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Vengeancia Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some thoughts on becoming successful, self-governing and self-sustaining with your music, beginning with an article from Jo-Ná A. Williams, published at Reverb Nation. But first…..

“Nothing says femininity like field stripping an MP5 with a fresh coat of nail polish…..” Bunny Hunter gives LeeAnn McAdoo a lesson in real feminism…. Also, “Officer Jouppi has been found ‘not guilty’ of all charges in connection to a video showing him attack a citizen in a wheelchair.” Wow. It gets worse: Is your car on a “hot list of target vehicles”? Read more February 2014 News. Also, check out No Depression. Check out PearlTrees.

Ted Nugent combines his music and activism

“Formerly Western CPAC, The Western Conservative Conference is a place to discuss the important issues facing America. This year we are planning important panels on Immigration, Taxes, Attacks on the Tea Party, States Rights… guest speakers include … Neal Boortz, Rocker Ted Nugent, Actor Steven Segal, Representatives Paul Gosar and David Schweikert.” Read more.

“Ted Nugent is many things to many people: rock star, guitar god, hunter extraordinaire, NRA poster boy, author, blogger and celebrity hunting show host of the extremely popular ‘Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild’ on the Outdoor Channel. During his trip to Harrisburg last week to take part in the first Great America Outdoor Show at the Farm Show Arena, the NRA-owned show that replaced the defunct Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show, Nugent made headlines, friends and enemies for his stances on God (in favor of), guns (in favor of) and the government (decidedly against).” Read more.

Reverb Nation “Due to collapsing album sales, piracy, and less money generated from digital downloads, artists are now faced with the question, “How do I make money with my music?” Well, if the sales aren’t cutting it and the only people at your shows are your family and a few high-school classmates, how will you really make a living with your art?

Featured Musician Gabrielle Louise Combines Her Music and Activism

“I’m sure you know licensing and live shows are great money generators for musicians, but what are some less common ways that artists are making money in the music industry today? I’ve spoken to musicians on this topic recently and here are 10 ways that artists are making good money, maintaining their creative freedom all while paying the rent:

Hold live online shows

Create an online streaming concert and charge your fans and followers to watch your live performance from the comfort of their home. Great way to increase your fan base and take full advantage of technology. Try the site Stageit.com. They allow you to perform a live streaming concert for a portion of your ticket sales and they even allow fans to tip you while you’re performing!

Become a partner with YouTube

Partnering with YouTube on your channel is a great way to generate revenue by allowing ads and placements.

Music for web-shows

The web-show movement is booming and many shows need songs for their introductions or throughout their episodes and they can’t pay the hefty licensing fees for mainstream music. This is also a way to expose your music to larger audience. Start by contacting some of your favorite web-shows via sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Ask them if they are looking for original music to add to upcoming episodes. Be sure to include web-links in your correspondence so they can easily access samples of your music.

Compose for Off-Broadway shows

Theatre productions need great composers for their music. This is an awesome revenue stream if you can snag a position on a new play — it’s less common but lucrative way to make money. These gigs are generally through the web of networking. I never recommend agents because they tend to only work with people that have BUZZ or through their own networks. But If you can connect with OTHER artists via networking…you’d be surprised how you can get a great gig. I know some musicians that have contacted theatre companies in their area to see what new projects they are developing and snagged jobs this way. If you don’t have a theatre in your area, tap into your web of artists. Sometimes musicians know other performing artists that need help with their plays and productions. Get creative!

Become an affiliate

Many companies that you love have affiliate programs. If you promote their products or services to your email lists and people purchase as a result, these companies will give a percentage of the proceeds to you. Don’t you love getting unexpected checks in the mail?  An example of  a great company with affiliate programs is Ariel Publicity. Visit the site for details on how to become an affiliate.

