Five Easy Steps

To Create

A Manchurian Candidate

~Part Two~

Written by Gunther Russbacher From
his own Experiences

I have personally witnessed Levels
1-5 programming, and was myself a subject of level 3 programming. In Level 3
programming five different sets of primary aliases were created for me. It
takes two years to fully create a new personality. All the small gestures, such
as grimaces, laughs, smiles and frowns have to be created, as well as an
accent, a specific way of walking and carrying himself... his bearing.

If a subject has a high IQ, around 130-140, the subject is very quick to learn
anything fed to him/her during the programming sessions. All major patriot
groups, government offices and. government contract corporations have at least
one or more "sleepers" attached to them.

Project Clear Eyes

This is the placing of a "sleeper" or "sleepers" in radical
groups, religious communes, or any other place that a "sleeper" is
needed. The the bombing of the Murrah Building was a clear cut case of project
"Clear Eyes".

Tom Valentine's radio show as well as the Spotlight newspaper are vehicles we
have employed in the past to trigger our subjects. In other words, the
"Clear Eyes" subject has been given the suggestion to listen to
certain shortwave broadcasts or read certain newspapers. Knowing that the
"Clear Eyes" has been programmed to listen, religiously, to a certain
radio program, a guest or caller will give the "trigger words" that
will activate the "Clear Eyes."

If the subject
has been told by his "programmers" to subscribe and read a certain
newspaper each day, or week, the "trigger" will be a classified ad or
letter to the editor. If the newspaper happens to be an Agency creation or
proprietary, the "trigger" word or phrase will be worked into an
article. There are some "sleepers" who are kept active by the
constant re-enforcement of their programming through key words and phrases that
are published in Agency newspapers. These "Agency Papers" are usually
publications of new age cults or Christian Identity groups. They usually have a
readership of less than five thousand people.

Waco was a "Open Eyes" operation. There were seven
"sleepers" in the compound. These seven "sleepers" had been
programmed to carry out a specific job. The specific mission was written into
their personalities during Level 4 programming. They had not yet received their
Level 5 programming, and should not have been capable of being triggered to
carry out their the Level 4 programmed mission.

The Davidian group was created to perform a terrorist acts similar to the sarin
gas that was released in the Japanese subway by the Aum Shin Riko cult.

Shortly after the Waco holocaust, attorney Paul Wilcher was briefed on the Waco
mind control operation by members of the Delta Force Group that oversaw the
programming operation. These men were sent in to neutralize only the 7
"sleepers". Their programming had somehow been prematurely activated,
and they were creating a device for mass destruction.

Randy Weaver, of the Ruby Ridge incident, was a control subject that ended up
"out of control." (RMNews: Russbacher never gave further information
on this.)

Robert Hunt is a sleeper that was put on hold. At some, not too distant date,
you will see Bob Hunt performing his true and final role.

(RMNews Editor: Bob Hunt is a Navy SEAL and covert operative who was
instrumental in leaking classified documents to Rodney Stich. These documents
confirmed that the government operatives who came forward and broke their cover
to tell the truth, were indeed who they said they were. Whenever a government
covert operative breaks his cover and begins to tell the truth, he/she is
either jailed or killed. Robert Hunt is currently in prison. Others, who are
listed on the documents he released are either dead, in prison or in hiding.
Robert Hunt is quoted on p. 10 of the November issue of RMNews. He is
discussing a group of programmed assassins that he personally trained at Camp
Perry. When you combine the information he released plus other information on
the Pegasus Assassination Unit, you begin to understand that the men and women
who make up these units have all been programmed at least up to Level 3.

Some, who are trained for suicide missions, are prograrnmed up to Level 4 and
5. The man who killed all the people in Luby's restaurant in Killean, Texas was
probably programmed to Level 5, but he could have been accidently
"triggered". The Tasmanian mass murderer was also programmed to Level
5 and to self destruct, but he didn't. If the governments of the world really
were serious about getting to the bottom of random acts of terrorism, they
would take apart this man's brain, one engram at a time, until they discovered
the "Open Eyes" program. But since the Australian government is using
the massacre in Tasmania as an excuse to confiscate all the guns, it is unlikely
that they will want to let anyone do a psychological profile of the Tasmanian
killer. In fact, if any country tries to press the issue, the killer will
probably just commit suicide, or be "suicided".)

