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  • Protein is by far the most widely discussed and publicized nutritional requirement of our body. With all this information available about protein, you might assume that people are pretty well informed on the subject. Wrong. The average American consumes...

  • The Naksa Palestinians commemorate Naksa; Israeli military attacks rallies IMEMC 6 June — Sunday June 5th marks the 49th anniversary of the day known to Palestinians as the ‘Naksa’ [‘setback’], the day that the Israeli military occupied the West Bank...

  • Declaring This a No Mom Shaming Zone
    via probiotics.kimberlysnyder

    A few weeks after Lil Bub was born, I posted a pic on my Instagram account of me breastfeeding Lil Bub while pumping extra milk on the other side and editing a blog. I was such a proud Mama for my amazing baby (as all us Moms are!), and after Lil Bub...

  • UNICEF’s worldwide campaign to emphasize breastfeeding for infants will celebrate its 27th anniversary this year. In the U.S., this effort led to the growth of “baby-friendly” hospitals that encourage breastfeeding as the norm, community breastfeeding...

  • The post The Big Damn Guide To Facebook Ad Targeting appeared first on Content Harmony®. Jump to Section… Ad Targeting Overview How Targeting Sections Interact Targeting Audience Sizes Deep Dive Sections: Custom Audiences, Location, Age, Gender...

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