The Natural Food Show – the UK’s biggest trade event for natural and organic food and drink – has released its latest preview of new innovations for 2015.  Part of Natural & Organic Products Europe, which takes place this month, on 19-20 April, at the new venue of ExCeL London, the event will feature over 600 exhibitors showcasing thousands of natural and organic brands.

The event provides an unrivalled opportunity for thousands of local and international buyers, retailers, and press representatives to meet natural and organic product innovators and pioneers from around the world.  Here’s a first look at some of the new natural, organic, fair trade, sustainable, vegan, vegetarian, free from, and special diet food and drink being exhibited this year.

Community Foods (stand M48) is presenting new Crazy Jack Organic canned beans and pulses, and Sanchi Japanese Crackers in newly packaged 50g bags (available in five flavours).  Also showing: Jumble Bee dried fruit and nuts snacking range, with eight different mix varieties.  (UK)

Award winning Wedderspoon Organic (stand P24) is launching its new Wedderspoon Gold Range, which includes three new varieties of honey: 100% Raw Organic Manuka Active 16+ Honey, 100% Raw Organic Beechwood Honey, and 100% Raw Organic Wild Rata Honey.  (UK)

There are five organic food companies representing ‘Big sky country’ Montana this year (stand J60M, USA Pavilion).  Montana Horizons Organic Snacks – presenting new Kracklin’ Kamut, a healthy snack that is a great substitute for peanuts, Kamut International, Timeless Food,  The Oil Barn – with its heart healthy high-oleic safflower oil, and Whistling Andy exhibiting hand crafted classic spirits.  (New exhibitor, USA)

Tree of Life UK (stand J30) is launching its new bespoke retailer own-label service at the show, which offers more than 100 pre-pack products with custom-made labels designed specifically for retailers’ needs.  It will also be showcasing some of its 800 brands, including the Tree of Life branded product range and 24 ‘power brands’.  This includes The Food Doctor, with new mini packs of tasty seed and bean mixes, Better Body, with new powered peanut butter products, and new soft drink to the market, Nuva – a drink of delicate spring water with a kiss of natural extracts and flavours.  Sencha’s new range of green tea lattes (available in original, tropical mango and Bombay chai flavours), will also be launched exclusively at the show.  (UK)

The Anglesey Sea Salt Company (stand K2C, Slow Food UK Pavilion) is showcasing its all-natural alternative to harsh, chemical liquid smoke – Oak Smoked Water.  Oak Smoked Water is the perfect way to add a touch of smokiness to stocks, pastry, bread, and even cocktails.  No fat, no calories, no salt, just savoury flavour.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Easy Bean (stand R10) is continuing its mission to produce tasty, healthy, and convenient food that champions the bean, with the introduction of its new Chickpea Crispbread snack (Seeds and Black Pepper variety), now available in handy 30g packs.  Handmade using naturally gluten-free chickpea flour, it is wheat free, high in fibre, and suitable for vegetarians.  (UK)

The Carob Kitchen, Australia (stand M61) introduces Australia’s first premium Carob Milk Bar range – made from organically grown Australian carob and real cocoa butter – to the UK market.  The range comes in three varieties (Milk, Mint and Almond), has no added sugar, and is caffeine, theobromine and gluten-free.  Banjo – The Carob Bear, a 15g individually wrapped Bear is clearly the stand out favourite.  (New exhibitor, Australia)

Booja-Booja (stand J50J, Organic Trade Board Pavilion), an independent manufacturer of organic chocolate truffles and ice cream alternatives, is presenting its new Chilled Truffle Collection at the show.  All products use a minimal number of organic ingredients to create a result that is entirely dairy, gluten and soya free.  (UK)

Blanxart Chocolate Barcelona (stand J50K, Organic Trade Board Pavilion) is sampling its range of organic chocolate bars and gift boxes, including the 3 Bar Tasting Box (77% Cacao from Peru, 82% Cacao from Congo and 71% Cacao from the Philippines).  Launched in the UK in 2014, Blanxart continues to grow its network of distributors and retailers, which already includes Planet Organic, Selfridges, and CLF Distribution.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Of The Earth Superfoods (stand J50M, Organic Trade Board Pavilion) introduces the first new superfood sweetener Yacon Syrup to the UK.  It is suitable for diabetics, contains complex oligofructose sugars (these aren’t absorbed by the body, so are low in calories), is pre-biotic (so aids gut health), raw, and supports appetite control.  (UK)

