily carved out of the flight and as separate corporations handled. During 1997, Pakistan termed in a crew from International Finance (IFC), the contacting supply of the Planet Bank, to guide on privatization and re-structuring of Pakistan International Air companies (PIA). But, no deal was reached.[16] The government has received many plans for your privatization of the State held airline. Nevertheless, no settlement or answer has been observed even today. On 18 February 2009 the carrier was dropped from the privatization list.[17]

Financial Performance

The following dining table provides essential financial results for 2011 along with those since 2004[18][19] The financial effectiveness for FY 2011 remains a challenge with an after tax loss in PKR 26.767 zillion. It was preceded by six consecutive loss-making years dating back to to 2005. The flight did document a reduction of post-tax cutbacks of 83-acre in 2009 (when compared with 2008) predicated on a reduction in petrol charge, relatively secure exchange-rate for the Pakistan Rupee and higher revenues. But in 2011 & 2010, cutbacks again increased forcefully set alongside the previous decades.

The flight confronts several problems to its profits including staffing amounts and general supervision issues. A worker count of 18,014 for a fleet of 40 aircraft [18][19] is clearly a place that requires to become reviewed.

Revenues [18][19]Year Revenues (PKR in Million ) Profit/( Loss) (PKR in Million ) Employees (Ave.)

2011 116,551 ( 26,767 ) 18,014

2010 107,532 ( 20,785 ) 18,019

2009 94,564 ( 5,822 ) 17,944

2008 88,863 ( 36,139 ) 18,036

2007 70,481 ( 13,399 ) 18,149

2006 70,587 ( 12,763 ) 18,282

2005 64,074 ( 4,412 ) 19,263

2004 57,788 2,307 19,634

The survey for your first-quarter of 2012 [20] does not present any advancement. The after-tax deficits described for the initial fraction of 2012 are PKR 7.81 zillion as compared to PKR 4.24 for Q1 of 2011. Income can be just about stagnant at PKR 26.44 billion for the first quarter of 2012 compared with PKR 26.18 billion for the first quarter of 2011.

After flying around the five and a half million draw for around 5 decades, the passenger traffic increased to just under six million in 2011 as the passenger insert issue took place from 74% in 2010 to 72% in 2011.

Passenger Traffic [18][19]Year Revenue Guests (Million ) Passenger Load Factor Average Passenger Point Mileage (Statute KILOMETERS)

2011 5.953 72 2,631

2010 5.538 74 2,827

2009 5.535 70 2,510

2008 5.617 71 2,479

2007 5.415 67 2,527

2007 5.415 67 2,527

2006 5.732 69 2,639

2005 5.499 70 2,638

It is furthermore fascinating to notice that for 2011, about 81% of income is from passenger visitors and only 5% from cargo. Yet another 7.8% is from space food and beverage sales! The remaining 64-40 is from extra baggage, charter, engineering services, handling & linked services, mail & other.[19]


Primary article: Pakistan Worldwide Air companies locations

By June 2012 PIA acts 24 home-based destinations and 38 worldwide destinations in 27 nations across Europe, Asia and North America from its house angles of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar.[21][22]

Dubai is just a main emphasis town for that airline with flights to Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar and Quetta.

Codeshare contracts

PIA has codeshare contracts using the subsequent air companies (by April 2012 ):[23]

China Southern Air companies (SkyTeam)

Indian Airways Worldwide (Celebrity Connections)

Turkish Air companies (Star Alliance)


The Pakistan International Air companies navy contains the next plane (by August 2012 ).[24]

A few An array of PIA plane left in Islamabad.

