CinemaSlackers focus is primarily on movies, but every now and again video games are a fun way to pass the time. So for any of you that are huge Nintendo, Xbox, Wii, or anything pretty much before 1995 fans. Then this may be a little upsetting. And I know what you're thinking. Why 65? Well when I sat down and really tried figuring out my favorite games, I couldn't really leave many out! The games I picked are mainly based off of how fun they were and the memories they are able to leave behind. Nothing will win just based off how good it looks. So just for kicks I am going to do 5 honorable mentions, so technically there are 70 games on this list. But only 65 made the cut! Lets get this started!!


Pokémon Yellow was by far the best Gameboy game I've ever played. Now I am not a fan of pokemon now, but as a kid it was the coolest thing. I never finished the game, but I will cherish all the car rides and times playing side by side with my brother!

Mortal Kombat on Sega was the first game I ever played, so growing up I played a lot of mortal kombat. When this one came out I was in complete awe at how violent and gory it was. The realism of the fighting and character design shocked me. PS2 was the sh*t then. This game was a blast then and still is today!

Ahhh...The days of eidos and core. I miss these games. Tomb Raider 2 was great, but a game I always had trouble with. I miss this game dearly and still regret selling it. Tomb Raider 3 came very close to being an HM, but 2 was better. Every other Tomb Raider game after 3 fell flat, besides Anniversary and The reboot. Lara Croft will always have a special place in my heart.

Heres the deal, you are going to see a lot of PlayStation games on this list. That's because its what I grew up with! But to this very day. I still find Mega Man X4 hard as shit. I'm not a huge gamer so I'm not very good at many games, some, but not most. This game brings back soo many memories of staying up late secretly with my brother when we were younger. I'll always cherish those days. Plus the nostalgia this game holds is perfection! Also of the Mega Man X series I've only played this one and X7...and X7 wasn't great. To me!

Farcry 4 is the only farcry game on this list. I did play 2 and 3..but for some reason I felt like they were both missing a spark. And I feel that Farcry 4 had it. These games are only getting better and better, I am anxious to play Primal.

#65- Rampage World Tour

Just a heads up! This will be the only N64 game. Rampage world tour was the only Rampage game I really enjoyed, well R2 was good, but World Tour hit the nail right on the head. Tearing through cities, causing mass destruction, explosions, eating people, the works. Rampage made players feel like they were giant monsters! Lizzie the lizard was always my favorite. Mainly because she was green.

#64- Guitar Hero II

Guitar hero was the game that got me into the franchise. It created a genre of its own and led on other games like Dj hero, rock band, and there was one called guitar smith? or something I am not sure. Either way, GH2 made me feel like a rock star without the difficulty of learning how to play an actual instrument. Its also the game that heightened my interest in music.

#63- Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

The first one I played in the franchise, what got me really excited to play it was knowing Spiderman was in it. It also made me want to be a skater. That didn't really work because one I sucked and two it hurt a lot to fall. So I stuck with the video games. I played this game constantly and its funny because I never once had an ounce of interest in it prior to playing it. It was one of those nights where it was my brothers turn to rent a game. He was older and generally he was into racing games, which I don't like much at all. But this was one of the games we both played the hell out of.

#62- Tony Hawks Underground 2

Ever since I played THPS2 I tried to play every tony hawk game that followed. I missed a few and disliked a few, but for how wacky and off balance this game is. It works. The gameplay and the diversity in the characters makes for a pretty silly game, plus the story mode is actually pretty damn fun and hilarious. Definitely another game I regret selling..