Gunther Russbacher continues:

"I hope it is becoming clear to you the various levels that are used by
the Intel community to get their job done. Remember Jonestown? It was one of
ours that went sour because a "Clear Eyes" was in the group.

"When he, the "Clear Eyes", began firing on the runway, it all
self destructed. Congressman Leo Ryan, who was killed, knew it was a government
operation. The "Clear Eyes" was accidently, through a lone sequence,
activated! There was no way to stop the killings.

All members of the cult were programmed to at least level 3. There were only 3
deaths attributable to cyanide, the rest died of gunfire. Now you know little
more about our line of work. I am glad I am out of it."

(RMNews: On p. 14 on the September 1996 issue we printed a letter called:
Jonestown: The Whole Story, Project Blue, The Guiana Operation. The letter is
attached at the end of this article.)

Russbacher Continues:

How Sleepers are Produced

"The initial stages of hypnosis are derived by subconsciously distracting
a person to where he/she does not realize that hypnosis is taking place. If the
procedure is done in a doctor's office, or in the emergency room of a hospital,
a Level One hypnosis, with a post hypnotic suggestion, to return for another
session on a specified day, time and location, can be all be given in less than
five minutes.

At an emergency room, the doctors have to be far more cautious because of the
others (emergency room workers) who are about him. At any rate, a second and
far more detailed appointment is made where Levels Two and Three can be
attained within a matter of 2-3 sittings.

At Level Two, a light program is already in place, that makes the subject
pliable to the will of the hypnotherapist. At Level 3, the program is expanded
to include specific trigger words; i.e. "stepdown".

A Level Four program can only be attained by completely removing the already
altered, conscious state of Level three. This procedure is done under drugs!
The needle is inserted into one of the veins of the lower legs, sometimes on
the back of the leg. The needle is never inserted in an easily visible spot
where it can be seen and questions asked as to where such a needle stick came

With the IV fluids of the drugs and the 3 levels already attained, brainwashing
takes effect. Complete blocks of intact memory are taken out and removed. The
"overwrite" is generally placed next to and/or in addition to
childhood memories. The area we choose to attach our program to is pre puberty.
It can range from age 9-12. That's where the "overwrite" is placed.

A complete set of instructions are then entered into the void space and are
assimilated immediately, by the brain as belonging there--and having always
been there. At this point the complete instruction package has been set. It is
no trouble at all to create an unspace (an emptyness of several days time--time
being removed and rewritten into the main brain.) lasting up to several days or
a week. The team, performing the "erase", "new program" and
"transfer of data"; at random, choose a period of time where there
was no event of special interest to the patient.

The Level Four stage permits the team to go back, one day at a time, in the
victim’s life. It is an easy accomplishment to find such an ordinary fragment
of time where nothing occurred. Remember that the brain assimilates the
"rewrite" immediately as its own.

The program entry can be so well covered and truly hidden that if you were to
revive the patient-without a level 5 trigger in place to bring the subject to
that spot of their lives, the complete program would be lost forever.

Since the brain has continual wave lengths, level 5 is implanted as a trigger
command (just like in a computer) to bring that person, instantly (by
preplanted hypnotic suggestion) to that moment of their lives where this
violent or non-violent program is located. If it is to be a one time mission
(with suicide built-in) a complete remake of the victim is made at level 4.

We can take Subject-A, and impose on them all personality traits, customs and
beliefs of a person we call subject-B... or reverse them. That means my subject
will have to remain in the lab until a complete recycling has been achieved. At
that point I can make him believe anything 1 tell him.

Example: If I tell him that he is a construction worker, and feed him all the
data required to perform the job, he will believe just that. If I tell him to
take another name, change his entire being, leave his family and become someone
else in another town, he will follow through on the command, but only if I
insert a level 5 trigger command instructing him to do that when he hears
certain words; i.e., a nursery rhyme or any trigger word that I implant.

