Luxurious 100% Natural 8 Bath Bomb Gift Box - New Larger 3.5oz Size - Pure Essential Oils for the Best Lush, Relaxing Bath. For Women & Men

About the Product

THE ULTIMATE IN RELAXATION WITH 8 DISTINCT FLAVORS New Bodyphoria bath bombs now almost twice the size of the originals (3.5oz each) and with DOUBLE the amount of pure essential oils - With 8 in the beautiful gift box, that is the largest amount of actual bath bomb (28oz total) you can get in a deluxe gift set.
PERFECT GIFT FOR THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE WHO LOVES A RELAXING BATH Give the gift of Bodyphoria's all natural bath bombs and you won't believe the big smile you get. For a friend, lover, family member or just for you - this is the ultimate lush bath time experience. Arrives in a beautiful Bodyphoria gift box containing 8 super fizzy, naturally scented bath bombs each individually wrapped.
PURE WHITE BATH BOMBS WITH NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS OR ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCES One of the only brands to use 100% essential oils for fragrance. You can soak in your bath bomb infused tub as long as you wish with no concern for the little nasty ingredients that sneak into many bath bombs. Pure white bath bombs also means no staining of your tub or your skin and no soaking in artificial colors.
SHEA BUTTER & COCONUT OIL FOR SILKY SKIN Bodyphoria's 100%, all natural shea butter and coconut oils leave your skin feeling refreshed and smooth. Nature created amazing ingredients for your skin and we made it easy to get them into your bath. Imagine yourself lying in the bath, soaking your stress away with Bodyphoria's naturally uplifting essential oils. The hardest part is the flavor choice. Will it be Summer Citrus Sunshine, Relaxation Bliss, Floral Patterns, Muscle Ease, Evergreen Essence, Happy Day, Breathe Easier or Rejuvenation tonight?
MADE IN THE USA, YOUR FREE GUIDE & 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Bodyphoria is proud that our bath bombs are locally hand made in the USA. The bath bombs include Bodyphoria's exclusive "12-Step Guide to Ultimate Daily Relaxation" which contains excellent, scientifically researched tips on how to de-stress. Bodyphoria also provides world class service here in the USA and a no questions asked, 365 day 100% empty boxmoney back guarantee.


I love using bath bombs as it my way of pampering my self. I like to indulge myself after tiring day at work or over weekend to change my mood if bored. I got my hubby into the whole relaxing routine in bath tub filled with bath bomb unique scent and now he finds it soothing too. We have jacuzzi in our bath tub so that gives an extra bit of relaxation.

The packaging of these bath bombs is superb especially of considering gift. The box is well made and each bath bomb is wrapped properly. The scent as soon as I opened the box was heady mix of wonderful smelling ingredients. Each one has strong scent and lingers on while enjoying in bath tub. I sometimes read a novel or watch my favorite TV show or enjoy glass of wine while being surrounded by amazing scent.

I love that these bath bombs have shea butter and coconut oil so it keep my skin moisturized and not dried out, which is really needed for my dry skin type. Make it Date Night with someone special or just pamper yourself, these bath bombs definitely made my mood for better.

You can purchase Luxurious 100% Natural 8 Bath Bomb Gift Set on amazon here.

I received the product free in exchange of my honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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