#61- Dead Space

I'm not easily scared. Like ever. This game did it. The tone, the look, the violence, the music, the gameplay all collaborate together to make a pretty damn good survival horror game. I am just astonished that Hollywood hasn't made a film adaption. Many say Event Horizon is the closest thing to it, so I need to check that out. But for those of you that haven't played this game, play it! Not many games have given this much tension and filled me with adrenaline like this one. On another note though, in my opinion. Stay away from 2 and 3

#60- God Of War III

The only reason I bought God Of War 3 back then was for the hype and the graphics. And man was I blown away. I was impressed with the gameplay, story and its dialogue. This game showed me things I'd never seen in video games before, but one reason its so high up on this list is because, and even for how good it is. I wasn't super eager to play it again right away. The first time experience was amazing and eventually I'll return to this franchise.

#59- Bully

Bully wasn't my first rockstar game, but it was the first my parents actually let me buy. This game was actually quite pleasant and I'm curious as to why there has been no sequel or at least remaster. I'd like to jump back into Bully on the ps4 and earn trophies. This game was twisted and I miss it. I also never finished it, because I had too much fun riding my bike and fighting people.

#58- DC Universe Online

This is the only MMO that I am apart of and god do I love it and still play every now and again. I am not terrific at the game or some sort of master, but I enjoy playing and doing missions, I've even sank a few bucks into it as well. I've played it on PS3, PS4 and PC. And something that I found very interesting was that I played it on the PS4 and was able to play with friends that were on PS3. That may not be a shock to people, but to me it very much was. Another perk about the game is that its flippin free to play! Sure you can get cooler stuff if you pay for add ons and such, but its a great time waster especially if you don't have any games, Because at one point the only games I had on ps4 were Call Of Duty Ghosts (gross.) Injustice (ehh.) and this. If you have a playstation or pc. Download this!

#57- Tekken 4

I am not a huge Tekken fan, but its the second best "fighting" franchise IMO. Tekken 4 was great because it didn't shove an assload of characters into the game. I've never been a real fan of anything over like 35 characters. Some games have pulled it off, but most don't to me. Another element the game had was unlocking characters. I love unlocking characters. Especially in fighting games! I feel like nowadays, you put a fighting game in and everyone's already unlocked or DLC. Its bs. Plus I loved the cinematic endings this game had. Very strong game in the Tekken series. I have heard this is like everyones least fav Tekken game, but come on. Tekken 5 and 6 were letdowns.

#56- Tekken Tag Tournament

The only reason TTT is better than 4, is the replay ability and vibe of the game. Its much more light hearted than T4. I've always liked Tekken as a more silly fighting game. I mean you can be a kangaroo with boxing gloves! Silly but Sick at the same time!

#55- Fighting Force

Memories kicking in yet? Yeah for anyone who remembers this game and loved it, you've earned respect! This game was a great beat em up. I am very aware that there are many many many many many games just like this. But Fighting Force was mine. My brother and I played this game religiously and I think we actually beat it. I do remember it causing a ton of arguing because it got harder and harder the further you got and I died a lot, because, my brother is 6 years older than I am and he's going to know more than a 5 year old. Great Game though! Severely underrated.

#54- Hitman Absolution

Who else is excited for that new hitman? ME! This is the only hitman I have played and I beat it in 11 hours. Yes School was snowed out for 2 days and I played the shit out of this and Prototype 2 (meh.) A lot of hitman fans from what I hear dislike this game very much. Well I am not a huge hitman fan and this is the only one I have played and I love it. Very challenging and thrilling. Loved it.

#53- Batman Arkham City

So when Arkham Asylum came out, I was blown away to be playing a batman game that deep and gritty. Then this came out. HOLY F*** was this an amazing game to play. I knew with the success of it they would make more and they did, and what I was afraid of actually happened. I thought this game was going to be too good, that they wouldn't be able to top it. And they haven't... at all. I mean it did what sequels should do. Whether its a game, movie, tv show, book, etc. In order to make it work is too double everything and fix the weak spots, well Asylum didn't have many weak spots, but City was able to counter everything Asylum did. Then Origins and Knight fell flat. I dislike both those games, only because the bar was set so high.