Certain major corporations and Madison Avenue advertizing agencies have a long
history of working with the government. Nursery rhymes such as "Twinkle,
Twinkle Little Star" can be worked into the advertisements that are played
on television and radio. These ads can be targeted to population areas where
programmed "sleepers" or "sleeper" are living, thereby activating
only certain sleepers without having to have personal contact in any manner.

The other viable alternative, for most of the case subjects under our control,
is to implement a "rider package" that will compel him/her to fulfill
the functions of our level four programming, by placing an appropriate trigger
in his mind. He or she will continue to lead a perfectly normal life until made
active by a command from a command file. Any number of unrelated triggers can
be implanted hypnotically--just in case the first one has been lost in the deep
fog when you bring the subject back to the Pre-Level One stage (state).

We always have a least 300-400, one way mission, Level 5's running about
leading relatively functional lives in the different cities where we have
placed them. At times a man will leave his wife (or vice versa) and just move
away. We don't take into consideration if these men have children. We use them,
because they are tailored to a specific task we see coming up in the
foreseeable future.

However, please bear in mind that most of our level 5 cases lead very normal
lives until they are activated. At that point, the Level Four program takes
precedence in the subject's life, above all else, such as family or job

(RM Editor; One of our Sources told us that the pilot of Ron Brown's airplane
was a "sleeper." Up until the moment he was "activated" by
a "trigger" word, the program to crash the plane was activated, he
was just an average, ordinary person. The "control" who gave him the
"trigger" word, was the ground radio operator at the Dubrovnik
airport, who was later found shot to death... suicided? " None of the
other so-called explanations for the crash make any sense, until someone
uncovers the real cause of the Ron Brown crash, RMNews will believe that the
pilot was a "sleeper" who was "triggered" and a preset
program was activated which made him fly the plane into the hillside.)

Russbacher Continues:

"To fully create a new person; give them a history or something that they
can cling to when sad or lonely, it takes a team of lab experts numerous weeks
or even months. I don't know the name of the chemicals (several of them) used
by the teams but they can hold a subject comatose for a few days to even
months. A total transfiguration requires a catheter in the neck, urinary and
digestive track, to keep their physical balance. Usually a Level 5, complete
transfiguration will require a cover story like a serious automobile accident
or something of similar nature. We have never been exposed for any of the Level
5 subjects we created.

Most liable to exposure are level 3 subjects who can remember bits and pieces
of their downing after not have been to the "shop" (lab) for a couple
of years. (RMNews: Randy Weaver?)

Level 3 Operatives will always know that they have been worked on or modified-
-because they sign a document that goes into their personnel file. All case
officers and field operatives are Level 3 clan.

The chemical used for Level 4 is not merely a hypnotic drug but also contains
proportionate levels of anesthesia. The idea is to keep the subject at the very
edge of consciousness during the programming.

One last set of statements about Operation Open Eyes. There are some aspects
(areas) of the United States. One, and the first of them, is Project

Fallingrock; Project Behemoth; Project Tinyrock; Project mountainside, just to
name a few. All of these projects fall under the auspices of "Operation
Open Eyes".

Project and/or Operation Monarch was a completely fictitious series created and
released to the public simply to side track serious investigators. You can
always judge the authenticity of serious reporters or investigative journals by
paying attention to the things they have said about Project/Operation Monarch.
This does not mean that the "victims" of Monarch are not real, what
it means is that the entire Project was created as a cover story to keep people
busy following the Project Monarch leads, while the real work went on in
hospitals and doctors' offices around the country.

There are government sponsored investigative journals which are designed to sow
misinformation or disinformation. I have been able to spot the newspapers that
are putting out bogus information by paying attention to how they treat
Operation Monarch.

Afterthoughts From Gunther Russbacher:

The poor guys/gals who are forced to leave family and all behind in order to
fulfill their one way program, sadden me. Although they have a completely new
set of memories, they are all usually such bad memories, that they gladly jump
from area to area to avoid the direct pain of these memories. They seek company
in sleazy bars and are usually limited to one night stands. By day, they work,
and by night, they usually sit--frustratehad to sanction a man because of the good for the country?