The Raw Chocolate Company (stand M33, Vegan Pavilion) is launching new Vanoffe Mulberries (Turkish white mulberries coated in creamy silky vanoffe) and Raw Chocolate Golden Berries (a taste bud roller coaster – super sour then super sweet with smooth raw chocolate).  The Raw Chocolate Snack and Supreme Foods ranges have also been redesigned with new packaging.  (UK)

Lovechock (stand L44, Vegan Pavilion) is launching new Lovechock Rocks – fruit or nuts covered with raw chocolate, superfoods and a pinch of reishi – at this year’s show.  The combination of superfood ingredients makes Lovechock Rocks a great snack to share with friends.  The innovative packaging format will appeal too.  (UK)

Creative Nature Superfoods (stand M37, Vegan Pavilion) specialise in unique on-the-go superfood snacks.  Its Blissful Berry Bar has been repackaged and is the only cold pressed superfood bar to have won two gold stars in the Great Taste Awards.  This nutrient dense superfood bar is cold pressed, which means that it locks in all the nutrients and is moister than other bars.  (UK)

Bravura Foods (stand M41, Vegan Pavilion) is presenting brand new Panda Softies – delicious black liquorice bars bursting with a strawberry filled, juicy liquid centre.  Also showing: newly redesigned Freedom Mallows – the only Vegan marshmallow in the UK (available in 75g bags in Vanilla, Strawberry and Mini Mallows).  (UK)

The Tofurky Company (stand L42, Vegan Pavilion), a leading supplier of vegan, non GM, chilled meat alternatives from the USA is introducing eight of its award winning products to the UK; including Deli Slices (oven roasted, hickory smoked, and ham), sausages (Italian, Kielbasa, Spinach Pesto, and Chick’n Apple) and Smoky Maple Tempeh Bacon.  (New exhibitor, USA)

Zingology (stand L43, Vegan Pavilion) is launching two new fruit powders this year – coconut and mango.  Also showing: its new single use tube size for all products.  Samples, instructions and recipe cards will be available on stand.  (UK)

Superfoodies (stand L44, Vegan Pavilion) is presenting a new superfood breakfast mix.  Chia seeds can be brilliant for helping to get the right omega 3:6 balance for the body, but they aren’t always the easiest thing to eat.  This recipe mixes them with oats and superfoods, such as goji berries, mulberries, cacao, and banana powder, to create a tasty breakfast mix.  (UK)

Gourmet Spirulina (stand L49, Vegan Pavilion) is introducing new horeca formats that offer establishments, such as smoothie bars, a great opportunity to make extra profit, improve their brand image, and share healthier food.  Its 1 kg pouches are designed for easy use in the kitchen, good conservation, and easy blending.  They can be used both as a topping, like shredded nuts, as well as blended.  (Ireland)

Coconut Merchant’s new coconut jam (stand N31) is the first of its kind to bring the unique tropical taste to British shores, in a smooth, natural, 100% coconut spread.  Enjoyable just by itself, it can also be paired with bread, desserts, and fruit etc.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Koko Cuisine Virgin Coconut Oil & Koko Dairy Free Spread (stand P20) are the new launches from First Grade International.  The 26% coconut oil in the 45% vegetable oil spread provides 7g of MCFAs (Medium Chain Fatty Acids) per 100g.  Koko Cuisine Virgin Coconut Oil is an extremely heat tolerant oil that has unique nutritional properties and can be used in cooking, baking or as a food supplement.  (UK)

Natasha’s Living Food (stand Q14E, Raw Food Pavilion) is presenting new Kale Crunchies – air dried Irish Kale with sunflower seeds – a healthy snack packed with iron, calcium, and vitamins.  Also new is the Raw Cacao and Coconut Slice, a cold pressed bar free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soya, and refined sugar.  (New exhibitor, Ireland)

New products from Petras Bio (stand Q14F, Raw Food Pavilion) include Oat Groats Sprouts Flakes, Buckwheat Sprouts, Fruity Cocoa Cookies (made with sprouted buckwheat and sprouted sunflower seeds), Hemp Crackers (made with sprouted sesame, buckwheat and hemp seed flour), and Raw Pasta Original.  (New exhibitor, Romania)

