Multinational Logistics and Allied Services Limited is a company based in Nigeria.They are categorized under Logistics and Shipping and can be contacted at lagos in Nigeria.

Multinational Logistics and Allied Services Limited is recruiting to fill the below position:



Responsible to proactively manage the fluid systems associated with drilling and completing wells.

This position requires extensive experience with and knowledge of water based and oil based fluids and chemical additives for extreme conditions.

Also requires expertise in fluid property determination and adjustment, and expertise in fluids material inventory management.


Must know the operating and composition characteristics of all drilling and completion fluid systems and solids control equipment on the rig(s) to be used. Must be knowledgeable about alternative systems and procedures which might be implemented to improve operational efficiency.

Primary services are as follows:Ensure fluid sampling / testing techniques are representative of the fluid in use.

Ensure lab equipment is in good working condition, properly calibrated, and certified where needed.

Ensure fluid properties are correctly analyzed and that recommended chemical additions to correct any deficiencies are justified.

Ensure the accuracy of the daily fluid report.

Oversee accurate and safe additions of material to the fluid system. On-site Mud Engineer

Ensure material is properly marked and material data sheets for each product are maintained and readily available.

Ensure all fluid solids control equipment are working properly and set for optimal conditions for the operations in progress.

Forecast future fluid materials needs and equipment spare needs to ensure adequate inventory exists and provide lists of additional quantities if needed.

Ensure available storage space is effectively used to meet the requirements for the well and to optimize fluid inventory.

Report the fluid analysis and recommended actions directly to Company’s location supervisor representative.

Surveillance of day-to-day drilling progress to ensure the drilling program is conducted to apply best technology and proposes modifications, if required.

Work with drilling engineers to ensure optimum and required mud properties / products are used in drilling programs.

Oversee and evaluate fluids performance and recommend changes to optimize.

Work with logistics dept. in terms of drilling fluids from/to boats / mud plants / rigs to facilitate the drilling program.

Forecast and work with Drilling Waste Coordinator to ensure that adequate skips are available when required.

Correspond with vendors on a regular basis with regards to new and/or improved technology. Organize lab / pilot testing as required. Use Houston Technical where applicable.

Assist Operations Superintendents / drilling engineers in any fluids related issues.

Ensure mud vendors are providing service as per the fluids contract.

Assist contracts dept. in matters relating to fluids / solids control / waste fluids contract and in optimizing contract (i.e. amendments, contract renewals).

Supervise QAQC Fluids Engineer and assist in developing any new or required quality control procedures that will ensure fluid materials / equipment and personnel meet the required quality standards.

Safety & Environmental Coordinator

Multinational Logistics and Allied Services Limited is a company based in Nigeria.They are categorized under Logistics and Shipping and can be contacted at lagos in Nigeria.

Multinational Logistics and Allied Services Limited is recruiting to fill the below position:




To work as the liaison between the Affiliate and Drill Team, Operations Superintendents and the Rigs in all areas of safety, security, health, environmental and regulatory compliance.

The primary goal is to bring consistency to all rig operations in regards to SSH&E and reporting.

The SSH&E Coordinator will be directly responsible for all the Rig Site Safety Advisors working on the rigs.

The SSH&E Coordinator will be part of the Drilling Leadership team office based and conduct visits at the rigs as needed to accomplish the objectives.

A major role of this position is to ensure OIMS and SMP compliance and consistent reporting among all rigs.


Below is a list of roles and responsibilities (note: The list is not all inclusive and other responsibilities as required by the Operations Superintendents will be assigned as needed.):

Accountable to Operations Superintendent in charge of safety for conducting effective and thorough communications to the Rig Site Safety Advisors, the expectations of the Field Drill Team, rig site safety assessments, crew orientations and promoting new safety initiatives.

Communicates Field Drill Team and EMDC Drilling Safety Vision, expectations and requirements to Rig Site Safety Advisors, Rig Supervisors, Contractors and rig crews. Demonstrates Safety Leadership that supports the vision of “Nobody Gets Hurt”.

Conduct rig site safety assessments with balanced focus on people, processes and facilities.

