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Week 2 of the byes. This is doing my head in. After my box decided to fail in recording the Thursday night game this week, I’ve had to wait until Monday Night until I can watch it fully.
Shut up! I have a social life too you know!
There is so much that I want to get done for this weekend and thanks to Dahlhaus & Howard getting injured and Reid getting omitted from the GWS lineup, my forward line is tanking worse than Essendon in 2016.
Hopefully, this week will see a slight improvement but it might not be much. I’ve had to burn through so many trades that if one more of my team gets injured, I think my season is over.
Without further ado, let’s do this.
Adelaide vs. North Melbourne
3 rounds ago, the Kangaroos were sitting pretty. 10 wins from 11 games and a huge 70 point thrashing of the Tigers.
Now, they have lost 3 in a row leading into their bye round. 10 wins from 14 games and most likely to be either 7th or 8th after this week.
6 rounds ago, the Crows season was coming under fire after being outmuscled by Geelong in the last quarter and losing by 26 points.
Now, they have won 5 straight and staring down the barrel, assuring their fans that they have what it takes to play September football.
Two sides that were world apart just a few short weeks ago, but now the tables have turned. No one count out the Crows just yet.
Player of the Match:
R. Sloane (Adel) – 145 SC
30 Disp (19 Cont). 13 Tackles. 7 Clearances. 3 Clangers.
The only man in the entire Crows lineup to be averaging more than 100 this season. The Crows haven’t been scoring well as a unit, but Sloane is now almost averaging 110. The premium midfielder has signalled his Brownlow Medal contention with his best score of the year. Over his last 3 games, Sloane is now averaging in the Dangerfield levels. In the next few weeks, Sloane might reach $600k, so get on him while you can!
Almost as bad as a Ford… uhh… Falcon:
F. Ray (NM) – 8 SC
2 Disp (1 Cont)
To the 387 people who have Farren Ray in your team… I’m so sorry that his head isn’t as hard as you remember.
In his bubble game this year, Ray was on track to Break Even. The former Saint midfielder would generally score around the 80-85 mark but after a few injuries in 2015 took time for him to find his form. After playing a handful of minutes, he cops a hard smashed leather ball to the face. Found out that he was allergic to hide because he didn’t play another minute after getting the huge Falcon.
Top Scorers:
NM: R. Sloane – 145. M. Crouch – 144. R. Douglas – 104.
Haw: J. Ziebell – 109. T. Goldstein – 99. B. McKenzie – 93.

Collingwood vs. Fremantle
Well this just brought the Dockers back to a screeching halt. Not only that, but this was a disaster for Collingwood. The lowest Collingwood MCG crowd in 76 years battled through 3 degrees with the extremely cold wind blowing across the ground.
This game didn’t have much in terms of scoring opportunities for Freo in the first half and for Collingwood in the 3rd Qtr. A total of 1.6 across those time frames for both teams.
I don’t even want to talk about the game itself. Fremantle’s midfield was destroyed and they need to rebuild to competitive spirit if they are going to have a chance against Melbourne in Round 16.
Player of the Match:
S. Collins (Frem) – 126 SC
18 Disp (8 Cont). 6 Marks. 4 Tackles. 3 FF. 94% Eff.
Now, he did only score 18 possessions and only 8 of them were by foot, but this kid in just his 5th game is playing like a premium hard line half back defender. Almost certain that this guy will be worth his weight in gold in the coming years. Might even be the next Gibson.
I know that his score is inflated because the ball spent 99.6% of the game in Collingwood’s forward half, but let’s not take anything away from Collins. A super effort.
Finally taking off the invisibility Cloke:
T. Cloke (Coll) – 64 SC
14 Disp (5 Cont). 7 Marks. 3 Clangers. 2 Goals.
Meanwhile, after only 6 rounds, Cloke may have managed to keep his spot on the Collingwood team. Averaging just 62 this year, Cloke hasn’t managed to trouble the Supercoach scorers lately but considering he used to be the type of forward that would score 90 on a regular basis, it is hard to see why he is scoring so poorly. Collingwood’s attacking ability has only been on show a handful of times this year which might also explain Cloke’s poor form.
Although, looking at his VFL stats, it might not be just the AFL side. Cloke has consistently pulled the same numbers. Thankfully Cloke kicked a couple of goals, but hopefully there is still a future for him in the Pies senior side.
Top Scorers:
Coll: A. Treloar – 119. B. Grundy – 106. J. Marsh – 103.
Frem: S. Collins – 126. M. Barlow – 119. L. Neale – 100.

