The Servant of God, Edvige Carboni, (1880-1952) Mystic, Stigmatic, Victim Soul & Laywoman

The webmaster would like to gratefully thank Mrs. Angelica Avcikurt for translating from the original Italian & Spanish the inspiring and informative passages below. May God reward her for her efforts. 


Edvige Carboni was an extraordinary mystic. She spent her life between the natural and the supernatural; between the human and the divine. Her interaction with the supernatural world was an almost daily occurrence. Jesus, Mary and the saints appeared to her constantly. She also received the stigmata, and had many other spiritual gifts such as ecstasies, bilocation, levitation, reading of hearts, discernment of spirits and frequent visits from souls in purgatory.

Edvige was a lay woman who lived with her family and spent the last years of her life living with her sister Paulina in Rome. She lived a life of charity helping the needy, visiting the sick, and praying and suffering for the conversion of sinners and the souls in Purgatory.

Her Childhood and Youth -The luminous Host

Edvige was born on May 2nd, 1880 in Sardinia, Italy. She was the second oldest among six siblings in the Carboni family. On the day she was born something extraordinary happened. Her mother told her that the day she was born she had seen a luminous host in a monstrance. Because of this, her mother who was very sick used to tell her, “If I die, you must receive Holy Communion every day and you should be very good, because Jesus, a few moments after you were born, showed me a host, as I have told you.”

Another significant event that happened upon her birth was that a cross made of her own flesh was formed on her breast, as if Jesus had predestined her to be His spouse. She was baptized two days after her birth. At the age of four, she was confirmed and at the age of five, she made a vow of virginity. In her grandmother’s house there was a replica of Rafael’s painting of the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus in her arms. When Edvige was alone, she would climb on a chair and say to the Virgin Mary: "'My mother, I love you. Give me your child so that I can play with Him'.'  Many times she let me play with Him. Jesus was so good to me.”

Every afternoon her mother would take her to make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament and Edvige would renew her virginity vow with a prayer that Jesus had taught her when they were playing: “My God, I make a vow of perpetual chastity, I consecrate my virginity to You.”

She only finished third grade. Since her mother was very ill, she would send Edvige to do the grocery shopping at night. Edvige always obeyed her parents but felt afraid of walking alone late at night. Once, she saw her guardian angel who told her, “Don’t be afraid. I am with you and I keep you good company.” She said the angel waited for her outside the store and then walked her back home and disappeared.


She learned to do embroidery work so she could sell what she embroidered and bring money into the house. At the age of eleven she made her first Holy Communion. On this occasion Jesus asked her, “Do you love Me?” and she said, “Yes, very much.” After this, she used to pray constantly. She would go to a corral to pray so that her family would not see her. Once when she was fervently praying she saw a young priest who smiled at her and said, “Do you know me?” 

“No,”she answered. “I am St. Luis Gonzaga. I have come to tell you that I love you very much and that you should love Jesus always.” Edvige said that St. Luis Gonzaga has appeared to her many times to teach her how to pray.

At the age of fifteen, Edvige wanted to become a nun, but her mother did not let her. She accepted this as if it were the Will of God. That same year, her sister Paulina was born. Up to then Edvige had only brothers, so she had to help her mother with the housework and also take care of her ailing grandmother. After the age of sixteen, the appearance of Jesus, Mary, the saints and the angels became more frequent.

Victim Soul for the Conversion of Communists

Jesus had chosen Edvige to be a victim soul and she offered herself generously for the salvation of others. Jesus asked her for many prayers and sacrifices because many souls were in danger of eternal damnation.  Edvige wrote in her diary on May 25, 1941: “While I was praying before the Blessed Sacrament, I went into ecstasy and I saw Jesus on the Cross bleeding from each wound. The Blood was falling on the ground. I saw angels holding gold chalices up to the Wounds. The chalices filled up quickly and soon the Blood was falling on the ground again. Jesus was crying. I told Him, “Why are You crying?”
He answered, “Daughter, I cry because so much of the Blood that I shed during My Passion is wasted without bearing fruit.”

On another occasion she wrote, “After Holy Communion, I saw three crosses. Jesus was on the one in the middle, the other two were empty. Then Don Bosco came to me and said,
 “Daughter, Jesus has given me the task of finding victim souls to repair for so many offenses that He constantly receives, especially because of immodest fashion, and for there to be peace among nations. Daughter, after looking for a while, I found you and Gracia. Those two crosses will be one for you and one for her” (Dairy June 12, 1941).
Gracia was one of Edvige’s close friends, who at the age of 33 consecrated herself to Jesus and offered herself as a victim soul in order to obtain peace during WWII.