(In the October 1996 Issue of RMNews, p. 1, "Black Operations Commander
Implicates Presidents in Drug Smuggling," you will find reference to an
order to kill Ross Perot. Fortunately for Ross Perot, Chip Tatum, was notustria) I'll be glad to give
you a run down.

First of all, bear in mind that I went in on my own. I wasn't one of the other
cases I have so often made reference to in my letter. They gave me 2-mg. of
Valium to calm my nervous system. Then I was hooked up to a polygraph machine,
and the hypnotherapist led me to Level One--deep sleep. Then at that stage a
color combination pattern was fed to my mind. Then I was dropped to level two.
Outside monitors, such as an EEG, were attached to my head. I was fed music or
better said, winding jungle rhythms to concentrate upon. (RMNews: Similar
colors and rhythms are found in some of the video games our children play.)

"At that state ( Level 2), it was determined that I was patriotic enough
to be of use to them. A film, between a good agent and Joe Blow down the
street, was played to determine my threshold to cross (under specific orders!)
from being a full legal to being an instrument for their causes. All the
patriotic nonsense in the world was fed to me at Level 2. Then came the
"what if situations."

What if you had to sanction a man because of the good for the country?

(In the October 1996 Issue of RMNews, p. 1, "Black Operations Commander
Implicates Presidents in Drug Smuggling," you will find reference to an
order to kill Ross Perot. Fortunately for Ross Perot, Chip Tatum, was not a
Level 4 or 5 "Sleeper". He was able to overide the command.)

"What if it (the order) meant willfully breaking the law in order to do as
your employer asks? After hour upon hour of this play, a recall program--reaching
me anywhere' a voice could travel--was pounded into my skull. Always, the
wishes of the employer had to come first. Then I was covered with the ability
to slip in and out of many aliases, during and after doing my job for them.

The Level 3 program consisted of more loyalty bullshit and a number of specific
triggers that would activate my mode which made me believe that I was
indestructible. I went back for up-dates on the programming every 2-3 years. I
was also polygraphed 3 times in the field office, and annually at the main
center. Sodium Ambutal was their drug of choice at that time. I would be pulled
out of circulation 2 days at a time, when I went in for my annuals.

The hypno-therapist over here (in Austria,) accidently hit on the entire program
because they subjected me to all these color combinations. I began to talk
during the session and they key was found quite by accident. They researched up
and down this Level 2 stage until I disclosed, under deep hypnosis, the entire
program, inclusive of all parts.

The trigger mechanism was less easy to find because it was cloaked by an
Oklahoman Thanksgiving party. (RMNews: Russbacher was raised from age 12 to 17
in Oklahoma) The therapists over here had never heard of such a thing. I talked
until they found the mental file that contained all my triggers.

They told me the whole thing, and in a conscious state, I repeated it all to
them. They now have a big thick file on what has been done to me, and
regretfully, the means to replicate it on others.

I knew a great deal of what had been done to me at the Center. After all, I saw
them doing Level 5 work on others. I also know that they had various ways and
means to get the job done. I knew all along that I was a Level 3 sleeper. Hell,
I signed so that it could be legally done to me. The Agency doesn't employ
Level 5 sleepers as Case Officers or Operatives.

Additional Information on Project Open Eyes

Single words are the designation for a single Project. Two words are the way to
title an Operation. See: Operation "Open Eyes" or Project
"Behemoth". "Clear Eyes" was an exception to the standard
rule of title in our coding a project. All phrases that have two words are
ongoing Operations. (This is the reason for the apparent misspelling of Project

Project Mirror

An Above Top Secret Project

In Mind Control and Assassination

This is a very covert operation. Only 30-40 people know of its existence.

Project name: Mirror (NSA operation number DOM 3416-A-2)

Project priority: To establish/create a force of no more than 30 individuals
who are capable of perceiving pre-set, or configured circumstances where
certain leaders of nations are rowed according to their specific cause and

Project Order: Liquidate certain individuals according to rowed importance.

