Donald asks…

What are some of the best natural remedies for excessive acne?

Masks that you can make from things you’ll find in the pantry/refrigerator, for example.

vti answers:

Step one to clearing up acne is by washing your face everyday. This is to cleanse dirt that has accumulated during your daily activities and after oils have accumulated on the skin the night before. To cleanse your face of debris, simply splash some warm water on your face and use a gentle cleanser.

Step two to clearing up acne is by exfoliating. Exfoliating at least once a week helps slough off dead skin cells and encourage healthy skin cell turnover to promote younger-looking skin with a glowing and clearer complexion.

Step three is using a toner or mask. Toners help get rid of any remaining dirt left on the skin and effectively cleanse pores.

Step four is applying medication on areas affected by acne. This can range from Benzoyl Peroxide to Retin-A.

Step five is applying moisturizer. Moisturizer is probably one of the most important steps in your regimen. It helps lock in moisture in the skin to promote elasticity and healthy healing of the skin.

For best results, use all-natural skin care products containing ingredients that work together as a system like the ZENMED Derma Cleanse Gel, which reduces inflammation, redness, and scarring, and the Derma Cleanse Gentle Cleanser, which removes bacteria and excess sebum that have accumulated in the pores

Sandy asks…

What are some natural remedies to cure acne and prevent future breakouts?

i’m sick of using stupid chemicals..i just want to use something real..do you have anything that worked well for you?


vti answers:

Well,if u would like to opt for homemade remedies for acne,I would recommend these different 5 types of remedies that u could use at home.Hope u like one of these ingredients and have clear skin soon.

Honey and Cinnamon:Honey and Cinnamon pastes are widely used for getting rid of acne.Use it as a facial mask once a week.

Aloe Vera:Aloe Vera is considered as the top alternative to over the counter acne medications. It is a most popular home remedy for acne. Aloe Vera can be applied in liquid form to the facial area, it will remove excess oil and heal your acne. Mixing in freshly ground orange peel can make it even more effective.

Mint:Take a few mint leaves and crush them. Tie these crushed leaves in piece of muslin cloth and extract juice. Use it all over your face. It’s a very good home remedy for acne scars.There are tons of other home remedies for acne. You can make different masks with the help of fruits and vegetables. Olive oil, sunflower oil and rosehip oil is very effective for acne cure.

Watermelon:Watermelon pulp, strawberry juice, and even smashed up papaya works great on acne, and can have your skin looking amazing after only a few days of use.Good luck trying this!!

Salt Water:Warm salt water can also be used to wash your face each day, since it will get rid of oil and dirt, but won’t irritate any existing acne you may have. You can follow your saltwater treatment with a splash of cold water on your face, along with an oil-free moisturizer if you have dry skin.

Well,these are those 5 remedies that would work best for acne without causing irritation to ur skin.Hope this helps.

James asks…

What are some naturals remedies for acne?

i need some natural remedies for acne found at home… is there any?

vti answers:

Sometimes just the oil on your face from make up and lotions, even from your hair can travel to your face causing acne to come out. Others, from stress, hormones & diet or foods.

Acne medication could worsen what ever allergies you have, so instead of trying out one product after another, you’re actually spreading it around. Example: ProActiv contains a known carcinogen, at a percentage known to promote skin cancer.

The less products you use, the better for your skin. Use a bath wash like Suave, Irish Spring, Dove Bath & Body wash in the shower, use a washcloth. Treat your face like the rest of your body, take a shower everyday or wash your face everyday.

The secret is keeping your face clean and oil-free. I also don’t use liquid on my face for anything, and very little moisturizer, not even a dime size. Since my face is not dry. Good skin also comes from your good genes. Increase your fresh fruits & vegetables 3-5 servings per day. And programmed your mind to do this day after day, for the rest of your life.

Sharon asks…

Natural remedies for acne & blemishes?

Lately ive been breaking out in pimples and it’s sooooo ugly!

i don’t mind using acne products but i rather go natural..

if anyone knows of natural remedies for this, i would be happy to know

vti answers:

Ummm i c…well here are some methods you can have a go at…try using any of them…chose the one that is the most suitable for you….and btw they are all home remedies

1. Just apply lemon juice to pimples becuase this reduces their size and intensity. It is also effective in removing the scars left by pimples.

