ROM Mobile JIAYU G2S – ROM Android 4.1.2 MIUI


Rom code: 20130108-104044 G2S
Latest version: 2.3.22
Version System: Android 4.1.2 (4.1 MIUI v4)
Developers: 592zn MIUI Development Group (kqstone, Hasz, December Yueyue, wheat, symbean)


ROM Features:


MIUI 3.7.06 Changelog:



[Recommended] this week
 New App Store application details page Added "with the application developers' module
 New preset numbers can be updated online yellow pages
 New registration activation failure retry mechanisms and new overseas SMS channel
 Optimization Contacts "line identification unfamiliar number" can be found in business information from public comment View Details
 Optimized mail support download e-mail attachments in a ZIP file

 Millet account registration process optimization
 Fix off-screen mode rejection songs failure problem
 New preset numbers can be updated online yellow pages
 Yellow Number optimized preset library update
 Optimization "strange line identification number" can be found in the public comments from the business information view details
 [Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
 Optimization expand the delete key lock screen password response area
 Lock screen password setting process optimization
 New theme updated are currently in use after the notification bar to remind the user to re-apply
 Optimize memory usage optimization topics
 Optimization of a button to refresh priority to update the current theme being used
 Optimize application theme, automatically switch to the desktop
 Repair the local album, multi-select to delete a large number of photos, delete confirmation box pops up over the problem of slow
 Restoration of historic photos, copy, delete and other operations must be carried out when charging problems
 Fix off-screen state wire rewind / fast forward the question invalid
 Fix some cases, musical force close issues
 Fix the music playing in the background unmount the SD card flash back problems resulting
 Fix long press a setting item, the interface appears shadow problems
 [App Store]
 New application details page add "with the application developers' module
 Comments Page optimized visual style
 Added support outlook.com mail
 Added support for downloading mail attachments ZIP files
 Fix language switching from English to Simplified, part of the interface or the traditional problems
 Fix initialization QQ mailbox, each time you enter the numeric keypad input screen will jump back to the question in English
 Fix some cases re-login millet account, fast disk "Getting Started" button failure problem
[Millet account]
 New registration activation failure retry mechanism
 Add "millet cloud services" desktop icon
 Optimization registration activation and the first open cloud services, sending activation SMS tips
[Game Center]
 New Games Forum, a game can be discussed
 New Raiders game, a collection of thousands of articles latest Raiders game
 New download queue, support for temporary tasks when no network, to a WIFI network to download the next
 New online games increased Niece, packs pages, activity richer
 Added "my" page to increase the list of installed applications
 New upgrade is successful, the first to open the game center, show the new features introduced
 Optimize application details screen browsing application screenshot
 Optimization beginners guide style
 Optimized details page description and update some clickable links
 Fix the case of a failed upgrade signature inconsistency problem


MIUI 3.6.28 Changelog:



[Recommended] this week
  Add desktop batch finishing mode (edit mode, click the icon to multiple choice) Click here to view
  Added support to push music box millet
  New camera Added watermark

  Click optimized to improve the linearity of the edge
  Fix some wireless router to connect other devices can cause dropped the issue

  Optimization attribution to the database update
  Fix some cases "recommended" message can not be displayed
  Fix add private contacts dialog box, press the return key does not go away
  Fix some cases, the recommended menu of messages without the "Refresh" of the question
  Fix the aspect ratio is too large to add a picture as an attachment, the "message" crash
  Fix switching millet account, resulting in the multimedia synchronization problem can not be properly
  Fix Close "SMS Preview" feature, reboot and open issues
  Fix MMS thumbnail occupy too much memory cause the program to slow or crash
  Add New Desktop finishing batch mode (edit mode, click the icon to multiple choice) Click here to view
  Jump to recommend new web-bit support
  Repair failed to obtain authorization error problem copywriting tips
  Added watermark
  Add in the folder filter, the default filter out the "Record" and "ringtone" folder
  New online music song list page load paging
  Added support to push music box millet
  Fix some cases, watch video flash back problems
  Fix some cases, using the Flash plug-in flash back problems


MIUI 3.6.07 Changelog:



 Add music wire under a new growth press fast forward, press and wire on a rewind functions
 New gallery added cloud Albums View large map page support "Set as Wallpaper" and "set as avatar" Details
 New thread New thread support a key batch update and update reminders
 Repair network time synchronization problem causes the system to reboot
 Fix some sleep state can not wake reboot issues raised
 Fix some cases lock screen frame and weather processes lead to long-term status bar causes the CPU heat problem details
 Global search optimization is no longer records the message last search results
 Bulk SMS optimized for viewing details, click on the drop-down menu recipient list, and then click on the screen, you can hide the drop-down list
 Fix some cases, not all synchronized to the cloud messaging phone problems
 Fix the edit page from the slide exit to the SMS conversation page, the problem disappeared MMS title
 Fixed a rare case, the received multimedia message "SMS" flash back problems
 Fix recommended SMS, click on a one but actually triggered the issue under a
 Fix in private messages to search, click on the search results page into the new message problem
 Remove two emoticons can not be displayed
 Fix "a key clean-up" widget icon size and the problem of inconsistent
 Add themes to support a key batch update
 Added support for using the client to open theme Store Links
 Add a new push mechanism (from the Web client pushed to your phone theme can automatically convert and import)
 Add themes support updates to remind
 Adjusted to optimize resource style rounded rectangle
 Optimize backup mashup theme no longer import
 Optimization wallpaper details page display and preview logic
 When upgrading to a version of the client, first start optimization time is too long
 Mashup page optimization to increase "Variety alarm" entry
 Variety alarm details page optimization support audition ringtones
 Optimize server distributed architecture reduces the number of users can not load the contents of the case
 Fix some cases, wallpaper ringtones Top page Category drop-down list, appear more "full" problem
 Repair the local ringtone list page, the "no" option missing issues
 Fix Topic List page status inconsistency
 Fix some cases, the local theme can not display the number of questions Review Rating
 Fix some cases, the wallpaper thumbnail display problems
 Fix ringtones page state disorder problems
 Fix some cases, deleting topics unsuccessful
 Fix some cases, the downloaded theme package after import unsuccessful
 Fix recommend ringtone list page title wrong question
 Fix the mashup application "Variety Alarm", the alarm clock will synchronize to change the default ringtone
 New cloud Albums View large map page support "Set as Wallpaper" and "set as avatar"
 Fix Gallery Home Timeline slide to the bottom, the time label shows the incomplete
 Fix menu items each page order not unified
 New Growth Press wire under a fast-forward, press wire on a rewind functions
 Repair the local music Click "Shuffle all songs" necessary to start playing the first song from the list of issues
 Fix "Now Playing" page download icon status shows the wrong question
 Repair sequence playback mode, the first song in the playlist de facto "on a" no problem switching songs
 [App Store]
 New provincial traffic mode prompts
 New mobile phone is about to run out of storage space, the guide users File Cleaner
 Optimization Optimization category list page style
 Optimize the management card display update page numbers to remind
 Fix automatically added before being blocked numbers "(0086)", making it impossible to send text messages to the number of problems
 Fix some cases, through the "Send Contact" feature to send text messages intercepted problem
 Fix some cases add text in front of the picture, resulting in picture loss issues


MIUI 3.5.31 Changelog:



 [Recommended] this week
 New redesigned browser window management interface, a new night mode to increase the function of fast switching window (single finger sliding from the edge of the screen) Details
 Add a new music experience
 New camera supports two-dimensional code scanning
 Add more convenient application store cloud push mechanism (without logging m chat, do not repeat the download installed applications) Details
 Fix Google Calendar Sync failure problem
 Fix some cases, uninstall the application causing MIUI restart problem
 Fix "Call Recording" setup, specify recording number over 10, press and hold the list of issues will flash back
 Fix "intelligent IP Dialing" settings, "No IP dialing" lists more than 10, press and hold the list of issues will flash back
 Fix mute next (non-vibrating) to answer the phone, the phone will be muted + vibration problems
 Repair call, notification bar airtime wrong question
 Repair contacts to join the blacklist dialog pops up, press the 'Back' button to exit the current interface is not
 Add call recording support through the "New Contact" Filter
 New group within the group to send messages, select the support numbers
 Optimization strange Contact Page
 Optimization when selecting the numbers to send text messages, multi-number contacts will be prompted to "default" number
 Optimize export contacts to a SIM card, display the results
 Optimization New Contact page, select the account will highlight the current account
 Sync Google Contacts cloud optimization support big picture
 Fix click to call in the call log record or notes may flash back problems
 Fix merged contact, details page, and edit pages Avatar inconsistencies
 Remediation Selection Avatar picture, crop the picture page click "Back" or "Cancel", edit the page directly jump back issues contact
 Click on the search box does not fix the issue into the search
 Click to return repaired within the group, the group did not return a list of questions
 Fix some cases, the contacts are not displayed call log call recording problems
 Fix export contacts to a SIM card, the progress bar shows the incorrect questions
 Enter the number of the repair part of the problem can not search results, for example, enter 1234 search for 13412341234
 Add third-party themes can choose whether to use the Perfect Icon
 Added support for two-dimensional code scanner
 Contact to repair from the skin may occur when the camera button and the Flash button overlapping
 Fix Bluetooth can not send video camera problems
 New album added quickly scroll bars cloud
 View larger image optimization algorithms generate thumbnails when
 Optimized cloud space occupied album thumbnails
 Repair open some GIF pictures, gallery flash back problems
 New music new revision
 [App Store]
 Optimized cloud push mechanism (without logging m chat, do not repeat the download installed applications)
 Optimized search page when an error message network
 Fix "Pending Update List" application name and the problem of inconsistent details page
 Fix some cases, the problem of incremental update fails
 Fix some cases, the search button failure problem
 Increasing number of new window animation
 Add new window management interface
 Add new window and close the window animation effects
 Add new night mode
 New single finger from the edge of the screen to quickly switch windows slide
 New Tips when accessing secure Web
 Tips for optimizing network error page
 Optimization of web pages "link response area" showing the effect of
 Optimization tool bar at the bottom of the height
 Optimized Read Mode visual effects
 Optimization is sent to a message, the message header is automatically added
 New Hide Local Video
 Fix some cases, the collection and chase drama unsynchronized problem
 Fix video playback pages from the horizontal screen after switching to vertical screen, vertical screen displays an error icon at the bottom of the issue
 [Game Center]
 Add a new user first opens recommended classic games
 Comments loading speed optimization
 Fix some cases repetitive questions upgrade list
 Cancel the upgrade fixes the problems even after checking the upgrade
 Fix some cases display integrals flash back problems
 Fix some cases the question open flash back home


MIUI 3.5.24 Changelog:



  [Recommended] this week
  Added support for global search search message content
  Added support to select multiple SMS text messages after the merger forward
  New icon theme support call filters, unified icon to change the style of a third party (for example, "a world shaped by time.")
  Added support for select several messages forwarded merger
  Added support for global search search message content
  Fix the issue can not send MMS
  Fix paddling to "recommended" label problems Caton
  Fix guest mode, the SMS search box still displays the number of messages issue
  [Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
  Insert new mobile phone charging data cable to increase the vibrating alert
  Add notification bar click interface to enter the alarm time can be
  Optimized hardware acceleration turned on, pull down the notification bar fluency optimization
  Optimization notification bar down the process, increase black gradient background
  Optimize storage devices increases under Traditional Chinese and English display
  Insert the USB device repair native style menu pops up when the question.
  Fix the problem of failure to change the password to unlock
  Set dynamic desktop repair flash back problems caused
  Added support for icon theme called filters, unified icon to change the style of a third party (for example, "a world shaped by time.")
  Repair theme details page, click on the "Update" flash back problems
  Optimized Macro Focus
  Optimization "added to the" cloud album, "New cloud Album" option to move the first
  Optimized connection millet box when "millet box" English translation change "Xiaomi Box"
  Optimization Cloud album "unfinished" album title was changed to "My Photos"

  Fix Gmail flash back problems


Update 04/17/2013 :

This version fixes Bugs:
 Repair text messages can not be received
 Dual card SMS


Update 04/05

fixed most of the bugs



optimized modify the card brush rom compiled based on official compile, MIUI interface is smooth.
Perfect support OTA upgrade, follow-up part upgrade available OTA upgrade

Language support: EN/CN


bugs found:

1: shows a single signal  (operator dependent)
2 contacts problem only shows the SIM card
3 Gallery is very slow


ROM Install :

CWM recovery:
Power button on the phone +  Key plus of volume
 To enter the selection mode
 Select key on the volume
 Select recovery volume button to confirm


Install MobileUncle Tools avaialble on market
 Download: recovery.img and put in the root of SD card
 Open MobileUncle Tools
 Click on update Recovery
 Choose the recovery.img and follow the instructions

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