Discusses objectives with rig leadership, spends time with crews at pre-tour meetings, safety meetings and JSA meetings.

Assesses implementation and quality of execution of Operations Safety Plan (OSP), safety and work management systems.

Performs rig safety inspection with rig site safety officers participating in Observation and Intervention and hazard identification.

Summarizes observations, makes recommendations for improvements, and identifies best practices for sharing.

Works closely with rig site safety officers to implement solutions and opportunities for improvements and keeps a record of items identified and follows them to completion.

Participate in Operations Superintendents quarterly rig inspections as requested.

Reports findings to Operations Superintendents as required.

Conducts crew orientations for new rig start-ups emphasizing vision, expectations, policies, OIMS, OSP and SMP requirements with special focus on safety leadership, JSAS, Near Miss Reporting, and other target initiatives. (e.g. Hand Safety & EOM Leadership Expectations).

Supports, administrates and facilitates the Safety Leadership program.

Monitors statistical trending and proposes new safety initiatives.

Keeps a— of rig schedule and safety assessment needs pertinent to their operating areas. (e.g. SIMOPS)

Ensures OSP systems are in place and operating correctly.

Provides assistance with incident investigations as requested.

Participates as a team member on safety and risk assessments as requested.

Participates as a team member on rig acceptance inspections, aviation and supply vessel inspections as required.

Assists in the administration of Drilling documentation revisions on an as needed basis.

Monitors incident reports to determine the need for safety alerts and prepares as needed.

Maintains a tracking log of incidents, man hours and rig safety statistics for reporting to Houston.

Evaluates and monitors contractor safety, health, environmental and security programs to ensure contractual compliance.

Assists with contract tendering to insure compliance with SH&E, MOH and training requirements.

Secures management approval for all safety related data and information from the rigs prior to submission to Houston. To maintain consistency among all rigs with regards to established reporting structure.

Perform periodic inspections/audits of Service Providers and Vendors as per OIMS requirements.

Participate in contractor or vendor OIMS Pre-qualification audits as required by the Operations Superintendents.

Additions to our Roles and Responsibilities:

Operations Manual Supplement revision

Bridging documents with the Affiliate

Administration of the BCP/Pandemic Plan

Safety Officer Desk Reference

OIMS Management meetings and administration

Migration of manuals to OIMS e-manuals (localization of JSA’s to e-manuals)

Assist Security Coordinator as required with Security Management Systems

Marine meetings and interface

Radiation Safety Officer for the Drill Team

Implementation of the SLW/Decision Point (HRP) for classes to be conducted

Transition updates as a drill team for Transocean/GSF

Quick reference compilation

Interface/Coordination between O&I Group with concerns about platform safety issues.

Logistics interface with reference to Black Diamond Logistics during travel.



AFE Administration/Well Reconciliation:

Review of Well to Well material transfer

Well cost reconciliation – 6-Month, 9 -Month & 12- Month

Costs move from Old AFE numbers to new AFE numbers

Review completed AFE and AFE supplement forms

Interface with Controllers for AFE numbering and IPES set-up

Prepare AFE status report

Process AFE partial and final close-outs

Process re-opening of closed AFEs for outstanding invoices / charges

Investigate delinquent AFEs and take remedial actions

Prepare drilling documents batches for Controllers’ library

End of well PO decommission

Management of the Shared e-mail box for receiving PFI and sending SES

Invoice Processing:

Raise Materials / Service requisitions

Prepare and maintain requisitions listings

Follow-up with Procurement on PO creation, supplements and DE supplements

Resolve issues on requisitions & POs

Review Proforma Invoice (PFI) against contract terms

Prepare Service Entry Sheet (SES) for PFI

Obtain Authorized Personnel endorsement

Accept SES and communicate SES number to Service Provider

SES tracker maintenance and updating

Prepare and maintain problem PFI schedule

Resolve problem PFI issues

Preliminary review of CAF charges



Purpose and Objectives:

The Drilling Supervisor provides day-to-day on-site supervision of drilling operations. Is the primary contact with rig and third party personnel at the rig site.


