Newly established startup has come up with a service that will make it easier for businesses to find the top software companies and digital agencies, Extract examines IT companies with key industry metrics, discovers their reputation and quality standards, and reveals best effective companies. The type of IT companies assessed by Extract will include web development companies, app development companies, SEO firms.

Today’s world of IT, a business’s online presence has become a vital part of any organization’s marketing and advertising efforts, a brand’s marketing efforts and online efforts should go hand in hand, because it is all about the perception, the perception of a company in this customer’s and prospective customers mind and a website is a big component of that nowadays. But if a business is matched with the wrong IT firm, the end result would lacks in many ways and would not be able to make the partners happy. The right digital agencies act as a partner in the entire process because how well they do their job has a direct impact on a business’s progress, and Extract has designed a service that is going to serve as a bridge between business in need of a capable web development company and the information that allows them to understand which services deliver well or which industry is more focused or what technologies the company/team is more effective at.

Extract has been established to facilitate both the IT companies and their customers by listing companies based on a particular location no matter what IT related services they provide. Furthermore, based on the data provided by companies and collected by the Extract team, which includes a company’s product (what services and technologies work was done) and reviews from their clients on different aspects of the work (quality, support, deadline, etc.)  and various other metrics, will allow Extract to establish detailed reports about companies at any level. One of the factors which the Extract criteria of assessment are a company’s experience in its relative industry and the experience of the team as the most basic standard of evaluation to base a decision on. Finding out how many clients a company has worked with in the past and the quality of work that they have been delivering is very important, which is why Extract has used this type of data as a metric. Extract metrics also include client feedback, “We ask opinion about the experience with the company like deadline, support, technical level, etc. Reviews written by clients are published instantly without editing.” Said the Extract spokesperson about why client feedback is an important part of judging an IT company’s standing.

It must be noticed that unsuitable matchups between customers and the wrong IT companies or professionals is more than one may think and the recent industry stats are evidence of this, when it comes to outsourcing, finding a good software company is pretty hard and validation is a time consuming process. As a consequence, more than 60% of outsourced projects  face problems. The Extract services will be able to resolve this problem by serving the role of a  trustworthy and credible third-party that provides useful and comprehensive information about IT companies and their services.

Explaining the problem further, the Extract spokesperson said: “Freelancers are not a good option for mid-size projects. Freelancer can’t do all works in the project lifecycle. So freelancing sites are not the best choice when it comes to serious projects. If you don’t know what service of a company performs best, you may end up with the wrong company. (Example, even though a company have done 1000 web development projects, it’s not necessary for them to know about mobile app development.) So rating based on a particular service is more important than the rating of an entire company. If clients have a big project they can find companies who have successfully completed big projects.”

Extract believes that companies who are updated to today’s standards can build outstanding projects, which is why it makes sense to learn about a company’s project and technical expertise, and Extract does that by checking the complexity of projects and the system automatically grading them. This factor also depicts a company’s passion for what they do. Experts advise that business owners look for that spark of passion in the agency because if a company is passionate about what they do, they would be more open to the latest technology and certification. Their passion should be evident in their own work and the projects they take on.

Extract’s mission is not only to help clients and customers find efficient and effective IT companies and services, they are also inviting software companies and digital agencies who are confident about themselves and their services to submit their profile for assessment so their excellence and be highlighted by Extract which would allow them to improve their reputation and increase leads. Using Extracts services business and customers will be able to contact companies in a single click. Users can choose multiple companies and send messages or request quotes from multiple companies in a single click or, if user have not chosen any companies, extract forwards that inquiry to 5 best matching companies according to the requirement. Also, if the user selected more than 5 companies, Extract chooses 5 best companies from the list.

About: Extract examines software companies and digital agencies with key industry metrics, discover their reputation and quality standards, and reveal best effective companies. For more information please visit: https://extract.co/

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