Roo’bar (stand Q14G, Raw Food Pavilion) is a 100% organic raw bar with superfoods.  Each bar has a simple formula of 4 to 5 unique ingredients, is healthy and flavoursome, and comes in eleven varieties.  Roo’bar Protein bars – Chia and Chocolate and Chia and Spirulina – are new to the range, containing the best vegan protein sources.  (New exhibitor, Bulgaria)

Mondial Uberti’s (stand Q47) is showcasing a range of natural and organic products that are new to the UK market, including apple cider vinegars enriched with plant extracts (‘Special Uberti’ and Four Thieves Vinegar), and dried superfruits.  (New exhibitor, France)

Iswari Superfoods (stand K20) is showcasing three new flavour additions to its Breakfast Range ‘Buddha’s Awakening’.  These gluten free, organic and instant porridge-style mixes can be made simply by adding hot or cold water.  The range includes: Mango and Baobab; Acai, Banana and Strawberry; and Pineapple and Wheatgrass.  (Ireland)

Cyclades Culture of Olive Oil (stand L20B, Hellenic food Pavilion) is presenting Cycladi Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  This new product comes from the Cyclades Islands (Naxos, Paros, Santorini and Amorgos) in Greece.  The special climate of the Cyclades gives ‘cycladi’ its characteristic colour and rich flavour.  (New exhibitor, Greece)

Premium Choice from Entopia (stand L20D, Hellenic food Pavilion) is an organic, low acidity extra virgin olive oil that is in its purest form and completely free from additives.  The sculptured bottle is an iF Design Award winner, and has a special olive wood lid, unique to each box that can be used as a serving stand for the bottle.  (New Exhibitor, Greece)

Rodi Hellas – Pom Star (stand L20E, Hellenic food Pavilion), Greece’s largest pomegranate cultivator, is introducing its latest product – POM STAR pomegranate sauce; which is ideal for use in salads, marinades, desserts, and cocktails.  Made from 75% natural pomegranate juice, this healthy, gourmet sauce is super rich in antioxidants and vitamins C and B9.  (New exhibitor, Greece)

La BIO IDEA (DO-IT Dutch Organic International Trade, stand J10) is showcasing its redesigned packaging for its organic durum wheat pasta range.  On stand cooking demonstrations will take place using La BIO IDEA Tortellini, new to the UK and available in three flavours – Cheese, Tomato and Mozzarella, and Ricotta and Spinach.  (The Netherlands)

Marthomi Allergy Free Foods GmbH (stand Q58) is exhibiting its new extended range of Rice Mice cookies – which are gluten-free, organic and vegan.  Also showing: unique ready to serve cookies packed on delicate, FSC certified, recyclable wooden trays.  (Germany)

Internationally acclaimed Pacari Chocolate (stand P60D, Demeter Pavilion) is launching two new products to the UK.  Lemon Verbena Chocolate Bar (which won Gold at the International Chocolate Awards 2014) and Passionfruit Chocolate Bar (which won Bronze).  Pacari Chocolate is 100% organic and has been named ‘Outstanding Chocolate Maker’ by the Fine Chocolate Industry Association.  (New exhibitor, UK)

FZ Organic Food (stand P70, Demeter Pavilion) is launching several new Trafo products at the show.  Among them are three new flavours in the Handcooked range: Cheese, BBQ, and Rosemary and Himalaya Salt.  Also showing: new, low fat, deep ridge cut crisps – full of flavour with a crispy bite.  (The Netherlands)

Erbology’s organic Sea Buckthorn jams are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and rare Omega 7 (stand R42).  Flavours include sea buckthorn, sea buckthorn with apple, sea buckthorn with mirabelle, and sea buckthorn with pear.  Sea Buckthorn helps support the immune system, cardiovascular health, and healthy mucous membranes.  These jams can be used on toast with butter or coconut oil, and are suitable for diabetics.  (UK)

Papagrin (stand M3) is introducing its new Raw Sesame Crackers in cranberry, and beetroot and ginger varieties.  Also new to the range is 100% fruit snack Buri Beri, in cherry, strawberry, apple, raspberry and blackcurrant flavours.  Both nutritious snacks are made using 100% natural ingredients and are organic, have no added sugar or sweeteners, and are free of GMO, soy, gluten, milk, eggs, MSG and artificial additives.  (New exhibitor, Poland)