Ensures drilling procedures are followed as planned and conducted in an optimum manner.

Organizes and orders the necessary services and equipment to conduct drilling and testing operations.

Is responsible for health and safety procedures being continuously enforced, and making capable decisions in emergency situations to prevent well catastrophes as well as significant additional costs.

Responsible for implementation of OIMS on the rig. Insures that operations are consistent with OIMS and comply with the Drilling OIMS Manual.

Ensures that rig and third party equipment is suitable for operations and is properly maintained. Maintains inventory of all MPN owned/owned equipment/materials/supplies to insure a smooth ongoing operation.

Is responsible for casing being tallied, properly run and cemented.

In association with the well site geologists, ensures logging, coring, and production testing are performed as planned.

Is responsible for operations complying with all government and other appropriate regulations.

Ensures potential pollution control problems are considered and relative contingency plans are understood by rig and third party personnel.

Has direct responsibility that blowout, marine safety and other drills held on a regular basis.

In association with on-site technical personnel (drilling engineer, geologists, etc.), is responsible for abnormal pressure techniques being properly utilized and mud characteristics being maintained for maximum safety and efficient drilling.

Ensures accurate and adequate reports and records are kept regarding operations, equipment, and evaluation.

Reports to Operations Superintendent and communicates frequently.

Business Rationale and Justification:

MPN is in the process of carrying out the Development Drilling and Completion Campaign located Nigeria Shallow waters.

The wells are to be located in 100-300 water depth and to be drilled utilizing a Jack Up MODU.

The positions are called for as we continue to gain experience in the Development of the fields with known drawn down sands and potential well control situations.

The position is responsible for mentoring as required.



The primary role of the Drilling and Completions Engineering advisor is to provide expert-level technical support to the drilling and completion engineers.

Other responsibilities include assuring implementation of best available economical technology in drilling and completions operations, promoting the latest technology in operations, surveillance and improvement of daily progress, troubleshooting operational or technical drilling and completion problems.


Must know the operating and construction characteristics of all components in the drilling or completions systems to be used.

Must be knowledgeable about alternative systems and procedures which might be implemented to improve operational efficiency.

Participates on multi-functional teams to provide technical support to drilling and completion plans

Provides analysis and recommendations for drilling and completion operation and equipment needs including but not limited to drilling and completion fluids, blowout prevention equipment, cementing, casing design, riser analysis, directional drilling, extended reach drilling, coiled tubing, wellhead and trees.

Provides support in analyzing design standards, practices, and guidelines.

Trouble shoots operational / technical problems; Assists in preparing Root Cause Analysis.

Identifies technology needs, gaps and opportunities to reduce cost and increase efficiencies.

Seeks out and evaluates emerging technologies and new ideas.

Stewards the development of targeted critical needs and competitive advantage technologies.

Advocates and facilitates first-time technology applications.

Works with Drilling and Completions Engineers and Operations to prepare standard operating practices and procedures including, but not limited to, the following:

Moving in/off of platforms.

Drill pipe/ Drill Collars handling/ care/ maintenance/ inspection criteria.

QA/QC programs for all down hole equipment.

Emergency Response planning and upgrade.


Well head equipment.

Provides well-site drilling or completions surveillance and engineering assessments and supports Operations Superintendents on critical activities and problems, such as equipment failures, mud and hole problems, abnormal pressure detection, well testing and well control.

Must keep a— of the best available technology (including Smart Well and Flex Well Completions).

Maintain proficiency in well control technology and training.



Purpose and Objectives

The Logistics Supervisor shall work under the direction of the Drilling Operations Superintendent and functionally reports to Drilling Shore base Manager. Responsible for ensuring uninterrupted supply and resupply of all Upstream Nigeria drilling activities including site materials/equipment warehousing, shipping/receiving, local purchase, transportation, and maintenance of appropriate records.

Basic Functions and Responsibilities

Materials/Equipment Onshore:

Liaises with warehouse to ensure materials are issued as per needs from call-offs.

Liaise with Vendors to ensure timely supply of materials on call offs for shipment to rigs.