Start your own publishing company

Publishing your own music is great because if you enter into co-publishing agreements with larger companies not only will you get your writer’s share of royalties, you’ll also get ½ of publishing royalties. First step to starting your own company is to register the proper business entity within your state. For example, a Limited Liability Company or Corporation. Next, register your songs as a publisher with a performing rights society such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. These steps will put you in the driver’s seat as your own publisher. Get those royalties!

Be a freelance sound engineer

As a musician you have a great ear for sound so put it to good use. Companies, events, and less-experienced performers need someone to oversee the sound in their productions.

Pre-sell your upcoming album

Pre-selling your album gives you the money to produce a higher-quality product. Not only is this a great way to get cash flowing to your new project, this is also a way to generate excitement for your upcoming album with your fans! Free marketing AND money, where do I sign up?

Rent your studio

If you have home studio where you’re producing your own music, share the wealth!  Some artists need quality production of their music and they can’t afford the larger studios. This is a great way to help your fellow musicians and make money at the same time.

Build your email list

This is an age-old marketing tactic that you definitely want to incorporate into your life as an artist. You don’t want to have your fan base only connected to your social media. What if that method goes away? You’ve lost them and you have to start all over. Always have someone to market your next product or concert to by building your list. Add links to your music on iTunes or your new merch. Use Reverb Nation’s mailing newsletters option to give you a professional and fun way to connect with your fans.

“As an independent artist, I know that you would prefer to have all your money come from the screaming fans at your concerts or people clamoring to get your CD, but the reality is, you have to make ends meet until you finally reach your stride in your career. Take at least one of these ideas, apply it and then take that revenue and re-invest it into your career. Careful planning and monetizing every aspect of your art is the key to success in this industry. It’s time. Let’s do this!

“This guest post is written by Jo-Ná A. Williams, Esq., a former vocalist and songwriter and a solo practitioner with her own firm in New York…” Read more.

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“Nkeiru Okoye [in KEAR roo oh KOY yeh] is an established voice in new music. Her works have been performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra, Detroit Symphony, Virginia Symphony, Indianapolis Symphony, Grand Rapids Symphony, New Jersey Symphony and countless regional orchestras” Read more. The blurb, below, discusses Nkeiru’s experience and inspiration related to her works exploring the life of Harriett Tubman.

“WHEN Nkeiru Okoye, a composer who lives in Massapequa, decided to move beyond the mostly orchestral works she had written, she set out to create some vocal music. Envisioning an oratorio, Ms. Okoye (pronounced oh-KOY-yeh), who is of African-American and Nigerian descent, felt that ‘a black woman would be a natural subject.’”

HARRIET TUBMAN is a two act theatrical work from Composer Nkeiru Okoye

“Living in Baltimore at the time, around eight years ago, she focused on Harriet Tubman, the runaway slave born on Maryland’s Eastern Shore who repeatedly led other slaves north to freedom through the secret network of safe houses and routes of the Underground Railroad.

“‘I just poured myself into that research,’ Ms. Okoye said in a telephone interview. She used her recovery time from a car accident to scour past and recent accounts of Tubman and her times. As the oratorio grew into the makings of a full-fledged opera, she also produced a cycle of four songs — arias from the opera — that could be sung independently.

“Those ‘Songs of Harriet Tubman,’ which were completed in 2007, will be a centerpiece of ‘A Ride on the Underground Railroad,’ ….

Composer Nkeiru Okoye

“Ms. Okoye, 39, an adjunct assistant professor of music at Hofstra, is hosting the event and will provide some narration. ‘I’m going to take you through a ride on the Underground Railroad,’ she said. ‘A lot of people think it was an actual train.’

“Parts of the concert will explore ‘coded spirituals,’ whose lyrics were embedded with hidden messages alerting slaves to coming escapes or routes to freedom. One piece on the program, for instance, is ‘Wade in the Water’ (arranged by Chandler Carter, a Hofstra professor of music). ‘It tells you the best way to avoid capture if dogs are chasing you,’ Ms. Okoye said.

