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Hello everyone,

I am sure a lot of you are hearing the buzz about DS Domination and wondering why its so great. A lot of people are thinking this is just another MLM or recruiting business but it’s not, because we are going to show you that there are such positive results from both sides and in fact there are actually many more customers using the product and training.

D$ Domination- Check it out Here

I've been using the system for a while and if you've been wondering what is all about then check this out:


D$ Domination is a dropshipping program and training that has been put together by Roger Langille who has been a top seller on EBay almost 10 years and was doing more than 7 figures a year with this simple process. Training includes ideas on which products to post, how to post correctly and make profit whether you are new to selling on eBay or experienced.

Here is the Course overview:

Module 1: Moving Forward with eBay Dropshipping.

Module 2: How to Set Up your eBay Selling Account.

Module 3: Outside the United States Start Here.

Module 4: Listing Your First Item.

Module 5: Listing Your Anatomy and Adjusting your Product Picture.

Module 6: Speeding up your Listing.

Module 7: Titles and More on Drop Shipping Spider.

Module 8: Alert Alert Critical Info.

Module 9: International Item Location.

Module 10: Why 18% Fail? Avoid these Pitfalls.

Module 11: Shipping from Amazon.

Module 12: What is PayPal is Holding My Money.

Module 13: Customer Returns.

Module 14: Lifting eBay Limits.

Module 15: Multiple Accounts on eBay.

Module 16: Resolving Problem Orders.

Module 17: Extra Video Caution.

Module 18: Titles Key to Success.

Module 19: eBay Fee Calculator.

Module 20: Watch Over Roger’s Shoulder as he Finds Products and Lists them on eBay.


That's it! Pretty simple :) - I told you it was just copy paste

Each of the above modules and separate videos that show you step-by-step on how to perform that task. Everyone that sells on ebay (novice to expert) can find benefit here.

Example of how dropshipping works:

Step 1: Buyer goes to eBay and finds a TV he likes. Most buyers don’t shop around for the lowest price or they dont have access to wholesale accounts like you do.

Step 2: List the product over on eBay. Buyer sends funds first and you purchase the product and keep the profit

Step 3: Ship the product from the the site. You never even have to touch or see the product. Profit is yours!

After doing research on a program you are probably ready to jump the gun and get started

DS Domination is by far one of the most viral and fastest growing programs that just launched because it works!

Look at the rankings jump in under one month:

Dropshipping: Sell High. Buy Low

The money always comes to you first. Meaning if I am a person looking to buy a computer I pay you through eBay first which it goes into your account, then you go find the product somewhere else where its cheaper then the remainder is all profit.

It sounds so simple as if you could go off and do it right now, but DS Domination will give you the step by step training on how to post your listings correctly so that they reach more people based on several factors like: title, selling history etc…

If you follow the course and according to proven statistics 83% of members are profitable their very first month.

D$ Domination is a Scam?

DS Domination went into beta launch on August 23rd. DS Domination is run by Roger Langille who has earned up to 7-figures in one year just selling or “dropshipping” items on eBay.

The program and course is $19.95 per month, the cost is low but the question that you are probably asking is “does this actually work”?

The answer is Yes. This isn’t one of those GET RICH make millions in one night scam, it does take time and we have many people who join make $1,000 or $2,000 there very first month just following the course- how awesome is that for just a few minutes of work here and there?

The concept of DS Domination is to take items at a low price (sometimes wholesale, or just from Amazon) then markup the price so there is a little bit of profit involved, the markup could be a $5 profit, $20 profit or even more- it depends on you.

Here are what others are saying about the service/product:

Selling from Amazon to eBay is the easiest. It’s not the main focus and Roger clearly states that amazon is just to get started and understand the ropes – after that there are a bunch of other product sources that he goes over.

As for the DSD side – I’m obviously involved in that as well – it’s ore updated training than the previous ebay one, but there are afew others things in here:

1. On the webinar last night they covered how they connect into cpa offers to provide cashflow to help source products and sell on ebay in case you don’t have any funds to get going.

2. They said they have additional software coming out that currently costs $70+ per month.

I’m only involved in this as a customer. Have no intention of promoting, don’t need to. There’s cpa stuff, ebay sales, sales on other locations, commissions from amazon and cash back from some of the sources.

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