Welcome kiddies! Yes, I started as the Crypt Keeper, this spooky episode has 3 of the directors behind Tales of Halloween, which is currently making the run through iTunes right now! Filmmakers Mike Mendez, Dave Parker, and Andrew Kasch come in and try to give me some spooktacular horror film suggestions and I was pleasantly delighted to find they knew some films I hadn’t wanted to give a shot! This week we sit down to talk about Hellraiser: Revelations, the 9th installment in the franchise and only made to keep the rights… while some of my guests are close friends with the filmmaker others were at the premiere hoping for the best.

We take another stab at the new game “make it scary” and this time I add a terrifying secret ingredient to the table…. helium! Listen as these three have a first during the game of “learn after reading”.

Take a listen and don’t forget to check out Hellraiser: Revelations then subscribe to the show and rate it five stars!

Titles Mentioned on Todays Show

by Andrew Furtado

Beasts of No Nation (New This Week)

The Pact

Hellraiser: Hellworld

Late Phases

American Mary

by Mike Mendez

Bad Ass Spider





by Dave Parker

Taking of Deborah Logan

White God

American Scream

Dark Summer

by Andrew Kasch

The Flash

Never Sleep Again


The Relic

Check out the trailer for Tales of Halloween and make sure to download it from iTunes for exclusive special features and behind the scenes featurettes!

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