Microsoft and Nokia are definitely giving their Lumia smartphone users lots of great games in time for the holiday season. The days following Nokia World witnessed the arrival of new titles in the Windows Phone Store, adding to the ever-growing app store of Microsoft’s mobile platform. And yet, the surprises are still starting, as we present another awesome game for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 that had gained popularity among Android users – Yeti on Furry!

Yeti on Furry is not just your ordinary tower defense game. Play as Yeti Jr. as he defends the mountains from the onslaught of crazy climbers who wants to take over his mountain. Throw snowballs, roll a big rock, blow some wind, and even rain with stalactites – do what you can to keep those climbers away for good!

Here are some of the features to expect in this awesome game:

3D cartoon graphics;

100 missions with  increasing degrees of difficulty;

Fight with 4 powers, each with 6  upgrade levels: snow, fire, electricity and the fearsome offbeat upgrade;

Unleash 3 incredible super powers: the gigantic sneeze, the triangle concert and the fist of vengeance, which will clear the map of all the vermin at the crucial moment;

Get 4 types of bonus, boosts and daily rewards for yet more fury and to retrieve the Yeti’s undies;

Unlock 12 achievements and prove to your friends that you are the terror of the Himalayas by dominating the ranking!

What I love about this game is the simplicity of gameplay. No need to fuss on controls; just tap or swipe on the climbers to attack them with your arsenal of natural weapons. Making this game in 3D also gave it an appealing look – no wonder it gained 500,000+ downloads in Android! And it’s FREE, so no need to open your bank accounts to purchase Yeti on Furry!

Get those climbers away from your snowy mountain with Yeti on Furry! To download for Windows Phone 8 handsets, you can scan the QR code below or click HERE. The current version only works on Lumia smartphones with 1GB of RAM, so we’ll keep our 512MB users informed on any updates to bring the game to their handsets. To download in the Windows Store, hit HERE to be redirected.

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