ESFJ- The one who gives everyone they know candy, and some extra for that special someone….

ISFJ- The one who puts two pieces of candy on everyone’s desk without a to or from, except for their crush (which only has a to, not a from).

ESTJ- The one who organized the whole thing, and makes sure everyone has an equal amount of candy. A HUGE douche.

ISTJ- The one who doesn’t eat any candy because “studies in the 90’s show candy rots the brain.”

ESFP- That one person who socializes with all the introverts, and thinks they like it. Ends up with 10 extra pieces of candy the introvert’s gave them to leave them alone.

ISFP- Incredibly sad because a lot of people forgot she existed, and she gave everyone 4 pieces of candy! But now they are mistaken that their crush likes them back, because they didn’t forget.

ESTP- That annoying guy who goes around asking for more candy from literally everyone, but doesn’t get any because no one really likes him. He loses candy because he left all he got on his desk while he walked around.

ISTP- The one who made home made valentines, and insulted everyone on them with sarcastic remarks that took 30 seconds to come up with. Gets detention, and spends the whole time thinking of more insults.

ENFJ- The one who goes around and gives everyone a home made valentine, and they are full of nice compliments and candy, but they’re only doing it to become most - liked student, so they can lie whenever they want and everyone will believe them. Or not, maybe they were being nice?

INFJ- Cares deeply about everyone, but only gets valentines for a few people. Writes on them really heartfelt compliments, and tells them to not do what he did, and to do what they need to, because he thinks they’ll be in trouble if they do what he did.

ENFP- Buys everyone a stuffed animal! All different colors too! They’re bears, and when you unzip the head, in the stuffing is a bunch of candy. Bought their crush a life size bear stuffed with all candy you could imagine, but forgot it and left it at home.

INFP- Takes all compliments to heart, yep, all 3! Not quite as forgotten as the ISFP, mainly because they get called on the teacher a lot because they stare into space and think. They gave everyone a valentine, and their crush got 3 pieces of candy, so it was obvious who they like.

Oh God, the NT’s… It’s dark down their……….

ENTJ- Tries to get as much candy as possible so they can sell all the candy for profit, then start a buisness selling candy, hire employees, make enough money to get a giant skyscraper, and BAM! CEO!

INTJ- “Some of my friends have girlfriends, and they’re very romantic. The ones that don’t have one wish they did, as they’re more caring, and I’m here just wishing I had a heart.” (I literally said that yesterday, and I’m not an INTJ)

ENTP- Writes hilarious jokes on all their valentines, but as not many people know them, they didn’t receive that much. They’re not sad, though. They have more time on their hands to make a time machine so they can go back in time and make it again.

INTP- That one guy who is always watching people in the hallway not saying a word. You wanna know why? They’re observing human emotions, so that way they know what to do in 0.00001% chance they receive a valentine. (They calculated the chance)

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