“‘Coded messages are also the basis for Julius P. Williams’s ‘Fantasy for Violin and Chamber Orchestra,’ composed for the concert. The work is based on the spiritual ‘The Gospel Train,’ whose lyrics relay that ‘the Gospel train’s a’comin’, I hear it just at hand …’” Read more.

MK Lords: “I got to sit down with Tatiana Moroz, a prominent musician in the liberty and bitcoin communities, to discuss topics of music, bitcoin, and much more. Tatiana views music as one of the best ways to spread the message of bitcoin and liberty, and has thrived in the scene.” Check out this recent interview with our Featured Musician, Tatiana Moroz:

Here are some recent thoughts from our Featured Musician, Gabrielle Louise:

Happy Winter, friends!

What I’m learning about yurt life is this – The central component, indeed the key element to happiness, actually, better put, the PRIORITY relationship in your life is the wood burning stove. You have to think ahead to please her, learn to coax the crackle and snap of seething warmth from her lungs by a delicate series of intricate steps, pleas, seductions, and prayers.

If she’s not happy, nobody’s happy. And that’s the goddamn truth.

Featured Musician Gabrielle Louise explores alternative living in a “Yurt.”

But I’ve got the rhythm now, and I must confess I’m very happy. It’s been snowing since I arrived, and that’s a charming contrast to the 70 degree weather of southern New Mexico, where the “central components” of my life for the last two months had been a cup of tea in the sunroom, a bicycle and a light shawl. For once my mind is in the same place as my body, and time is passing smoothly. It’s as though someone had cranked and oiled the seconds.

I was making soup in the kitchen one evening while the long light of the short day lay like chicken broth on the wooded lot next door, and it seeped in from the windows, and it spilled upon the floor in golden rods and lines. A car drove by. I chopped an onion, crying.

And for once I wasn’t crying from the onion.

It’s just that simple things please me.

I’m headed to Denver in a few days to play two shows, and then to the east coast for the briefest of visits before I board the plane to South America again. I’ve been spending a lot of time planning out tours for April and June, too.

The rhythm I’ve found is movement, and I’m just beginning my spinning. I’m not sure where or how I’ll land. I don’t mind the ambiguity, but maybe I’ll see you somewhere in the journey.

You can find me on February 15th in Coal Creek Canyon for a Valentines Weekend themed show. My brother will be opening the evening with his instrumental duo project that he calls “More Than Physics.” I’m really looking forward to hearing his set. Brodie Kinder will join me for some new duets, including some really classic old country songs I learned down in New Mexico.

February 21st Brodie and I will perform at the Mercury Cafe in downtown Denver. This time Brodie will open the show with some of his new original songs. As for myself, I’m looking forward to playing a tune or two on the piano – I’ve been squirreling away hours remembering content from childhood piano lessons. It’s great fun.

If you’re East Coast based, catch Dave Kaye and I giving a guest set at Walrus & Carpenter on Wed, February 26th. Our friends Meradith DiMenna and John Torres present a great weekly series there featuring music written before the 1960s. I think they call it their “Prohibition Night.”

See you soon!

In Joy,

Gabrielle Louise

P.S. My friends at the Paradise Theater in Paonia, CO are in a pickle. They’ve launched a Kickstarter. Please support them! I love this theater……Read more at Gabrielle’s website.

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Planet Infowars | Rep. Earl Blumenauer grows frustrated with witnesses’ “inability to answer” direct questions about the real health risks of pot.

CNN Distorts Study to Support Global Anti-Child Agenda – February 10th, 2014

Planet Infowars | Such propaganda by CNN serves as another example of the network and its founder Ted Turner’s global anti-child agenda.

Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association January Resolution – February 10th, 2014

Planet Infowars | We encourage all sheriffs, peace officers and those in public office to sign with us.