#52- Red Dead Revolver

I know you may be thinking Red Dead Redemption will be on this list now that the first game is. No. Redemption didn't do it for me, and most people that I talked to have either never played this game or heard of it. Revolver and Redemption are both two completely different games and Revolver too me is more genuine. Redemption is too open and lackluster compared to the first. Revolver felt like a grindhouse tarantino spaghetti western. It was wacky, gory, and has tons and tons of interesting characters. Not to mention it was very challenging. One horrid memory I have of the game was when I bought it for the first time after playing it like a savage at friends house, I for some reason couldn't catch a break with the games saving. I would get halfway through the game and it would get corrupted, constantly. It was the only game I had that did it! Its upsetting especially for this game because there is so much to unlock. I highly suggest this game, also it has great multiplayer for at home.

#51- Splatterhouse PS3


Now I am not a psycho path or anything, but violence in movies and video games are almost essential. Not always but about 90% of the time. This is a very gory game and in a comedic way. This game should not be taken seriously. The story is generic and silly, but it has a lot of puns and jokes that give the game energy and character. Its an extremely fun and bloody mess. Also its not super easy, it has some challenge.


Its sad that we'll probably never get an P3, because of that bomb of a game that P2 was. I mean I enjoyed P2, but it was the exact same game as the first. Like I said before, you have to double everything and improve with sequels and it didn't deliver. But Prototype was a tremendous game and I plan on buying the ps4 redux soon. I remember my mom bribing me into going out with her and my dad so she can go shopping downtown from noon to 6 at night, and she said if I go, I'll get a game. And guess what came out like 4 days prior? THIS GAME! Now I did beat the game uber fast, P2 was shorter. But it still had a lot of replay ability. I can't wait to revisit this.

#49- Assassins Creed II

Now I wanna trail back just a tiny bit before I start talking about how great AC2 was. AC1 was one of the first ps3 games I got and I remember saying how beautiful and fluid the game was. I absolutely loved it and my friends loved it. Everyone loved it. Then the news hit about AC2 my excitement was through the F'N roof. I got this game for Christmas my freshmen year of high school and this game rocked. AC2 surpassed everything the original did. The style, gameplay, mechanics, graphics, tone, story, action, weapons, freedom, missions. EVERYTHING was turned up higher than expected. Taking AC an 8/10 game and then playing AC2 a 11/10 game. I know that's a little silly to say that, for this game being #49. But every AC game after this has sucked... Now Brotherhood was okay, Revelations sucked, 3 sucked. I haven't played any AC game after. A friend of mine gave me AC4 for free and I still haven't touched it. One day I might, but i'd much rather buy a ps3 again and play AC2. Also everyone needs to stop hating AC1. Its a great game.

#48- Twisted Metal PS3

I got practically everything I wanted in this game. I played TM as a kid, and this game was great. The only thing it missed to me, was a large selection of characters with bios and personality. Instead you get a lot of rad vehicles with different weapon mechanics. The campaign was fun and also being able to add your own music to the game made it even more of a blast. Blaring Van Halen and crashing and destroying other vehicles can really remove a lot of stress. Play Twisted Metal!! The oldies are great too. But this is by far my favorite, give us more!

#47- Tony Hawks Underground

You know whats fun? Creating your own character and then having to play a story mode with them, whether you're creating yourself in a realistic way or a totally unrealistic version of yourself that you envy. THUG was able to bring in a new taste to the Tony Hawk franchise. This is by far the best skateboarding video game of all time. I beat it over 15 times, also I remember there being elements in the story that would change based off your actions. That was something I didn't see a whole lot of back then. Made you feel like you were in control of the game, and that's always fun.

#46- Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Now this is one of those games where its acceptable to have a lot of characters. Why? Honestly I don't know, I had so much fun with this game, I've had tournaments and long nights of playing this game with friends. Its a joyride of a game and it made me excited for Tekken 7.