Boeing 747-300 on last method of London Heathrow Airport in 2004

Pakistan Worldwide Air companies FleetAircraft Total Order Option Passengers Notes

J Q Y Total

Airbus A310-300 12 0 0 12 40 132 184

18 43 144 205

18 45 142 205

ATR 42-500 7 0 0 — 10 40 50

Boeing 737-300 6 0 0 — 24 94 118

Boeing 747-300 5 0 0 — 30 448 478 To leave support beginning in March 2015

Boeing 777-200ER 4 0 0 35 45 240 320

35 54 240 329

Boeing 777-200LR 2 0 0 35 60 215 310

Boeing 777-300ER 3 5 5 35 60 304 393 order shipping from March 2015, to displace 747-300 [25][26][27][28]

Total 39 4 5


An Airbus 310 at Leeds Bradford Airport Terminal (2011).

A Boeing 777 in the present fresh livery of PIA, getting at London Heathrow Airport (2010).

In December 2003 PIA launched a brand new picture that was applied for their first 777-200ER and on two rented A310-300s among which was operating. The livery was bright at beige and the leading at the trunk divided with a dark-green stripe. The butt was colored bright with PIA created in dark-green. PAKISTAN was put into the leading fuselage and the motors were colored in color. The PIA created in Urdu was included simply behind the seat.

Nevertheless, because of critique the look was altered prior to the first Boeing 777 was shipped. Boeing and pia changed the butt having a moving Pakistan banner on the beige back ground. PAKISTAN games were eliminated and the PIA phrase was increased and relocated onto the fuselage. The motors and Urdu PIA stayed exactly the same. The the majority of PIA navy and rented A310s additionally used this livery in a later day.

In first 2006 the flight released several fresh butt styles because of its fleet. The tails symbolized the four provinces of Pakistan: Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Balochistan.[29] The tails marketed the ethnicities of the four provinces of Pakistan by implementing motifs to the tails and including a town title to the rear of the fuselage corresponding to the land. The ‘Frontier’ butt symbolized the ‘Phulkari’ (blooming) routine that mirrored a custom of embroidery broadly speaking completed on shawls, tops and linens. The ‘Punjab’ butt was freely associated with the hardwood design of the Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore. The ‘Balochistan’ butt confirmed the creativeness observed in the kilims, carpets and carpets weaved with wool, goat or camel-hair and combined wool. The routine is mainly daring mathematical motifs in main colors centered by reddish. The ‘Sindh’ butt was affected in the Hala hardwood use electrical blue and white floral patterns. In 2008 administration ceased the use of provincial tails deeming them very costly.

April 2010 pia released their fresh livery in early. Boeing 777–200, an Airbus A310 and Boeing 747–300 were the very first plane to use the brand new look. The livery was unmasked in the PIA hq on the Boeing 777 model.[30][31]

The livery includes a Gold and Green remove continuing till the tail cone and playing around the bottom of the fuselage. The forward/upper part is bright and in the back it’s a down white/beige color. Because it is also white with the remaining tail colored with a big wavy Pakistan flag which occupies the entire tail in a dark-green color the bottom level of the tail blends in to the upper fuselage. At the front end of the fuselage ‘PIA’ is written in a billboard design in dark-green and underneath ‘Pakistan International’ is written in gold. Only behind the seat there’s about the engines in addition to a decorative Urdu PIA emblem. Underneath ‘Pakistan’ is created in daring about the plane stomach.


Boeing 747-240MB at Manchester Airport


PIA run a several course settings on its home-based routes: Business Plus, Economy Plus+ and Economy. A two-class settings, Economy and Business Plus, has stayed well-liked on the worldwide routes. In accordance with their Annual Report 2007, PIA documented a chair element of 69-year, a portion fall from 2006.[32] PIA Business Plus travellers can be found lie-flat mattress seats on chosen Airbus A310 plane in addition to all Boeing 777.

Papers and publications

The PIA in-flight journal, Humsafar (Urdu for ‘journey friend ‘), is supplied to all travellers on all routes. Humsafar was imprinted and is launched in 1980 and printed in-house bi-monthly. English papers and common Urdu and publications can be found to any or all Business Plus and Economy Plus class travellers. Free papers are supplied to any or all Economy class travellers.

