Cool off and beat the heat in your local splash pad, or pack a lunch and visit a new one! Here’s a guide to local splash pads in the Greater Toronto Area for 2012!

Looking for a local splash pad? Here’s an alphabetical list of GTA cities (and a few others!)

Ajax Splash Pads

Both Ajax splash pads are open from early June to early September (weather permitting) 7 days/week (9 a.m. to dusk).

Rotary Park
Located on Lake Driveway at the mouth of Duffins Creek.

(adjacent to) McLean Community Centre
Located at Magill and Westney.

Aurora Splash Pads

Aurora Splash Pads are open, weather-permitting, from mid-June through to early September. Hours of operation are 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Both splash pads feature tumbling buckets of water and several ground jets for a variety of water play activities on a rubber safety surface. Adjacent amenities include a large playground and open grass play fields at both parks. At Town Park you will also find mature shade trees and washroom facilities. Both locations have parking available.

Town Park
Located at the intersection of Wells St & Mosley St

Ada Johnson Park
Located at Conover Ave and Hartwell Way

Brampton Splash Pads

Brampton Community splash pads are free to use and are open daily starting May 28th until Labour day (weather permitting) from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Brampton Soccer Centre Splash Pad
Located at the Brampton Soccer Centre, 1495 Sandalwood Parkway East (Dixie Rd and Sandalwood Parkway), Brampton. This beautiful soccer facility has a park that also includes basketball courts and playgrounds. Open June 29-Sept 3.

Cassie Campbell Splash Pad
– Located at the Cassie Campbell Community Centre, 1050 Sandalwood Parkway West, Brampton. This is a beautiful facility which also features basketball courts, skate / BMX park and tennis courts.

Century Gardens Splash Pad
– Located at the Century Gardens Recreation Centre, 340 Vodden St. East (Vodden and Rutherford), Brampton. The Recreation centre’s other outdoor facilities also include a soccer field.

Chinguacousy Park
– Located at 9050 Bramalea Road (Queen St. East and Central Park Drive), Brampton. Chinguacousy Park is a popular civic landmark in Brampton, featuring formal gardens, petting zoo, barn, and sports. The splash pad here is open only if temperature is at least 22c.

Peel Village Spray Pad
– Located on Ferndale Crescent, off Bartley Bull Parkway.

Wild Wetland Splash Pad at Heart Lake Conservation Area
Open daily until early September (weather permitting), this huge facility includes 30 + water features, 550 person capacity, natural surroundings! Located in Heart Lake Conservation area 10818 Heart Lake Rd. Brampton

Springdale Central
*Opening this summer. Located on Father Tobin Dr., West of Bramalea Rd.

Brooklin Splash Pads

See listings under Whitby.

Burlington Splash Pads

LaSalle Wading Pool and Splash Pad
Located at LaSalle Park, 50 North Shore Blvd East.

Mountainside Pool and Splash Park
Located at 2205 Mount Forest Drive, adjacent to Mountainside Arena.

Nelson Pool and Splash Pad
Located at 4235 New St., adjacent to Nelson Arena.

Caledon Splash Pads

Adam Wallace Memorial Park
Located at Cedargrove Rd, Bolton.

R.J.A. Potts Memorial Park
Located on Pembrooke St., Bolton

Dicks Dam
Located on Glasgow Rd, Bolton

John Alexander Park
Giles Rd., Caledon Village

Cambridge Splash Pads

Cambridge spray pads are open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (weather permitting) from June 10 to approximately September 2.

Central Park
Located at 615 King. St. East

Churchill Park
Located at 200 Christopher Drive

Ferguson Homestead
Located on Cowan Blvd.

Forbes Park
Located at 16 Kribs St.

Hespeler Optimist
Located on Ellis Rd. (please note- this location is currently undergoing maintenance)

Lincoln Park
Located on Vimy Street

Northview Heights
Located at 120 Carter Crescent

Riverside Park
Located at 49 King St. W.

Soper Park
Located on Dundas St./Marion Way

Victoria Park
Located on Fisher Mills Rd.

Weaver Park
Located on Weaver St.