Project Assumblage: Seek and find: prediagnosed individuals of various
schizophrenic attributes. Gender of individual of no import. Age of subject
must range 18-35. Coded for Operation Open Eyes.

Test individuals must meet the criteria as being of good health, and compatible
with standard Level (4) preconditioning.

Language--no barrier

Such individual will receive orders to activate upon visually seeing prestated
ranged figures on all media accessible to the average citizens of the media
country or nationality of the subject.

Subject will follow Level (4) preconditioning, as well as Project Mirror
required staunchness of being. Upon such ranged assembly of members of diverse
and pre indoctrinated aspects of Project Mirror, "recall" and
"discern target" pre-conditioning is "overwritten".

Subject will then be activated to "restore about the 26 tranquility"
(or as such described in DOM 3416-A-2) Upon termination of target, subject
shall, according to medical advice--return to a rehabilitation center for
initial debriefing, or shall in accordance with Level (5) instructions, proceed
with self sanction or destruction.

It is imperative that all data retrieved during the case of medical
rehabilitation be forwarded, via preordained method to DOM personnel. There
shall not be more than 5 prime candidates in waiting, during the course of any
fielded operation of stated project.

The remains of self sanctioned personnel are to be cremated upon notification,
by local or regional sources

Operations Nu: 6317-ABL-4

Project team leader: DOM 3416-A-2

The Directive to form and proceed with this operation comes out of Ft. Meade,
MD. Signatory to the project order was originally Stansfield Turner. Project
Mirror is still on the books.

End of Russbacher’s Story

* * * *

Excerpted from page 4 of

The Wilcher Report:

Mass Murder at Ranch Apocalypse

"Thursday, March 11th, 1993--12 days after the initial BATF raid on
Sunday, February 28th-when I received initial information: (1)That
"cult" leader David Koresh had an extensive CIA background. (2) That
he was known in CIA circles as a " sleeper" --someone who had been
subjected to extensive CIA "mind control" training and programming.
(3) That it was not just a mere coincidence that all these events were
occurring in or near Waco, TX--since Waco is a major center for such CIA
"mind control" experimentation and programming-with much of this
activity occurring at the CIA's Leadership Management Institute (LMI) in Waco."

RMNews: Paul Wilcher was an attorney living in Washington D.C. As a result of
being a victim of Chicago’s crooked bankruptcy courts, Wilcher had moved to the
Capitol trying to expose the fraud and corruption in the bankruptcy courts
around the nation. He sadly discovered there was nothing he could do, alone. He
began researching government crimes, corruptions and cover-ups.

Wilcher made contact with Gunther Russbacher, the ONI and CIA operative who was
currently in prison. Russbacher claimed he was in prison because the Bush
Administration was trying to silence him regarding the October Surprise.
Wilcher was the only person to conduct an exhaustive debriefing of Russbacher,
which he recorded on 53 ninety minutes tapes.

Russbacher introduced Wilcher to members of his SEAL team. These men and others
are the government employees who gave Paul Wilcher the information he put into
the 100 page letter he wrote to Attorney General Janet Reno. In the letter he
explained, as well as he could, various government mind control experiments. He
felt he had to give Reno the background on mind control operations in the Waco
area so she could fully understand what was really going on at the Branch
Davidian compound.

Wilcher was told that something had gone wrong at Waco. The "sleepers"
were waking up from their programming. Not only were they waking up, one or
more of them had been accidently "triggered". The Waco
"Sleepers" were programmed to make and deliver, a biological or
chemical device that could kill everyone in a city the size of Oklahoma City or
Houston. Information received by their "handlers" stated that the
program had been accidently triggered and the 7 "Sleepers" had
started building the device.

According to information from a government "plant" inside the compound,
the device was only days from completion. A CIA/Delta Force team was fielded to
go into the compound and "neutralize" the problems. When the BATF
learned that a CIA/Delta Force Group was going into the Branch Davidian
compound, the BATF decided to raid the compound first. The BATF had no idea why
the CIA/DFG team was going in. The BATF had been carrying on an independent
surveillance of the compound.