Frequent-flyer program

PIA Awards Plus+ may be the frequent-flyer program. The program enables travellers to obtain cottage updates, extra luggage coupons, free seats, and a number of unique offers, benefits, and savings with individuals. Honours Plus+ has several sections of account — Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond. Honours Plus+ miles could be gained by traveling PIA and by utilizing the services and products and solutions of PIA’s companions.


PIA Catering may be the primary suppliers of meals for that airline. It may create 15,000 passenger meals each day.[33] However, because 2006, the management of the trip kitchens has-been directed at Singapore Air Terminal Services (SATS ).[34] PIA Catering offers unique meals to permit for travellers’ nutritional and spiritual requirements. PIA doesn’t function booze on its routes, or is chicken offered on panel due to religious law.

Freight procedures

PIA works a freight shipping program within Pakistan. Throughout the early 1970s, PIA run something named ‘Air Express’ that shipped files and packages in one airport to a different. Pakistan International Cargo was were only available in 1974 utilizing two Boeing 707-320C, with providers to Europe and the Middle-east. When equally plane were seated the procedures finished within the late-1990s. PIA Cargo carries products across Pakistan in addition to to worldwide locations. These generally include lab equipment[35] and veggies, fabrics, document services and products, beef and mail mail.[36]

In 2003 PIA released ”PIA Speedex”, a courier support in Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi/Islamabad; growing inside a year to 12 towns. To-day, the flight provides more than 70 places within Pakistan, with shipments gathered and shipped from customers’ homes. From 2004 to September 2007, PIA Cargo operated two Airbus A300 Freighter plane chartered through MNG Air companies to Luton; and Haan originally these additionally operated to Cologne, Basel and Amsterdam.

Business support

The flight has backed occasions, equally within Pakistan and in its offshore areas.

Within the 1990s, the flight released its support to be represented by the three green stripe livery for activities. The flight facilitates the Pakistan International Air companies first-class cricket group that performs within the Quaid-i-Azam Trophy and Patron’s Trophy. PIA holds the PIA soccer club, and the A1 Team Pakistan within the A1 Grand Prix open-wheel car rushing sequence when it had been initially launched. The flight also encourages the Shandur Polo Gala, that happens each year inside the Chitral and Gilgit parts of upper Pakistan throughout the summertime period.[37] PIA also has its Sports Division since 1958 marketing sports within Pakistan such as for instance cricket, baseball, soccer, squash, polo, tennis, link, chess, dining table tennis, biking, and muscle building. PIA has its Boy Scouts Association (PIA-BSA) employed in relationship with Pakistan Boy Scouts Association. Following the quake, PIA-BSA labored in relationship with additional charity organisations to supply alleviation assist.

PIA was among the recognized vendors of the ‘Destination Pakistan 2007′ celebrations. The recognized emblem was put into a select quantity of plane during the year[38] In 2008, PIA teamed up with mobile telephone provider, Ufone to supply air-miles to the mobile network was used by passengers who. PIA and regular Chartered Bank released Credit Cards permitting passengers to earn air-miles for utilization of their credit cards.[39] In 2009, PIA was the sponsor for Logistics Pakistan, an Exhibition and Conference poised to emphasize the rising possibilities for the Logistics sector in Pakistan. Last Year, Pakistan and PIA Remittance Initiative (PRI) shaped a strategic alliance to advertise globe cash transfers.[40]

PIA has Planetariums in Lahore and Karachi which allow the general public to determine astronomy shows in addition to fixed plane. PIA Horticulture, put up in 1996, offers bouquets for show in PIA’s workplaces and for occasions, earning honours and awards at blossom displays in the united states. The airline facilitates non-profit companies within Pakistan such as; Al-Shifa Trust, Zindagi Trust, The Citizens Foundation and Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT ).[41] Last Year, PIA teamed up with the fast-food business, McDonalds, to provide travellers savings on foods and upgrades.[42] PIA also possesses several resorts, the Roosevelt Hotel, the Scribe Hotel and Skyrooms (Private) Limited.[43] The airline also posseses an contract with Pearl Continental Hotels because of its UAE based passengers.[44]

Unique procedures

Constitution providers

Private charter flights are operated by pia utilizing ATR 42s to Kadanwari, Bhit and Sawan Airport in Sindh in addition to to other areas of the nation with respect to gas and gasoline businesses. Random events for Un peace-keeping soldiers will also be completed to Eastern and Africa Europe utilizing Boeing 747s.

