Thinking about a Las Vegas getaway? Surely incorporate a Grand Canyon chopper travel. These types of flights are probably the most fascinating way to experience this national treasure. Choose from trips that go to the base to ones that bundle in Skywalk passes. It’s anything goes at the West Rim. Use this information to assist you get the flight bundle that is best suited for your needs.

Vegas helicopter departures all virtually stick to the same easterly path. The initial point of interest will be Lake Mead, the largest man-made reservoir in the U.S., followed by the Hoover Dam, one of the West’s most iconic images. Next up, Grand Wash Cliffs, the Colorado River and also the Grand Canyon itself.

Air only as well as landing tours are your two options. Air tours do just that – fly above the West Rim. Highlights include Eagle Point, Guano Point as well as the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Landing tours come in numerous flavors, of which the most important are:

Bottom Landing. This is an extremely popular chopper trip from Vegas. Goes 4,000 feet to the bottom where you’ll take part in a Champagne Picnic. Plenty of time to explore the base before making the ascent back to the Strip.

Bottom Landing w/ Boat & Skywalk. Doesn’t come with brunch or bubbly but compensates for it with a Colorado River boat trip and VIP access to the Glass Bridge. This is easily the package that delivers the most compressive canyon experience.

West Rim Landing w/ Skywalk. Consists of passes to the Skywalk, the glass bridge that permits you to traipse 70 feet past the edge, plus 2 hours time on top of the rim to explore Guano Point and also the intriguing Indian Cultural Village.

A West Rim Exclusive.

Vegas tourists, you really are lucky! The West Rim is the only place in all of Grand Canyon National Park in which helis are permitted to fly beneath the rim and land at the base. And the only place from which these incredible flights originate? Las Vegas, obviously. If you make it all the way out to Southern Nevada, I urge you to try a landing tour.

Seems that more and more tourists are discovering the West Rim. How so? Because chopper tours nowadays are selling out regularly. There seems to be no end to the demand. Ensure you don’t get left out. Always book your excursion a minimum of 3 days before your preferred departure time. If you can do it a week out, go for it. This is a situation where “planners” win.

Raise your hand if you prefer shelling out full retail price. I didn’t think so. That’s why I’m here to let you know that the very best deals on heli trips are via the internet. These aren’t merely ordinary specials, but types that knock off as much as 35 percent! That’s some significant savings, and everyone’s entitled to it.

Las Vegas helicopter trips to the Grand Canyon are the best day trip going. Envision, flying from one of the world’s greatest metropolises to one of the planet’s most majestic natural marvels, and doing it all in half a day or less! That’s the beauty of these types of air tours. Go ahead, take your pick. Air or ground. Either one is a total winner.

Mr. Plunket is a travel journalist who writes about the Grand Canyon. He recommends that Las Vegas travelers click Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours for more information about purchasing these flights inexpensively.

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