Ensures materials are loaded in a timely manner for delivery to rigs.

Provides liaison between drilling and shore base/support operations for timely materials delivery and shipment.

Stewards standard procedures on special materials shipments like radioactive source and explosives.

Rig Materials/Warehouse/Shipping:

Responsible for general shipping manifests for all outgoing cargo and ensures correctness.

Receive process and satisfy all rig material call off requisitions.

Approves IPES material requisitions as per DOAG limits and ensure same are issued from 225 accounts to satisfy rig call off demands.

Ensures timely back load of rig returned third party materials to Vendors.

Plans and optimizes vessel fleet deck and tank space utilization for deck materials and bulk cargoes.

Liaise with support operations – fuel control unit and OMC to ensure fuel availability for rig use.

Provide daily update on materials, fuel and vessel status to Drill Team.


Liaises with Traffic department to obtain clearing documents on equipment for shipment to field operations.

Confers and provides for special handing and transportation for incoming shipments from local vendors.

Provides for all documentation to Customs before shipment to the rigs.

Plans and optimizes vessel fleet deck and tank space utilization for deck materials and bulk cargoes.


Supply Vessels:

Ensure all vessels are fueled and ready for service.

Administers and controls the movements of the supply vessels while in port.

Provides comprehensive “Sailing Instructions” in conjunction with the OMC including reporting procedures required for operating cost statistics.

Provides for loading of company contractor and third party materials/equipment for shipment to the rig along with required general manifest and all documentation.

Arranges for offloading and disposition of material/equipment shipped from offshore, including restocking, repair, return or other disposition as directed.


Responsible for bulking of all vessels.

Responsible for logistics of trucks and vessels to ensure right equipment is delivered to the rigs as per call-offs. Ensures that proper vendors are notified of impending needs.

Liaises daily with rigs to satisfy their needs.

Co-ordinates all movement of materials and personnel from vendors and MLAS warehouse for further movement offshore.

Ensures that all documentation (IPES reservations and requisitions) acquired before equipment is sent to rigs.

Responsible for the return of materials via trucks to the vendors when it arrives back from the rigs.

Responsible for respective head-count for safety and reporting incidents

Directly supervises 16 personnel.



The Contract’s Administration Spe…t (CAS) comes under the direction of and is responsible to the Logistics and Contracts Superintendent.

The CAS is primarily responsible for stewardship and maintenance of Drilling’s contracts used in support of Nigeria Drilling operations.

Ensure that these operations are conducted in accordance with the Procurement Acquisitions Handbook, RACI Process Chart, Controls Integrity Management Systems (CIMS), Redbook, DOAG, Export Control guidelines, and other MPN practices and policies.


The Contracts Administration Spe…t responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following as other responsibilities may be added as needed by the MLAS Drilling Management:

Interface between Drilling, law, process & controls, treasury and Procurement. Expedite and follow up on all requests to completion.

Contract maintenance which includes amendments (scope changes, price changes or term extensions) Ceiling increases, Spot POs/NUBC Bid Waiver Request, Nigeria Bid Committee Request, Cost Recovery Memos, FCPA funding request & coordination of functional approvals, Contractor Compliance Reporting (Payee Tax, Pension, Insurance, Medical, ADU, MCCP, etc.), Export Control review & reporting and all other requests.

Contract Stewardship is the activity monitoring of agreements. This includes IPES & Vendor Spend monitoring against an approved contract ceiling value, spend analysis as required, vendor interface on contract related issues (payments, amendments, extensions, invoices), requisition estimating & planning and purchase order reconciliation, monitoring returned materials credits, FCPA Variance Budget reporting and end of contract close-out activities.

Reporting to MLAS and EMDC includes FCPA quarterly spend, cumulative Cost Recovery, NCD Spend, Contractor Compliance (insurance verification, Payee Tax & Pension adherence, and etc.), and various contract administration activities tracked to completion.

CAMS / MANPOWER process stewardship which includes initiating recruitment of new or replacement consultants through CAMS/Manpower Agencies, staff work order request, LITNA, Deemed Export Control review memo, EMTS request, initiate IPES requisition/purchase order, and monitor contract spend and PO reconciliation.