Hajj and Umrah procedures

PIA works a two-month (pre- and post-) Hajj procedure every year to and from Jeddah and occasionally Madinah in Saudi Arabia. PIA carries over 130,000 planning pilgrims every year from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Multan, Sialkot, and Sukkur towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia using its navy of Boeing 777-200ER and Boeing 747-300.

Condition authorities transport

Callsign ‘PAKISTAN 001′ transporting the President on PIA’s Boeing 707 captured in Germany, c.1961

PIA has been constantly helping government authorities of Pakistan, and has usually moved the President and Prime Minister on offshore appointments. Throughout the late-1990s, a PIA Boeing 737–300[45] was employed for official visits from the Sharif and Bhutto authorities. The plane used official authorities colours but was later re-painted in the flight official colours at the end-of the decade. Once the government transformed following a military coup in 1999, the Boeing Boeing 737 was used in PIA completely. The President and Prime Minister subsequently turned to utilizing two of PIA’s Airbus A310-300 for official visits, while uncommon excursions were completed on normal industrial flights of the airline. In February 2007 the government of Qatar talented one of their VIP navy A310[46] towards the Pakistani government, it has finished the requirement to be used of PIA aircraft. Nevertheless, from time to time the federal government utilizes the airline’s Boeing 737 or Airbus A310 for recognized trips.[citation needed]

Occurrences and mishaps

Seven Pakistan International Airlines flights have crashed, because it started providers. PIA includes a report of 5.00 deaths per zillion flights.[47]

The funeral pill positioned in the crash site in Cairo for individuals who died on PIA Flight 705 on 20 May 1965.

Might 1959 On 18, Vickers Viscount AP-AJC was broken beyond financial fix on getting at Islamabad International Airport.[48]

On 14 August 1959, Vickers Viscount AP-AJE failed at Karachi Airport Terminal while trying an overshoot with two engines inoperative on an exercise flight. Two of the three individuals up to speed were killed.[49]

PIA Flight 705 was a Boeing 720 that failed while descending to property on Runway 34 at Cairo Airport Terminal on 20 May 1965 leading to 119 deaths.

Flight teen was a Sikorsky S-61 that failed on 2 February 1966 on a planned home-based flight in East Pakistan with 23 murdered and one heir.

On 20 January 1978, a PIA airplane (while at Karachi) transporting 22 travellers was requested to be flown to India and hijacked with a gunman. The then-chairman of PIA, Air Marshal (Retd) Nur Khan boarded the airplane to discuss using the hi-jacker. He was struck with a topic while attempting to disarm the hijacker but nonetheless were able to overpower him.[50][51]

PIA Flight 740 was a Boeing 707-340C that failed after take-off from Jeddah Airport Terminal on 26 November 1979. Flight PK740 left Jeddah at 01:29 to get a flight to Karachi.

PIA Flight 326 was hijacked on 2 March 1981 by three gunmen, and flown to Kabul. For nearly fourteen days, over 100 travellers were held captive about the Boeing 720 till prisoners were released 55 by Pakistan. One traveler, Pakistani diplomat Tariq Rahim, was killed throughout the ordeal.[52]

On 23 October 1986, a Fokker F-27 plane failed throughout method of Peshawar Airport. Of the 54 passengers and crew up to speed, 13 were murdered within the accident.[53][54]

On 25 August 1989, a Fokker F-27 failed right into a pile after removing from Gilgit Airport. All 54 guests and staff up to speed were killed.[55]

PIA Flight 268 was an Airbus A300B4-203, enrollment AP-BCP, which failed on method of Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan Airport Terminal on 28 September 1992. All 167 up to speed were murdered.