Jesus asked Edvige to offer herself as a victim especially for communists. She wrote, “I dreamt that the Virgin Mary told me, ‘My daughter, promise me to suffer all tribulation, rejection, scorn, and sufferings for the conversion of communists.’”

One day Sister Gabriela Sagheddu, a Trappist nun who had offered herself as a victim so that the Anglican Church would reunite with the Catholic, appeared to Edvige and told her, “Offer yourselves as victims so that communists can come back to the Mother Church.”

In June, 1941, she wrote in her dairy, “While I was praying, I went into ecstasy and St. John Bosco appeared and said to me, ‘My little daughter, remember that you have offered yourself as victim for the liberation of poor Russians from Bolshevism, sworn enemy to God.Pray so that soon the Crucified One can enter Russia.’”

Partaker in the Sufferings of Christ and the Stigmata

Edvige wrote down how she received the stigmata in her diary on November 16, 1938:
“One day while I was praying, I went into ecstasy and Jesus appeared to me and said,
‘My daughter, do you want to suffer?’ I answered, ‘Yes. For love of You, I want to suffer.’
Then he appeared to me on the Crucifix, from His Wounds came out rays of light and those rays reached me wounding my hands, feet, head and side. I felt pain in all the wounded parts and I stayed on the ground for several hours. When I woke up, I saw that blood was coming out of my wounds and I felt a great pain. Since that day I got into meditating on the Passion morning and evening.”
It is not clear how old she was when she received the stigmata. She recalls being about 29 and her spiritual director thought it was when she was around the age of 33.

She also received the crown of thorns and the transverberation, the wounding of her heart. She wrote that, “One night while I was praying, an angel appeared with a crown in his hand. He put it on my head and I felt a great pain, because it pierced all my head so that during several days I could not open an eye, because it was red and it seemed that there was a thorn in it.”

Another time the angel wounded her heart. This phenomenon called transverberation has happened to many other mystics such as Padre Pio and St. Teresa of Avila.  Edvige wrote, “I was praying to good Jesus, and suddenly an angel appeared and wounded my heart. I still feel that wound now. It is a wound that makes me burn with love for Jesus.”
Flora Argenti testified that she saw the skin on the part of Edvige’s heart burned and blistered and that an intense heat could be felt. She had night shirts with burnt marks around her heart.

The Devil

The devil used to make Edvige suffer in many ways. She offered it all to Jesus for the salvation of souls. VitaliaScodina, a friend of Edvige says: “Many times the devil used to burn the money she had to go shopping. He also poured water on her bed, which later the Blessed Virgin Mary dried. He used to tie her to the bed, scratch her, throw stones at her head; he burned the book that Monsignor Vitali gave her; he would throw around her flour, polenta, pasta, and other things. Some of these happenings I have witnessed myself. For example when the devil hit her with a stick and tied her to her bed. She told me about the other events.  I remember that I could not untie the knots that the devil had tied her with to her bed until I called on the Virgin Mary.”

Once, Edvige saw in a vision that the devil was infuriated and took her “Diary” and wanted to throw it out the window.When she woke up, she found it near the window slightly burned. To prevent this from happening in the future, Mons. Massimi blessed the “Diary” and gave them a box with relics in which to keep it.

She wrote on her diary entry on December 1941, “After Holy Communion, in the chapel dedicated to St. Ann, I saw an ugly beast approach me. He grabbed my bag and took the 100 liras that I had to go shopping. He took the money and turned it into ashes. When I came out of the ecstasy, I found on top of my bag the 100 liras turned to ashes.”

Whenever Edvige was on the way to see Fr. Ignacio (her last spiritual director), the devil hit her hard and kicked her legs so that she would not be able to walk. This also happened when she went to other confessors. Edvige, however, even if she had to limp managed to continue and Satan was defeated.

The devil made her suffer in many ways. Sometimes he would break her dishes, mirrors or glass windows. He would undo her knitting and hit or scratch her. Once he even took the gold fillings from her teeth. On another occasion she had to stay in bed for a while because the devil hit her on the knee with a hammer.

Moving to Mainland Italy

In 1929 things changed in Edvige’s life. Her sister Paulina who was a teacher found a job and was sent to a school in MarcellinaScalo, a town between Rome and Tivoli. Edvige’s father did not want Paulina to live alone so the whole family moved from Sardinia. For the next 23 years until her death, Edvige would live on the mainland. The last 14 years of her life she spent in Rome. In MarcellinaScalo, Edvige took care of her father and taught catechism. She asked Jesus to hide the stigmata in her hands so she could work and Jesus acquiesced to her humble request.

