Eye Magic Lift | Testimonials

LOVE Eye Magic!! I wore them all day and looked WIDE awake, even though
I only had TWO hours of sleep. You could use this for 50 years and
never pay the same as doing a surgical eye lift.
Jackie Silver

have just recieved my second order. They are fantastic and they give me
so much confidence. Only one of my eye lids is drooping so I can match
it up. Only takes a day or so to get used to positioning them. Delivery
is very quick. They really do work and stay put all day long and no one
knows they are there except you. Dont hesitate to order they really do
what it says on the box...
Caroline B.
Tyne and Wear, Great Britain
am impressed with this product. I read a few varying reviews, some
glowing, others less so. The negative ones said the strip was obvious on
their eyelid. I took a chance. I must have the perfect eyelids for this
product because the strip nestles perfectly in my lid creases. And
really does lift! My eye lids are finally even. I really did consider
surgery although I'm not a plastic surgery kind of person. It just
bothered me when I saw pics and I looked like a pirate with one eye half
shutting! Ha. Way to go, Eye Magic.
Jennifer M.
New Jersey, USA
have problems with my both upper eyes. The muscle dropped down because I
am working so hard and slept late and watching too much at night. I
really wanted to do Blepharoplasty but it is so expensive and I dont
know how long it will take, is it safe, it needs even maitenance. One
day as searching through on line I discovered the solution to my
problems. Moreover, I watched the videos, I read the testimonial of the
users. Without hesiation I ordered, cant hardly wait and so excited.
After 4 days I recieved the item and I tried it!!! Wow!!! My eyes look
fantastic. Since I have Hazel Eyes it gives more attraction to my face,
everybody were glaring at me. I am so happy xoxoxoxo much. Thanx Eye
Magic you made my life different. God Bless More Power.
Hazel Musafah, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
known about this product for a while before ordering. I dont know why I
waited so long, they are brilliant. As I only have one drooping eyelid,
the 64 little strips last me 2 months. It is all about positioning them
right and if you do you will have brilliant results. I have my
confidence restored. Very speedy delivery, ordered on a Friday and they
were with me on the Wednesday in the UK.
Anonymous User
United Kingdom
was very prompt. I had to trim the strips to reduce the thickness for
my asian eyes. Took a fair while to get them in place and goes over
makeup very well. I have used other eye tapes but nothing beats the
comfort of Eye Magic. Go for it!
Tasmania, Australia
have been very self conscious for a long time because of one droopy
eye. I had run across this product on the internet and dismissed it as
something else that just wouldn't work. I kept going back to the site
and finally decided to gamble and try it. The results are amazing! How I
wish I would have ordered it sooner. This is definitely something I
will use the rest of my life. Thank you!
Joycelyn D.
Victoria, TX
product is fantastic. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is the
next best thing to getting eyelid surgery. I use it both for cosmetic
and for comfort reasons. My eyes actually feel better. Not only do they
look better, I don't feel the weight of the skin over my lids. Try it!!!
The product is great!!
Anonymous User
when I sent for Eye Magic, I did so not really harboring much hope for a
good result. I couldn't imagine gluing strips on my lids and not having
everyone looking at me and thinking "what the heck has she got glued on
her lids?" But no. I'm totally surprised and so satisfied. Not only are
they invisible but they do exactly as advertised. I'm SO so happy and
amazed at this product. Send for them! I kid you not - they not only
give your lids a lift - but also your spirits. It's so nice not to see
that saggy skin on my lids. Thank you thank you thank you!
Seattle, WA
just got my first order today and I absolutely love them. After a few
tries, I found the perfect place to put them and my eyes look entirely
different and nice and refreshed. Definitely will be a repeat customer!
Niki G.
San Francisco, CA
have suffered with myasthenia gravis for over 17yrs. I suffer from
droopy eye lids. It is a struggle to keep my eyes open all day long
which make me tired. I seen the tv ad, and just had to give it a try.
The day I recieved it in the mail i rushed to put them on. I left for
work minutes after putting them on and noticed that i could see further
with out straining my eyes. Before using eye magic I would only drive
looking a few feet in front of my car because I had to strain to see
much further. With the eye magic on I could look 100's of yards in front
of me while drive. I would say anyone who suffers from something like I
have should give this a try. It's not a cure, but it gave me some of my
life back.
Wayne M.
Norristown, PA
