camexpo Exhibitor Show Highlights – Earls Court, London, 20-21 October 2012

camexpo 2012

(PRWEB) October 08, 2012

London, UK: camexpo Exhibitor Show Highlights 2012 – VMS & Natural Healthcare, Natural Beauty, Clinical Supplies, and Training & Education

camexpo, the UK’s only dedicated professional holistic event for the complementary and natural healthcare community, will return for its 10th edition this month with over 190 exhibitors – including many of the UK’s biggest CAM manufacturers, suppliers and training providers.

Taking place on 20-21 October at London’s Earls Court, camexpo provides the best opportunity of the year for thousands of CAM practitioners, therapists, students, retailers and healthcare professionals to meet innovative new trade suppliers face-to-face, benefit from special ‘show only’ deals on 100’s of essential purchases, enjoy live product demonstrations, learn from some of the CAM industry’s leading subject specialists, and research the latest new products, services and training.

The following is just a taste of what visiting buyers and press representatives can expect to see at this year’s camexpo.

    VMS & Natural Healthcare

Vital Health Europe (stand 1423) will be exhibiting Vital Greens and Vital Protein, plus promoting their popular new Subscription service at this year’s camexpo show. Vital Greens is a nutrient and enzyme-rich, complete superfood containing 76 nutrients, which are essential for optimal health, energy and vitality. This great product is now available on subscription, helping to save both time and money. The essential nutrients include naturally occurring food-source vitamins and minerals, as well as powerful antioxidants, probiotics for intestinal health, digestive enzymes, cell pigments, plant sterols and fibres. With Vital Greens, you really can be your best – naturally and easily.

Nutri Limited has had a makeover! Come along to stand 1637 and see the new look for yourselves. Nutri will also be showcasing a selection of brand new products, including its tasty new MegaMag™ range of magnesium powders, and new breakthrough GI support product, Nutrimonium. Sample the products and enjoy a special discounted price for the duration of the show.

Kinetic Natural Products Distributors (stand 2113) will be unveiling three new products from Terranova Synergistic Nutrition, supplements made from fresh freeze-dried botanicals that offer whole-food nutrition in a form easily recognised by the body – Beetroot Juice, Cordyceps & Reishi Super-Blend; Hawthorn, Ginkgo & Bilberry Super-Blend; and Green pH Alkaline Super-Blend. They will also be bringing three new products from Nature’s Answer – Liquid Fibre; Liquid Magnesium Glycinate; and Liquid Resveratrol.

Introducing LifeWave’s non transdermal patches (stand 2144). This exciting new technology can help slow down the aging process by elevating glutathione and Carnosine levels and reducing stress. There are patches for energy enhancement; patches that reduce body temperature and inflammation – relieving pain; patches that regulate appetite and suppress sugary cravings; one which helps promote better sleep by elevating the production of melatonin; and another that reduces mobile phone radiation by more than 85%.

New from Creative Nature (stand 2734), the only natural, cold pressed health bar on the market that is genuinely healthy! Available in three delicious varieties – The Brownie Bar, Super Seed Bar and Super Berry Bar – they are naturally low in fat and contain immunity boosting antioxidants. The Brownie Bar combines cacao powder and goji berries. Hemp Seeds rich in Omega 3 and 6 mean the Super Seed Bar is bursting with flavour and essential fatty acids. A mix of Cranberries and Goji Berries combine exquisitely in the Super Berry Bar. Vegan and Vegetarian Society approved, these slow release energy bars refuel your body naturally (RRP £1.49 for a 50g bar).

Igennus Healthcare Nutrition (stand 1622) have re-branded their specialist pure EPA supplement range and bring two new product innovations to this year’s show; as well as new published clinical evidence for Vegepa in ADHD. Introducing prescription-strength marine ethyl-EPA supplement E-EPA 90, with a new and unique Restore and Maintain™ anti-inflammatory treatment protocol, and the upgraded joint and bone health combo supplement, Omegaflex DUO, which combines marine EPA and GLA with glucosamine HCL and algae-derived calcium for synergistic benefits.

The experts in probiotics, Bio-Kult (Probiotics International Ltd) will be showcasing their new product Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan on stand 2131. Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan is a triple action formula scientifically developed with cranberry extract (36mg PACs), two specifically selected probiotic strains, and Vitamin A that works with the body to help maintain normal levels of bacteria in the gut in order to help maintain a healthy urinary tract. The Bio-Kult team will be delighted to meet visitors to discuss Pro-Cyan and the Bio-Kult range.