The latest addition to Alce Nero Spa’s range is its new Wheat Bran with Chocolate Chips Biscuits (stand Q50C, Italian Pavilion).  Made using extra virgin olive oil, they are palm oil free, a source of fibre, egg free, and contain no added aromas or preservatives.  (New exhibitor, Italy)

Chef Service di Piraccini M. e Rossi L. (stand Q50D, Italian Pavilion) is presenting its range of unique Italian products, including new Hemp and Basil Pesto, Rocket and Almonds Cream, and Caramelized Pumpkin.  Also showing: a range of vegan ready meals.  (New exhibitor, Italy)

Frill – a frozen smoothie – is a brand new kind of dessert from Zendegii (stand L17).  It tastes as rich and smooth as the best premium ice cream, yet unlike ice cream or frozen yogurt Frill doesn’t contain any dairy and unlike sorbet Frill has no added sugar.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Sukrin (stand N40) is launching several new products at the show, including its new vegan, low-carb, free-from chia and hemp versatile bread baking mix, which is packed with nutrition.  Under the brand name Nutri-Nick, Sukrin is also launching a range of gluten-free Bean Pastas, as well as Stevia Drops in ten flavours.  (UK)

Olio Arkè (stand N60, Sicily Pavilion) is presenting Arkè Flavoured Oils.  Each oil has flavours reminiscent of Sicily – from the citrus notes of ‘gardens’ of lemons, spicy flavours of hot pepper, to the aromatic taste of rosemary.  Flavoured oils include Peperoncino, Limone, Armònia, Rosmarino, and Arancia.  (New exhibitor, Italy)

Atlantic Kitchen (stand L4) has a new range of ready to heat meal soups in three varieties – Vibrant Beets Soup, Super-Greens Minestrone, and Sea Spicy Tomato Bisque.  These low calorie, filling lunch pots are all made with wild kelp, have great levels of protein, and are boosted with different superfood seaweed.  (New exhibitor, UK)

SugarSin (stand R64) is introducing Happy Jellies – all natural, vegan friendly jellies flavoured with real fruit juices, and free from palm oil and gluten.  These flavourful, chewy little jellies come in three flavours – Sour Shots, Wild Hearts and Caramel Fizz.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Gaia superfoods & ZenValley (stand H10G, Soil Association Pavilion) is showcasing its goji berries, which are grown in the Tibetan Plateau.  Unlike other goji berries on the market these Tibetan goji are twice as big as the usual goji.  The Tibetan Plateau has ideal conditions to grow these plump and tasty goji berries – 3,000m above sea level, plenty of sunshine, a wide day to night temperature gap, water from nearby glaciers, and mineral-rich alkaline soil.  (UK)

Leda Gluten Free Foods (stand L78) is an innovative Australian business specialising in the manufacture of plain and chocolate coated biscuits, snack bars, bites, and balls for the special dietary needs market.  They operate a dedicated gluten free, vegan facility, and make products under Leda and other leading Australian brands.  (New exhibitor, Australia)

Primrose’s Kitchen (stand M12) is launching three organic, raw, and gluten free granolas to complement its muesli range.  New flavours include buckwheat and banana with barley grass.  (UK)

Natural Vitality (stand H10B, Soil Association Organic Chiller) is presenting the only Organic Smoked Houmous on the market.  This particular variety has been a big hit in trials and has out sold all other flavours.  Sister company Dips Divined in Somerset is also presenting its Organic Labneh, dressed with fresh herbs, spices, lemon juice, and olive oil.  The fresh piquant dressing compliments the creamy (but low fat) labneh beautifully.  (New exhibitor, UK)

The popularity of nut butter continues to grow and this year Meridian Foods (stand L15) is launching its brand new Dry Roasted Peanut Butter, for discerning nut lover fans.  Meridian is the UK’s fastest growing nut butter brand, providing fans with up to 10% more nuts than anyone else on the market.  (UK)