PIA Flight 544 was the flight quantity of a Pakistan International Air companies (PIA) Fokker F27 that was hijacked on 25 May 1998. All guests and staff fled unhurt throughout the event.

PIA Flight 688 was a Fokker F27 was planned to use from Multan to Lahore and then to Islamabad. At 12:05pm on 10 July 2006, it failed into a field[56] after flooding into fires a couple of minutes after takeoff[57] from Multan Airport Terminal. All 41 travellers and several team people up to speed were murdered.

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Routes and Fares

The PIA Encounter

Business-class Providers

In-Flight Dining

In-Flight Entertainment

Easy Check-in

Baggage Services

Traveler’s Information

Honours Plus

Research the PIA Web site

The PIA Encounter

House » The PIA Encounter

Attempt a Voyage of Discovery

PIA Encounter

Welcome Aboard!

In-flight ScreensOne thing’s without a doubt – you may never get bored on the PIA trip. In the newest Hollywood hit towards the many rocking poems, we’ve got amusement and info that may keep you busy all night.



Business-class Providers

House » The PIA Encounter » Business-class Providers

PIA’s Business Plus course provides a selection of unique providers, in the period you depart your house until you land at your destination.

It’s the only real Business Class support that feels as though First Class.

Company Plus Chairs

An appropriate chair makes all of the huge difference on the lengthy trip. PIA’s Business Plus Seats raise the idea of extravagance to some fresh degree, completely promoting your final decision to select PIA Business Plus. Our personalized chairs are made in Switzerland and Italy and provide amazing degrees of make and leg-room room. PIA’s Business Plus Seats make sure your personal space is really your own, and you may never feel cramped.

Whether you’re sleeping, consuming, working, reading a guide, or simply lying back and experiencing our in-flight amusement, PIA’s Business Plus Seats can make you feel right in the home. There’s virtually no better method to travel.

Business-class Chairs

Company Plus Lounges

Your ease and comfort imply the planet to us. Company Plus Lounges may serve you whatsoever worldwide and main home-based channels where you may settle-back and relax. For that convenience of Business Class travellers at Islamabad airfields, and Karachi, Lahore, PIA has its unique Business Plus Lounges. Our welcoming workers may make sure that you are well-looked after through your stick with us in the airport. PIA’s Business Plus Lounges are designed with the most recent publications and newspapers, Access to the internet, cable tv, and snacks, to help you benefit from the most useful of Pakistani customs in a contemporary, comfy atmosphere.

Kerb-Side Surfaces

The PIA encounter reaches all of one’s trip. Like a Business Plus traveler, you are able to get numerous unique on-ground rights to help your airport arrivals and departures at Islamabad and Karachi (Domestic).

When you get to the airport, you can very quickly place PIA’s Business Plus Kerb-Side counters. We’ll look after you as soon as you step-out of one’s vehicle.

Company Plus Porters and Check-In Surfaces

Our Business-class travellers touring from Karachi may also take pleasure in the opportunity of getting our unique porter providers. PIA’s effective, educated porters in glowing bright outfits will gather your baggage and take you right to the Company Plus Check-In Counter, where you’ll obtain priority baggage tags in addition to priority boarding facilities. You’ll not need to queue up or be worried about as our Business Plus porters managing your baggage and Check-In staff will look after every thing.


Company Plus travellers coming to Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, London’s Heathrow, or Dubai Airport Terminal may get a warm welcome from PIA. Our reps may stroll you through all of the appearance procedures to ensure that you do not need certainly to remain in-line or be worried about clearance.

In-flight Eating

House » The PIA Encounter » In-flight Eating

You’re Set For an Unique Handle!

Whether you’re traveling within Pakistan or about the planet, PIA’s in-flight eating selection will certainly tantalize your taste-buds. Benefit from the greatest of what Pakistan provides, in addition to a selection of international cuisine.

