Halloween is almost here, and there are tons of different ways to have fun, in school, at home, and around the town. I have gathered up some printables I created a few years back, if you are having a hard time coming up with some frugal ideas for Halloween. You will find free treat bags and envelopes, coloring pages and finger puppets and bookmarks that are perfect for Halloween favors.


I made these printables years ago for another website I own. Feel free to enjoy them and share a link with your readers. I would appreciate a link back to this site if you do.  Also be sure to visit http://www.thriftyhearts.com and http://www.thriftyhearts.com/printables/printables.html for more great printables and fun ideas.


Halloween Bookmarks -These bookmarks are a lot of fun. You can purchase a laminating film at your local Walmart in the contact paper section which is made specifically for projects like these. A big roll will cost you about $5 and will laminate dozens of book marks. Simple print them out on the pages, laminate and cut them out. If you want you can use a hole punch to put a hole in the bottom of them and make tassels out of yarn.

Treat Envelopes –  Many of us have decided not to pass out candy at parties or for trick or treating. These envelopes are perfect for putting coupons in for the local fast food restaurant or any other coupons or freebies you can come up with. This way they won’t get lost or destroyed in with all of the kids other goodies.  Just print these out, fold them along the seams and glue. Stickers can be used to seal the flap after you have placed goodies inside.

Halloween Treat Bags – These are perfect for sending home with the kids after a school party or carnival. Perfect for putting just a few treats or stickers in they are easy to make and fun for the kids. There are also treat bags your kids can help you color.

Halloween Finger Puppets – These make great party favors, when laminated like the bookmarks above. They are a great alternative to candy, and are also a perfect project for the preschool Halloween party.

Halloween Coloring pages –   and Halloween Mazes -  Mazes, pages to color and word finds, all courtesy of Old Fashioned Families.



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