If you’re remotely serious about making your betting pay then what every decent punter needs is access to the best information and betting tools available. That includes having a racecard that helps you find the winner, tipping services that provide a constant stream of winners and easy form analysis that helps you break down a race.

And what that meant was, until quite recently, choosing either the Racing Post or Sporting Life for your racing service. Now while both are adequate for viewing the racecards and finding the results they don’t really offer that much else. Subscribe to the Racing Post ‘Ultimate‘ monthly payment package and you can enhance your user experience to get Pricewise tips, ratings, horse tracking and some statistics. But really, is that worth £26 a month? Personally, I didn’t think so and I cancelled my subscription some time ago.

So what’s the alternative?

Now, I’ll let you into a little secret. I’ve been a Racing Post user for as long as I’ve been on the internet and, as I said, I’ve been a subscriber to the Ultimate service in the past.  I’ve never gotten on with the Sporting Life way of displaying form and as the Racing Post served it’s purpose of showing me who was running, who won and how they won I wasn’t that interested in looking elsewhere. You could say I’m a creature of habit. Even when my good friend Matt over at Geegeez was launching his racecard service and continually extolling their virtues I kept on heading over to the trusty Racing Post site while telling him that “Yes, of course I was using his service” (What’s a little white lie between friends?)

And then I decided I’d better take a look at what he’s offering before he started asking me any awkward questions like ‘what do you think of this or that particular feature?‘

I’m happy to say that was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time and the Geegeez racecards are now my only port of call.

If you subscribe to the Racing Post site now then I assure you, you won’t be going back once you’ve tried the Geegeez version and if you’ve never used a premium racecard service before then you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without one! Quite simply the racecards and tools Geegeez Gold Membership offers you are so far ahead of the competition the Racing Post and Sporting Life should be embarrassed by the service they provide for their customers.

Let me show you what I mean…….


Probably the number 1 feature and the one service that puts the Geegeez racecards head and shoulders above the Racing Post and Sporting Life are their racecards and the race profiling tools that are accessible to subscribers. While most of the other services the Geegeez Gold membership offers you can be found in one form or another on the rival sites you won’t find anything remotely like their racecard profiling tools anywhere else on the ‘net. They are the singlemost important reason for subscribing to Geegeez and are set to revolutionize the way you approach breaking down a horse race. Until you’ve used them you just don’t realise how little the Racing Post or Sporting Life help you when working out a race. The ‘here is the race card, work it out for yourself approach’ just won’t cut it anymore.

To go through all the tools would take a very long post so I’ll just concentrate on a few that I find the most useful…..

Instant Expert: The best place to start! One click brings up the card with every runner’s previous form analysed to see who has the best record over the course, the distance, on the going. It’s all colour coded so you can see which runners are most likely to appreciate today’s conditions. Simple and like it says on the label – instant expert!

or head straight to the

Reporting Suite – where you can see the pick of the day’s trainer, jockey, and trainer/jockey combo stats (click on a line item to see the relevant runners today). The Shortlist and Best Of reports highlight the pick of the Instant Expert grids; Head 2 Head shows the race record of all horses running against old foes; Horses for Courses shows the track record for all horses that have previously run at today’s venue; and Hot Form highlights how the form has worked out for all runners today.

Full Form Filter:  You simply bring up the race record for any runner and then start filtering the form to see the runners record on the ground, distance, class, with today’s jockey and over the course. Filter for the flat, the jumps, AW, any race, research recent races or those from months ago. Search wins, places even just unplaced runs. The amount of time this saves me now is immeasurable – I love this feature.

Pace Analysis: Instantly bring up comments for each of the runners, see who likes to race up with pace (and who doesn’t), see whether there are any front runners in the field or whether there are loads looking to run from the front. All vital clues when forming an opinion on a race and when using speed ratings.

You really have to see them to really comprehend the amount of useful race-profiling tools available to you. From breeding and sales information to instantly seeing which Trainer or Jockey is in the best form, it’s all here. There are also buttons available to comment on an individual horse for that days race and you can instantly identify which horses/trainers/jockeys you are tracking. You can research head to head records between runners and once you’ve worked out the winner you can compare the odds from all the betting firms and place your bet directly with one click.

It really is an incredibly indepth research tool……And don’t worry if at first you find it all a bit bewildering as there are plenty of videos available to Gold members to explain how each of the tools work and how to get the most out of them.

But that’s not all as also included with the Gold Membership are:-


Recently added and claimed to be the ‘best ratings in the world’, Geegeez uses Dr (Peter) Mays speed ratings for both Flat and NH racing. Now obviously ratings are meant to be used as part of your selection process when dissecting a race and not just as a be all and end all when examining a race (all Gold Membership subscribers have access to free guides explaining how best to use these Speed Ratings). Only time will tell whether the bold claims of being the best in the world will be proved correct but they do offer another arrow in your quiver when analysing a race.


With the Geegeez tracker service you can at the click of your mouse track jockeys, trainers or horses by adding them to your favourites. These are highlighted by a yellow star next to their name and are added to a folder which is easily accessed and gives you all the declared runners for your chosen trainer, jockey or horse. I love this feature as I’m always making notes on horses to follow and this makes sure I never miss when they’re set to run.


And if it’s daily tips you require then they’ve got that covered too…..

As their flagship tipping service available with their Ultimate package the Racing Post offers you Pricewise and Pricewise Extra but, unless you’re really quick, it offers you little chance of getting the odds claimed and without those you may struggle to make their tips profitable.

On the other hand, Geegeez’s Gold Membership flagship tipping service is their Stat of the Day service which has been running daily (except Sundays) since November 2011. Since then it’s provided 263 winners from 912 selections at an enviable 29% Strike rate. Through 2014 it’s shown a profit for 7 of the 8 months and overall shows a profit of 211pts since being launched. I think you’ll agree they are pretty impressive figures that on their own would make for a stand alone subscription tipping service but the good news is the Stat of the Day feature is just a little extra gravy for your Gold Membership and is included in the your monthly subscription.


While these are ‘open’ to all Geegeez readers they are incredibly easy to enter via the racecards with a single click on the Tip button, all that is required. And it might be worth pointing out that the last three winners of the league were all Gold Members which might have something to do with the arsenal of betting tools at their disposal!

Any one of these features would be worth the subscription fee alone but put them all together and it blows the Racing Post Ultimate Membership out of the water.

And before you start accusing me of friendly nepotism in promoting my mate’s site let him give you 10 days free access to try it for yourself and make up your own mind. There’s even a free user guide to help you make the most of the site. Cancel at any time during the 10 day trial and pay nothing. Guaranteed…..

We can’t say fairer than that!


Good luck,


Don’t forget, you get free access for 10 days to test and trial the service. If after the 10 days you don’t think the service can help your betting then simply cancel and pay nothing. I think that’s highly unlikely but it’s always good to have that guarantee just in case….


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