The purpose of the KPI indicators is an indication on how well contracts are being maintained and compliance to the contract. This position is the key to early detection of agreement issues and governance reporting that informs stakeholders and management of business continuity issues.

Monthly Spend Monitoring analysis. Number of agreements with committed and actual spends above 80% with a remaining term of less than 12 months.

Monthly Number of PO Reconciliations performed >90%.

Number & dollar amount of affected POs >180 days critically aged before being devalued.

Number of PO values +/- 10% Variance of approved requisition values

Number of contractors that are not 100% in compliance with NCD Act based on quarterly reporting.

Number of contractors not 100% in compliance with MPN’s Contractor Compliance Guidelines

Number of agreements expiring within 30, 60, and 90 days without any action being taken by stakeholders.


Verbal and Written (business) Communications

Organizational & Planning Ability


Flexibility to adapt to changing work environment and to work under tight deadlines/pressure

Computer (MS Word, Excel), IPES (SAP) & Spike

People Skills & ability to work with multiple cultures and disciples

Problem Solving


Knowledge of MLAS contracting process

Understanding of Agreements Terms and Conditions

Knowledge of Drilling’s use of materials and services used in its operations.

Experience in Drilling Operations, Engineering and/or contracts role (minimum 1-5 years).



The Upstream Nigeria Drilling Safety Advisor is responsible for carrying out the work activity and objectives established by the Upstream Nigeria Drill Team, Drilling Representative and the administration and implementation of the Upstream Nigeria Drilling Safety Management Program.

These duties include, but are not limited to, being role model for the EMDC Safety Credo and representing the Company in a professional manner both on and off the job to include confidentiality of Company and Client business.

Representing an unbiased position and enforcing safety.


Reinforces the drilling vision and goals for all personnel at the rig site and demonstrates a commitment to the Drilling Safety Management Program and Leadership Expectations through visible, active participation in all safety related activities. Demonstrates Safety Leadership that supports the vision of “Nobody Gets Hurt”.

Visibly participates in the Behavior Based Safety Program (BBSP), such as START/STOP Observations (as the program was developed). Reinforces the positive intent of the programs while intervening with others. Develops the behaviors necessary to actively implement the BBSP on one to one bases while conducting daily walk through inspections.

Reviews, thoroughly understands and Implements EMDC Drilling’s Site Operations Safety Plan (OSP), OIMS and SMP Manuals. Reviews and thoroughly understands Regulatory, Upstream Nigeria and Contractor safety policies and manuals. Assists with maintaining all manuals current.

Reviews contractors safety processes and tools, safety systems, programs, initiatives, goals and policies at the work site as stated in the OSP for compliance. Notifies the Drilling Supervisor if any areas of concern have been identified

Trains, monitors and ensures contractor personnel at the work site have a good understanding of the OSP, their personal roles, responsibilities, and the requirement to adhere to the OSP. Intervenes as required to correct noncompliance and trains immediately to ensure understanding.

Continually monitor operations and facilities to ensure a safe working environment; for full compliance with EMDC and Upstream Nigeria SHE policies, procedures and guidelines, paying special attention to work behaviors, environmental concerns and safety equipment.

Conducts frequent walk-through inspections, on site assessments with balanced focus on people, process and facilities throughout the work site. This will also include weekly platform inspections.

Audits the tracking of rig generated waste (cuttings, waste oil, general waste, etc.) to ensure that cradle to grave is documented. Verifies that required waste manifests generated are correctly reflected on the tracking log. Verifies that the certificates of incineration have been sent / received on the rig to close out the documentation.

On-Shore: Keeps a— of rig schedules for upcoming personnel staffing requirements due to critical equipment/lifting inspection needs. (Call –offs). Off-Shore: Keeps the Drilling Supervisor a— of safety risk assessment needs, SIMOPS and/or regulatory requirements based on current rig operations and affiliate operational schedules.

Assists as required in the coordination of work permits for the Affiliate and audits the Contractor Permit to Work System for compliance.