2. This method requires the fenugreek plant. All u have to do is make a fenugreek paste from the leaves of this particular vegetable and apply to the face before going to bed.

Then wash your face with pale warm water in the morning to remove the paste.

Applying fenugreek paste regularly for some days can get rid of pimples and its scars for ever.

3. This is quite easy as u just have to apply garlic juice. Garlic juice is actually an effective way to get rid of pimples and acne as it kills the bacteria that causes pimples to occur.

4. Orange paste made from grinding orange peel with some amount of water is also an effective way of removing pimples and scars. Peel of the orange and make the paste using a blender. Umm i suggest u keep the paste for at least 10-30 minutes.

5. Pimples can be completely cured by daily intake of a spoonful of honey mixed with sulphur powder.

6. Make some paste made from cucumber is a good remedy for getting rid of pimples.

Take cucumber and grate it after peeling and add lemon juice,

mix it well and put it in a blender to make a fine paste.

7. Apply a paste made from neem leaves and turmeric powder also helps in getting rid of pimples.

First apply the paste and then wash it off with lukewarm water after 20-30 minutes of applying.

Regular applying of this paste not only removes pimples and its scars but it also gives a glow look to your skin, which is why this is my favourite one…plus i love the smell too XD

8. And my final method is to get a mild facial cleanser. Use it to clean your skin in the morning and before going to sleep. Well get a flavoured one like cucumber or payapa from trusted brand like “eskinol” or “himalaya herbals”

And btw …do you touch your facial skin a lot? Because

touching your skin passes extra dirt, bacteria, oil and filth that can cause acne and other skin irritations, so avoid touching your skin unnecessarily.

Hope this helps x

Helen asks…

natural remedies for acne?

I have had moderate acne for the past month. I dont eat sweets or drink soda so it couldn’t be that. I am drinking plenty of water but it doesnt seem to help much. Anyone know of any natural remedies I can make at home? Thanks.

If you could name remedies that you have tried and have actually worked for you, that would help alot! =)

vti answers:

Here are some natural remedies for acne

1. Supplement therapy

– Acidophilus Dosage: as recommended on label replenishes essential “good” bacteria to reduce outbreaks of acne.

- Chromium picolinate Dosage: as recommended on label helps to reduce infections of the skin and acne.

- Flaxseed Oil or Evening Primrose Oil Dosage: as recommended on label supplies needed gamma-lineolic acid to keep skin soft and smooth. Repairs tissues and dissolves fatty deposits that block pores and cause acne.

- Potassium Dosage: 99 mg daily acne has been associated with potassium deficiency.

- Vitamin A with Betatine Dosage: as recommended on label strengthens skin tissue and acts as an antioxidant.

- Vitamin B Complex Dosage: 100 mg of each major B vitamin 3 times daily. The anti-stress vitamin, aids in healthy skin tone.

- Vitamin C with bioflavanoids Dosage: as recommended on label enhances immune system and reduces inflammation.

- Vitamin E Dosage: 400 IU daily an antioxidant that helps in tissue repair and skin healing.

- Zinc. Zinc is helpful in making vitamin A more effective and because of this is very good for the repair and healing of skin that is damaged by acne.

2. Lemon juice is another great natural cure for acne. Just remove the juice from one lemon and use it on the blemishs several times a day. You’ll be shocked how swiftly your spots will disappear.

3. Garlic might be used not on the blemish itself but eating garlic on a regular basis will clean your blood and keep acne-causing germs away.

4. Coriander and mint juice treatment. Another known efficient natural remedy for acne is the application of coriander juice or mint and turmeric powder mixture on the face. Make sure that you cleanse your face thoroughly before applying it at night.

5. The fenugreek paste remedy. Aside from using its seed to make curry powder, fenugreek through its leave scan be a useful cure for acne. Making a paste out of its leaves, you can produce a face mask that may be applied at night to stop spots and blackheads.

6. Cucumber works well too and some are saying it is the best natural acne treatment available. Just take some cucumber slices and apply them on your eyes, face and neck for about half an hour.

7. Fruit based diet. Try to eat as many fruits and vegetable as possible and stay away from fat foods

8 Try a little sunlight to control your adult acne. The UV rays are scientifically proven to kill bacteria and stimulate circulation which helps to control acne and other skin problems.


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