Cellular Surgeons: The New Era of Nanomedicine and the Nanorobots Inside You? – February 10th, 2014

Planet Infowars | “Pills the size of molecules to seek and destroy tumors.”

What Is The Law? (Rule of Law Assumed) – February 5th, 2014

Planet Infowars | This is not legal advice, this is instruction in what I believe to be basic morality.

If There Is Nothing Wrong With Pot, Why Can’t It Be Consumed Openly? – February 5th, 2014

Planet Infowars | Should a diabetic be fined if they need to use an insulin pen on a public street?

Video: Live Free…. Or In Massachusetts – February 5th, 2014

Planet Infowars | It’s disgusting the people of Mass. have allowed things to escalate to this point.

MLK, His Guns, His Dream, Our Movement – February 3rd, 2014

Planet Infowars | Many in the civil-rights movement continued to carry guns after MLK gave them up.

The DEA is Top Drug Dealer in US, ATF Top Gun Dealer – February 3rd, 2014

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Stand Off (a poem to resist the Police State!) – February 3rd, 2014

Planet Infowars | Year by year we’ve watched them fall; in town square we’ve seen them brawl.

Phonehenge – This is life in a tyranny – January 31st, 2014

Planet Infowars | Cali. gov’t destroys man’s 30-year project in an hour.

Why a “one world” economic structure is fragile and dangerous: Bilderberg 2013 – January 31st, 2014

Planet Infowars | The dangers of a single global economy very well articulated from the gates of Bilderberg.

U.S. Embassy Likely Paying Ukraine Rioters – January 31st, 2014

Planet Infowars | Western powers likely funding pro-EU protests in Kiev.

Premiere Episode Jesse Ventura Off The Grid – January 27th, 2014

Planet Infowars | Jesse Ventura comes to you uncensored, uncut and Off the Grid.

Top 13 Signs You’ve Joined A Cult – January 27th, 2014

Planet Infowars | This applies to many other areas of life..

U.S. Government Owns Patent on Cannabis – January 23rd, 2014

Planet Infowars | What conclusion has the government reached after conducting innumerable experiments?

Vaccine ‘pioneer’ admits adding cancer-causing virus to Vaccine – January 23rd, 2014

Planet Infowars | Scientist admits Merck drug company deliberately contaminated with SV40, a cancer-causing monkey virus.

FEMA to contaminate worlds food and water supply? – January 23rd, 2014

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Revolt in Defense of the Constitution – January 22nd, 2014

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Baby Genius – January 20th, 2014

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Money Is Not Safe In The Big Banks – January 20th, 2014

Planet Infowars | YOUR taxpayer money will disappear in the next crisis!

I Agree. End Public Schools. – January 17th, 2014

Planet Infowars | Show me the petition and I’ll sign it.

What Happened To German Gold? – January 17th, 2014

Planet Infowars | The subject video covers an undercovered story on the missing German gold.

More Murder in Afghanistan – January 16th, 2014

Planet Infowars | They told us it was to fight terrorism; no, to get Bin Laden; no, to bring freedom to the people…

Even the animals know better… – January 16th, 2014

Planet Infowars | Squirrels weigh in on GMO vs. organic.

Is Your Cell Phone Worth Risking Your Life? – January 14th, 2014

Planet Infowars | Two dead and one person injured after dropping cell phone into river.

Canada’s war on the family – January 7th, 2014

Planet Infowars | Canadian bill attempts to remove parents’ rights.

Fukushima Out of Control January – 2014 – January 7th, 2014

Planet Infowars | The World is at a critical crossroads.

Cold Weather Brown Outs – January 7th, 2014

Planet Infowars | I work for a large electric utility company. The office building I work in is currently operating on half power.

No Can Opener Needed: Man Demonstrates How to Open Canned Foods With Hands – January 6th, 2014

Planet Infowars | Vital preparedness tips are worth the watch.

The Apollo moon landings exposed in 2014 – January 3rd, 2014

Planet Infowars | It is almost 45 years ago that the Apollo 11 moon landings were sold to the world.