was amazed when I received my first order of Eye Magic - that it is
marketing realistically and does what it claims to do. It's easy to use
and actually does make a difference!! I use Eye Magic daily and I love
the difference it makes!! And I will no longer waste money on expensive
eye creams that do not make a difference.
Susan H.
Virginia Beach, VA
am 57 years old and have never been able to wear eyeliner due to my one
eyelid being too close to my lashline. That in itself hasn't been a
real problem but now that I am older, that one eyelid is resting on my
lashes and who wants droopy eyelids? Your product is amazing! I love
wearing makeup to play up my best features and now I know I look years
younger and so much more alert! I find that I look more youthful so that
I don't really need to wear any shadow at all besides mascara,
highlighter and a little smudged liner, but you can put it over
eyeshadow if you like. The adage "less is more" as you age is very true,
and shadow may add years to your age if you're not careful, so adjust
your makeup routine now since you are looking better anyway. I was
considering having a lid lift, but who wants to take the risks of
surgery when you can have Eye Magic? I love your product and my sisters
are just amazed at what it does! Look for orders to start pouring in
from Pittsburgh! Oh, and my eyes don't get as tired when I read any
longer, either. Bonus!
Jo Ann Z.
Pittsburgh, PA
Magic has changed my life forever!!!!! I am 40 years old and have had
one drooping eyelid since I was 15 years old that was caused by a palsy
from the illness Mono… My features were so asymmetrical that I've
literally spent my life stressing out the muscles in my forehead as I
struggled to hold one eye up! I have done everything from change the
location of my left eyebrow by tweezing it off and adding makeup to
create an optical illusion, to piling makeup above the droopy lid to
create an illusion of a foe crease!! All of my creative attempts were
better that nothing, but still weren't good enough! I still had a very
strange look going on! And on top of that, I had extreme stress and
tension headaches daily from the strain that I was constantly putting on
the left side of my forehead muscles! Today as I write this I am
wearing eye magic on my left eye, and for the first time my forehead is
in a relaxed state and my eyes look even without trying! I actually
cried when I looked in the mirror and seen symmetry in my face for the
first time… My days of looking like a circus side show are done!!!!!
Thank you to eye magic one million percent for changing my life
forever!!! I now have a confidence that I've never known!!! :")
Anonymous User
was very skeptical because my eyes are extremely droopy. It took a few
days for me to get the tapes in the right place, but practice makes
perfect. I wear them every day now, they're very comfortable and I am a
contact lens wearer. I can now use eyeliner! Thank you for a wonderful
Patricia W.
Sistersville, WV
in SHOCK! Finally, a product that does exactly what it claims to do.
Never been blessed with good looks but these amazing little strips
certainly make me feel like I'm in with a chance!
Vee B.
Bordon, UK
was amazed at this product. When I applied the first strip, my eyelid
was back almost to where it used to be. I think I look younger and
definitely more alert. I noticed that some people said that show on your
eyes. Mine do not. I can stand in outdoor light and cannot see it. I
was considering eyelid surgery before I found these. I think I can put
it off for several years. My problem was that only one eye was drooping,
so it gave my face a bizarre appearance. With the strip on the drooping
eye they match again. It's a good product. More people need to know
about it.
Sue P.
Metairie, LA
am 38 years old and have recently noticed my eye lids are becoming
droopy or "hooded". I have talked to several plastic surgeons but they
have suggested I am too young for a lift and the heavy lids may be a
result of an allergy. I went online and started researching different
products. I found this website and ordered Eye Magic. Because this
product is so inexpensive, I figured I had nothing to lose. My first
attempt was seemless!!! I had an instant lift and felt 100 times better.
I have even brought them to work and demonstrated how easy and
effective this product is for droopy lids. I am sold on this product and
am happy to put my name behind it.
Lisa D.
Calgary, AB Canada
have been using Eye Magic for almost one year now. I will eventually
have surgery; however, Eye Magic works great until I can afford the
surgery. I love the fact that no one notices I am even wearing them!
Would recommend for anyone who has "droopy" eyelids!
Anonymous User
have experienced some residual effects of Bells Palsy for 17 years--one
of which is that one of my eyes appears smaller, more closed than the
other. Eye Magic has made a tremendous difference for me. I now cannot
do without it! If only I'd had this product sooner.
Anonymous User