Clarington and surrounding area Splash Pads

Avondale Park
Located at 100 Avondale Dr., Courtice

Bowmanville Memorial Park
Located at 120 Liberty St., Bowmanville

Glenabbey Parkette
Located at 231 Glenabbey Dr.

Guildwood Park
Located at 180 Guildwood Dr., Bowmanville

Roswell Park
Located at 132 Roswell Dr.

Westside Drive Park
Located at 33 Westside Drive

Concord / Thornhill Splash Pads

Concord Thornhill Regional Park
Located at 299 Racco Parkway, Concord

Dufferin District Park
Located at 1441 Clark Avenue West, Concord

North Thornhill Community Centre
Located on Pleasant Ridge Ave., Thornhill

Wade Gate Park
Located at 151 Wade Gate, Concord

East Gwillimbury Splash Pads

Harvest Hills Community Park
Located at the corner of Woodspring Ave and Harvest Hills Blvd. (spray pad)

Parkway Park
Located at the corner of Oak Ave. and Poplar St., River Drive Park (spray pad)

Ross Family Complex
(splash pad) Located at 19300 Centre St., Mount Albert

Holland Landing Community Centre
(splash pad) Located at 19513 Yonge St., Holland Landing

Etobicoke Splash Pads

Etobicoke splash pads are open late May to late September. For other splash pads in the Toronto area, see listings under Toronto.

Bell Manor Park
Located at Park Lawn & Berry Rd.

Gracedale Park
Located at 186 Gracedale Blvd.

High Park
Located at 1873 Bloor St W

Highfield Park
Located at Mount Olive & Bulbourne Dr.

Kingsview Park
Located North of Dixon Rd

Lakeshore Village Park
Located at 46 Garnett Janes Rd.

Lanyard Park
Located at 138 Lanyard Rd

Prince of Wales Park
Located at 1 Third St.

Rexdale Park
Located at 143 Elmhurst Dr.

Rotary Peace Park
Located at 25 Eleventh St.

Sir Casimir Gzowski Park
Located at 1751 Lake Shore Blvd W

Weston Lions Park
Located at 2125 Lawrence Ave W

Georgetown Splash Pads (see Halton Hills)

Guelph Splash Pads

Gueph splash pads are open from June 30 to September 5, admission is free!

Hanlon Creek Splash Pad
– Located in Hanlon Creek Park, 505 Kortright Rd. West, Guelph. This park has washrooms as well as a playground and soccer. Open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

Norm Jary Splash Pad
– Located in Norm Jary Park, 22 Shelldale Crescent, Guelph. The park also offers a play area, soccer, restrooms, basketball court and more. Open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

Waverley Park Splash Pad
– Located at Waverley Park, 76 Balmoral Drive in Guelph. Includes a small splash pad, as well as softball and soccer facilities.

West End Community Centre Splash Pad
– Locaed at the West End Community Centre, 21 Imperial Rd. South in Guelph. This is a full service community centre featuring a range of facilities. Open Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m and Weekends from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Halton Hills Splash Pads

All Halton Hills splash pads are open daily from 10:00 am – 8:00pm (weather permitting) until Labour Day. Admission is Free!

Dominion Gardens Splash Pad
– located in Dominion Gardens Park, 135 Maple Avenue East, Georgetown. Parking is available at Christ the King High School and in the Dominion Gardens Park parking lot. Dominion gardens also features a large playground area with a variety of activities for children of various ages, a large shaded pavillion, picnic tables and scenic gardens.

Gellert Community Centre Splash Pad
– located at the Gellert Community Centre’s Park, 10241 Eighth Line, Georgetown. Parking is available at the Gellert Community Centre parking lot. The Gellert park also features a baseball diamond, soccer field and playground area.

Superior Glove Splash Pad
– Located at Prospect Park in Acton (30 Park Ave). This spash pad is Halton Hills’ newest and includes a fun “fish” theme. Also at Prospect Park- a playground, baseball diamond, walking path, and beautiful views of Fairy Lake, which surrounds the park.

King Township Splash Pads – See Richmond Hill

Kitchener Splash Pads

Breithaupt Park Splash Pad
Located in Breithaupt Park, 806 Union St., Call 519-741-2502 for information on hours of operation.