Nationwide Abortion Protests – January 3rd, 2014

Planet Infowars | That’s it. It’s that easy.

Nuclear Seafood? – January 3rd, 2014

Planet Infowars | With so much evidence, how can the mainstream media cover up the facts?

Global Warming Scientists Studying Disappearing Ice Stuck In Ice – January 1st, 2014

Planet Infowars | Rescue ship sent to rescue another vessel stuck in Antarctic ice now needs freeing.

Congressman Steve Stockman tweets his new gun lubricant – January 1st, 2014

Planet Infowars | Stockman has previously tweeted “If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted.”

It’s China – January 1st, 2014

Planet Infowars | Let’s put two and two together here folks.

NSA Insults My Intelligence, So I File An FOIA Appeal – December 30th, 2013

Planet Infowars | NSA treated my FOIA request as a joke, so I decided to file this appeal.

TSA Go Away Day – December 30th, 2013

Planet Infowars | It’s time to awaken the sleeping giant.

SLOPD Pull People Over in Corporate “Good Driver” PR Stunt – December 30th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Drivers were randomly pulled over by SLOPD for “demonstrating good driving habits.”

Enough of Gay Tyranny – December 26th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Despite your accusations, most of us are not hateful.

Chemtrail Tankers To Be “Falling Like Rain” From The Sky? – December 26th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Does this mean they will be shooting down chemtrailers here in the United States?

A Man Made of Meat – December 23rd, 2013

Planet Infowars | Just in Time For Christmas Dinner.

Christians in America Study History and Fight Back against the Censorship While We Still Can – December 23rd, 2013

Planet Infowars | The early Nazi movement and the recent attack on Christianity share too much in common to ignore.

Loving Peace – December 23rd, 2013

Planet Infowars | Muslims protecting Christians in Egypt during mass.

Sweden moves closer to a cashless society with new money laundering registry – December 20th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Businesses now expected to violate the privacy of its customers.

States begin move to nullify Obamacare, Judge Napolitano explains this would “gut” the program – December 18th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Obamacare, more than anything, is a big giveaway to the health insurance industry.

500 innocent Americans murdered every year by police – December 18th, 2013

Planet Infowars | ..5,000 since 9/11, equal to the number of US soldiers lost in Iraq.

EPA Water Police Coming to Your Farm, Business — and Back Yard – December 18th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Clock is ticking on the EPA’s proposal to grab regulatory authority over virtually all surface water and groundwater throughout the U.S.

Obama’s New Interpreter – December 13th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Obama turned his attention away from taking selfies to make a speech at Mandela’s funeral.

ATF entraps the mentally ill to arrest them – December 13th, 2013

Planet Infowars | ATF entraps mentally ill patsies, much like its counterpart the FBI.

Ecoscience pdf – John Holdren Really Did Say Those Things – December 12th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Authored in 1977 advocates for extreme totalitarian measures to control the population.

VIDEO: Police Brutally Slam 72-Yr-Old Woman To Ground, Intimidate Witness Filming – December 12th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Entirely unnecessary act of raw violence..

U.S. Drones Murder 13 In Yemen – December 12th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Well done, America.

Obama Administration issues Martial Law Directive – December 11th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Bureaucrats and politicians will never use the term Martial Law. Instead, the phrase ‘continuity of government’ is substituted.

There Is No Reason To Fear The New World Order Trying To Discredit You – December 9th, 2013

Planet Infowars | “Guess what folks, the New World Order is severely discrediting themselves when they do this…”

Christian Communities Ablaze: Fear Backdoor Gun Confiscation & Obama False Flag Event Will Lead To “New Holocaust” – December 9th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Fear that a new holocaust is coming soon to American shores in a city near you.

YouTube online apology for DRONE package delivery announcement [SPOOF] – December 9th, 2013

Planet Infowars | What steps will the company will take to make them work?