#45- Saints Row The Third

Based off how mediocre SR4 was, they probably should have stopped at this game. I got this game for my 17th birthday and fell in love with it. It was one of those games that was so over the top and helped you escape from reality easily. The game was very funny and very creative, and the fact that I could play co-op made it even more fun. Plus, it wasn't repetitive like the last game was, the missions were actually interesting. I almost got 100% of the trophies and then they released DLC and my percentage dropped heavily. SR3 is a great video game. SR4 is practically the same, but less good.

#44- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

This is one hell of a video game! The graphics, gameplay, level design, score, story, everything was great. The controls felt great too. The whole game just felt right and I played it non-stop. The sequel was garbage mainly because it was shorter and every level felt and looked the same. I loved how this game didn't rely too much on actual canon film characters. It focused all on new characters and they were interesting! None of them were boring and neither was the story! I'd like to revisit this game soon, or someone just needs to make a good star wars game please. Thanks a lot DICE for that lazy game you call battlefront.

#43- Lego Star Wars

Does anyone hate this game? Well if you say yes youre lying. This game was loads of fun. This is one of those games where you can beat it in a few hours, but then spend days-weeks going back in and finding the secrets and unlocking everything! And I did all of that before the days of walkthroughs. It was a great blend of action and comedy for kids and adults. This game is for anyone. If you like star wars. I remember the first time I played the game it was on gamecube, my friends down the street got it for Christmas when it was new and I got a PSP. Xmas day I ran over there to play this literally all day with them. Yeah the psp was cool too. I just wish the damn thing worked half the time.

#42- Dragon Ball Z Budokai

I used to be a HUGE DBZ fan. And I have played many DBZ games, but to me this is the only one that has really stuck to me all these years. Even after losing interest in the entire show. Frankly I just don't have the patience for it. Anyways, this was a great fighting game to play and it flowed with the show. It basically summarizes like the first 6 or 7 seasons of the show? I could be wrong. But that's about as far as I went with the show anyways. The games vibe is great and a lot of fun to play. My channel on youtube will start a Playthrough of the game later this year!

#41- Guitar Hero Rock The 80s

I love the 80s. Huge 80s music fan. Give me a video game guitar and an 80s playlist and just let me live. Let. Me. Live.

#40- Crash Bandicoot

What?! Number 40!? Yes I know, its a travesty. But the first Crash game was never my go to game. It was very hard and not as fun and creative like the sequels. Yeah it started a great franchise which eventually DIED HORRIBLY. The first few Crash Games are magnificent games.

#39- Xmen

Wait you're telling me I can play as Wolverine, Gambit, Cyclops or Nightcrawler?? All I am missing is beast and magneto, but we have a great F'N GAME. Its totally worth plugging in the sega and playing this one. Its not the only sega game on this list. But the fact that its one of the first games I've ever played and it gave me so much joy as a youngin. It deserves to be at #39.

#38- Dead Island

While the game looks pretty bizarre it was an extremely well put together game. It gets insane at some points and becomes very hard to play by yourself and you'll find yourself in need of 3 more players. Which is awesome, since I never owned an xbox and couldn't play left 4 dead. This was the closest thing to it. The dialogue is cringe worthy as well as the story. But the gameplay, gore and the limitless amount of weapons makes the game worthwhile. I got 100% trophies on this game. I really hope we see Dead Island 2 happen. Cuz Riptide was a disgrace.

#37- DeadRising 2

It was everything I wanted in a zombie game. I couldn't put the game down. The only thing I wasn't in love with was the timer. It gave the game an unwanted challenge. Other than that, the game doesn't take much "brains" to figure out. Its a gore fest and a goodtime. Totally worth checking out. No one deserves to miss this game.

#36- SmackDown VS Raw 2007

There has only been 3 good wrestling games after SVR07. This had a great look and added more to SVR06, even though 06 was better. I felt as if every wrestling game focused on more wrestlers and better graphics after this game. It felt like content kept leaving slowly and slowly each game and was replaced with something more generic. Its hard to put my finger on it, but SVR07 was a great game. I played it the most even after I had 08 and 09 on the ps2.