In-flight Amusement

House » The PIA Encounter » In-flight Amusement

Allow the enjoyment start!

Aboard a PIA trip, there’s therefore much to achieve that you actually won’t feel just like landing. Music, films, Games, Duty-Free Shopping, Tourist Information, Maps, and Real-Time Flight Information could keep you entertained all night.

Period jigs when you’re having fun.

Get a glass or two, set on your earphones, benefit from the show, and switch on your individual display. PIA’s choice of films and shows contain well-liked amusement styles including English Features, English Dramas and Sitcoms, Documentaries, Sports, Specials Content for Kids, Religious Shows, Lifestyle Shows, Punjabi Feature Films, and Musical Videos and Shows.

IFE Video Programe within this cycle

Rejoice your love of music with PIA’s big and varied choice. Melody in to over twelve stations based on your pursuits and feeling. Flake out with Easy & Nice, or dance towards the newest Chart-toppers. Move towards the looks of Jazz Streams or sing-along with Geets & Ghazals. We’ve likewise got a great mixture of PIA Pop Songs and Instrumentals, Modern, Timeless Classical, Semi Classical, Broadway-bound, Country & Western, Qavvali, Hamd & Naat, and Quranic Verses, and plenty of great sound information for kiddies, with PIA Children’s Time.

Take A Look At Our Sound Stations

PIA’s selection of addicting and difficult activities can make the hours whizz by. We’ve got arcade-style games, card games, technique games, and crosswords to help you unwind and keep you entertained.

Simple Check-In

House » The PIA Encounter » Simple Check-In

Checking-In to get a PIA flight is really simple.

No Fat, No Delay

If you’ve no baggage to check on in, and are touring only with hand-luggage, unique ‘No Wait’ surfaces wait you in the Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad Airports. No further holding out!

Town Check-In

PIA’s City Check-In service allows you to get your Boarding Pass 72 hrs before your trip. Not merely do you not need certainly to remain in a line, you may record straight to the boarding entrance simply half an hour before leaving.

PIA workers at City Check-In Counters at PIA’s Booking Offices may press and connect your trip discount for your boarding move 72 hrs before leaving

This service is just readily available for travellers touring without checked baggage*

City Check-In Boarding Passes may also be obtained in the event that you plan to go back to your interface of source within 72 hrs

City Check-In Boarding Passes allow travellers to statement straight to the boarding gate half an hour just before departure**

City Check-In amenities are obtainable in Karachi, Lahore, and Faisalabad.

* No reimbursement for No-Show

** Eliminating Upper Places

Note: Boarding Passes without Coupons won’t be approved

Reunite Check-In

PIA provides reunite check-in service for vacationers who journey between your two locations within 12 hours period of time from Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. The vacationers can acquire the boarding passes for boarding at both locations ahead of time.

Through Check-In

PIA requires yet another action to help the travellers who’re visiting locations necessitating transportation methods. Travellers are now able to acquire boarding Multiple Boarding Passes and have hassle-free transits.

Kerb -side Sign In

If you’re traveling being an Economy Plus traveler on home-based our routes from Karachi with no baggage to test in, you can very quickly check-in through our Kerb-side counters without the waiting whatsoever!!

Luggage Providers

House » The PIA Encounter » Luggage Providers

PIA provides a selection of luggage providers for Economy Plus, Economy, and Business Plus travellers. That area offers helpful tips about baggage considerations, in addition to a summary of limited items and advice on items that needs to be packed inside your checked baggage.