10 Civilizations You’ve Never Heard Of – December 6th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Lost languages and mysterious disappearances are just some of the interesting things about these 10 lesser known civilizations.

Water on Fire: It’s Good For You! – December 6th, 2013

Planet Infowars | From the same folks that brought you MSG, Aspartame, GMO food, Fluoride, Chlorine, DDT and irradiated food.

Navy Launches First Submarine Drone – December 6th, 2013

Planet Infowars | This is not science fiction; this is the world we live and technology like this is only going to increase.

Join Me: Former, Current Football Players or Coaches who Pledge to Boycott the NFL – December 4th, 2013

Planet Infowars | It is apparent that the NFL is being used as a tool to keep people distracted from politics and reality..

TSA Go Away Day – December 2nd, 2013

Planet Infowars | Whereas it is totally inappropriate for anyone to grab or expose people’s genitals, in any capacity for any reason…

Joe Rogan Discusses NSA Surveillance with Tool Frontman – December 2nd, 2013

Planet Infowars | Maynard James Keenan unloads on life, wine and the NSA surveillance grid.

My Interview With UFO/ET Researcher And Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman – December 1st, 2013

Planet Infowars | Interview with UFO/ET researcher.

Get out of the 501(c)(3) Church – December 1st, 2013

Planet Infowars | The goal of this campaign is to wake up Americans to get out of the 501(c)(3) government worshiping church.

The Story the NY Times Missed – November 26th, 2013

Planet Infowars | We’re told fire brought down a 47-story skyscraper.

Police Brutality In Dallas, TX On 11/22/2013 – November 25th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Sheriff’s deputies totally went “police state ballistic” on my fellow protesters and me at the JFK protest in Dallas on 11/22.

They took her Gold! – November 25th, 2013

Planet Infowars | The Seleka took her money and gold and told her to leave and not come back.

If you had an opportunity to leave the US, would you? – November 21st, 2013

Planet Infowars | I have been living as an expat for 9 years.

Where Were You When President Kennedy Was Assassinated? – November 21st, 2013

Planet Infowars | Children had a lot of innocence back in those days, author says.

“The Grid” Detroit – November 19th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Activist documents mysterious “white boxes” attached to street lights and buildings in downtown Detroit.

Hot Tub Aquaponics: November Update – November 19th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Tomatoes have started to flower, the strawberries are trimmed up and the lettuce is doing great

Silver Iodide being sprayed on us via chemtrails – November 15th, 2013

Planet Infowars | The manufacturer even says it is highly toxic!

Alt Media set up with child porn by unknown assailant? – November 15th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Another alternative media head was set up with child porn, go figure!

Chemtrailing going on for decades – November 13th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Also discussed in this one is the lithium sprayed on us.

Huff Post Enemy of Truth – November 8th, 2013

Planet Infowars | It’s been 3 days in a row that the Huffington Post has been pushing the Rand Paul Plagiarism on the front pages.

Top 10 Reasons Jesse Ventura May Be The U.S.’s Only Hope for Liberty vs. Tyranny in 2016 – November 8th, 2013

Planet Infowars | The recent behavior by the past two presidents have impacted the way the world looks at our country.

High Ranking Naval Officer Arrested – November 8th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Should raise concerns as it may represent an atmosphere of corruption at the top levels of the military

2016 Presidential Election: Tyranny vs Truth – November 6th, 2013

Planet Infowars | As the 2016 election draws near, more and more contenders are beginning to pop up.

New Mexico Man Gets Cavity Search Over Stop Sign ?!? – November 6th, 2013

Planet Infowars | The only thing this man was possibly guilty of was not coming to a complete stop.

Wake Up America – November 6th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Will the people stand behind their military and police who attempt to expose corruption and evil.

20 Drills that Prove the DHS’ Official New Enemy is the American People – October 28th, 2013

Planet Infowars | At least 20 out of 47 “scenarios” being practiced by first responders during Urban Shield 2013 in the San Francisco Bay Area are “domestic.”