is the 3rd time I have ordered this product. I wear these every single
day, they have boosted my self confidence...what a fantastic product!!!
Worth it for the price and fast shipping and handling. Eye magic keep up
the good work and please keep your low price thank you so much.
Colorado, USA
product arrived this morning and tried it immediately...and could not
believe the difference! Just had to move the strip a couple of times to
the right spot on my eyelid and magic! I still have the strip on and
cannot feel it on my eyes at all…my daughter says she cannot see it
all...I am very happy so a big thanks!
British Columbia
is a truly wonderful product. I would recommend anyone try this who is
contemplating eye lid surgery. The strips go on with just a little
practice and the results are very good. You forget they are there! No
one but me knows I have them on and I haven't had any questions like
"did you have something done to......?" None of those type of rude
comments with Eye Magic. Try them and save yourself $$$$$.
Anonymous User
Dallas, TX
years my rIght eye skIn was heavy, and I dId not have a vIsIble eye. My
over enthusIastIc cat jumpt Into my eyes! PlastIc surgery Is not an
optIon, It Is too expensIve. I was depressed and had complexes for
years. I had my Eye MagIc very fast, after I had seen It on the
Internet, searchIng for an alternatIve for my problem. In a few mInutes
and after I found the rIght posItIon to brIng on the product...my lIfe
has changed! Many thanks,I wIll keep on buyIng thIs amazIng product,
Linda W.
Geraardsbergen, BelgIum
I purchased eye magIc and was skeptIcal. TrIed It today for the fIrst tIme and It works!! What a dIfference,
thanks. Great products.
Charlene H.
Glenelg, MD
people to be a little patient when first trying to apply the product - I
have small eye lids and it took me 2 times to finally master the
application. Thank goodness I hung in there BECAUSE I LOVE THE RESULTS -
AMAZING! I found eye magic when I sought answers from the internet to
my recent Botox procedure (from a very reputable plastic surgeon in my
area) that went SOUTH - both of my upper eye lids became droopy. When I
apply eye magic to my lids it instantly transforms them, making my eyes
look open, alert, NOT DROOPY and younger! As others have said, I don't
respond to surveys but I can attest that this product really works and -
FYI - I'm in my 50's!
Anonymous User
South Florida, USA
64 years old and look younger apart from my droopy eyelids. These
little strips have transformed my life. I've tried every cream to try
and correct the droop but until I found these nothing worked. Now my
make up looks great and you can see my eyes, but not the strips! It's a
miracle, and I absolutely recommend them. Delivery is quick to the UK
Norma G.
Falkirk, UK
have had droopy eyelids for many years. When I look in the mirror, it
was one feature that extremely bothered me. It made me feel so old. I
contemplated surgery for a long time but did not want to spend thousands
of dollars. I happened to see a tv commercial for eye magic, and
figured for a few dollars it is worth a try. I really can't believe how
fantastic this product is!!! Very easy to put on and totally opens the
Roberta G.
Rockaway Beach, NY
product is amazing!! I never usually buy into these things but I
started hearing a buzz about it from friends. I will NEVER be without
them!!! I don't believe in plastic surgery and this gives me back that
young open eye!! Easily takes a minimum of 5 years off.......get it!!!!
Darci G.
Melbourne, FL
I ordered eye magic last wednesday or thursday and it arrived
yesterday..really fast delivery considering I live in the UK. Im wearing
the eye magic right now and it's made such a difference, im only 28 so
my eyes aren't overly saggy or anything but one of my eyelids has
recently started to droop and it's been making me feel really tired all
the time. I concidered getting something done about it as my eye
constantly felt tired and heavy. this is only the second day of trying
out eye magic and it's brilliant, my eyes are wider and my annoying eye
doesn't feel tired or heavy at all. Thank you for this product.
Ali C.
Buckinghamshire, UK
took me a few tries to get Eye Magic in the best spot on my lids, and
to figure out how to apply make-up to best disguise the strips. However,
now that I've mastered that, I will probably incorporate Eye Magic into
my daily make-up routine. The results are great.
Anonymous User
product is amazing. I put them on in an instant and they were just
right. I was amazed at how long they lasted. I have even slept in mine
and still there the next morning. Thank you for inventing such a great
product. I will continue using this. I am 65 but I do look younger and
this makes me look even younger.
Judy C.
Kingsport, TN

