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  • Big Ideas for Arkansas
    via arktimes

    Since 2009, the Arkansas Times has solicited suggestions from readers and a variety of experts on how to make Arkansas a better place to live. 2012 Give art jobs to teen-agers By Leslie Newell Peacock John Gaudin has so many ideas for North Little...

  • Dear Ivanka, We must meet. We have much to share. I recognize in you a quality I share myself – the natural, instinctive, and protective mother. This is something the progressives have been gnawing away at for years. The push for women to work outside...

  • EMERSON T. BROOKING AND P. W. SINGER NOVEMBER 2016 Direct link to the publisher – Like most every­thing today, the campaign was launched with a hashtag. But instead of promoting a new album or a movie release, #AllEyesOnISIS announced the 2014 invasion...

  • DeafDigest Gold – May 4, 2014 Gold edition            Barry Strassler, Editor http://deafdigest.com – updated every Monday America’s Unique Deaf Stories; subscription at no...

  • A Port in the Storm
    via news.cancerconnect

    An increasingly common feature in the healthcare landscape, patient navigators are helping patients find their way through the complex world of cancer care. By Diana Price uzanne was 43 years old, single, and running her own business in New York City...

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