Our Troops, Our Children, Our Leaders: One Patriot’s Poetic Point of View – October 25th, 2013

Planet Infowars | But on a clear September morning, a new threat emerged / An act of war that caused hatred to surge.

Fritz Springmeier On H & H – October 24th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Illuminati expert Fritz Springmeier lays it all out.

CNN: Denmark – US Gov Role Model – October 24th, 2013

Planet Infowars | In Denmark, everyone is poor and unarmed , but hey, the weather is great.

Open Carry Protest at the Alamo: Ustream video – October 24th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Unedited video stream of Saturday, October 19′s open-carry protest in San Antonio, Texas.

“NSA Surveillance Network #1492″ Appears on Wireless Networks During California Internet Outage – October 22nd, 2013

Planet Infowars | Amongst the names of devices was to my shock, “NSA Surveillance Network #1492.”

The West is being run by corrupt, evil human beings – October 16th, 2013

Planet Infowars | But when it comes to the ETF GLD, you need about $13 million worth, or 100,000 shares, if you want to redeem the shares for physical gold.

Power Grid Failure During Government Shutdown? – October 16th, 2013

Planet Infowars | The crisis has already hit home, thousands below the poverty line are left without food stamps and children left in starvation.

China May Seize Control Of Entire US Financial System – October 16th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Yes, the US will probably pass an extension on the debt ceiling, but we are like blind men right now and we are just taking another step toward the cliff.

Veterans assaulted by Washington DC Park Police, children scared – October 14th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Just witnessed park police whack older women with night clubs.

Three Solutions To The Debt Crisis That Don’t Require Raising The Debt Ceiling – October 14th, 2013

Planet Infowars | There are at least three ways for congress to “pay their bills on time.”

NBC/WSJ Poll: 90% Say Fire Every Member Of Congress – October 11th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Local news poll shows majority want to defeat or replace every single member of Congress.

The Science of the Sun’s Orbit – October 11th, 2013

Planet Infowars | We are in the new era- of the New World Order if you will.

The Brain Chipped Dream World – October 10th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Could criminal elements in gov’t use brain chips for torture?

To Alex Jones: Weighing in on the D.C. Shooting – October 7th, 2013

Planet Infowars | No one may utilize lethal force simply because their orders were not followed.

Apollo 10, story is changed, astronaut Cernan tells a different story as the NASA footage shows? – October 7th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Why is the Discovery story changed?

A Billion Here, and A Billion There…Our Continually Increasing Budget Deficit – October 7th, 2013

Planet Infowars | If certain federal employees are “non-essential,” then why are they employed in the first place?

The Curious Coincidences of a Campaign – October 4th, 2013

Planet Infowars | This global network will work tirelessly to assert the sovereignty of the individual and respect for natural and property rights.

U.S. judge rejects government bid to kill ‘Fast and Furious’ suit – October 4th, 2013

Planet Infowars | Last summer, Holder was cited with “contempt of Congress” for failing to turn over subpoenaed DOJ documents related to the botched gunrunning program.

D.C’s Capitol Hill Police Murder Unarmed, Mentally Disturbed Woman – October 4th, 2013

Planet Infowars | One of these idiotic officers smashed his car in to a barricade while her car was nowhere in site, all on his own accord.

Obamacare Constitutional? Not So Fast – October 1st, 2013

Planet Infowars | NFIB v. Sebelius provides an important roadblock to the usage of the Interstate Commerce Clause for the purpose of granting the government unlimited power.

A Three Tier War? – October 1st, 2013

Planet Infowars | In the Spiritual realms it would be the same, with the Spiritual power being greater on the side of God than those of the forces of the Devil.

No Real Government Shutdown – October 1st, 2013

Planet Infowars | “They” are the problem and nothing positive will happen until “they” go. They h

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