Richmond vs. Brisbane
I almost feel like watching this match over and taking note of how many times I saw a Lions player give up. Whether it was a chase or a hard ball get, the Lions players just didn’t seem into it. Like they are waiting… almost praying for 2017 to come so they can start again.
And I’m not actually only talking about their senior side. Their reserves team is almost lackluster. There is no depth with all of these injuries. It’s really sad to watch sometimes.
Player of the Match:
A. Miles (Rich) – 141 SC
25 Disp (9 Cont). 5 Marks. 5 Tackles. 3 Clearances. 3 FF. 1 Goal.
It astounds me that this Richmond side was so uncompetitive in the first few rounds. After 7 rounds they were 1-6 and looking for redemption. Then they beat Sydney after the siren and have won 5 out of 6 since then. In the thick of it all, Miles is now averaging 95 for the year with his highest score this week. Still under $500k and looking to improve, Miles be the surprise packet in your side that you may have been looking for from an ever improving Tigers outfit.
The questionable score of the week:
C. Menadue (Rich) – 130 SC
19 Disp, 7 Kicks/12 HBs (3 Cont). 7 Marks. 6 Tackles. 8 Score Involvements. 94% Eff. 2 Inside 50s. 0 Clangers. 2 Goals.
Trust me, this kid was due for a huge game. But 130?! He scored 80 against Carlton and then didn’t score above 70 until this week. What I don’t understand is that it wasn’t like he scored 35+ disposals or had a big influence on the game, he just played a good game and he still scored a mint.
Not taking anything away from how the kid played. Menadue had a superb game of football. But to look at those extended stats and tell me that he had a better game than Martin, Grigg & Deledio… it baffles my mind.
Top Scorers:
Rich: J. Riewoldt – 161. A. Miles – 141. C. Menadue – 130.
Bris: S. Martin – 105. T. Rockliff – 100. R. Bastinac – 96.

Greater Western Sydney vs. Carlton
GWS have finally made it. They are now on the verge of becoming the first expanded franchise team to make the finals. Gold Coast are still nowhere near ready for it, but GWS are there. 10 wins this season and are only 0.6% (or 8 points) behind Geelong and 2.3% (or 26 points) behind Sydney. GWS are going to make it to the finals… regardless of how far they get, welcome to history.
Player of the Match:
C. Ward – 122 SC
33 Disp (15 Cont). 4 Marks. 11 Clearances.
It is an interesting conundrum when you look at the Supercoach scores for GWS and relate them to Brownlow Medal contention. Do you give the 3 points to Coniglio or do you give them to Ward? Ward is the heart of the Greater Western Sydney midfield and I am astounded that he didn’t get a tag this week (which I will get to below). But for Ward who got the brutal score last week, has turned it around this week. Considering Ward was almost $590k 2 months ago and is now worth $506k, it might be time to jump on the GWS elite player.
Missing. Presumed Dead. Please call Premium Defender Missing hotline if you have any information:
H. Shaw – 46 SC
12 Disp (2 Cont). 5 Clangers.
This was actually a great strategy by Carlton. Tag the best defender in the competition so he doesn’t get any ball. The problem is, Heath Shaw has taught everyone around him very well. Hence why Zac Williams scored what Shaw would have scored, but to have the tag on Shaw and to let Ward, Coniglio, Shiel, Kelly, Stevie J, Griffen and Scully run riot was stupid.
Carlton should have played the footy that got them over the line against Geelong.
Top Scorers:
GWS: Z. Williams – 141. S. Coniglio – 138. C. Ward – 122.
Carl: E. Curnow – 117. S. Docherty – 110. K. Simpson – 100.

