yb38fj4O posted an update and difficult to see in bloom, it is "Millennium Tieshukaihua" argument. A flower cycads also open ten news spread like wildfire, commuting and work of the people passing by are marveled,air max pas cher, have the crowd, taking pictures.According to experts, cycads generally more than 30 years old will blossom, and cycads usually only one flower, like the tree cycads Fuqing Public Security Technology Building out of ten flowers while very rare. Cycads simultaneously open 10 flowers may be due to a more adequate fertilization,toms outlet, and special climate caused by a variety of factors. � newspaper reporter Wang Gang in SeoulIn recent years, the aging of Korean society even more serious,jordan pas cher, extend the retirement age seems to have become an inevitable choice. With the South Korean government to enact laws, regulations from 2016 onwards will raise the legal retirement age from 55 to 60 years.

who extend the retirement pay labor costs become the focus of attention. February 27,giuseppe shoes, Samsung Group announced that it would begin implementing a pay cut this year to delay retirement system,hogan, which led to the Korean circles attention. Despite the controversy,tn pas cher, but the South Korean experts and the media generally believe that this approach may be gaining in popularity in South Korea.Samsung ahead of the implementation delay retirement systemMost Korean actually retired 53 years ago to enter the state,toms online sale, and because of their children's education and housing, and other reasons pension money and depleted, so even after retirement Korean workers had low-life of about 40 years, while South Korea The pension system will also be difficult to sustain. According to South Korean parliament passed last April "on the prohibition of age discrimination in hiring and promoting elderly employment law," South Korea all enterprises with more than 300 people and units required to implement the 60-year-old retirement system in January 2016,kids toms outlet, while the number of people dissatisfied with 300 SMEs in the implementation period may be postponed to January 2017.February 27,femme air max chaussures, Korea's largest companies,nike free, Samsung Electronics announced the official retirement age of employees will be extended from 55 years to 60 years,nike running, and this is the first South Korean companies, "the official eat crabs." Samsung is taken from the 56-year-old began to reduce wages by 10% per year reduction in salary cap system, namely the age of 56 to 55 years of age to reduce wages to 10% at age 57 and then decreased to 10% at age 56. As a result, at the age of 56 can get a 90% salary at age 55 and 57 years old only get 81%, 60-year-old retirement salary is about 60% at age 55. Five-year average salary is about the application of this system at the age of 55 to 70%. Samsung explained that by this measure,louboutin homme, from the staff to join a pre-retirement income will increase by about 25%.Currently.

employees join a company in less than 20 years may be promoted to the Minister, at which point the age of only 40 years old in his early retirement from the delay time after more than 15 years as well, so that the entire company promotion system will be delayed, most likely in the majority of staff working hours took only low wages, and therefore able to benefit from the delay retirement or problems in general. In addition, Korea is also likely to become a major obstacle to union wage type delay retirement. According to the current system.

South Korea experimental implementation of other big companies to delay retirement system. LG Group since 2007 on the implementation of its major subsidiaries 58-year-old retired staff and wage cuts, wage cuts from the age of 56 to 10% per year; Posco implemented since 2011 to delay retirement policy that the company retirement age of 58 years, but then rehired two years (the actual retirement age is also 60),bottines femme, but the 57-year-old began to wage cuts of 10% per annum; Hyundai Heavy Industries also announced the 2012 corporate retirement age from 58 years to 60 years delayed, the amount of labor remuneration in accordance with the duties and moderate cut back.Whether or remaining questionsAccording to a survey of the General Association of Korean economy Korean laborers,nike tn 2014, and 66.8% of employees in favor of the introduction of the salary cap to reduce system. Korea Labor Institute conducted a similar survey also showed that over 60% of Korean workers in favor of introducing the system.But some analysts believe that the current general rule of Korea in the workplace is that early retirement can not get promoted.

so this retirement Deal large enterprises can implement effective remaining questions. According to South Korean business assessment agency CEO Score28 released statistics, the average length of service of employees of listed companies in Korea was only 10.3 years, and showed a gradual reduction trend. This means that most large enterprises employees into the company less than a decade after they retire or leave. In some large companies, not having been promoted to agent,toms for sale, Section Chief,giuseppe zanotti outlet, Minister, the Minister or the 45-year-old to 55-year-old has not yet promoted to senior staff who retired situation are numerous. That is,outlet tiffany online, although the law will delay the retirement age to 60 years, was promoted to senior staff but without the actual retirement age is still between 45-49 years old. The industry believes that the staff for large enterprises,toms wedges, the retirement age does not make much sense.Many small and medium enterprises in Korea for this delay retirement way too full of doubts. It was openly said that according to the current promotion system company.










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