In 1932 Paulina was transferred to Agosta and then to La Forma. In La Forma, Edvige continued teaching catechism and embroidery to some girls. In 1934 they moved to Albano Laziale. In 1937 their father, Giovanni Battista Carboni, died. They said that when he died his emaciated face became beautiful.  He had led a very holy life.

A year after this, Edvige and Paulina moved to Rome permanently. They moved near the Salesian Church named Mary Help of Christians. In 1940 in Rome she met VitaliaScodina who became one of her closest friends and a witness to the supernatural graces that Edvige was enjoying.

Her Piety and Virtues

Edvige lived a life of penance and charity. She did not perform great acts of penance like other saints but she patiently accepted discomfort, sufferings and persecution from people who considered her to be crazy or a seer. She often fasted and generally only ate a piece of bread for breakfast and dinner. Vitalia, her friend, says that one day during the war she found Edvige baking bread made out of flour and ashes because they did not have anything else to eat. Because of eating ashes, Edvige got a stomach ulcer which Jesus later on cured miraculously.

Throughout her life, Edvige had to take care of her mother, her aunt, her grandmother, her father and finally her sister Paulina. She always did it with love and patience. She particularly loved the poor. If someone poor knocked at her door while she was eating, she would give them all her food.  Paulina remembers: “Once we saw an old man sitting on the stairs in front of the Church of St. Paul. My sister approached him, caressed him like you would a little child and gave him her scarf. Another day she gave her skirt to a poor lady.” Edvige used to say: “The poor are my dearest friends. I would give everything for them, earrings, rings… I love them because Jesus loves them… In Heaven we will see all the good done to the poor. They will open the gates of Heaven to us.”

The Holy Father and the priests were very dear to her. She prayed much for them and would not be afraid to defend them when others made uncharitable comments against them. In December 1944, she wrote in her Diary: “On Thursday afternoon, I dreamt I was in the Vatican Church. There were a lot of people. Many were foreigners from many nations. Suddenly the Holy Father came to the balcony and started to speak. He said: ‘Children, in these very sad times which we live, we need to do penance to appease the anger of God, gravely offended by the sins of men.’ He just stopped speaking, when many men and women started throwing stones at the Pope causing him several wounds. Upon seeing him bleeding, some were laughing. He had to leave the balcony. An angel came down on St. Peter’s Square and said: ‘The world is going to ruins. They don’t want to hear the words of the Vicar of Christ.’ I asked him, ‘Who are you?’ -‘I am the Angel of Rome and I live in the Vatican.’”

Edvige had enrolled in many confraternities since she was young. She belonged to the Daughters of Mary in Pozzomaggiore. She also became a Third Order Franciscan in 1906. She belonged to an Association called Friends of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. From 1941 on she joined the Confraternity of the Passion at Scala Santa (The Holy Stairs) in Rome. This is where she met Passionist priest, Fr. Ignacio Parmeggiani, who was her spiritual director from that time until her death. She also had a special relation with the Salesians in Rome since she lived near their Church, Mary Help of Christians. Here is where she used to go to Mass daily and had many visions, including visions of St. Bosco and St. Dominc Savio. In fact, St. Bosco himself invited her to enroll as a Salesian Helper on September 25, 1941.

Supernatural Gifts:

Reading of Hearts and supernatural knowledge

Edvige demonstrated to have supernatural knowledge and the gift of reading hearts. Constantina Sanna says that she took her mother to see Edvige because she was worried about her son, Salvatore, who was in the war and they had not received any news from him. Edvige prayed for a while and then told Constantina’s mother that her son Salvatore was fine and that they would receive a letter from him in two days. She also told them where he was at that moment.  Two days later, the letter arrived confirming all that Edvige had said.

Sor Maria Longaroni declared: “She had the gift of reading hearts because many times she would tell me things that I had thought and help me with doubts that I had and had not told anyone.”


Many people can attest that Edvige frequently levitated during her ecstasies. Mariangela Oggianu declared: “One afternoon, I found the servant of God in the Church, elevated some 20cm over the kneeler without any support. She had her hands together and was gazing upwards and praying fervently.”


During WWI Edvige would go in bilocation frequently to the battlefield and then she would bring back news about soldiers who had disappeared or died. She told Fr. Carta about the death of Luigi Meloni, a young soldier who was believed to be lost in war.