#35- Crash Bash

Crash bash wasn't the first Crash game to go off the rails and utilize other games to make a new entry. But this was fun! Especially with a second player. The game had 8 playable characters and dozens of minigames to play, and has a lot of replay value. So you can go back and unlock more and more! I still play thi game. No lie.

#34- Resident Evil 5

Now I feel like I may get some heat for this one, because I know a lot of hardcore players find this game repulsive. Now come one, this game is great! And its flawless compared to Resident Evil 6. I beat this game in 2 days and immediately went back in from the beginning to keep playing. The game mixes horror with action in the right ways without trying to be strictly an action game. I never enjoyed playing this game split screen though. It was awful. The game has a lot of content and I hope RE makes a new good RE game and stops remaking its oldies.

#33- Mario Party 7

You will see another game with Mario on this list, but MP7 and MP8 are the only ones I've played and I've played MP7 too many times to count. Now reckon it does have some dumb mini games, but most of them are super fun. This is great game to play with a group of friends. I don't own a GameCube and I've contemplated getting just so I can get this game. It holds a ton of great memories with friends of mine that moved away years ago.

#32- Mega Man Legends

Any of you have that game you rented over and over and over again and for some reason cant figure out why you never bought it? Yeah this is that game. I remember having a total blast with this game. Again another game where my brother and I would stay up late without our folks knowing and trying to beat it. Games were tougher in the old days lol. But I would like to buy this game soon. I was in a store a couple years ago and saw this game in a glass case still sealed and they wanted 40 bucks for it. Is it that rare? I mean I'm aware I cant go into a gamestop and get it, but just like amazon or anything? Idk I'll do some digging.

#31- Super Smash Bros. Melee

I haven't played this game in 10-12 years. But I played it on vacation with my cousin almost everyday I was down there. This is a great F'N game. I loved it and I know I still do. I am missing out not playing it lol.

#30- Mortal Kombat 4

We're in the top 30 now! and yes when MK went 3D a lot of people were angry, but not me. I still prefer the 2d platforming, but the 3D wasn't a terrible transition. What I really loved about MK4 was that it strayed away from being safe with characters it created a bunch of new ones. Unfortunately, MK Deception ruined that part. Plus the music was great, gory as hell and the cinematic endings were absolutely hilarious. MK4 FAN HERE!

#29- Resistance 2

Damn, was this game a hell of a ride. R1 and R3 are not worth the time. But R2 defied my expectations, I expected a mediocre sequel to a mediocre halo/cod ripoff. But it was more than that! Resistance 2 had a phenomenal story. It was filled with tension from start to finish. It felt like I was watching a sci fi movie that I would love to watch. I remember sitting there playing this on a Friday night a few nights after dumping my first highschool girlfriend and sitting on the edge of my seat and watching that massive ending. I had never been that thrilled to an ending to a video game. It was fresh and creative and of course gruesome. No one probably expected this game to be on the list. But Like I said...its my opinion.

#28- Smackdown Vs Raw 2006

It started an era of wrestling games. Great roster, amazing career mode, solid gameplay and tons of new content! SVR06 is the best wrestling game ever. I played wwf no mercy on 64 one time in my life when I was like 10. Sorry this one wins for me.

#27- Until Dawn

This game is every film buffs wet dream. I remember driving home from college eager as hell to play this. Its basically a typical horror film that you are completely in control of! Unlike Telltales walking dead series, the ending will be different everytime based off your choices. Butterfly effect basically. It got 100% trophies for this game. I've done everything possible. But the first time playthrough experience of this game was glorifying! If you haven't watched anything on this game, keep it that way and pick it up! Its a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns!

