There is a kind of vision problem that mainly occurs onto people who are over forty. It is called presbyopia, an aged-related vision problem. It is found that sufferers of this problem usually have nearsightedness at the same time. And the result is the victims can not see clearly of objects either in the distance or nearby.

Presbyopia is a progressive problem. In other words, when some obvious symptoms appear, the situation becomes worsened. It proves that the lenses of sufferers become less flexible than ever before and can not react quickly and accurately as usual. Sufferers will feel less comfortable on and on as the situation worsens, and their vision declines as a result- their lives and work will be greatly affected.

Though presbyopia will bring a lot of inconvenience and troubles to sufferers, it will never threaten life. And there are some simple ways to resolve this problem. For example, it is very common and nice for victims of this problem to wear bifocal eyeglasses and lenses.

As their name shows, the vision field can be divided into two parts, namely the far vision and the near vision. Bifocals are designed in special structure- the upper part is responsible for far vision and the lower part for nearby vision.

Facts have proved that bifocal contact lenses can offer wearers much better vision effects in some cases. However, some time is needed for adaptation. But there are now still some nice lenses with very short adapting time.

Bifocals are nice alternatives for people suffering from presbyopia and other similar vision errors. But it is needed to consult with eye doctors first before buying them.

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