Hi! Just tried the eyemagic strips and you have made my day! Ok - my
year. I'm 52 and was missing my old eyes until today - Thanks very much
for a great product.
Tracy P.
Ontario, Canada

OK, so if you still have ANY doubts...let me take them away from you.
I'm am super skeptical about these things, and usually don't even bother
trying them...but my eyes were starting to droop a lot, (I'm 38) and I
was contemplating surgery...So after reading the testimonials it thought
"let's give it a try"..I am wearing them right now, application was
easy, you don't feel it and you definitely see the difference. It's
actually a HUGE DIFFERENCE! So just try it, you won't regret it. (Make
sure you put the straight part of the sticker on top of the crease of
your eye where it droops over, if it is all bulgy put sticker a bit
lower...i have 2 creases, so I had to put on the lower crease). ENJOY!!!
Esther S.
Santa Monica, CA

I love your product, I was feeling so ugly and old. Now I don't feel I
look that bad, you deserve credit for such a simple solution without
surgery or spending lots of money! I am sure I will be ordering more. I
am going to my mothers house to get her to try them. I think she will
also love them. The bad part is, I love them so much I want to share
them with all my friends, they are going to use up all mine LOL.  It
would be worth it, making them feel good about themselves again. Thank
you again.
Debra C.
Elizabeth City, NC

I had been considering having my droopy, tired eyes surgically fixed,
but hated to spend $7000. This product has taken years off my eyes. Easy
to apply and wear. They even go on over makeup. Now I don't look so
tired all the time. If you look good, you feel good. I will be ordering
Georgia, USA

I just used for the first time today and its amazing. I will be buying more of these, I love this product!!!
Debra C.
Texas, USA

I usually don't post reviews but I COULD NOT RESIST! This product does
exactly what it says it will do! COMPLETELY AWESOME..and this coming
from a person who is usually a complainer!! You will not be sorry!
Nicole S.
Philadelphia, PA

Was very skeptical at first. Even when I first used it I said to myself
another scam. So I played around with the placement of the strip for a
little bit. It was a little difficult at first but then I got it in the
right place and really was amazed. Not too drastic but subtle enough
that I could tell the difference. Was also afraid it would pop off and I
would look ridiculous but it stayed on all day and after a while I
forgot it was on.
Joan A.
New Jersey, USA

Have used this product today for the very first time and am delighted
with the result. Only took me a couple of attempts to get the placement
right and It definitely gives me the result I wanted. For the first time
in years I have visible upper lids (and it also enables me to see what I
could look like if I ever get up the courage to go under the knife!)
Suspect I will now be addicted to daily use as I have no desire to go
back to looking at my horrible aging droopy upper lids when there is
such a simple solution at hand. I highly recommend this product.
Mary C.
New Zealand

I just started using this product a week before Christmas 2010. I had
Botox about 10 days ago, and had awful drooping eyelids afterward. I was
desperate to regain my eyes again, came across this product when
searching the web, and It is truly a miracle. I will continue to use
this product, and after the new year will have eyelid surgery, I will
continue to use this product even in the future. Bless you for making
such a wonderful product. This was truly a great gift to me.
Cathy W.
Tucson, AZ

C'est magique. Je me sens rajeunie de 10 ans
(It's magic. I feel 10 years younger)

I am 32-years old and have had eyelid asymmetry my entire life -
something I am very self conscious about. Recently I was thinking, "I'm
an adult, I should be happy, I should have this fixed so I don't go
through my entire life hating an aspect of my face." Well, not only do I
not have a few thousand dollars to drop on surgery, but I also don't do
well under anesthesia and have a horrible work schedule, so getting
time off (especially for non-essential things) is hard. I stumbled upon
Eye Magic while looking for alternative solutions for blepharoptosis. I
thought it might be an infomercial type gimmick, but figured for the
money it was worth a shot. Well, they just came today and I can't
believe how awesome they are! I was afraid that using only one strip to
correct the droopy eyelid would make my "normal" eyelid look droopy in
comparison, but after a couple tries at positioning, they are
symmetrical, for the first time in my life! I can't feel the strip,
can't see it. I am totally blown away. Just wanted to say thanks. As
cheesy as it sounds, this is life-changing for me. And to think...my
solution was as simple as a little strip, no cutting required! Thanks so
Erin A.
Ohio, USA

