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ABC "Good America America" on Scientology Inc.'s dating service selection for Tom Cruise

http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/tom-cru ... d-17141332

Oh how Scientology Inc. LIES.
They lie lie lie lie lie.

Anything to cover up.

Cleaning Toilets with a toothbrush has been a punishment for YEARS within Scientology Inc.
Enforcing sleep deprivation while doing contractor type work is the very core of their "Religious Discipline"
I was there, I went through it and would testify under oath in any Court of Law.
So would 40+ other former Sea Org members.
Even Tommy Davis their former Media Spokesman had that punishment after he fled "Blew" the Sea organization a few short years ago.

This is why they bribe former members with hush money. There is so much within the Sea Organization to COVER UP.

Well the story is out. VIRAL.

https://news.google.com/news/story?ncl= ... =en&geo=us

Little Tommy in the RPF? I really shouldn't wish anyone there, but after watching interview after interview of him lying through his smarmy little teeth, talking about the Rehabilitation Project Force being a "spiritual retreat" where members could refocus, something that they could even request if they needed a break, etc, like the place is some kind of resort in Palm Springs. Meanwhile, I'm reading Nancy Many's account of her time in the RPF while she was 5-6 months pregnant, scrounging for leftovers on tables, inhaling toxic fumes, working all day for little or no money, and coming very close to being sent to the RPF's RPF...despicable.

I can't imagine what Tommy thought as he was handed his own special toothbrush and assigned a toilet. I also can't imagine what he did, unless it had something to do with Katie Holmes and his wife. Whatever the reason, I'm not big on Schadenfreude, but Tommy has made me sick to my stomach after the way he appeared in the John Sweeney interview, setting Sweeney up to explode. Tommy: "I'm angry, real angry."

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