It would not have been unheard of for the BATF to have discovered the mind
control project that was going on at the Davidian Compound. Mind control
operations are common near the Waco area. Waco was the first major center for
CIA mind control schools. No one has ever known if the BATF knew that Koresh
and a few others were mind control subjects, or if they had just been tracking
David Koresh because he dealt in guns. The Source who provided this information
to RMNews said he had not been able to access the BATF records to discover why
the Davidians were under BATF surveillance. Our source commented, "they
(the BATF) had no idea what they were walking into."

According to our Source, by the time the FBI got involved, Janet Reno had
already been briefed about the device. Her orders to the FBI were to contain
and destroy the device. On the day of the Waco inferno, a Delta Group Force was
inserted into the compound. Their orders were to kill the seven
"sleepers" and disarm the device. The "sleepers" were
killed, but the DFG group never had the time to find the device and disarm it.

The compound exploded in flames. The DFG team barely made it out alive. It was
their belief that the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Clinton
Administration intended to kill them also. This is why they gave their story to
Paul Wilcher. In an operation like this, each person is
"compartmented" and only told their part of the mission. The DFG team
had no idea that Janet Reno knew about the existence of the device. It is not
known if she knew about the mind control project or just thought the Davidians
were a terrorist group with a device that could wipe out hundreds of thousands
of Americans.

When the DFG group briefed Paul Wilcher, they did not tell him Reno knew about
the device, because they did not know this. After Wilcher was briefed, he wrote
a 100 page letter to Janet Reno. In the letter he described various government
mind control projects, and described what had happened at Waco. He made an
appointment to hand deliver the letter to Attorney General Reno.

The morning of his meeting with the Attorney General, he was met outside her
office by two men who threw him up against the wall and beat him. The 100 page
document was taken from him and he was threatened. He disappeared shortly after
this incident. His body was found one month later.

Wilcher’s good friend, Sarah McClendon, the senior White House correspondent,
was the one who alerted the Washington DC police that Paul had been missing for
a long time. When the police broke into his apartment, they discovered his

The FBI immediately sealed the apartment and confiscated all of Wilcher’s
research. When they finally returned the computer and discs to Wilcher’s
family, everything had been wiped from them. There was no record whatsoever of
the 100 page document that Paul had tried to deliver to Janet Reno.

Over a year after Paul had been murdered, Sarah McClendon was going through her
papers and discovered a bunch of documents Paul had given her. They appeared to
be documents he had written when he was helping Gunther Russbacher, the October
Surprise pilot. McClendon is a friend of Russbacher’s wife, Rayelan. Sarah
called Rayelan and asked her if she wanted Wilcher’s papers. Thinking they were
reports he had prepared for the October Surprise Taskforce, Rayelan asked Sarah
to send them to her.

When the documents arrived, Rayelan realized immediately what she had. She knew
she had the only copy, outside of the FBI, of Wilcher’s 100 page report. When
she called Sarah to thank her for the documents, she purposely referred to them
as the October Surprise documents. Then she said no more to anyone about them.
She didn’t even tell her husband, Gunther, what she had. She believed that her
telephone lines were still bugged by the government. Gunther was in prison at
the time, and she did not dare put this information in a letter and mail it to

She hid the document in a safe place and waited for a chance to make copies of
it. During the years that she and her husband were trying to expose George Bush
for the October Surprise, Rayelan had been followed everywhere she went. At the
time she received the Wilcher Report, she was unsure if she was still being
followed. She was also unsure if her home was still bugged.

Her schedule was routine and dull at that time. She went to work at the same
time, came home at the same time. The only reason she went out was to shop for
groceries. Going to a copy shop to make copies of a hundred page document would
have been out of character for her at the time. She figured that if anyone was
watching her, they would wonder why she was taking a large document to a copy

She waited until a appropriate opportunity arose. And it did. One of her
friends mentioned that her husband had just bought a new copy machine for his
office. The friend told Rayelan that she was welcome to use it anytime. One
afternoon, after lunch, Rayelan and her friend made many copies of the
document. Some were left with her friend, and some were put in pre addressed
priority mail envelopes and mailed anonymously to people or groups that would
copy and distribute the letter.

