Uber is looking for ways to rehab its image, and Jimmy Kimmel might have the perfect idea.

In response to President Trump’s controversial travel ban, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance — who identifies as predominantly Muslim — called for a halt to rides to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City on Saturday. At the same time, Uber continued giving rides to JFK and cutting surge pricing, prompting outrage from many of its users and causing #DeleteUber to trend on Twitter, according to Automotive News.

The company is trying to make amends for the perceived lack of solidarity by doing things such as setting up a $3 million fund to provide legal services to immigrant drivers and actively speaking out against Trump’s executive order. But Monday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel offered a humorous and unconventional approach for Uber to consider.

.@Uber isn’t just sorry, they’re #UberSorry pic.twitter.com/ymqKl5TtCv

— Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) January 31, 2017

While the free water and mints are nice, such a drawn-out apology doesn’t really help anyone who might be in a rush.

It’s worth noting that Lyft, Uber’s chief rival, also continued providing rides to JFK during the strike. But unlike Uber, it didn’t announce its decision via Twitter, and announced Sunday that it’s donating $1 million to the American Civil Liberties Union who sued Trump over his order.

The ACLU’s lawsuit led a federal judge to block parts of Trump’s order, including one that prevented valid visa-holding citizens from seven predominantly Muslim nations from entering the U.S., according to the Los Angeles Times.

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