Pip & Nut (stand Q41) is an emerging natural food brand that’s shaking up the nut butter category.  Its range of three flavours – Peanut Butter, Almond Butter and Coconut Almond Butter, are made from just-roasted nuts and a sprinkling of sea salt, with no refined sugar, additives or palm oil.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Inspiral Visionary Products (stand N14) is launching two new product lines at the show: Coconut Pecks – raw coconut chips in Raspberry and Smokin’ varieties, and Kale-os – raw kale crisps in Celtic Sea Salt and Lime, Pizza, and Sweet Chilli and Mint varieties.  Also showing: new Love Mix – superfood aphrodisiac blend, and Women’s Mix – superfood blend for smoothies, juices and other recipes.  (UK)

Better Naturally (stand D60) is presenting OatWell Crispy Hearts.  One 30g sachet of this new oat-based breakfast cereal contains the full daily amount of oat beta-glucan (3g), which is proven to reduce cholesterol.  Collect a sample at the show.  (New exhibitor, UK)

New products from House Of The Rising Bun (stand N13) include: gluten and dairy free cake (Raspberry and Vanilla Cake with Raspberry Icing and Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake with Lemon Icing), Easter and birthday cake mixes, Christmas cookie mixes (Double Choc and Cranberry and White Chocolate), cake stencils, and star baker kits.  These vibrant cake mixes with icing are all natural, and create a delicious light sponge with a great crumb.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Rude Health (stand Q10) has launched the UK’s first range of Organic Sprouted Flours and Sprouted Porridge Oats (gluten-free).  Offering a more easily digestible and nutritious alternative to every day (unsprouted) flours and oats, sprouted grains are the food trend of 2015.  They’ll be sampling their ‘ultimate’ sprouted porridge at the show.  (UK)

CocoNuts (stand P40) is showcasing its healthy, dairy free ice cream alternative.  Shortlisted in the Free From Food Awards, CocoNuts is made with coconut cream and coconut water, and sweetened only with coconut blossom nectar.  (New exhibitor, UK)

New kid on the block, The Coconut Company (stand Q37) is officially launching its business at this year’s show.  The company supplies raw, natural and organic coconut products, including coconut oil, milk powder, sugar, nectar, flour, vinegar, frozen coconut meat, and raw coconut macaroons.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Cocofina (stand M10) is launching a new range of coconut-based products, including coconut vinegar, oil, butter, flour, sugar, and mango and pineapple chips.  This new range joins Cocofina’s award winning coconut water and coconut snack bars, and will feature in stores soon.  Healthy and organic, only the best coconuts are selected.  (UK)

Representing numerous Spanish family-owned companies, Cambien Ecológico (stand Q53) is showcasing organic and demeter Spanish Almonds, nuts of Biocomercio, and organic and demeter honey.  Extracted from 3,500 organic hives distributed in natural parks all over Spain, the honey is harvested by Bonamel, the biggest organic beekeeper in Europe.  (New exhibitor, Spain)

Soupologie (stand K4) is launching the UK’s first raw, cold-pressed, and plant-based soup range, that’s bursting with vibrant flavours and goodness.  Also introducing innovative ‘Al Desko’ Soup-To-Go 300g soups, that come with separate sachets of nutritious seeds and crunchy toppings.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Bioinvitro – Biotecnologia, Lda (stand Q34) is introducing its range of mushroom-based products, made from the finest Portuguese mushrooms.  New to the UK market, products include mushroom jam, mushroom pâté, cooked mushrooms, preserved mushrooms, dried mushrooms, and mushroom flour.  The mixture of flavours combined with the ingredient’s medicinal properties makes these products an excellent side dish to a meal.  (New exhibitor, Portugal)

This spring, Hodmedod (stand R37) launched the first ever, ready-to-eat, British-grown, red haricot beans.  These unique beans combine the striking colour of kidney beans, with the tenderness of smaller haricots, and are ideal in place of either in chillis, salads and casseroles.  (UK)

Internationally awarded and organic certified bean to bar chocolate maker Chocolate Naive (stand L2), has launched its new Mulate brand.  This range of organic chocolate comes in exotic flavours including: Dark Milk Chocolate with Tahini and Roasted Sesame; with Peanuts and Salt; with Cinnamon, Vanilla and Pepper; and Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Crystals; and with Extra Cacao.  The range uses exclusively sourced ingredients from around the world, and has packaging designed by internationally awarded artists.  (New exhibitor, Lithuania)

Triballat Noyal’s is presenting Sojade brand is launching the first chilled hemp desserts.  A new innovative range in the free from category (stand P21), the two variants are Raspberry and Strawberry with Bifidus, and Chocolate.  Also showing: new products in its soya range – a yoghurt alternative in mango and coconut, and red fruit varieties, and a soya chocolate drink.  (France)