Victoria Park Splash Pad
Victoria Park is on Courtland Ave. W., call 519-741-2890 for information on hours of operation

Chandler Mowat Splash Pad
222 Chandler Dr., reopening summer 2011- call 519-741-2733 for information

Doon Pioneer Park Splash Pad
150 Pioneer Dr., call 519-741-2641 for information on hours of operation

Vanier Park Splash Pad
A small splashpad, located in Vanier Park, 329 Vanier Dr., call 519-741-2641 for information on hours of operation

Kingsdale Splash Pad
80 Wilson Ave., call 519-741-2540 for more information on hours of operation

Centreville Chicopee Splash Pad
141 Morgan Ave., call 519-741-2490

for more information on hours of operation

MacLennan Park Splash Pad
MacLennan Park- opening summer 2011- call 519-741-2557 for information on when the park will be open

Maple Splash Pads

Crieff Parkette
Located at 45 Crieff Avenue, Maple

MacKenzie Glen District Park
Located at 220 Cranston Park Avenue, Maple

Maple Airport Park
Located at 121 Avro Road, Maple

Maple Lions Park
Located at 350 Cunningham Drive, Maple

Melville Park
Located at 201 Melville Avenue, Maple

Markham Splash Pads

Markham splash pads are open 9 a.m. to dusk until September 1- times may be extended in the event of a heat emergency. Please note that splash pads that are located adjacent to elementary schools are open from 4-9 p.m. on school days until the end of June For more information, please contact 905-477-5530

Ashton Meadows Park, Unionville
this splash pad is located northwest corner of Woodbine and Calvert Rd. Park at the north end of the park, off Rachel Crescent

Bayview Lane, Thornhill
located on Baymark Rd., behind Stornoway Crescent Public Elementary School

Beaupre Park, Milliken Mills
located on the north side of Denison St., between Middlefield Rd. and Markham Rd.

Benjamin Marr Park, Markham
located on the east side of 9th Line, south of Pascoe Dr.

James Edward Park, Milliken Mills
located on the north side of Elson St., across from James Edward Dr., east of McCowan Rd.

Millennium Park, Markham
located on the northwest corner of Town Centre Blvd. and Cox Blvd.

Milliken Mills Park, Milliken Mills
located south of 14th Ave., east of Birchmount Rd.

Mingay/Bur Oak/Wismer, Markham
located on the northwest corner of Mingay Ave. and Bur Oak Ave.

North cornell/Northvale, Markham
located on the southwest corner of Bur Oak Ave. and Northvale Rd.

Simonston Park, Thornhill
(formerly McLaren Park) located on the north side of Simonston Blvd., west of Don Mills Rd.

South Unionville, Unionville
located on the west end of Caboto Trail

Swan Lake, Markham
located on the southeast corner of Williamson Rd. & Swan Park Rd.

Tomlinson Park, Box Grove
located on the east side of Boxwood Crescent

Willow Heights, Unionville
located on Willow Heights Blvd., across from Gardenia Crescent

Milton Splash Pads

Rotary Park Outdoor Pool
– “Splash Zone” is located at 1 Garden Lane, off Mill Street. This splash pad is open open daily from 10:00 am – 8:00pm (weather permitting) until Labour Day weekend.

There are also a number of neighbourhood “spray pads” in Milton, open from 9:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. until Labour Day weekend (weather permitting)! Below are the locations:

-Beaty Neighbourhood Park (beside Guardian Angels School)

-Bristol District Park (Thompson Rd. and Louis St. Laurent Ave)

-Coates Neighbourhood Park (north, Filbrook Dr.)

-Dempsey Neighbourhood Park (besde Chris Hadfield School)

-Clarke Neighbourhood Park (South)

-Lions Sports Park (77 Thompson Rd.)