I admit I was skeptical of this product when I first saw it advertised.
Honestly I didn't know a product like this existed. I ordered it with
plans to use it at the holidays, special events & pictures. I like
the results so much I will probably wear it daily. I barely feel the
strips on my eyelids. I feel better about the appearance of my eyelids.
Albemarle, NC

I am so happy I found the product! I was already planning to go to an
eyelid-surgery, but then I found about Eye Magic. I can't describe how
pleased I am with the product! Words are not enough! I'm only
19-years-old, but I've had drooping eye lids all my life. (it runs in
the family). Finally I can apply make-up normally, so it doesn't stick
in my upper eye lids and I don't have to worry about looking "tired" and
"bored" anymore. I want to thank you everyone for inventing such an
amazing product! I will be forever grateful and will order the product
in the future. Thank you!!
Maria L.

I have been using eye magic for five days now, and am very happy with
the results I get. It becomes easier every time I apply them, and was
even able to show more of my eye lids today than yesterday. Now I dont
look tired anymore because the skin was drooping down over my eyes, not
allowing me to open my eyes all the way, which by the way causes
problems seeing clearly as well. I am in my sixties, don't look my age,
but my eyes told alot. What ever you do please do not stop making this
product. P.S. My husband could'nt see them, until I showed him. He too
was pleased, because it made me feel so much better about myself. Thank
You, Thank You, Thank You
Gladys B.
Bethlehem, PA

I actually found this product while browsing the web for any solution I
could find for droopy eyelids. (Surgery being entirely beyond my
means.). I'm only 26, but have a fair bit of saggy skin above my eyes. I
seriously doubted that this would work, but it seemed like a small
amount of cash to spend and was worth a go and I was willing to risk the
waste of time and money. The results are very good. It takes a while to
get the knack of putting the strips in the right place, but once you do
they work exceedingly well. Providing you've positioned them carefully,
they're not overly visible and in terms of actual comfort, I seriously
don't notice that I'm wearing them after a while. (No stretching or
pulling.). I stopped buying 'miracle' products years ago. 99% don't
work. But this is definitely worth a try for anyone who has the same
problem with their upper eyes as I do. Obviously this isn't a permanent
solution. But it's cost-effective and it DOES work.
Tracy W.
New South Wales, Australia

I just had to send you a message and tell you how much I absolutely LOVE
the new style of Eye Magic Eye Lift!!!! I used to use the #1 style and
always found myself cutting it to a smaller size. It worked relatively
good, but I still felt like you could see it on my lid. This new style
is just perfect. It's smaller (no cutting involved!), easier to apply,
feels much more comfortable, and is barely noticeable. I sometimes
forget I even have it on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for
changing the way I look at my eyes! Thanks to you, they look wonderful!!
Michigan, USA

received the new product and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! They are definitely
an improvement!  Because they are smaller, they are much easier to
apply, no more peeling off and readjusting, they go right in place on
the first try. They also stay in place the whole day, whereas the old
ones tended to slide down after awhile. There is no buckling, and they
are practically invisible!  I am thrilled with this new product.
Shirley I.
Rhinebeck, NY

Had a little botox in my forehead that made my eyes droopy. They
couldn't fix it with more botox but great results with Eye Magic. I feel
beautiful instead of embarrassed by my drooping eyelids. Thank you so
Steph B.
Pflugerville, TX

Due to an inherited condition, my right eyelid drooped. As I got older,
the other eyelid started to droop as well, but not as much as the right
one. After a while this drooping affected my vision. Surgery, being so
costly was not an option. I thought maybe I could use false eyelash glue
to hold up my eyelid, but it was messy and the eyelid was lopsided and I
couldn't blink. I almost gave up, and then wondered if there were a
product like a tape that might work. I found the eyemagic site while
surfing the net. I ordered a combo kit and it arrived just in time for a
major work related event. With a little practice I was able to apply
the tape and voila! Not only did my lids stop drooping, but the
improvement in my vision was remarkable. I don't know how this tape
works, but it does! And you can't see it on the lid. It's like a second
skin, very thin, supple and so natural. it stays on all day. And I can
blink with no problem! With a little practice, removal is as easy as
application. I am truly grateful to the inventors of the remarkable
product! No surgery, no anesthesia, no big bills!
Diane L.
Dix Hills, NY