Maria Pinna tells of how Edvige went in bilocation to help obtain a deathbed conversion:
“Between 1928 and 1930. I had gone to Bossa Marina and the parish priest told me that there was a very ill man who had not received the sacraments for a long time. His wife was worried that he would die like that. The priest called an employee and sent him to Pozzomaggiore to ask Edvige to come to Bossa. When the messenger got to Pozzomaggiore, Edvige’s father sent him away. That same day around ten o’clock at night, the wife of the sick man who was alone in the room with him, felt that someone opened the door and came close to her husband. She thought it was the maid but instead saw a person dressed in black with a black scarf over her head leaving the room. She did not see her face. She got up to ask the workers who she was but they said no one had come in. Confused, she went back to her husband’s room where she found he was conscious again (He had been delirious with a high fever). He told her that he wanted to receive the sacrament of penance. They called the priest and he made his confession. The next morning after the priest took Holy Communion to him and celebrated a Mass for him, the man died peacefully in the afternoon.”

In a letter that Edvige wrote to Fr. Ignacio Parmeggiani, she says, “Father, Jesus told me yesterday afternoon:
‘My daughter, pray for the salvation of Chinese communists. They are so bad. So far they have arrested ten Bishops. As I told you the other day, one of them is Mons. Guthberth O’Gara, Passionist Bishop of Nanking.’
Jesus made me see where this Passionist was. He was in a dark cell. The guards were threatening him but he remained silent looking towards Heaven. I was screaming and told those men: ‘You are bad.’
They threatened me but I was high above and they said, ‘She is the witch of the Pope. She is a witch!’
I told them, ‘Remember that one day you will be judged by the good Jesus. If you don’t do penance, you will go to Hell.’
They kept repeating, ‘Witch! Witch!’
Father, pray for the conversion of those lost brothers.”

Paulina remembers that Edvige was taken twice to visit Cardinal Mindzenty in jail and that she talked to him and to Jesus. (Cardinal Mindzenty also received visits from Padre Pio and Sr. Cristina Montella in bilocation during his imprisonment.) 

Edvige also went to Moscow in bilocation and entered Stalin’s room in the Kremlin. She saw him move his fist saying, “I am the strong and terrible enemy of God.”
Edvige said that Stalin had such an ugly stare that it made you afraid to look at him. Vitalia remembers:
“One day I was in Edvige and Paulina’s house. We saw Edvige in deep prayer and heard her say: ‘You have to convert. But if you want to be God’s eternal enemy, you will be.’ When she came out of the ecstasy, her sister asked her to whom she was talking and she answered that she had been to Stalin’s room in Moscow…to her invitation to convert, he had responded, ‘I will never convert. I will be God’s enemy forever.’”

On another occasion, St Sebastian wearing a Roman officer’s uniform came to Edvige and said, “Take 20,000 liras and come.”
Then in bilocation they went to a cave near San Buenaventura del Palatino where there was man about to commit suicide because he was unemployed. Saint Sebastian said,
“Stop. I am St. Sebastian and I have come to save you.”
The man dropped the gun. The saint said, “These two women have brought you 20,000 liras, which is all they have. I promise you that in two days you will find a job.”


Edvige foretold who the next Pope would be to her spiritual director, Rev. Carta. With the election of Pope Benedict IX in 1914 her prediction was confirmed. She also predicted the election of Pope Pius XI. She likewise predicted the softening of the Passionist Rule, which took place nine years later. This was revealed to her by the founder of the Passionists, St. Paul of the Cross who appeared to her.

Supernatural Light

While her sister Paulina was away studying, Rafaela Piu, a friend of Edvige’s used to keep her company at night. On night, she woke up and found Edvige knelt before the Crucifix in ecstatic prayer. The room was filled with a strong blinding light. Adela Ianucci also witnessed this when she was a child. She saw Edvige praying in the midst of a bright light in which figures of angels and saints moved about.

Supernatural Communions

Many times during her life, Edvigereceived Holy Communion from Jesus himself or from a saint. Her friend Vitalia says that several times she found Edvige in prayer with a host on her tongue and could not explain how it got there. Paulina said that one morning when she woke up, she found Edvige in ecstasy with a Host on her tongue. She later asked her about it and Edvige told her that St. Paul of the Cross along with two other Passionists (St Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother and Nicolini) had come to give it to her. Other times she received Communion from St. John Bosco, St. Dominic Savio, St. Vincenzo Strambi and others.