#26- 007: Nightfire

I may get some heat for this one, but I've never played Goldeneye. I've never owned a Nintendo or anything. Friends and family have, but that's not the point. The point is 007: Nightfire is one of the most fun shooting game experiences I've ever had. It has the cheesey awful bond story and dialogue and some very good gameplay mechanics. This game is dopey. Its the game my brother and our friends would always reach for when we'd have a night of gaming. And yes there was A LOT of screen peaking! Like I said I'm 6 years younger than my brother.

#25- Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

Uncharted will always have a special place in my heart. When I was 12 I really wanted a ps3 dearly. I got good grades all through 6th grade, I behaved and did chores. You name it. and one day my parents tricked me and wound up buying me the ps3 days before my 13th bday. It was a great day, and this was the game I chose to go with it. Uncharted had some of the best graphics I had ever seen at the time and best story modes. I could not put the damn thing down. I played and played and played and played. I loved it, especially the twists. It to me was an unpredictable game. Its not the best in the franchise, but I still love this game and always will. For the game itself and the memories.

#24- Def Jam Fight for NY

I really dislike rap. I dont like it at all. So I am not really sure what possessed me to want this game. I had never seen gameplay or anything. I just looked at the back of the case and said “yeah, looks cool.” The brawling in this game is fantastic. Its also a very challenging game. I raged many many times on it, and would set it down for a day or two then come back and beat it no problem. Its as if the game knew I progressing too much, it would just F*** me hard so i would get pissed. I played this game a lot and with friends. I just really enjoyed how gritty and graphic the violence was for being extremely over the top. The story was interesting as well. For some reason this game snuck out of my house. I need it back.

#23- Spider-Man

This game was everything. My brother and I staying up late playing endlessly. Even after you beat this game, you have to go back in and play again with a different costume. The game had so much to offer and it is a tremendous game. I miss games like this. At least superhero games that is. The game lets you be Spiderman and you feel like Spiderman. Fighting crime, spewing webs and laying out puns. Its a perfect game for kids and adults!

#22- Tekken 3

Tekken 3 revolutionized the way I played fighting games. I got competitive and obsessed to be the best. I was never really good and my attention eventually shifted towards Mortal Kombat, but a lot of it had to do with my brother beating me relentlessly over and over. I had to get good to win. Tekken 3 was amazing. Its still the best tekken and always probably will be.

#21- Mortal Kombat

The first time I ever played a video game was on sega and that game was Mortal Kombat. Still play it, GET OVER HERE!

#20- Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Everything about MK1-3 rolled into one? Yes please. This is probably the fighting game I've played most in my entire life. Its awesome and its hard as hell, but an MK fan can beat it. :)

#19- Spider-Man 2

Not only is Spiderman 2 one of the best superhero movies of all time, Spiderman 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. The open world and upgrades let players be free and do almost what ever they wanted as their favorite web slinging hero. Including delivering pizzas. Prototype plays a lot like this game as well...hmm. Either way, if you love Spiderman 2 and like video games. THIS IS THE PERFECT GAME FOR YOU! I played the living SH*T out of this! A great example of a film to game adaption.

#18- GUN

Anyone remember this? Its Red Deads lesser known more violent brother. This extremely well paced gory western is one of the best games I have ever played. Tons of unlocks, brilliant storytelling, ultra violence. This game is a trip, I highly suggest any western fan play this. I’d also like to see a film adaption of this. The whole game is full of twists and turns, its a nice mystery!

#17- Mortal Kombat X

MKX is brilliant, but its no MK9. This tried to be a darker more cinematic MK, but it felt like it was less than the prior game. Then tried shoving tons of DLC down our throat. Now MK is my favorite video game series, but that was awful of them to do that to us. On another note this game is the bees knees. It looks beautiful and plays super fluid. Nothing feels clunky or off. I’ve played in a few tournaments that we’ve held with lots of friends. The only thing the game needs more is story and content! Otherwise its a damn good piece of entertainment.

#16- Uncharted 2: Among Theives

Improved on everything the first slipped on. An had a more compelling story! Plus it added the online multiplayer!