-Optimist Park

-Scott Neighbourhood Park East

Mississauga Splash Pads

A.E. Crookes Park Splash Pad
Located at 855 Goodwin Road (South of Lakeshore Road East and Montbeck Crescent)

Brickyard Park
Located at 3061 Clayhill Road (North of Dundas, East of Mavis)

Clarkson Community Centre
Located at 2475 Truscott Drive (East of Winston Churchill Boulevard & Truscott Drive)

Churchill Meadow Spray Pad
Located at 3370 McDowell Drive (North of Thomas, West of 10th Line)

Fallingbrook Community Centre Spray Pad
Located at 5135 Fallingbrook Drive (North of Eglinton, East of CreditView) PLEASE NOTE This splash pad is CLOSED for the season

Floradale Park
Located at 2424 Confederation Parkway (North of Queensway, East of Hurontario Street)

Forest Glen Spray Pad
Located at 3545 Fieldgate Drive (South of Burnhamthorpe, East of Dixie)

Frank McKechnie Spray Pad
Located at 310 Bristol Road East (North of Eglinton, East of Hurontario)

Huron Park
Located at 830 Paisley Boulevard West (Mavis Road & Paisley Boulevard West)

Iceland Spray Pad
Located at 705 Matheson Boulevard East (East of Hurontario)

Jack Darling Park
Located at 1180 Lakeshore Road West (Lakeshore Road West, West of Hurontario Street)

Lakefront Promenade Park
Located at 800 Lakefront Promenade (Cawthra Road & Lakeshore Road East)

Lake Aquitane Spray Pad
Located at 2750 Aquitaine Avenue (East of Glen Erin, South of Derry)

Malton Community Centre
Located at 3540 Morningstar Drive

(Morningstar Drive & Darcel Avenue)

Mississauga Valley Spray Pad
Located at 1275 Mississauga Valley Blvd (East of Hurontario, South of Burnhamthorpe)

Neebin Park Spray Pad
Located at 635 Kaiser Drive (East of Mavis, North of Derry)

Quenippenon Meadows Spray Pad
Located at 2625 Erin Centre Blvd (North of Erin Town Centre Mall Next to John Fraser S.S.)

Serson Park
Located at 1095 Fourth Street (North of Lakeshore Road East, West of Dixie Road)

South Common Community Centre
Located at 2233 South Millway (South of Burnhamthorpe Road West, West of Erin Mills Parkway)

Newmarket Splash Pads

Harvest Hills Park
Located at Woodspring Ave. and Harvest Hills Blvd

Oakville Splash Pads

Splash Pads are open from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., June to mid-September, weather permitting.

Coronation Park
Located at 1426 Lakeshore West (near Woodhaven Park Drive)

Heritage Way Park
(open 4-9 p.m.) Located at 1651 Heritage Way, south of Upper Middle and west of Third Line

Millbank Park
Located at 166 Glenashton Drive (near Millbank Drive)

Munn’s Creek Park
(open 4-9 p.m.) Located at 2156 Margot Street near River Oaks Blvd W

Neyagawa Park
Located at 540 River Glen Blvd

Old Abbey Lane Park
Located at 1110 Old Abbey Lane near Dorval Drive

Pine Glen Park
Located at 1482 Pine Glen Road near 3rd Line

Postridge Park
Located at 2742 North Ridge Trail near 8th Line

Sixteen Hollow Park
Located at 2140 Westoak Trails Blvd near Westview Terrace

Valleybrook Park
Located at 1150 Valleybrook Drive near Upper Middle Rd E.

Wynten Park
Located at 2495 Wynten Way near Gable Drive

Orangeville Splash Pads

Harvey Curry Park Splash Pad
– located in Harvey Curry Park, (between Town Line and Lawrence Avenue), Orangeville. This splash pad and washrooms are open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. until September (weather permitting). There is a parking lot located on Town Line for your convenience.

Oshawa Splash Pads

Oshawa splash pads are open daily from 10-5pm and 6-8pm.

Baker Park
Located on Regent Drive, off Harmony Road North. 2 blocks North of King St

Easton Park
(a.k.a. Rainbow Park) Located on the North side of Adelaide Street (east at Harmony Road North)

Glen Stewart Park
Located at the South-east corner of Cabot Street and Cartier Avenue

Lake Vista Park
Located on Emerald Avenue, west of Cedar Street

Lakeview Park
Located on Simcoe Street (turn south on Simcoe until you reach the lake)

Mackenzie Park
Located at the corner of Mackenzie and Athabasca Street South

Northview Park
Located on Ritson Road North

Rotary Park
Located on Gibb St. (north side)

Pickering Splash Pads

Beachfront Park
Located south of Bayly Street on Liverpool Rd.