Rayelan never told anyone she had the original copy of the Wilcher Report until
she was sure that there were many copies in the hands of many different people,
and the existence of the Report was well known.

* * * *

p. 14

Dateline: September 17, 1996

Jonestown: The Whole Story

Project Blue

Operations Directorate of State Department, Section 6

Project Blue was/is the Guiana operation. Project Searchlight was the cover
name for Project Blue: Resettlement of 34 Level 4 subjects. Level 4 refers to
the degree of mind control that the subject has been programmed to. Level 4
"sleepers" are programed assassins, the co-called Manchurian

Jim Jones was only one of the project leaders. The actual project was headed by
Wessley Baker of the Department of State. He introduced Jim Jones to Gary
Monroe in the States. Hallucinogenic drugs, supplied by DOS, were put on the
consecrated communion hosts. The doses of Trichloral-trimital was fed, in
limited form,"to the entire church population.

Mass hypnosis and the drug laced communion "hosts" were the primary
tools used to determine the candidates for the inner circle. All experiments
were produced within the church walls. They used no outside sources or
vehicles. The first doctor, flown in, and made a member of the congregation,
came from Baltimore, and was a family practitioner of Martin, Delahny and
Danvers. The doctor that was sent to be part of the select team was Dr.

Danvers was approached by AGENCY personnel in Tran Loc, Viet Nam. (He became
one of the first US Army majors to join the Company as a consultant. He was,
again approached in 1969 to participate in Operation Strike Back, where he
treated RVN soldiers as well as V.C. and sent them back into the field. This too,
eventually fell under Operation Open Eyes (the overall name for the government
mind control operation) It is still carried on the original Operations page.

Dr. Danvers was a close associate of Jim Jones, and the inner circle of cult
members who had arrived, already trained, in part. Each member was assigned a
group of three congregation members, whom they put through their paces until
complete obedience was achieved. The congregation grew very slowly. The
majority of those who went with him to Guiana, came from other church sites.

Programming was only applied to those past the age of eight. The manual that
they used to program the children up to age 20 was a book called
"Cornflower". It is part of the CIA training manual used in Honduras
and Belize. It is still used in San Salvador today.

Project Blue was/is a systematic program used to continue and maintain the
level of programming already installed in the small churches, from which the
members came, from all over the U.S. and Canada. Then, the DOS sent 65 trained
field experts down to oversee the daily programming and training schedule.
Leaving the actual number of people on site aside for the moment, there were
often 450-500 of our people in the encampment at a time.

Three 10 ml (milliliter) vats of potassium cyanide were delivered from Ft.
Meade on a C-123 transport. This amount would have only provided lethal does
for 10 men/women.

The actual danger to the camp people, was a self styled chain link fence with
shooting platforms. The entire project went sour as some of the
"less" programmed began to rebel against Jim. The selection process
for membership was faulty, as all congregational members had not received a
full dose of Level 3 and 4 programming prior to being brought on site. They
rebelled against his "way of life", and wanted to take their young
and leave.

No one was permitted to ever leave before they were fully programmed to
performed specific tasks. (Ranging from small tasks to tasks of vital
importance.) Gun positions were mounted around the entire perimeter to prohibit
the flight of any camp member. After two attempts at escape, security was
ordered to deal with problems by "fire on sight". Trips out of
Jonestown were only permitted by armed escort. No phones were allowed for
anyone other than Jim and his closest staff.

The program was monitored closely by DOS. They even sent numerous delegations
to "Jonestown", to monitor the process of this mass "type"

The Project deteriorated from week to week. Soon Jones' own council began to
supercede his orders. Jim originally came into our (CIA) hands because of his
cocaine and heroin (speed balls) addiction. We didn't clean him up, we merely
put a heavy Level 4 program in his head. The Level 5 trigger was to activate
programming which would annihilate the entire group through gun fire. Nowhere
was potassium cyanide part of his trigger. Task Force 151 supplied the arms,
AK-47's and AR 15's with silencers.