First time exhibitors Vivid Trust in Future Ltd (stand 2622) will be introducing the Ni-Ma® range of calming, energetically active products to trade visitors in the UK. The Ni-Ma® bed linen was previously the runner up for the ‘product of the year’ award at the Harmony World trade fair in Germany. A new addition is the design specifically for babies and small children, made of fully organic cotton, which is calming on the skin. The unique patterns help relax stressed minds to find refreshing sleep.

Xynergy Health Products (stand 2132) will be exhibiting two fantastic new products at this year’s camexpo. Sapphire Health Blueberry Shots – health drink, containing an array of anti inflammatory, antioxidant ingredients; and Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein Powder, which is an unparalleled blend of the finest plant-based proteins for explosive energy. Sunwarrior-Protein is the ultimate plant-based protein for unrivalled fitness. Easily digested, it is perfect for anyone who wants to lose fat, build muscle, and maintain lean fitness.

VitaFree Health Ltd is proud to introduce its Young pHorever product line at camexpo 2012 (stand 2425). These food supplements accompany the alkaline lifestyle program introduced by Dr. Robert O. Young. Everyone has the right to live in health. By following this lifestyle program this claim becomes true. Having the proper food and a balanced nutrition intake will help consumers reach the optimal alkaline balance of their bodies.

Good Health Naturally is showcasing four new products at this year’s show. These include: SerraEnzyme 80,000iu non-enteric – the world’s greatest serrapeptase range is now available in a Delayed Release capsule, which uses new technology (plant derived HPMC ) to ensure the cap is opened in the intestine. Magnesium Oil + MSM is a new addition to the Ancient Minerals magnesium range. Prescript-Assist – the only probiotic backed by a peer-reviewed, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trial – including a one year follow up study verifying long term efficacy. It offers 5 key advantages over other probiotic supplements – visit stand 2325 to see what they are! D.I.P is a unique immune formula, which contains Vitamin C and D3, ExSelen, Zinc, EpiCor, Elderberry Fruit Extract, Larch Arabinogalactan Powder, Beta Glucan 1,3 and more!

Healing Bamboo/Kokoro Haramaki (stand 1524) will be exhibiting kokoro’s sensational haramaki tummy wrap, which is based on traditions dating back to Japan’s 12th century Samurai warriors. Today, it’s all about fun and functionality. The warm, flexible haramaki is an ideal year-round accessory for exercise, leisure and relaxation. Made from closely-ridged layers of 97% cotton and 3% polyurethane, the cosy haramaki keeps core body temperature warm, which in turn helps hands and feet stay warm, however chilly it might be outside.

Hadley Wood Healthcare (stand 2415) will be showcasing a new range of 100% vegetarian digestive enzyme products at camexpo this year. Within the range there is a specific blend suitable for those with candida worries called Colon ClenZyme. It delivers a unique candida and yeast-busting enzyme ingredient that helps to break down the normally impenetrable cell wall that makes candida so difficult to eradicate. This product looks set to be a winner with nutritional therapists and the more specialist colon and colonic irrigation therapists that have a special interest in bowel health.

Celebrate Songbird Naturals’ 10th anniversary year at camexpo’s 10th anniversary year! Songbird Naturals is proud to have been a part of the show’s growth, which coincides with their own! They will be exhibiting all of their usual massage waxes, reflexology waxes and balms on stand 2225, and will also be introducing the entire range in a 20g size. Special show deals will be available. Happy Birthday camexpo and Songbird Naturals!

Vital Life International (stand 2531) is a primary supplier of exceptional health and well being products, carefully selected and developed for distribution and promotion in the UK. Vital Life’s product portfolio includes Nordic Naturals premium fish oils; Egyptian Magic; MASQUELIER’S French Pine Bark; and Mediterranean Essentials supplements – Immulina, Pharmacure and Incrediwear. There’ll also be exciting news regarding new product launches coming soon!

Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury (stand 2722) lovingly produce an extensive range of high quality pharmacoepial grade herbal loose leaf teas, herbal powders and herbal tinctures. Specialising in health and nutrition, they also produce a range of superfood powders, wholefoods and raw chocolate ingredients. To complement the natural lifestyle, they have a wonderful range of hand-blended resins, incenses, aromatherapy blends and massage oils. Many of the products are certified by the Organic Food Federation, and all are chosen for their excellent quality and high grade nutritional content. A family business, all products are tried and tested, and personal recommended by them.

