Darling 2 Tamil Movie Review,Rating: Darling 2 is Upcoming Tamil Horror movie . Starred by Kalaiyarasan along with debutante Rameez Raja in the leas roles in this movie. Darling 2 Movie is directed by debutant Sathish Chandrasekaran and Produced by Rite Media Works and Sathish Chandrasekaran. It is a official Sequel to Super hit film Darling(2015).

Darling 2 Movie Story Revolves around Five Friends going out for outstation trip with one friends hunted by ghost.This Movie  had a lot of comedy essence to add the commercial values to this film

Darling 2 film stars Rameez Raja and Maya in lead roles while the supporting cast includes Kalaiyarasan, Kali Venkat, Arjun , Muneesh kanth, Jhonny of ‘Madras’ fame and few other.

Producer Gnanavel Raja said “This idea sounded good and excited me. The Humor Surrounded Horror bases scripts assures success.”

Darling 2 Tamil Movie Trailer:

Darling2 Review :

Tamil Audiences always welcomes nice scripts always. the Darling2 Movie Story is based on real Incidents occurred in director sathis chandhra sekaran’s life when he was in holiday trip with his friends. Darling2 Movie is Horror Genre movie is certified as U-Certificate by Censor Board.

The Film story revolves around five close friends .All they together went to out station trip to enjoy. one of the group members was haunted by ghost is the Key theme of the film.

The Movie is crafted well with good team.Music, Screenplay, cinematography, editing and lead cast performances makes movie interesting.Most of film audiences giving positive response. Lets hope the films works well in theaters.

Story Plot:

Darling2 Film story revolves around five close friends .Deadly spirit has possessed with one of the member in group.All they together went to out station trip to enjoy to traveler’s bungalow. one of the group members was haunted by ghost.Movie also had full humor scope.

How the Movie ends ? what happens to five close friends are remaining essence of film.

Star Performances :

Rameez Raja and Maya stole the appreciation form audiences.The Cinematography works well in this film Normally cinematography decides hit/flop for Horror film. Kalaiyarasan, Kali Venkat, Arjun , Muneesh kanth, Jhonny are given best performances to film.

Darling2 Movie Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Rameez Raja, Kalaiyarasan,Maya, Arjunan, Kaali Venkat

Directed by : Satish Chandrasekaran

Produced by: K.E. Gnanavel Raja

Music by :Radhan

Cinematography by:  Vijay Kartik Kannan

Editing by : Madan

Release date: April 1st, 2016.

Darling 2 Movie Plus Points:

Story plot theme


production values

Background score

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#Darling2 hitting screens today.. I’ve dubbed for the lead #Preethi . Pls watch n share ur comments.

— Raveena (@raveena116) April 1, 2016

Horror Comedy #Darling2 releases with good buzz.. Best Wishes Team and @StudioGreen2 pic.twitter.com/MzPOd23ft5

— Ramesh (@rameshlaus) April 1, 2016

Final Verdict:

If you like Horror-Humor Genre film Go and Catch this Movie. This Weekend comedy/Horror film <img src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/72x72/1f609.png" alt="

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