Her Guardian Angel

Edvige’s Guardian Angel was her faithful friend and helped her in all her needs.  Sister Teresa Josefina Azzena said, “My uncle made me read some letters that seemed to have been written by highly educated people, while Edvige had no schooling. Those letters had been dictated by her Guardian Angel. Some of them were written in Latin a language that Edvige did not know. My uncle told me that one day the devil gave Edvige a blow to her hand and that the blood which came out of that wound unto the paper made the design of a carnation, which I have seen with my own eyes. My uncle Francesco also told me that on day Edvige had been in ecstasy in Church from the morning until noon. When she went home after a very short time she sent a dish of pasta to the parish priest. My uncle who was curious went to her home to find out who had prepared the pasta. Edvige’s father said it had been Edvige, but later they found out that it was her Guardian Angel that frequently helped her with the household chores.”

Her friend Vitalia says that Edvige could see her Angel who would make their beds when she was ill. The Angel also used to help her wash the clothes she needed to get ready. Even Jesus himself one day came to help her wash and dry the clothes.  She told Paulina and Vitalia that Jesus had pretended to wash the clothes but that He had not touched it. He commanded it and the clothes became white and folded.

Blessed Virgin Mary

Her love towards Mary and the Importance of the Rosary

Since she was five years old, Edvige had seen the Virgin Mary come to life from a painting at her grandmother’s house. Throughout her life, the Virgin Mary appeared to her many times telling her to love Jesus, to offer her sufferings and to pray the Rosary for sinners.

She wrote in her Diary on March 1942: “The Virgin Mary appeared to me with tears in her eyes. I approached her and said, ‘Why are you crying?’
‘I am crying because I cannot appease the anger of my Son against the human race. If men don’t do penance, the war will not end and much blood will be spilled. My daughter, immodest fashions and dishonesty have enraged God. Pray and do penance. Pray the Rosary frequently. It is the only powerful weapon to attract the blessings from Heaven.’”

On January, 1942, she wrote: “After Communion I was in ecstasy. I saw the Virgin Mary holding a basket full of white rosaries and other different colors. The Virgin was taking those Rosaries and giving them to the people who were there to pray. From each of the beads of those Rosaries a kind of fragrant water descended. There were thousands of Rosaries and she distributed all of them. Then turning toward those souls she told them,
‘Sons and daughters, with these Rosaries you will be able to extinguish the fire that has spread throughout the world. This is the most powerful weapon. Man cannot find a more powerful weapon.’ And having said this, she disappeared.”

On another occasion she wrote, “After Holy Communion, I saw an angel that had beautiful irises and roses. He told me, ‘If you pray the Rosary everyday with faith and attention, I will form roses out of the Hail Mary’s and Irises out of the Our Father’s. I will put them together to make a beautiful crown that I will give you in Heaven. That’s why in this month of May, pray the Rosary frequently.’”

She also had the following vision: “One day after Holy Communion, I found myself in a prairie, and on a throne I saw Mary Help of Christians covered with a great mantle. On the plain there was a terrible wind and fire storm, Suddenly, St. John Bosco appeared. He was running through the storm calling men and women to save themselves by taking cover under Mary’s mantle. Thousands took cover under Mary’s mantle, but other thousands did not want to enter and laughed at those who did. Don Bosco in the midst of the storm got on top of a table and started to preach saying, ‘You will die because of your own fault, come under the protection of our Celestial Mother.’

St John Bosco

But they, having hard hearts and being indifferent to his words were deaf to the saint’s exhortation. I saw the fire surround them while they were trying to escape. This did not seem as a vision to me, since I felt I was awake with all my senses. Even today when I remember, I shudder seeing those hardened souls that preferred to be burned instead of obeying Don Bosco’s voice. But those who were under Mary’s mantle were safe.”

The Blessed Virgin Mary gave the following prayer to Edvige: “The Celestial Mother appeared to me and said,
‘You are so sad. You and your sister don’t have faith in me, your mama. Don’t you know that I am the treasurer of all the graces? Pray this prayer to the Holy Trinity: -Oh Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Most Holy Trinity, Oh Jesus and Mary, Oh Saints in Heaven, I ask this grace through the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.’”

The Virgin Mary also taught her another beautiful little prayer: “Madonna of Love, Holy Virgin, help me become a saint, because you can do it and you want it.” In Italian it rhymes.

On September 8th, the Blessed Virgin Mary told her: “Today is September 8th, the feast of my birthday, my daughter, trust in me. All the graces go through my hands. This date is the one the infernal enemy hates the most, because with my birth came the salvation of the world.”

