Yesterday, the news finally broke of One Direction’s “On The Road Again Tour” for 2015.

We weren’t expecting a whole new tour to be announced, especially with the boys not even halfway through this year’s set of shows yet!

So, with the boys going back to Australia and Japan, and also performing in South Africa, UAE, Indonesia, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore for the first time, they’ve filmed several announcement videos.

Now, a couple of the videos were accidentally put out earlier this week, but they’ve now been officially released.

First, here’s a new clip of the boys announcing that they’re heading to Dubai…

In the video, Zayn says: “Hey, we’re One Direction and we can’t wait to meet all our Middle East fans when we perform in Dubai on April 4th 2015.”

There’s also a video of the boys saying hello to South Africa! Harry also tries out a bit of South African slang, ending the video by saying “Lekker”.

The boys then talk to Indonesia, with Liam saying: “Apa kabar”, meaning “How are you?” in Indonesian. Louis adds: “Well said Liam!”

Check out the rest of the videos featuring the boys making tour announcements below.

1D say hi to Manila, Phillipines:

The boys talk to Hong Kong, with a VERY cute little chat between Harry and Zayn:

Here’s the video of the boys announcing their Thailand show. Watch what Louis does when Liam says “Bangkok”… Get it? Made us laugh a LOT! Look at Zayn’s cute laughing in the background too!

Next, the boys reveal the good news to Singpaore – cue another cute Harry/Zayn moment.

The boys confirmed the good news of a return to Japan next, and something had obviously happened with Niall and Zayn seconds before… Look at how much they’re laughing!

Finally, the boys had something to tell Australia:

From OneDirection.net.

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