Maintain your vitality by sitting with BackJoy Europe BV’s Backjoy Posture+! Its patented design encourages optimal posture and engages core muscles so users can sit more comfortably, and correctly, to get more out of life. Posture+ is not a simple cushion. It contains APS™ Technology and Advanced Core Materials™. It was designed so users can automatically sit with optimal sitting posture, anytime, anywhere. And with the impact absorbing, all-conditions skin – it can be used on everything from an office chair to a rock hard surface with greater comfort, longer (stand 2644).

New Nature’s Plus UK’s GI Natural Digestive Perfection (stand 1631) goes beyond regular digestive remedies to support the structure of the digestive system and improve the way that the body absorbs nutrients. The innovative two-layer tablet means that the fast release layer can sooth and support whilst the slow release layer can help heal and strengthen the digestive tract – a must have in store for the party season! (RRP £23.75 for 90 tablets). Nature’s Plus will also be showcasing new T MALE at camexpo 2012. T MALE features botanical ingredients including fenugreek, grape and apple concentrates. High potency zinc aids maintenance of healthy, natural testosterone concentrations in men, and also supports fertility, while vitamin B6 reduces tiredness and fatigue. T MALE also provides the body with calcium and selenium, which offers nutritional support for normal sperm production (RRP £25.50 for 60 tablets).

    Body care & Beauty

Green People will be presenting their stylish, new look organic beauty products. Hair, Scent Free and Skin care have a fresh, stylish new look and new formulations to balance, strengthen and soothe. 90%+ active ingredients nourish, rebalance and restore for optimum skin health. The key ingredients of Perilla Oil, Squalane and Jojoba Esters repair, protect and soothe, restore elasticity, increase skin hydration and give a silky skin-feel. Suitable for sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis or rosacea. Free samples available on stand 1816.

Niki’s Organic Balms (stand 2437) will be showcasing its natural collection of balms, designed to soothe, relax and moisturise. The range features five balms infused with natural ingredients including cinnamon, sandalwood and rosemary essential oils. Handmade in the UK, the balms are suitable for personal use and for use in reflexology treatments. A versatile health and beauty essential, Niki’s Organic Balms smell and feel luxurious and are available in a range of sizes to suit all needs and uses.

Visit Cress Ltd and Hopes Cream on stand 1731 to test your acidity or alkalinity and receive a one-to-one consultation with nutritional therapy expert Maria Zaretti (BSc Hons DipION). Learn how to alkalise your diet and rapidly neutralise acids, which can profoundly benefit your health. Cress will also be showcasing Sukin’s new sensitive skin range, created specifically for fragile skin, with carefully selected actives of chamomile, aloe vera and cucumber to calm, soothe and balance.

Haven Organics is a new organic range for dry and colour-treated hair. Haven will be showcasing its ‘hero’ product at camexpo on stand 2335. The smoothing balm is a 3-in-1 blow dry cream that protects hair from colour fade, combats frizz and dryness. Its active ingredients are sweet blue lupine extract scientifically proven to retain hair colour for up to 30 washes, mushroom extract that leaves hair smooth and silky, fair trade brazil nut and burti oil natural u-v filters, plus moisture rich argan and almond oil.

    Clinical Supplies

Therapy Essentials Affinity will be showcasing the UK’s leading brand Affinity Therapy tables. Designed for holistic, sports, medical and beauty treatments, see a wide selection of tables on stand 1611. Special show packages are available to all visitors, as well as the opportunity to reserve a copy of ‘Therapy Success’ – the definitive guide to running and developing a therapy business. Most exciting of all, is the opportunity to ‘win an Affinity Sports Pro Electric Treatment Table’ – call at the stand for details!

Dotolo Europe (stand 2333) is the leading supplier for colon hydrotherapy machines, equipment, disposables in the UK, including colon hydrotherapy training courses. New to this year’s show will be the latest Pre Heater product model supplying hot and cold water that conforms fully to WRAS Category 5 regulations for use with new installations or can be retrofitted to existing clinics/spas/salons etc. There’s also a new range of flexible training courses. Colon hydrotherapy is an ideal service for professionals to offer in conjunction with existing aesthetic clinic-based services, such as those offered by surgical and non-surgical health treatment salons, health clubs, spas and hotels, or within therapeutic environments, such as homeopathy and naturopathy practices.

New Music Productions Ltd presents its iChill Music Collection. From tranquil music needed for relaxation to something uplifting for the busy reception area – or everything in between, they offer the highest quality music, which requires no PPL or PRS license. Listen to samples of their tracks on stand 1638. Happy listening!