For that security of our passengers and plane, passengers are banned from transporting the next products in possibly examined or palm baggage:

Explosives, munitions, fireworks, and flames

Security-type cases/boxes integrating goods-such as lithium batteries or pyrotechnics

Compressed fumes (combustible, non-flammable, or toxic) such as for instance butane, lp, aqualung cylinders, brighter powers, or replacements

Oxidizing materials such as for instance whitening dust and peroxides

Flammable fluids such as for instance offers and glues

Flammable hues such as for instance posts and security fits that are easily ignited

Disabling products such as for instance mace or pepper aerosols, with stimulant qualities

Poisons such as for instance arsenic, cyanides, or pesticides

Radioactive Materials

Corrosive supplies such as for instance mercury (which can be found in thermometers or blood stress gauges,) acids, alkalis, and wet cell batteries

Every other materials which, throughout a trip, existing a risk perhaps not coated above, magnetized such, unpleasant, or annoying supplies

Lighters assimilated gas, (butane, electrical, battery-powered, and uniqueness lighters) aren’t to become transported within the carry-on and examined luggage. That judgment by The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) pertains to all travellers coming in to or making from Usa of America.

Additionally, passengers aren’t permitted to bring the next products within their palm luggage for passengers’ security and protection factors. You’re recommended to check on in or place these things inside your checked baggage instead, to minmise hassle

Knives (including wallet knives), and searching knives, swords

Scissors and every other sharp/bladed items (e.g. ice-pick, toenail trimmers) regarded unlawful by regional regulation. For more particulars, go here

Do make sure that all of your totes are precisely tagged, equally inside and outside. Contain your complete name, house and destination addresses and phone contact info, and eliminate aged destination tags and labels.


Modified Worldwide Luggage Allocation

Fresh protection guidelines at numerous airfields have required PIA to modify its free baggage allocation for US and Europe locations to enhance baggage support to its appreciated clients in situation.

The free luggage allocation is likely to be two bits of 28 KGS each for economy and company cottage (For USA and Canada Only).

Excess Baggage Charges from USA to PAK is 110.00 2500 per-piece. (Weight of every extra item could be 28Kgs)


AA – Pure Domestic Free luggage allocation & Conditions

Free Luggage Allocation

Economy Class 20 KGS ( Vice-versa foundation )

Economy plus Class 25 KGS ( Vice-versa foundation )

Business-class 30 KGS ( Vice-versa foundation


Fat & Dimensions of Hand-carry Luggage Permitted in Cottage






Economy Course

07 KILOGRAM MAX( 38L, 22W & 55H )115 cms 07KG MAX( 38L, 22W & 55H) 115 cms


Economy Plus

07 KILOGRAM MAX( 38L, 22W & 55H) 115 cms 07KG MAX( 38L, 22W & 55H) 115 cms



12 KG MAX01pc 07 KG( 38L, 22W & 55H )115 cms& One small Brief Case 05 KG 12 KG MAX01pc 07 KG( 38L, 22W & 55H )115 cms& One small Brief Case 05 KG

BB – Ex-Pakistan International Free luggage allocation & Conditions

Free Luggage Allocation international– Relevant for seats released Ex Pakistan

Sector Cabin Outbound Inbound


Business 40 KGs 40 KGs

BOM/DEL/DAC/KTM Economy 30 KGs 20 KGs

Business 40 KGs 30 KGs

USA/Canada * Economy 2 Pieces of 28 KG each 2 Pieces of 28 KG each

Business 2 Pieces of 28 KG each 2 Pieces of 28 KG each

Code-Share Flights: A flight is just a industrial flight that will be operated by one airline, but marketed by others. Free luggage allocation is likely to be issued relating towards the considerations of working provider.

Working Carriers Economy Business First Course

PK as working Carrier

30 KGs 40 KGs —-

Additional Air companies as working companies

CZ ( Cina Southern Flight ) 20 KGs 30 KGs 40 KGs

VV (Aerosvit Air companies ) 20 KGs 30 KGs ——-

TG (Indian Airways ) 20 KGs 30 KGs 40 KGs

TK (Turkish Air companies ) 20 KGs 30 KGs ——–

Mis-handled Baggage and Misplaced Baggage Monitoring

PIA thinks in, and aims to supply its clients most abundant in convenient service. But despite our initiatives, within the uncommon situation of your baggage being mishandled, we regret the inconvenience triggered to you and guarantee you the PIA Baggage Services, in cooperation using the Global Tracking System, may monitor, get and deliver* your misplaced baggage to your doorstep!