I was actually reading a review for eye lifting cream and in that review
someone mentioned Eye Magic....I owe her a "thank you" because
otherwise I would never had known about these magical little strips. The
before and after photos are your site are a very true indication of the
results that are achieved when you apply the strip to your eyelid. It's
very easy to do. The strips stay in place and last all day. And best of
all, they are not the least bit noticeable. I've been wearing mine to
work and not once has someone asked me what I had on my eyelid. When I
use the Eye Magic strips, not only are my eyelids smoother looking but
it takes years off the way my eyes look as well. I can't say enough and I
have made the Eye Magic strips just part of my makeup routine. Only
takes a couple of minutes per eye and it's so worth it.
Jane P.
Wake Forest, NC

I was considering having eyelid surgery but after using this product I
figured why go through the pain and the expense of having surgery. It
has made my eyes look more awake and eye makeup looks so much better. I
have had some people comment on how different I look but can't figure
out what is so different about me. Thank you Eye Magic!!
Shirley L.
Imperial, MO

am a repeat customer and I love this product. I am 53 years old and one
eye has a more pronounced droop than the other and it makes me very
self conscious. I use this product everyday and it works beautifully. I
have to get to work everyday very early in the morning and I am able to
apply the strip in seconds. It lasts all day and is undetectable. It
relieves that heavy feeling on my lids and makes me appear more awake
and refreshed. It is the most important part of my makeup routine.
Thanks for a great product that does exactly what it proclaims!
Baltimore, MD

I have pretty almond-shaped eyes and I received many compliments about
them. But due to my lids drooping recently (particulary on one side), my
best feature is less visible. With Eye Magic, I have my best feature
back again.
Elizabeth S.
New York, NY

Magic Eyelift is a life saver.  The gel is gentle on your eyelids and
makes it easy to apply and take off. They stay in place all day for me.
After getting familiar with them, I can quickly apply them without any
hassle and get on with my busy mornings. I feel more confident and find
putting on my makeup to be a lot less difficult.
The company was very helpful and friendly to me when I e-mailed with
some questions, which is always a plus! I am so thankful that I found
Eye Magic! If you are considering Eye Magic Eyelift, please give it a
try before shelling out an arm and leg for surgery.
Ojai, CA

product is by far the best product to ''lift' droopy eyelids and give
you a fresher more youthful look. No creams can come close to these
strips. They hold your heavy eyelid skin back and they are almost
impossible to see. In fact no one will be able to see them and they last
all day. I can never go back to just creams or lotions!
James G.
San Antonio, TX

from Ireland I had only heard of your product via the web, in fact
every beautician or store looked at me like I had grown a third eye when
I asked about the product.  Finally I purchased a combo pack , well two
since I knew I would make a mess.  After a day in a good light they are
easily to apply and really do give a great result apply over eye shadow
I find best.  Many thanks this product arrived swiftly and I am
thrilled too have my eyelids back, cant thank you enough.
Anonymous User

More Customer Testimonials...

started using Eye Magic and am hooked! It is unbelievable how much
younger I look. It has made such a difference in my appearance. I don't
look tired anymore. Thank you Eye Magic.
Anonymous User
a few years I had become increasingly annoyed by a drooping eyelid
which often covered my top eyelashes. A recent photograph prompted me to
seek an INEXPENSIVE solution. An online search led me to eyelid tape.
After trying three other brands - with limited success, I found Eye
Magic. Wow! For the first time I have a lid and I'm even able to use eye
shadow. I didn't buy the product to look better, but I was amazed how
refreshed I look. I recently retired and my friends say I look rested.
It's not retirement, it's Eye Magic!
Ginny E.
Mukwonago, WI
as advertised!  After a few practice sessions, you can apply Eye Magic
with ease in seconds - while taking years off your age. I have been
using Eye Magic for years without anyone ever knowing it.  Worth every
penny, without the surgery.
Oliver A.
Ft. Myers, FL
the money I spent over the years on REALLY expensive eye creams - all I
can say is if I had all that money back, I'd be living comfortably!
This is an amazing product - please don't stop making it!!!!
Anonymous User
I am happier, more confident, and I actually feel more awake because I know my eyes are not half closed.
Marie M.
United Kingdom
friend of mine allowed me to try her Eye Magic and as stated "It Is
Magic". I had seen a a surgeon about the surgical procedure and he told
me insurance would not cover it, and they were not bad enough, yet. The
truth is my vision is impaired and they still would not approve it. When
I tried the Eye Magic, it corrected the problem. I am almost out of
"The Magic" and am almost desperate for it again. Hey, by the way, the
cost of surgery is $ 2,700.00. Lot of money during this money crunch,
huh !!
Anonymous User
love your product! I was seriously going to have eye surgery to help
lift my lids, but when I read the results and saw that they would
continue to sag after surgery, I didn't want to spend the money for it
to not work better than your product. It has helped so much!
Lagayle P.
Kinsley, KS