The revolt and the massacre took place more than 3 hours before the C-127 touched
down in Jonestown. His own council was liquidated the day before--one person at
a time-gun shots in the back of the head. The Congressman and his group weren’t
fired upon as they deboarded. He saw what took place before he was gunned down,
and brought by jeep back to the plane. He was a direct representative from
Project Blue.

Jones and 12 of his guards were still alive at that time. An Englishman then
took the cargo from the plane. 4 pounds of cyanide in plastic. The cyanide
cannister bore the usual markings and the name of Union Carbide of India. Parts
of the shipment was produced by our company called Shalimar (the chemical
weapons and munitions part of Shalimar perfumes). The Englishman waved to the
crew to take off before dusk set in. All twelve of the shooters fled the
country on an English cutter called the M.S. Dunbar. The cyanide kool aid was
then put in the open mouths of many of the dead. Cyanide was not -the cause of
any death.

Contrary to what has been written, Jim destructed on his own using a .357
Python. At that time Project Blue was canceled. The autopsies were all a big
cover-up. That experiment failed, but the data they gathered was integrated
into new projects.

The next year Project Phoenix was born. It is the same as today's Contact
Operation. It was run by DOS (at the beginning, and funded with AGENCY money.)
An operations fund of $400,000 was granted to Project Phoenix by the DIA.
That's when it changed hands.

Contact/Phoenix books and newspapers contain subliminal type of programs
designed to keep the programmed "sleepers" walking the Company line,
years after the programming was put in.

The Jonestown experiment was one that had gone sour and had to be terminated.
However, enough was learned from the Jonestown experiment to use on other
"cults" around the world. Waco was one that was successful, so
successful in fact that they were just about to carry out their programmed
"terrorist" act, when the government sent in a Delta Force team to
neutralize seven "sleepers" who were part of the Branch Davidian
Church and had been accidently "triggered".

Somehow, the NWO part of the FBI and BATF decided that they were going to take
over the operation and use it to teach America some lessons. The rest of the
Waco story is history now.

The cult in Japan was financed by the same NWO part of the CIA that
experimented with Jonestown. The Temple of the Solar Order in Switzerland and
Canada were also terrorist sleepers who were programmed to release biological
and chemical weapons in targeted cities.

Programmed terrorists are used by the NWO governments around the world to cause
the citizens to give up their freedom and demand a police state to keep them
safe. Once the police state is in place, the lessons learned from experiments
like Jonestown can be used to program and re-educate the population in
concentration camps, or as they will be called "Re-education and Training
Camps". This is part of the "school to work" legislation that is
being rammed through Congress. Those people who have not been indoctrinated in
the schools of today, will not be allowed to get a job unless they go back for
re-education. The techniques used in Jonestown-like mind control experiments
will quickly shape and mold people into good little NWO robots.

If they don't agree to enter one of these re-education camps, they will not be
able to get a job, therefore, they will not be able to support themselves or
buy food or shelter. If they become homeless they will be forced to enter a
homeless camp in which they will be "taught" skills. All the forests
and wild lands will have become part of the world's biospheres, there will be
no place for dissenting citizens to run.

Those citizens who cannot be reprogrammed will "disappear".

Children will be separated from parents, and husbands from wives. You will be
sent to whatever area of the country that your skill is needed. Old and useless
people will be sent to "nursing" homes, and will
"disappear". Families will be split asunder, and as a result of the
programming, no one will even notice that they no longer have their loved ones
around them. No one will ever be missed.

Jonestown may have been a failure, but what they learned from it has been
incorporated into the plan for the One World Government. 1984 should be must
reading for everyone these days, because Big Brother is upon us.

Gunther Russbacher was Source for this information

Who was Gunther

He was a 29 veteran of
the CIA when he married Rayelan Allan in 1989. He was incarcerated two days
after marrying her. The reason for his incarceration became clear when he
testified that in 1980, he flew vice-presidential candidate George Herbert
Walker Bush from the Paris meetings which concluded the October Surprise
"deal" with Iran, back to the United States in an SR71.

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