Amaizin (DO-IT Dutch Organic International Trade, stand J10) is showcasing its new Extra Fibre Tortilla Wrap, which compliments its already successful Amaizin wheat flour tortilla wraps.  These wheat flour tortillas, with wheat bran, are a source of fibre, and make for an easy, tasty and healthy meal.  (The Netherlands)

SugaVida (stand L60), the organic superfood sweetener taking the US by storm, has now landed in the UK.  With a ‘Great Taste Award’ winning flavour, SugaVida is low GI, is rich in vitamins B1, B2 and B6, and is also one of the only known, plant generated, bioavailable sources of vitamin B12.  (UK)

Renuka Agri Foods Plc – Sri Lanka (stand K34) is launching its exclusive range of organic coconut products from its own organic certified plantation in Sri Lanka.  Products include organic coconut water, organic coconut milk drink, organic tea blends, and a range of organic culinary coconut products.  (New exhibitor, Sri Lanka)

Peppersmith 100% xylitol mints and gum (stand R22) is showcasing its new and improved gum.  The new gum has a stronger, longer lasting flavour, improved packaging, and a new lower price.  Plus, it’s still sweetened with 100% xylitol to reduce plaque and tooth decay.  (UK)

Goodness Gracious Foods’ purees are perfectly balanced meals for babies, which allow the digestive system to work gently (stand R17).  New additions to the innovative organic food range include Mango, Coconut and Brown Rice puree pouches.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Granny’s Secret UK (stand R12) is introducing its newly launched Fruit and Honey Spreads – fruit mixed with the best Acacia honey and nothing else (varieties include orange, raspberry, and blackcurrant).  Also new to the UK: Ayvar – organic smoky roasted red pepper spread, and 100% fruit spreads with no added sugar (available in apricot, wild blueberry, raspberry, rosehip, and strawberry).  (UK)

Bounce Foods (stand K8) is introducing its new energy ball recipe, which harnesses the healthy power of cacao nibs, sunflower seeds, rice bran, and 10g of quality proteins.  (UK)

Tribest Corporation (stand Q30) is presenting Sedona Express, a new compact design dehydrator with a Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer (TST).  TST features ensure that the temperature of the food does not go above the desired level, and results in nutrition-packed dehydrated recipes every time.  Maximum temperature is 75°C, and it comes with eleven stainless steel or plastic trays.  (New exhibitor, USA)

Primera Technology Europe (stand L9) presents its new LX2000e Color Label Printer, which features large ink tanks for lower cost per label, fast print speeds, and pigment ink for better water and UV resistance.  Other highlights include built-in wired/Ethernet or wireless connection options, ‘pizza wheel’ cutter, front colour LCD control panel and more.  (Germany)


Crio Brü UK (stand K3) is made from 100% pure, premium, roasted and ground cocoa beans that are brewed just like coffee.  It has the essence of dark chocolate, but because it is roasted and brewed, it has the consistency, flavour and complexity of a fine coffee.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Loov – Power of Nature (stand K43) is showcasing its antioxidant rich Wild Blueberry Juice, made from wild crafted berries, and exotic fruit smoothies that provide the body with its daily vitamin C in just one bottle.  (Estonia)

Gusto Organic (stand R75) is launching the world’s first, organic certified, low calorie, Fairtrade Cola.  Blended from spices and essential oils, it is only 49 calories per 355ml slim can.  (UK)

TreeVitalise Birch Water (stand P34) is being officially launched at the show by Astera Natural.  TreeVitalise is 100% natural, undiluted, and unsweetened birch tree sap, packed full of vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients – nature’s own energy drink, brewed inside a tree.  Available in Original, Mint Infusion and Lemon Infusion.  (New exhibitor, UK)

BodyMe (stand M65) has launched three new organic super teas: Green Tea Cleanse – Sri Lankan green tea blended with lemongrass, fennel and dandelion; Green Tea Energise – Sri Lankan green tea blended with energising ginger, guarana and ginkgo biloba; and Matcha – matcha green tea organically grown in Japan.  (UK)