reason I buy your product is to lift an eyelid that lays visibly lower
than the other one. I only use it on the one eye, and it certainly makes
a difference.  It is great to have a nonsurgical solution to an
inherited issue.  I would certainly recommend this product to anyone
with a similar problem.  This is a reasonably priced option with
excellent results.Kathleen
New Orleans, LA
Eye Magic is great. I would not leave the house without them. Fantastic product. Would highly recommend.

58 and feel great. Most people tell me I don’t look my age, but the one
thing I’ve noticed over the last several years is drooping eyelids.
When I’m under stress, during times of heavy pollen, or after long
periods in front of a computer screen they seem to get worse and I feel
like I look 5-10 years older.  When I ran across Eye Magic, I was
excited to sample it and, after several tries to get the positioning
just right, I found it worked wonders. The adhesive strips were
unnoticeable, didn’t bother my eyelids at all, and the “lift” took years
off my face. You can be sure I will continue using them when needed and
recommend them to those I know who suffer the “droops” as I call it.
Thanks for a terrific product for us “boomer babes” who want to look as
young as we feel.
Leta Russell
Aka The Weight Loss Chickhttp://www.patchitoff.com

absolutely LOVE this product. I've spent hundreds and hundreds of
dollars on products that claim to firm your upper eye lid to no avail.
Although this product is not a "permanent" fix, it certainly gave me the
confidence back that I lost several years ago. It has made me want to
go out in public again which I never thought would happen without
surgery. Again, I absolutely LOVE this product and I can't thank you
enough.Suzette K.
Lorton, VA
Loving it! I knew for a long time about Eye Magic strips and I'm very pleased that its now delivered to the Netherlands as well.Geriden H.

eyes have always been my best feature, even to the point of having
perfect strangers comment on what beautiful eyes I have (or should I say
had.) But I had not heard that in quite sometime until I tried Eye
Magic. In less than a week of using Eye Magic, I had at least three
people comment on how beautiful my eyes are. It was truely amazing and I
am so glad that I found them!
Anonymous User
Massachusetts, USA
first day I wore Eye Magic strips to work, 5 people commented on how
"rested" I looked. One co-worker said I was looking younger every day.
They could not see the strips, only eyelids I didn't have before. I love
Eye Magic!!
Lisa L.
High Ridge, MO

love your product! I want to thank you for developing such a simple
solution!  After two or three days I realized the best way to peel off
the eye strips was to just slow down and take my time. I am a fast
moving person, so this was the biggest challenge! After I got that
concept down, it was easy. My eyes have never looked better and all
without surgery! I LOVE this product and would recommend Eye Magic to
anyone who wants to look refreshed, rested, and natural.  The strips are
comfortable and I can just forget I have them on during the day. I have
received compliments from coworkers and family alike! You cant even
detect them in the sunlight unless you look in a magnifying mirror and
even then you have to look very closely. What a fantastic product!!!Susan Hoerner, RN
Oregon, USA

74 and I have drooping eyelids and I play softball. Eye Magic has
helped me see better - so, I play better! I also share Eye Magic with my
wife.Lee H.
Summerfield, FL

recently had a lower bleph/laser. I was not happy with the outcome.
Invasive and aggressive co2 laser was very unpredictable for me. I saw
your ad and purchased the eyelift for uppers and am AMAZED at the
results!!! It only took me 2 times to get the strip positioned correctly
and I saw my eyes take on a beautiful shape! I had not worn eye shadow
(colored) in along time because you could not see it anyway with my
droopy lids. I am sooo excited now and am wearing and experimenting w/
different colors on my lids. I feel it has even enhanced the lower lids
that I was so disappointed with. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for
this unbelievable product! I will NEVER be without it!Debra M.
Snyder, TX

now use Eye Magic everyday. It's a part of my makeup routine. I feel
very good when I'm wearing Eye Magic and it definitely makes a
difference in the droopy eyelids. THANKS!!Anonymous User
Georgia, United States