Enroll a criticism in the Baggage providers workplace in the station of arrival, when you’re conscious of your baggage obtaining misplaced. You’ll be asked to supply your baggage details towards the Baggage Service official who’ll enter them in to our digital tracking program and problem you a receipt containing mandatory details of one’s baggage and the tracking quantity. Please make sure your title, tackle, and bag particulars are correct, as these records will facilitate monitoring and retrieval, enabling the Baggage service officers the moment feasible, to come back your baggage for you.

Through the research quantity in your invoice, you may also monitor your misplaced baggage oneself through our website. For monitoring your luggage on the web, go here.


Luggage State

Just in case we’re not able to recuperate your luggage, you’ll be paid for this according to the Airline’s policy.

Baggage claims are settled by pia on fat responsibility basis and not on the basis of its items. PIA will even be perhaps not accountable for the harm of any delicate or disposable products and any belongings including cash, jewelry, camcorders, technology gear, cutlery, company files, collectibles, pictures or medicine. Our optimum responsibility for broken or lacking baggage is $20.00 US per kg for PKR500 for home-based flight and mis-handled baggage on worldwide flight.

NOTEPIA won’t manage to settle the claim if the bag has been tagged with a ‘Limited-release Tag’ and it’s been designated with anyone of the following:

Fragile or unsuitably loaded.

Packing insufficient.


Received broken.

For inquiries and further help, you’re liberated to contact the PIA Contact Centre at 111-786-786, twenty-four hours a day.

Fresh guidelines to take liquids on all Domestic flights

Traveler’s Info

House » The PIA Encounter » Traveler’s Info


Passenger must achieve airport:

Minimum 2 hrs before departure time for domestic flights &

Minimum 4 hrs before leaving period for worldwide routes

because of intense protection preparations at airfields. [Advertisement in English] [ Advertisement in Urdu]

Counters is likely to be strictly closed 01HR prior to the leaving period.

No wheel seats demands is likely to be entertained at check-in counter significantly less than 01 hr 15 min just before leaving period.

Only 01 bit of hand-carry permitted of evaluating 7kgs.

No liquids/Gels/Perfumes/Creams permitted inside your hand-carry, normally protection may take these things.

(For USA and Canada just), the free luggage allocation is likely to be two bits of 28 KGS each for economy and company cottage Effective first December 2008. (Note: This service isn’t relevant on additional flight field. On additional provider free luggage allocation is two bits of 23 KGS each or optimum permitted by that particular carriers for interline traffic)

Boarding entrances will be closed for several passengers 30 mins prior to the leaving period, inability to record there will lead to off-loading of one’s bags.

Passengers just are permitted to proceed into the places. But travellers who need special assistance is likely to be permitted only 01 person to opt for them.

Please be sure you read these details and adhere to them to prevent any mishandlings/disruption/inconvenience.

Info For Travellers Going Through British

All travellers going through Uk and keeping the next files need a Direct Air-side Transit Visa (DATV ):

Travellers going to USA

Alien citizen card (inexperienced card) released before 21st April,1998.

I-551 stamp (reddish color moist stamp). That press is released to travellers whose unfamiliar citizen card is under procedure.

Refugee passport. Nevertheless, traveler doesnot need DATV if additionally keeping everlasting citizen card released after 21st April,1998.

Transportation notice.

Letter of parole.

Travellers going to European Destinations

Category ‘D’ visa (visit visa)

Travellers going to Ireland

Category ‘C’ visa of Ireland demands class ‘C’ UK visa in the place of DATV.

Information for UK travellers

Passengers making from London Heathrow Airport will be permitted two items to optimum per traveler as examined in luggage throughout the Olympics interval i.e. 01 August, 2012 till 31 Sep, 2012.

For baggage exceeding two piece restriction, G.B.P 25.00 will be billed per piece along with regular extra baggage costs.



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