Rebel Kitchen (stand L13), the rebellious health food brand who make snacks from simple ingredients from nature, is introducing its new Coffee Mylk; made with coconut milk, spring water, organic date nectar, and coffee.  No dairy, refined sugar, or additives – it’s a healthy way to enjoy a coffee fix.  (UK)

100% natural mineral water Donat Mg UK (stand M52) contains 1000mg of magnesium in 1 litre.  Richer in magnesium than any other mineral water currently on the market, its unique composition can have favourable effects on stress, fatigue, tiredness, muscle cramps, and electrolyte balance.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Jools (stand Q81) is a new brand of healthy soft drinks, which contain little pearls filled with superfruit juices.  Its first collection of fruity green teas, includes apple with lychee pearls, mango with acerola pearls, and cranberry with acai pearls.  (New exhibitor, UK)

The a2 Milk Company (stand N38) is presenting a2 Milk – real, fresh cow’s milk for people who don’t get on with milk.  Different to regular cow’s milk, a2 Milk only contains the A2 protein, which is much easier to digest and is gentler on the stomach, rather than the more common A1 protein.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Ovio Wellness (stand J50G, Organic Trade Board Pavilion) is launching a unique range of organic olive leaf soft drinks in three flavours: Cool Cucumber and Juniper, Scrumptious Strawberry and Elderberry, and Luscious Lemon and Mint.  Also showing: two new olive leaf based organic supplements – Daily Organic Olive Leaf plus Beetroot, and Daily Organic Olive Leaf plus Green Coffee Bean.  (UK)

Teatulia Organic Single Garden Teas’ range of fresh organic teas is grown in untouched gardens in northern Bangladesh, nestled against the Himalayas (stand K25).  Varieties include Lemongrass Herbal Infusion, Tulsi Infusion, Ginger Green, Bengal Breakfast, Oolong, Earl Grey, and Peppermint Herbal Infusion.  The result is a fresh, clean and smooth organic tea.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Riso Scotti’s range of rice milks includes Original Rice Milk, Rice Milk with Oat, Rice Milk with Cocoa, Rice Milk with Added Calcium, and Rice Milk with Soya (stand P2).  Riso Scotti provide a healthy, dairy free alternative to soya milk, and other milk alternatives.  (New exhibitor, UK)

Teatox (stand A79) is showcasing its hydrating and purifying Pure Beauty tea, containing organic white tea, pineapple, olive leaves, and chamomile.  Tea blends include Skinny Detox, Pure Beauty, and Energy Matcha.  (New exhibitor, Germany)

SynerChi Kombucha (stand Q14E, Raw Food Pavilion) is Ireland’s first ‘kombrewery’ based in Gweedore Co. Donegal.  Brewmaster Laura Murphy creates certified organic, raw kombucha – a healthy alternative to soft drinks.  Full of natural fermented goodness, raw enzymes, antioxidants, and amino acids, SynerChi Kombucha is the winner of two national organic awards.  (New exhibitor, Ireland)

Organic Herb Trading Company (OHTC) (stand H31) is inviting visitors to blend unique and personal tea blends at the show.  OHTC supply over 700 organic ingredients and offer a bespoke service – from the sourcing of novel ingredients, to creating blends within a fully equipped blending and milling facility.  (UK)

Bio-tiful Dairy’s range of organic cultured milk drinks – Kefir and Riazhenka, are made using only the highest quality organic British milk and live cultures (stand R36). New launches include two new Kefir flavours: Blossom Honey and Mint, and Morello Cherry.  (UK)

Dalian Health King Co (stand L71) produces medicinal teas made with 100% natural, mostly wild herbs, based on 3,000 years of wisdom of authentic traditional Chinese medicine.  Caffeine free and made from 100% natural herbal supplements.  Varieties of herb tea include Antioxidant, AllergEase, Cholesterol Guard, and Clear Eye.  (New exhibitor, China)

Nourish Kefir (stand M8) is exhibiting its kefir drinks in natural and fruit flavours, starter cultures, and kefir and chia tubs.  Nourish Kefir is the authentic kefir milk drink made from fresh, British, organic cow’s milk and living kefir grains.  Nourish Kefir is organic certified (OFF) and has recently received SALSA approval.  (UK)

For more information and to register for a free trade only pass, please visit www.naturalproducts.co.uk and enter priority code NP30 (direct link: http://www.eventdata.co.uk/Visitor/NPE.aspx?TrackingCode=NP30).

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