St Kilda vs. Geelong
Well just like the Brexit, everyone wants to change their tipping vote the next day. This was such an amazing match and will probably be remembered as one of the matches of the season if not one of the best matches of the decade.
The fighting spirit of St Kilda! There it is! This just shows how much of a topsy-turvy season this has been and AFL is the game where literally anything can happen.
On the flip side, Geelong have lost 4 games this year. Against GWS, Carlton, Collingwood and now St Kilda. With the exception of GWS, the other teams have been in the lower half of the ladder. Does Geelong switch off against lower ranked teams or something?
Player of the Match:
S. Ross (StK) – 111 SC
33 Disp (12 Cont). 6 Marks. 3 Tackles. 5 Clearances. 3 Clangers.
Not many people can tag Dangerfield but the role that Ross played on the weekend was amazing. Dangerfield still finished with 110 SC and 29 Disp but it was the tagging by Ross that reduced Dangerfield’s presence in the vital plays of the last quarter that helped St Kilda get over the line.
Even with the mammoth 111, Ross still lost money this week but his BE is now down to 81. And with St Kilda taking on the Suns next week, would he be worth a look in your Supercoach side?
Thank you for calling Premium Defender Missing Hotline. All calls are currently unavailable. Please wait. An assistant will answer the phone as soon as possible:
J. Bartel – 54 SC
12 Disp (5 Cont). 3 Marks. 3 Tackles.
Is this the week where all Supercoach premium defenders just decide to go home after half time? I think Bartel got one disposal in the last half.
In Round 6 against Gold Coast, Bartel scored 123. Since then he hadn’t scored under 93 in a game until this weekend. It is his lowest performance for the year as well as equalling his lowest possession count for the year.
I know that Bartel is better than this and he can step up again, but against St Kilda, it was almost inexcusable.
Top Scorers:
StK: M. Weller – 117. N. Riewoldt – 116. L. Montagna – 115.
Geel: L. Hendersen – 116. M. Duncan – 114. P. Dangerfield – 110.

Hawthorn vs. Gold Coast
My mind is blown from what I typed a few paragraphs ago. How can THIS Hawthorn team be taken to the limit by the Gold Coast Suns? Maybe next year the Suns can be a rampant side again. Maybe they might have a sneaky chance at playing finals football.
Hawthorn though did skip away in the end but it almost came unstuck. The last few goals of the game sealed the deal, but Gold Coast were fighting like St Kilda did on Saturday to try and pull off another huge upset for Round 14.
Player of the Match:
G. Ablett (GC) – 159 SC
40 Disp (25 Cont). 3 Tackles. 3 FF. 15 Clearances. 1 Goal
Welcome back Gaz! The Son of God returns! The only Gold Coast player to hit triple figures this week and.. I don’t want to say that he was the only player who deserved it… but he looked like the Gary Ablett that we all know is the best player in the game.
The man is a machine. His last 4 games have all been over 120. If you wanted to get on Ablett, your ship may already have sailed.
On another note: To the 7 people that have traded Ablett out this week. You’re all idiots.
I know it’s Supercoach but… this score cannot be correct:
R. Thompson (GC) – 41 SC
4 HBs (3 Cont). 3 Tackles. 100% Eff. 2 Clangers. 1 Rebound 50. 1 Score Involvement. 1 FA.
I have to put his extended stats in full because those statistics above cannot equate to 41 SC. Even if we work this all out.
4 HBs @ 1.5 pts (let’s say they are doubled if it’s Contested) brings that rounded up to 11.
3 Tackles. 12 pts.
2 Clangers. -8 pts.
1 R50. 3 pts.
1 Score Inv. 3 pts.
1 FA. -4 pts.
Even with all of that, that only equals 17.
I know that Supercoach is a cruel game and his score would have been heightened because of the flow of the game, but even if you double that score you still wouldn’t be at the total that he was given. I think we need a detailed description of every single statistic broken down so we can see where he received his points because to me, that isn’t right.
Top Scorers:
Ess: S. Mitchell – 152. J.Lewis – 122. G. Birchall – 119
GC: G. Ablett – 159. T. Lynch – 98. J. Harbrow – 91.


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