From the recent customer consultation document published for proposed changes for Walsall and Wolverhampton bus services, please see the response below for changes effective from Sunday 24th July.


Original proposal customer response

Customer response changes as a result

4, 4H, 4M

We asked whether the 4H should use Coombs Road or Lodgefield Road between Blackheath & Halesowen.

Most respondents preferred the Coombs Road option, so our 4H buses will operate via Coombs Road.

8 & 89

We asked whether service 89 should run directly via Wolverhampton Road rather than via Wood Lane and Trevor Road.

We also asked whether the route of the 8 & 89 should servce Hatherton Road in Walsall town centre and miss the stop on the Lichfield Street.

Customers favoured the 89 serving Trevor Road. We have therefore kept buses to serve the road.

We have also decided to keep the 89 on its current route in the town centre.

Almost all response were in favour of the improved frequency on the 89.

Some people asked for the 8 to extend to Bloxwich. We cannot do this currently but are considering it for future changes.

10, 10A

We asked whether the service should serve Hatherton Road in Walsall town centre and miss the stop on Lichfield Street.

Very few people expressed a view on this and of those that did the response was mixed.

At this stage we’ve decided not to change the route. The timetable will change to improve timekeeping during afternoon peak hours.


We proposed replacing service 28 with service 69 between New Invention and Wolverhampton. Between New Invention & Willenhall service 41 would operate with more buses (up to every 20 minutes).

We had around 20 responses on this proposal. Understandably most of these didn't want the 28 to change.

We did look at the proposals again but decided that the low usage of the 28 meant that the original proposal could not be changes, although we have changes the routes of the 41 & 69 at New Invention to make changing buses easier.

34, 34, 37, 38, 39, 75

We asked whether the 39 should serve Manor Hospital in place of the 38 and whether the 75 should extend from Wednesbury to Darlaston.

There were mixed views about proposals here although generally they were supportive of the changes, particularly the new link from Darlaston to Lodge Farm.

Our proposals are largely unchanged although we have decided to number the Walsall-Darlaston-Lode Farm-Willenhall service as a 37 rather than 33.

36 (335/336)

We asked whether on the new single 36 route, buses should operate on the 335 or 336 route.

We only had a small number of comments on this. They were in support of buses running on the 335 route so this is what the new 36 will do.

40, 41, 69

We proposed that service 69 should serve Beacon Road and Hilton Road North of New Invention.

We also asked whether the 69 should stay in Wolverhampton bus station or operate around the city centre.

Most customers asked for service 41 to remain as the service for Beacon Road/Hilton Road. We have changed our plans to accommodate this with buses running more frequently every 20 minutes (hourly evenings & Sundays)

Most of those who commented on the city centre proposal for the 69 favoured it staying in the bus station.

X10 (141)

We asked whether the service should serve fewer stops along Hagley Road to cut journey times for passengers to Halesowen and Merry Hill.

Most people were in favour of changing the service to a faster limited stop service. We will therefore reduce the number of stops as proposed.

937, X56

We gave three options for the extension of the 937 to replace the current X56 to Boney Hay.

Over 80% of responses favoured option 3 to operate to and from Brownhills High Street via Lichfield Road, Chase Road, Ogley Hay Road, Hanney Hay Road, Highfields Road, Queen Street, Chase Road, Swan Island, Cannon Road, Bridge Cross Road, Chase Terrace, Rugeley Road and Spinney Road.

Timetables will be available online from Monday 27th June 2016. 

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