Well, on a rainy day or a hot summer afternoon, when you have no work and boredom has made you lazy. A healthy and best way to utilize this time is by playing games. Are you thinking that I am asking you to go out and play? You are completely wrong. I am asking you to switch on your laptop, connect it to an internet and log on to gaming websites.

The internet has large number of gaming sites where you can play addictive games and never get bored of it. One such game is Agrio. Are you wondering what am I talking about? Well, in case you have not heard of this game, then you are at a very big loss. This game has captured the market with full swing and is now widely popular amongst game lovers.

Learn about Agario

Agario is a fun entertainer. It’s a multiplayer game which is not only addictive but also challenging. The game aims at eating as many foods as you can and consume weaker players. At the same time you need to protect yourself from large players who can consume you up. There are just two simple rules which you should keep in mind. They are

You can gulp in targets that are smaller than you

You should also match their colour to expand yourself

You must give wide pathway to larger objects or else you will die.

Always start by moving through the grid and make an effort to catch all the tiny blurs of colour

Keep eating and growing, splitting and multiplying

Modes available for playing

The two ways you can opt to play is single player against an enemy or in a team. Opting for a team is a good option, when you start your game because the larger teams can protect you until you get big yourself. In fact you can play all the modes for free and you do not require any subscription. All you need is a PC and internet connection

How to defeat your opponent

Well, if you have just started the game and is lacking far behind then make use of this unique feature called Agrio Hack. This hack is one of the best feature that has been launched by Agrio. It aids you to reach the top position in a simple way. The Agario bot inexorably expand the size of the player very rapidly. Circles that are controlled by the bot helps the player to reach number 1 spot of the game board, most of the time.

The bot actually calculates the length between every item on the board and hence makes it highly impossible for your enemy to capture you from any corner. It also helps to avert large objects that can approach you easily. It also makes you understand the trick as to which circles can you eats or which enemies you should be alert from. Along with this it also helps you to

Zoom up the page

Make yourself invisible from the opponents

Speed up your moves

Despite of being a new game in the market, it has achieved heights of success. Be a part of it and enjoy your time.

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