Moving Saint Statues

Edvige had several statues in her house that were frequently seen by others changing place.  Flora Argenti remembers: “On January 22, 1948 my brother Dyonisio and I went to visit Edvige. We had left our hats on a coat rack at the entrance. Upon leaving, when we were going to get our hats, there were no longer there. We found them in Edvige’s bedroom on the head of the Infant Jesus’ statue. Edvige explained that our heads were in His hands and our hearts in His Divine Heart…on February 29, 1948, we found the statue of the Infant Jesus that was always in her bedroom, at the front door. I can certify that many times I have seen that statue change places.”

Her friend Vitalia says that many time the statue of St. Joseph and the Infant Jesus appeared at the front door or somewhere else in the house. This also happened with the statue of St. Genaro. Once Vitalia came to Edvige’s house and found the statue of St. Joseph on the front door. The door was locked. I knocked on the door and when Edvige opened it she found me with the statue in my arms. She took it and put it back in its place. Edvige used to say, “St. Joseph is so good. He who does not believe let him try. I chose him as my father. In all my necessities I go to him, and he always helps me. St. Joseph is a great saint. Love him and invoke him.”

Visits from Saints

Edvige was frequently visited by saints.We have already mentioned episodes with St. John Bosco, St. Dominic Savio, St. Paul of the Cross and St. Sebastian, but there were many others.

St. Ann: Edvige wrote in her diary, “After Holy Communion, I seemed to be in front of a painting of St. Ann. Suddenly the image became alive and her eyes looked at me. She told me,
‘My daughter, I am praying for world peace. Jesus is outraged and I and His mother cannot appease Him. There are so many sins of impurity. You, my daughter, pray and make people pray for peace.’” Another time she wrote in her diary: “I was praying to the Virgin and to St. Ann for my nephew. My good grandmother St. Ann approached me and said, ‘My daughter, trust your grandma Ann. I will obtain that grace for you.’”

St. Sebastian: Edvige loved St, Sebastian and received many revelations and help from him. He appeared many times in her room to give her advice and exhort her to be humble and to lead a holy life. He usually appeared to her on his feast day. When her spiritual director, Mons. Vitalis died, St. Sebastian told her that he would be her director.

St. Genaro: In 1951 Edvige bought a statue of St. Genaro in Naples. This saint would tell her: “Courage Edvige. I was also a martyr like you.” One day Flora Argenti was sad and when she was leaving Edvige’s house found the statue of St. Genaro at her feet. Edvige told her friend that St. Genaro wanted to console her.

St. Rita of Cascia: During a pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. Rita of Cascia, Edvige went into ecstasy. Her friend Vitalia saw her and at the same time smelled a horrible stench. When Edvige came out of the ecstasy she told Vitalia that the stench was coming from the people visiting the Shrine that were not worthy to be there. St. Rita had told her that only their presence had been pleasing to her.

St. Therese of Lisieux: Edvige wrote in her diary: “I seem to have seen a religious while I was praying. I looked at her carefully and I knew it was St. Therese. Smiling, she said to me,
‘Trust in God. Jesus helped me reached perfection because I abandoned myself completely in His Divine hands like a little girl in the arms of her mother.’
Then she took rose petals and threw them on my bed and on my sister’s bed.”

St Therese of Lisieux

On another occasion St. Therese appeared and said to Edvige in a dream. After having spread roses on their beds, she told them: “Pray, pray. Jesus is enraged with the sins of men. Instead of reparation, the commit the most horrible sins: dishonesty and shamelessness; sins that God hates the most. For those sins, He has always punished men. Even in the Old Testament He destroyed Sodom and Gomorra. So many get married without thinking of the great duty they have to God. They bring forth many flowers (children) and these flowers belong to God. They have to take care of them; instead, unfaithful gardeners, they don’t water them with the Living water of the Word of God. Unfaithful mothers that ruin their plants, entrusted to them by God…It is a grave sin when a mother does not educate her children Christian faith.”

When she woke up there were five fragrant rose petals on Paulina’s bed and three on mine. The perfume was heavenly.

On September 1943 Edvige wrote in her diary: “I dreamt with St. Therese. She has a bouquet of white roses in her hand. She threw the petals on my sister’s bed. On each petal the words “Hail Mary” were written in red. There were about 50. Then she collected them again and said to Paulina, ‘If every day you say so many Hail Mary’s with devotion and perseverance, after your death, on your tomb there will bloom a flower with petals inscribed with the words ‘Hail Mary’.