Announcing a new treatment at Orassy Kendron! Orassy Quantum Spa’s Timewaver is a ‘therapeutic device’ which is unique within the 21st Century healthcare field and a ‘first in its’ class among medical products in Europe for 2012 (stand 1732). Timewaver has received a Medical Device Agency approval rating to offer this device in treating a person’s body from an informational field level. Timewaver uses quantum science to do this – the result of years of research by The Orassy Quantum Spa and Research Centre, based in Canary Wharf. The ‘nano nano science’ they use travels ‘off the planet and back’ again during a treatment session.

German-based Metavital Service GmbH will be presenting its OBERON – Non Linear Diagnostic Systems on stand 2721. Biological systems own an information field bound to photons. Dysfunctions in this information field are accompanied by measurable changes. Complementary medical device OBERON permits detection and visualisation of these alterations by examining the harmonic oscillation frequencies of an organism’s regulation processes. Its holistic diagnosis principle covers regulation conditions of organs; organ components; cells and cell organelles up to DNA level; and provides conclusions about an individual’s energetic condition with precise indications for treatment approaches. OBERON has a European-wide medical product approval based on the German Act on Medical Devices Class IIa.

    Education & Training

According to HABIA there is a huge gap in skills when therapists move to a managerial position within a salon or spa or within their own business. To bridge this gap, Affable Therapy Training Limited (stand 2315) is now offering a unique ‘Business management for therapists’ course to its learners so that they can manage their staff and their business better; and avoid expensive mistakes and reach their goals more quickly. The course is ITEC accredited and the learner will achieve a Level 4 in Spa and Salon Management.

“Over the years camexpo has provided us with excellent opportunity to be face-to-face with our clients. Therapists who are serious about keeping up-to-date and enhancing their skill sets visit camexpo. It’s a rare, once in a year opportunity to meet industry experts under one roof. Think of it as an annual retreat where you visit for two days of inspiration for the rest of the 363 days,” says Sumita Singh, director of Affable Therapy Training Limited.

Do You Want More Clients? – Then Therapists Marketing Solutions (stand 2524) can help! Successful full-time therapists, Deborah Pearce and Nicola Griffiths, received so many enquiries about their ‘Do You Want More Clients’ course that they filmed the course live and are launching the DVD at this year’s camexpo. They’re able to provide marketing advice and training to complementary therapists because in their previous lives they were marketing experts!

Pukka Herbs, the UK’s leading supplier of Ayurvedic health supplements, has launched a series of educational webinars presented by their research & education manager, Samantha Entwisle. These 45-minute presentations are aimed at practitioners and trade customers and delivered in an engaging, accessible manner, accompanied by full colour slides and mind maps. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions throughout and audio is circulated following the live broadcast for the listener’s convenience and repeat use. For more information about Pukka’s Training Webinars, or to register on their database, please visit stand 1616.

Voted the best in their field by Vogue and GQ magazines – Pure Massage are currently celebrating their 10th birthday! Pure Massage’s ethos has always been to offer outstanding treatments to their customers and develop massage training programmes to students and therapists throughout the UK (stand 1831). Courses include ITEC level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage; as well as post graduate courses in Advanced Deep Tissue Massage, Face Therapy and Face Massage. All courses are accredited by the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA), the leading professional body for complementary therapists in the UK and Ireland.

First time exhibitors Baby Reflex will be inviting all visitors to learn more about its special, calming reflexology techniques for babies and toddlers, which parents can give to their own children. Qualified reflexologists can find out more about the two day Baby Reflex course, which can enable them to help parents with these wonderful reflexology techniques. Baby Reflex will also be showing their special, brand new DVD on stand 2712.

Learn Buteyko Ltd (stand 2715) launches its Facilitator & Practitioner Training programme created in line with the approach Professor Buteyko trained practitioners in during the 1970’s in Russia. Practitioners assisted him and worked under the supervision of his senior students, learning through practical experience how to teach his method and obtain the sorts of results for which it is famous. The programme is supervised by Vladimir Sukkhonosov, one of Professor Buteyko’s first practitioners.

Hypnotherapy, NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Techniques, and EFT are all powerful behavioural change strategies and the Life Practice UK (stand 1921) has combined these rapid change teachings together in one certified and accredited Diploma. The Integrated NLP, Hypnotherapy & Coaching Diploma is for individuals who wish to improve client compliance and help them to achieve success in their goals. Mark Shields, founder of Life Practice UK and CAM Magazine’s Editor, Simon Martin, will also be launching their new book The CAM Coach written for CAM practitioners. It will reveal the proficiencies, practical steps, and inspiration that practitioners need to set up and then enjoy an outstanding and profitable practice.