Support Up stream-EMDC and on site contractor personnel in ensuring all safety systems are maintained to the required contract standard (e.g. Safety, Health and Environment requirements).

Observes Emergency and Security Drills, to identify potential improvement areas to better meet the SMP MODU Drills Guidelines.

Participates as required in incident investigations, Root Cause / Tap Root analysis and provides support in the development of related documentation. Assists with incident management as required.

Provides support in the organization and facilitation of all pre-tour and safety meetings.

Participates in JSA’s to ensure quality JSA’s are effectively implemented by all personnel. Maintains Service Providers JSA’s and makes updates / improvements as requested. Uses a system, such as statistical reporting and leading indicators and HRP (Hazardous Recognition Program) to drive continuous JSA improvements.

Ensure Service Provider’s base line JSA’s are up-dated with corrective actions from incident reports and safe operations alerts.

Stewards and tracks all EMDC-Up stream Nigeria safety-related documentation and programs pertaining to the work site. Frequently reviews the OIMS files to confirm that the rigs required documentation is being maintained, and notifies the DS of any issues.

Presents safety bulletins, safe operations alerts and other safety-related information at pre-tour or other safety meetings.

If qualified, provides emergency care as needed for injured or sick personnel. Assists with medivac of personnel as required. Liaise with doctors and provide necessary information and assistance.

Audit contractors and vendors for contractual and procedural compliance. Assist contractors and vendors in achieving and maintaining the required safety and quality standards.

Be familiar with site spill response plans. Participate in spill response drills. Conduct regular inventory audits of EMDC-Up stream Nigeria spill response equipment (i.e. burlap sacks and sawdust). Keep the senior on site drilling representative informed of any lack of equipment or delays in receiving orders.

Perform and document weekly and monthly facility inspections. Discuss issues with the Senior Drilling Supervisor and the OIM, Document corrective items on the D-100 Corrective Actions Report as agreed to by the Senior Drilling Supervisor and OIM. Tracks corrective items on the D-100 to closure.

On locations where the MODU will be positioned over an unmanned satellite platform you will develop an Emergency Evacuation Plan. This plan will identify muster stations, evacuation routes, life saving equipment requirements, and evacuation process. Signs will be clearly posted around the platform to clearly identify the items listed in the Emergency Evacuation Plan.

While on locations where MODU is positioned over an unmanned satellite platform you will be required to verify that there is sufficient life saving equipment to adequately protect all personnel on the platform in case of emergency. This will include setting up, inspecting, and maintaining Drilling provided life saving equipment to complement the production life saving equipment provided.

On locations where the MODU will be positioned over an unmanned satellite platform you will contact and assist the Drill Team Security Advisor to conduct a Platform Security Assessment to identify and close any potential gaps that could lead to unauthorized access. This will include training and mentoring of the Well Watcher within the areas of: Access Control, Security Surveillance and responsibilities / duties during Threat Level Escalation.

Ensure ESD equipment is maintained (with Production assistance) as required to interface the rigs ESD system with satellite platforms (JV Operations), verify functionality of equipment upon rig move to new locations. Witness and document ESD test on a weekly/monthly basis.

Implement the National Safety Advisor training development plan, using positive mentoring process. The areas of development will include safety skills development, how to interact using a BBSP, direction and leadership, safety intervention, professional conduct, and Hazard Recognition by means of the HRP process.

Work closely with other safety related operations to inform them of possible situations which could be hazardous to their personnel or operations. (Notify the Drilling Supervisor when there are cargo shipments issues which could negatively impact off-loading operations.)



Assure Drill team awareness of the Drilling Quality Management Program.

(Note: The DTQR plans and provides training, mentoring etc. as needed to assure QMP expectations are understood and supported within the Drill Team.)

Support drill team operational needs offering solutions and/or options when issues become evident. (Note: Be prepared to research or explain drill team risk related to issues noted on equipment or vendor processes. Translate and interpret actual service impact(s) of issues rather than simply recognizing a variance to requirements.)

Develop necessary internal processes to assure compliance with OIMS, QMP and QMPE requirements.