Frenchman’s Bay Splash Pad
Located at Frenchman’s Bay, 1749 Meadowvale Road

Richmond Hill Splash Pads

Bridgeview Park Splash Pad
Located at Bridgeview Park, on Observatory Lane and Marshall Street

Crosby Park Splash Pad
Located at Crosby Park, Crosby Avenue and Newkirk Road

Dr. James Langstaff Community Park Splash Pad
Located on Red Maple Road and Bantry Avenue

Grovewood Park Splash Pad
Located in Grovewood Park, Grovewood Street, south east of King Road and Bathurst Street

Humber Flats EcoPark
Located on Red Cardinal Trail and Barberry Crescent

Newberry Park Splash Pad
Located in Newberry Park, Bernard Avenue, (west of CNR tracks)

Richmond Green Sports Centre & Park
Located on Elgin Mills Road East and Leslie Street

Russell Tilt Park Splash Pad
Located in Russell Tilt Park on Blackforest Drive, north of Regatta Ave

Silver Stream Park
Located at Wayside Avenue and Shirley Drive

William Neal Park
Located on Tower Hill Road southeast of Jefferson Sideroad and Bathurst Street

Rockwood Splash Pads

Rockmosa Park Splash Pad
– located in Rockmosa Park, 74 Christie Street, Rockwood. Hours have just been extended, and this splash pad will now be open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.! Rockmosa Park also feaures a large, shady pavillion, washrooms, playground, swings, baseball diamond, soccer field and more!

Scugog Splash Pads

Palmer Park
(Port Perry) Located at 175 Water St., Port Perry

Toronto Splash Pads

Toronto Splash Pads are open from May to September 23, 2012 (weather permitting), from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Adlwych Park
Located at Adlwych, south of Mortimer

Amesbury Park
Located at Lawrence & Keele

Baird Park
Located on Keele, South of Annette

Balmoral Park
Located at Wilson Heights & Sheppard

Bayview Village Park
Located at Bayview Ave & Citation Dr.

Bellbury Park
Located at Leslie St & Van Horne Ave.

Bell Manor Park
Located at Park Lawn & Berry

Beresford Park
Located at Colbeck, North of Bloor W.

Bridlewood Park
Located at Huntingwood Dr. east of Pharmacy Ave.

Chelsea Park
Located between Dorval & Indian Rd.

Coronation Park
Located at Keele & Eglinton

Corvette Park
Located at Corvette Ave., east off Kennedy Rd, south of Eglinton Ave. E.

Dentonia Park
Located west of Dawes, north of Danforth

Dieppe Park
Located on Cosburn, east of Greenwood

Dunlop Park
Located on Dunlop Ave. east of Birchmount Rd.

Edgewood Park
Located on Dundas St. E./E. of Coxwell Ave.

Fairfield Park
Located at 80 Lothian

Fenside Park
Located at York Mills Rd & Victoria Park Ave.

Flemingdon Park
Located at Grenoble Dr & Gateway Blvd.

Flemington Park
Located at Flemington Rd & Varna Dr.

Gledhill Parkette
Located on Gledhill Ave., south of Lumsden

Glendora Park
Located at Glendora Ave & Willowdale Ave.

Glenmorgan Park
Located west of Kennedy Rd., south of Hwy 401

Goodlad Park
Located on Kennedy Rd., south of Lawrence Ave. E.

Gracedale Park
Located at Islington & Finch

Greystone Park
Located at Greystone Walk Dr.

Heathrow Park
Located at Jane & Wilson

Hendon Park
Located at Hendon Ave & Eldora Ave.

Heron Park
Located on the south side of Lawrence Ave. E at Manse Rd., east of Morningside Rd.

Horseley Hill
Located between Tapscott Rd. & Finch Ave. west of Neilson Ave.

High Park North
Located on High Park Ave. South of Bloor W.

Highfield Park
Located at Stevenson & Silverstone

Irving W. Chapley Park
Located at Wilmington Ave & Sheppard Ave. W.

John Innes Splash Pad
Located at Sherbourne and Queen St. E.

Kidstown Water Park
Located at 3159 Birchmount Rd.