That same month Edvige had another dream with St. Therese: “She looked at me happily and said
'Your sister’s name and your name are written in Heaven. However, if you don’t correspond to grace, they will be erased. I mean that you need to correspond with good works, with charity, with humility, with obedience; which are all dear to Jesus. Love everyone as your brother or sister. Forgive all who have wronged you. I always loved Jesus, up to the point of dying for love of Him. My sisters always loved me since I was a child and they rejoiced when the saw how much I loved Jesus. There was no jealousy. Paulina, I love you so much. Correspond to the graces Jesus has given you. Be always good and humble with everyone.”

St Gemma Galgani

St. Gemma Galgani: Edvige admired St. Gemma Galgani and considered her to be her spiritual sister. She was even present at St. Gemma’s canonization which took place on May 2nd (May 2nd is also the birthday of Edvige and the day of the beatification of Padre Pio). On September, 1943 she wrote: “Again, I dreamt with St. Gemma Galgani. She was as beautiful as an angel. She approached me and said,
‘Love sufferings and scorn. When I was in the world I had to endure so many that no one can imagine.’”

St. Dominic Savio: St. Domini Savio appeared to Edvige several times. One time was on the day of his beatification. He was happy and smiling and told her and her sister: “Become saints. Jesus wants it. Always love Mary and the Pope. Jesus wants it.”
Then he disappeared.

St. John Bosco: This is the saint that appeared to her most frequently. Once she said she had a dream with him. He came to her with a book. I read and saw that all the good works that my sister had done were written there. Then I saw a blank page. St. Bosco told me, ‘That day You and Paulina did not do such and such good work that you were going to do. That’s why Jesus on that day did not write in anything good or bad. But it remains blank, which Jesus does not like when you don’t do something out of weakness.”

St. Francis of Assisi: Edvige wrote: “Jesus made me see the glory of St. Francis. I saw that he was resplendent. The most beautiful one in Heaven.”

St. Padre Pio: Paulina attested that her sister Edvige had many visits from Padre Pio. One day Edvige said to her, “I spoke to Padre Pio. He was so affectionate with me. Like a father with his daughter.” Jesus had spoken to Edvige about Padre Pio telling her that it was necessary for him to stay in the world until he was old because he needed to convert many souls. It seems that since they met in bilocation, she never felt the need to go meet him in person. Once a lady from the same region as Edvige went to see Padre Pio and he told her, “You have come here looking for me? Well I tell you: In your region there is a saint, her name is Edvige Carboni. In God’s sight she is greater than me.”

St. Paul the Apostle: After Holy Communion, St. Paul the Apostle appeared to Edvige and told her smiling: “Daughter, you are worried about little things. If you only knew how much I suffered in my apostolate! Hunger, thirst, scorn, imprisonment. Tell Jesus to do with you as He wishes for the salvation of souls and for the coming of the Kingdom of His Sacred Heart.”

St Catherine of Siena: On April 9, 1950, Edvige went on pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. Catherine in Siena. After Holy Communion, she saw St. Catherine who approached her all dressed in white and said: “My sister. Become saints. Become saints. Time is short! I wish Pauline were less scrupulous.”Then she caressed Edvige and disappeared.

Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the saints very often provided Edvige with material things she needed, especially during WWII. Jesus gave her some shoes and a skirt. St. John Bosco once brought her half a Kilo of rice and St. Dominic Savio brought her coffee.

Visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

Edvige had visions of people who had gone to hell, of souls who were in purgatory and requested her help; and of souls who entered heaven.

Vitalia states: “There was a young man who lived in Edvige’s building. He never listened to her advice to repent. He was a nonbeliever and died suddenly from an electric shock in his place of work. They had enough time to take him to the hospital, but when he was there he rejected the priest and the sacraments. 

One day Edvige saw him surrounded by flames, condemned. He was cursing her and reproached her for not having prayed more for him. Jesus consoled Edvige, telling her that He had mercy on this man by sending him a priest, but that he had rejected him."

There was another case of a man who was leading an honest life but who would never receive the sacraments. Jesus told Edvige to write to this man and tell him that unless he changed his way of life, he would be punished. The man did not want to repent and later on, Jesus let Edvige know that he also had been condemned.

Jesus also let Edvige know of a dentist in Sardinia who had been condemned:
“My daughter, that dentist that died a few months ago did not want to recognize me as His father, and I did not recognize him as a son.”