(Note: Due to necessity, Drill Teams have flexibility with respect to management of various key aspects of local operations. Methods to control key aspects should be defined to the degree necessary to comply with Company policy. It is the Drill team and in particular the DTQR who will assure adequacy of these methods.

Participation in key Drill Team activities, provide daily support and guidance as directed by Engineering Manager.

Facilitate development and implementation of the Drill Team Quality Plan. After publication support the quarterly review process and update the plan as it evolves as directed by the Engineering Manager.

Facilitate development of Drill Team Quality Scorecard. After publication, track and report quarterly performance to Drill Team Management as directed by the Engineering Manager.

Complete actions required to ensure accuracy of Drill Team Quality Scorecard data.

Populate QED with rig operations NPT data including initiation of contractor Corrective Actions for High and Critical NPT events. Maintain QED system and generate reports quarterly or as requested by the Engineering Manager. (Reports to include an analysis of data to reveal trends.)

Note: Trend analysis is important as it allows recognition of low and medium level events that cumulatively impact Drill Team performance. Significant overall improvements are possible with removal of repetitive events even if the individual event impact is minor.

Facilitate development of contract specific Technical and Quality Specifications (use global templates when available). Steward development, including requesting support from MLAS GSC GQT and QA/QC resources when appropriate.

As requested, coordinate Drill Team reviews of Technical and Quality Specifications.



Responsible for stewardship and management of technical tendering phase and to monitor all phases of tendering processes for goods and services used in support of Nigeria Drilling operations. The primary focus is the technical phase of the contracting cycle.

Ensure that these operations are conducted in accordance with the Procurement Acquisitions Handbook, RACI Process Chart, Controls Integrity Management Systems (CIMS), Redbook, DOAG, OIMS, QA/QC Guidelines, Export Control guidelines, and other MPN practices and policies.

Interface between Drilling, law, and Procurement. Collaboration with Vendors and NAPIMS on technical clarifications to our position. Expedite and follow up on all tender requests to completion.

Needs assessment planning for initiating technical scoping for each service assigned. The needs assessment planning should include reviewing current agreement & amendments, review well plan design, analyzing IPES agreement spend detail, search & locate in SPIKE comparable scopes of work from other drill teams, interviews with engineering/operations personnel (e.g. NPT, NCRs, KPIs, 3rd party reimbursable and price book usage), vendor interviews on developing technology and NCD for the development of NC plan.

Initiate and lead the needs assessment planning meeting with all stakeholders for the development of a contracting strategy while gaining alignment with Procurement, NAPIMS and NCD-MB.

Develop the technical scope of work, market basket, coordination procedures, company estimates, Export Control review & reporting and evaluation template. Coordinate functional approvals to completion.

Provide technical assistance to Procurement for each assigned service during tendering process.

Lead the technical evaluations exercise, reconcile results with stakeholders, coordinate logistics of site visits and lead team on site visits of each technically qualified bidder. Draft final technical evaluation reports and coordinate the functional approval to completion.

Assist procurement with commercial evaluation template development and bid evaluation.

Stewardship of tendering process for assigned services to completion and execution of agreement. This includes frequent follow ups with Procurement, responding to clarifications, data requests, assist in problem solving, monitor current agreement expiration dates for setting work priorities and/or other actions.

Maintain tendering tracking report with progress, activities, and issues.

Lead the monthly tender status meeting with stakeholders for each service tendered.


Knowledge of MLAS (NAPIMS) contracting process

Understanding of Agreements Terms and Conditions

Knowledge of Drilling’s use of materials and services used in its operations


Minimum of 6 years drilling operations experience in a supervisory role.

Verbal and Written (business & technical) Communications

Organizational & Planning experience

Ability to analyze & recommend solutions to issues.

Flexibility to adapt to changing work environment and to work under tight deadlines/pressure

Computer (MS Word, Excel), IPES (SAP) & Spike

People Skills & ability to work with multiple cultures and disciples

Problem Solving


Interested and qualified candidates should send their applications and CV’s to: hr@mlas-group.com using job title as the subject of the mail.

DUE DATE: 18 February, 2015

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