Access your care team to get answers regarding your medical questions using www.mypennmedicine.org. Easy and secure communication to gain access to the information you need most whenever you need it by logging in to your member account. Get your test results, referrals, refills, appointments and more.

Current mypennmedicine.org members can login with a valid username and password. New users must request an account, or activate an account with an activation code. Activation codes should only be requested if you do not already have an existing account. If you have misplaced or need to recover your username or password, use the reset forms for assistance.

myPennMedicine Account Registration

The activation form must be completed in its entirety and the information provided must match the records of my Penn medicine. If everything coincides, in MPM activation code will be emailed to you shortly after you submit the form to register a new account. For any reason, if the information given does not match the information on file, you will be contacted by a support representative through email within 3 to 5 business days with further instructions. It is important to remember you must be at least 18 years of age or older to create an account.

The following information is required for new account activation:



Date of birth

Last four digits of Social Security number

Valid email address

Home phone number

MyPennMedicine Member Benefits

Access your test results quicker than ever. This means no more waiting for a phone call or letter to arrive in the mail. You can quickly and easily view your results and any comments made by your doctor within days instead of weeks.

Communicate directly with your care team. Easily get answers to any medical questions you may have from the comfort of your own home.

Renew prescriptions. Renewal requests for any renewable medications can be sent in three your account online.

Manage appointments. New appointments can be requested, or you can view details of all past and upcoming appointments.

Use this service from the comfort of your home and your desktop, or download the apps available through the App Store and Google play store. These apps give you the full functionality offered through the palm of your hand using any smart device such as a tablet or phone.

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