A well-known case was that of a priest who during WWII would give conferences denying the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist at a University in Rome. After his death, he appeared to Edvige who used to pray for him. He told her that he had been condemned because of the books he had written against the faith and because of the scandal he had caused. To prove to Edvige that this was not her imagination, the priest picked up a book in her room and upon his touching it, it was completely burned.

Concerning purgatory, Edvige wrote in her diary on October 1943: “Someone appeared and touched my wrist and burned me. I did not know him. He was dressed as an official. He told me,
‘I died during the war. I would like some Masses celebrated by Mons. Vitali. You and your sister should offer Holy Communion for me.’
After having the Masses celebrated and the Communions offered for his intentions, he appeared to her again surrounded by light and said, ‘I am going to Heaven where I will pray for you two (Edvige and Paulina), and especially for Mons. Vitali. I am a Russian. My name is Paolo Vischin. My mother had educated me in the Faith, but when I grew up I let myself be led by bad influences. At the moment of death I repented and remembered what my mother taught me as a child.’”

Edvige wrote in her diary: “While I was praying in front of the Crucifix, a person appeared to me suddenly all in flames, a heard a voice say, 
‘I am Benito Mussolini. The Lord has allowed me to come to you in order to get some relief from my sufferings in purgatory. I beg you as an act of charity to offer for me all your prayers, sufferings and humiliations for two years, if your director allows it. God’s mercy is infinite but so is His justice. One cannot enter Heaven until one has paid the last penny of the debt owed to Divine Justice. Purgatory is terrible for me because I waited until the last moment to repent.’

On spring day in 1951, Jesus told me after Holy Communion: ‘This morning the soul of Benito Mussolini has entered into Heaven.’”

On another occasion Edvige wrote: “I dreamt with a teacher who had died a month ago because of a bombing. I saw she was in a brilliant light but her arms were a little burned. The rest of her body was healthy and beautiful. She said,
‘Look at me now. All I need is one more Mass and I will be liberated. Please have Mons. Vitali say one for me.’”

The Virgin Mary told Edvige that her aunt was in purgatory because many times she had skipped Mass on Holy Days of obligation. Her brother, Giorgino also appeared to Edvige and told her that he was in purgatory and had to remain there for eight years. He asked for prayers and took her hand when he said goodbye, leaving her a scar from the burn that lasted until her death.

On All Souls Day, Edvige would be filled with joy as she contemplated long lines of souls who came to thank her for her prayers as they entered Heaven.

In 1923, her friend Mercedes Farci died at the age of 28 from TB. A few days after her death, Mercedes appeared to Edvige dressed in white and told her that she was enjoying the presence of God and the joys of Heaven.

Jesus allowed her to have a view of Heaven. On August 1941 she wrote: “Jesus told me, ‘Come and you will see beautiful things.’
I went walking up to a beautiful gate which had two angels, one on each side guarding it. The gate had a sign which read ‘Those who are dishonest and immodest cannot enter.’ The angels made me enter. I happily entered. It was a piece of Heaven. How beautiful! Plants and flowers I had never been seen before. The floor was covered with pearls and precious flowers. Then they signaled me not to go any further. I saw a Salesian priest approach me holding a key in his hand. He opened the door where it was written, “Salesian Garden.” Inside there were priests and lay people of every age. It was a beautiful garden with plants and flowers that I had never seen and everyone was singing happily.”

Her Holy Death

On February 17th, 1952, Edvige got up early in the morning and went to Mass as usual. She came home and prepared a meal before going again to Church to hear Fr. Lombardi preach. Edvige and Paulina got back home around 8:30 pm by train. Soon after, Edvige started complaining that she was not feeling well. She said twice, “I am dying” and then “I can’t see.”
Paulina called the doctor and also the priests from their parish Mary Help of Christians. Two priests came and gave her the last rites. She passed away that same night at 10:30pm from angina pectoris, a lack of blood flow to her heart. She had a reputation of sanctity when she died and many people already testify to miracles she was wrought after her death.



Pena, Ángel, O.A.R., Edviges Carboni:El perfume de Dios, Lima, Perú (www.libroscatolicos.org)

Madau, Ernesto, Ti chiami Edvige, Roma, Ed. G.E.I., 2006


Lord Jesus, with faith we turn to You, remembering the words: “Look and you will find, ask and it will be given unto you, knock and it will be opened.” Deign to glorify on Earth, Your faithful servant Edvige Carboni and through her intercession grant us the grace to imitate her virtues, her steadfast patience, her love towards God and neighbor, and the grace which we humbly implore. Amen.

(Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be)

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