I just wanted to let you know that the combo set works best for me, I
never realized how different my eyes are.  I'd love to give a
testimonial too, now that I have used them. First, they are so easy to
apply and I can't believe how much they change my appearance - the lift
takes 10 years off my eyes, I look alive now! It is truly magic! Thanks
so much - I am so glad I met you through Kaboodle, I will recommend you
to my friends too.Jacque H.
Texas, United States

recently have had some issues with one eye as a result of botox in the
forhead..it was horrible. That eyelid already had excessive skin, due to
a car accident. I searched the web for days trying to find help. I saw
your product, and after I read the testimonials I thought I'd try them. I
got the combo pack, not sure which shape would be best. oh my GOSH! I
couldn't believe how they work! One thing I didn't realize is how
invisible they become! I was also worried about using them when I play
golf (because of the humidity) but today they didn't budge and the
adhesive held tight!! I can't begin to tell you how incredible this
product is. Those are 2 very important points that should be very clear
in your description. I may have surgery some day, but in the meantime,
you have changed my attitude and a big part of my life!Anonymous User
Florida, United States

I first tried this product I was amazed at how good it was. It does
exactly what it claims to do and I will definitely be purchasing some
more. Well done eye magic!!Anonymous User
United Kingdom

love this product. I look 20 years younger. I get compliments on my
looks. People can't tell I'm using Eye Magic. They just think I'm
looking younger.Kim P.
Elgin, IL

is by far the best product of its type on the market. I have tried many
other products that promise what Eye Magic delivers. I won't go without
them, they take 10 years off my saggy eyelids. I keep putting off
eyelid surgery because these give the same effect. Try them you won't be
sorry.Deborah Z.
Torrance, CA

my right eyelid droops. I can't find a doc who will fix just my right
eye. This is the perfect solution. Eye Magic evens my eyelids out and is
not more trouble than putting on makeup!Linda M.
Ridgefield, CT

ordered the eye magic just to try it out. It is my answer to my
prayers. It lifts my eyelid without anyone knowing. I am going to tell
all my good friends and sisters about this wonderful uplift. Plus the
price is affordable . Bless you eyelift.Anonymous User

works. Knowing that should help you make the purchase and get you
through the initial teething stage of learning how to use the product
correctly. This has changed my appearance and that was exactly what I
set out for. Cheers!Anonymous User
United Kingdom

ease of use and the results are amazing! Eye Magic has given me a more
youthful look without the expense and complications of surgery. I am a
repeat customer and will purchase this product again.Lee R.
Madison, MS

was very skeptical at first but thought -- what the heck, I'll take the
risk and try it. Much to my surprise, this product actually works and
makes a real difference in my appearance. Also, I was just saving them
for special occasions in the evening, but this week I wore them to work
every day and no one noticed -- except me -- I felt much prettier!Anonymous User

was considering an eye lift until I discovered Eye Magic. It's amazing
how incredible my eyes look just minutes after applying the product. My
upper eye lid droop is gone and I truly feel and look years younger!Camille S.
Carlsbad, CA

absolutely love eye magic. Not only does it take years off my looks,
but my droopy lids make me feel tired. Eye magic solves that problem-i
feel awake and alive and look forward to putting on my eye makeup. I
don't leave home without them!Anonymous User

love eye magic. I have always had droopy eye lids and this product
gives me a lift that I never thought was possible without surgery!Anonymous User

am amazed by how this little strip can make such a difference. I feel
much younger than my eyes look, and using this product makes me feel
more confident. I am not so focused or worried about how droopy my
eyelids appear. I know they appear to be fresher looking as there is not
so much excess skin showing. It only took one time to get them
positioned correctly and they seem to disappear on your eyes. Thank you!Jacqueline O.
Pinckney, MI

was so excited to find a product that would lift my eyelids. Over the
years due to sun damage, my skin has lost most of it's elasticity.
Mostly on my eyelids. I was considering eyelid surgery, but now it's so
easy with Eye Magic to become instantly younger looking again. Why have
expensive surgery when you can achieve a similar look with this product.
I am

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