Alcohol abuse in recent days has come to mean a perpetual nightmarish experience which makes the patients suffering from it to deal with the life of a victim and an enemy of social life. Patients lose control over their own actions with a continuous history of alcohol abuse and face the consequences. There have been many stringent laws employed by the court but this is a crime of a different nature as criminals hardly know what they are doing most of the time. Alcohol detox Orange County is a famous name in treating the victims of alcohol abuse.

Phases of treatment at Orange County drug rehabs:

In the first phase of the treatment the patient will be given a safe and high quality place that he can retreat into to overcome his withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms are very nerve-wracking and they require special care during this phase. This is a phase that many patients dread as this is the hardest but upon going through it successfully one has a higher chance of recovery.

The second phase of the treatment is that of a residential nature and here he or she will be gradually recovering from their alcohol abuse histories to return to normal society life. This can go on for up to 3 months.

Individual therapy with tools that will be of a self-help nature.

Group therapy with patients talking to each other and learning to be co-operative.

After a month or so the patients will be given help to search for jobs which will not be very stressful in nature but will require coming to the office daily and being independent of substance abuse.

Last phases of treatment after the initial recovery:

In the third phase of life at alcohol rehab centres in Orange County, California, life takes a different turn for the inmates when they are let off from the regular watches and are encouraged to take their own life decisions. They can return to the safety of their rehabs during this phase. This is optional and can be vouched for as long as the patient wants.

In the previous phase, if anyone wants to opt out they can also get the service of support groups in which meetings will be scheduled with patients who are fighting in the same stage. There are counsellors who will help the patients in their quest for a normal life and help them to deal with everyday life.

There are also family support groups provide by these rehab centres. In this facility they provide help to other members of the family reeling under substance abuse and help to keep the newly recovered family member sober. This is the phase which might be essential to a family which is suffering from a history of drug or alcohol abuse. This is the phase which might teach the family members to protest against any form of relapse and make the recovered person stay away from his addicted friends.

Author bio: Linda is a drug rehab specialist who has been treating patients at alcohol detox Orange County centres for decades. She has written several articles in leading magazines about substance abuse.

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