The Smart School (stand 2535) has launched the Person-Centred NLP & Hypnotherapy Certification Programme, exclusively for those who want to become professional NLP therapists. Approved of by the Complementary Therapists Association and British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP, it breaks with the industry norm of short, lightweight courses delivering instead six months of advanced skills alongside supervised client work between the training weekends.

Successful Health Marketing (stand IZ-A, Innovation Zone) specialises in The High-Paid Expert system, which is designed to elevate practitioners from ‘expert’ to an authority in your industry. Discover how to get high-paying clients, command premium fees and profit from your expertise. The company also offers the Marketing Breakthrough programme, a bespoke marketing plan and ‘done for you’ sales funnel to generate leads and sales on complete autopilot.

First time exhibitors Persephone Institute of Psychophonetics (stand 2526) presents Psychophonetics, a holistic modality of counselling and coaching for self–mastery and deep leadership. Persephone Institute will be offering its professional training course in London for the first time this year. The course will be launched with a 5-day stand-alone seminar that also gives credit for the first part of the Foundation Year from 21-25 November 2012. Psychophonetics enables people to listen deeply to their body and soul, engaging their individual spirit in the process of self-healing and deeper consciousness.

The new, exciting ismartmassage Therapy & Courses will be launched by Andrew Sceats on stand IZ-B in the new Innovation Zone at camexpo. This new, insurable therapy is a fusion of modern technology and traditional massage techniques. The therapy uses the mini ismart massager system and is ideal for therapists who want to increase income, minimise work related injury or who want to get new clients or increase therapy input. Forward looking therapy schools and colleges will be able to teach the one-day therapy course to their students or offer it for CPD purposes. As an additional income stream there will be reseller scheme.

Cell Symbiosis Therapy Academy (CST) is a revolutionary approach that traces the origins of most chronic disease to a new paradigm: the down-regulation of mitochondrial ATP production (stand 1526). It uses hard evolutionary science to describe how we become locked into anaerobic glycolysis as a protective mechanism – and how to reverse this and restore health. Over 4,000 practitioners are already successfully trained in CST.


The Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists, also known as ‘UK Colonics’, is celebrating its 25th anniversary during 2012. It is now in ‘partnership’ with the UK’s IBS Charity, The IBS Network. This includes current talks regarding a collaborative piece of research into how colon hydrotherapy can help people who have bowel dysfunction associated with IBS. This is designed to produce irrefutable confirmation of the massive body of anecdotal records that ARCH has from its practitioners, detailing how the benefits of modern naturopathic colon hydrotherapy can potentially reduce bowel dysfunction associated with IBS. As the oldest and most respected colon hydrotherapy association in the UK, ARCH represents those who uphold colonics as being an adjunctive medical treatment for bowel dysfunction associated with IBS. They’d love to talk to you about poo on stand 2340.

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) offers practitioner update on standards and awareness-raising (stand 2536). Visitors to this year’s camexpo will have a unique opportunity to hear the latest news about regulation and CNHC’s campaign to protect the public from rogue practitioners. CNHC’s Chair Maggy Wallace will provide an update on regulation and how CNHC’s awareness-raising campaign is helping the public to understand more about the need to look for CNHC registered practitioners. Want to keep up to date with changes to healthcare regulation and how CNHC registration can help raise your profile? Then visit stand 2536 or go to the CNHC’s Keynote on Saturday 20 October at 1.45pm for an update on these key topics, with plenty of time for questions.

To register to attend camexpo, which includes entry to the exhibition and CPD-accredited Keynote seminar programme, please visit http://secure.smartregister.co.uk/events/divcom/2012/camexpo/start.aspx?code=camno024 (and use priority code CAMNo024 to register in advance for £6). Please note, entry prices may vary with different promotional codes.


Media enquiries & press pass requests to:

Press passes are available to media professionals working on editorial or broadcast coverage of the event. To request a press pass, please email your full details to the show’s PR Manager, Emma-Louise Jones, at ejones(at)divcom(dot)co(dot)uk (additional details may be required to verify journalistic activity).

t: +44 (0)1273 645134    



camexpo enquiries to:

Zoe Campbell, Event Manager

t: +44 (0)1273 645135        e: info(at)camexpo(dot)co(dot)uk            






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