Kingsview Park
Located at Islington & St. Andrews

Lanyard Park
Located at Finch & Weston

Leacock Park
Located west of Bichmount Rd., north of Sheppard Ave.

Ledbury Park
Located on Ledbury St. & Fairlawn Ave.

McNicholl Park
Located at Don Mills Rd & McNicholl Ave.

Milliken Park
Located east of McCowan Ave., south of Steeles Ave.

Neilson Park
Located north of Mclevin

Oakridge Park
Located on the south side of Danforth Ave., west of Danforth Rd.

Oriole Park
Located at Don Mills Rd W & Sheppard Ave. E.

Perth Park
Located on Perth Ave., south of Dupont

Pleasantview Park
Located on Victoria Park Ave & Van Horne Ave.

Port Union Commons
Located on Port Union Rd, south of Lawrence Ave. E.

Pottery Park
Located on Merton, W. of Cleveland

Rexdale Park
Located at Elmhurst & Drumheller

Rotary Park
Located at 11th & Lakeshore

Sandown Park
Located north of Kingston Rd. west of Midland Ave.

Sentinel Park
Located at Finch Ave. W. & Keele St.

Shoreham Park
Located at Jane St & Steeles Ave. W.

Smythe Park
Located at 175 Scarlett Rd.

Tall Pines Park
Located north of Kingston Rd., west of Sheppard Ave. E.

Terraview Park
Located off Pharmacy Ave., south of Hwy 401

Topham Park
Located on Tiago, N. of St. Clair Ave. E.

Weston Lions Park
Located on Weston Rd. & Lawrence

Willowdale Park
Located on Hollywood Ave. & Doris Ave.

Located on Lakeshore E./Woodbine.

Vaughan Splash Pads

Vaughan area splash pads are all open from June through Labour Day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Sunday. See Concord/Thornhill, Maple and Woodbridge listings on this page.

Waterloo Splash Pads

Lions Lagoon
Lions Lagoon splash pad is located in Waterloo Park on Young St West in Waterloo. *note- there is an admission charge of $2.50 per person for this location. Splash pad features waterfalls, a water breathing dragon, grounds sprays, water cannons and more! Amenities include changerooms, shaded structures / picnic areas, concession stands, play area, sports field and flower gardens. Hours are 10 a.m. – 6p.m. until September 5

Whitby Splash Pads

Whitby splash pads are open 9am to 9pm June to September, weather permitting.

Baycliffe Park
Located at 20 Baycliffe Drive

Cachet Park
Located at 140 Cachet Boulevard

Carnwith Park
Located at 180 Carnwith Drive West (in Brooklin)

Country Lane Park
Located at 3145 Country Lane

Darren Park
Located at 75 Darren Avenue

Folkstone Park
Located at 444 McKinney Drive

Kiwanis Heydenshore Park
Located at 589 Water Street

Norista Park
Located at 40 Norista Street

Peel Park
Located at 601 Peel Street

Portage Park
Located at 20 Portage Trail

Rotary Centennial Park
Located at 800 Brock Street South

Watson Park
Located at 101 Watson Street East (in Brooklin)

Willow Park
Located at 50 Willow Park Drive

Whitchurch-Stouffville Splash Pads

Byer’s Pond Way Park
Located at Byers Pond Way & Duffin Drive

Madori Neighbourhood Park
Located on Millard Street and Winlane Drive

Tresstown Neighbourhood Park
Located East of 10th line at Sunnyridge Avenue & Raxlin

Wheeler’s Neighbourhood Park
Located at the corner of Hoover Park Drive & Mostar Street

Woodbridge Splash Pads

Blue Coin Park
Located at 351 Velmar Drive, Woodbridge

Chancellor District Park
Located at 430 Chancellor Drive, Woodbridge

Father Ermanno Bulfon Park
Located at 199 Forest Drive, Woodbridge

Mapes Park
Located at 190 Mapes Avenue, Woodbridge

McClure Meadows Park
Located at 8921 Martin Grove Road, Woodbridge

Vaughan Mills Park
Located at 601 Vaughan Mills Road, Woodbridge

Woodbridge Expansion Area District Park
Located at 100 Sunset Ridge, Woodbridge

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