#15- Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider was the very first game I played on PS1. And its one of the most bone chilling games to this date. Its dark tone and spine tingling music make it one of the most suspensful games ever. I dont care who you are, if you play this in a pitch dark basement with turtle beaches, really close to the screen… You may wet yourself. The pace, story, level design and score of this game was something mind blowing upon its release. To me anyways, I had never seen anything like it! I still own the first copy we ever got back on christmas in the 90s. God do I miss the 90s.

#14- Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar is the Tarantino of video games. Everything is so gritty and violent while being sadisticly comedic. The story and look of the game is phenomenal. Not to mention the amount of freedom one has to do whatever they want in this game. It is also by far one of the most fun online experiences I have ever had. Rockstar really set the bar high with this one. Fantastic Game!

#13- Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2...wow. The guns, the maps, the story, you name it. Not to mention it was the last Call Of Duty to have a decent story mode. IMO. Playing this game online with friends is all that ever mattered in life then. No scopes, tac knifes, semtex, thumper, throwing knife, NUKES. Which I had only gotten 2 of those in my life. MW2 Had memories I’ll never get back, and I’ll cherish them always. I’ll share with you one of my favorite moments of my friends and I when we played Search and Destroy

Me and my two friends Jake and P went right on scrapyard and my buddy Ed went left. Things were quiet then we heard the shot..


“HOLY F*CK P!!!”- Jake

If that isnt funny, then you had to be there...

#12- Mortal Kombat PS3

I wanna clarify that I do think this is the best Mortal Kombat game to date, but...It isnt the one I played the most nor enjoyed the most. Its a perfect game no doubt. It blended the first 3 original games and revamped them into something amazing. MK needed a makeover and it got one, the right way. This game was bloody as hell and I love how illogical the game is or all the games are. It also has one of the best story modes in recent memory! With a solid roster of unique and colorful characters beating each other to a bloody pulp you can’t really go wrong with that. Other games have not been able to do what MK does. And they never will.

#11- The Movies

My dream is to make movies, all day every day. This game gave me the power to do so. I made so many movies and I made them constantly, then eventually after a couple years the website shut down...another site spawned out of it and I used that one for awhile. I was the top user on the site for sometime, the site was TMUnderground. My username was legomyeggo. Yes very dumb but still. I used to have tons of movies uploaded everywhere..but I’d just delete them over time. This game let me do what I wanted to do..as a kid I guess. I loved this game and wish it was more relevant and not overlooked like the way it was. BTW I know its like the sims, but I never played the sims.

#10- The Last Of Us


Talk about a hell of a game. The story is emotionally gripping and very dark. It takes a lot out of you to play through the game. The graphics are absolutely phenomenal and the gameplay is solid. The game feels tight and not clunky at all. Another thing is they gave us a multiplayer and we didnt even need that for how great the game was. The online is some of the most fun I have ever had playing video games. It requires a lot of communication and teamwork and gathering supplies to keep your clan alive is very motivating! If you havent played this game its wonderful. I’d actually like to see a film rendition of this. It could be oscar worthy...hell give the game an oscar!

#9- Ninja Shadow Of Darkness

Eidos and Core man….They made excellent games and heres my number 9. Ninja is one of those games that gets more and more suprising the further you get...IF you get that far. This game is tough, not HARD, but tough. The score and sound design for the game are rad. The game hits home for me and its a damn shame it had no sequels. I still play Ninja to this day.

I remember my brother and I would put cheat codes on because the game was so hard when we were kids. Anyone remember those cheat code manuals???

#8- Call Of Duty World At War

BEST CALL OF DUTY GAME EVER! Please give us a World At War 2. This had everything. It was the most realistic and gruesome COD. Plus it introduced us to ZOMBIES! One of the funnest game modes ever that spawned a lot of copycat game modes from other games. The map designs were flawless and huge. It felt like you were in WWII, not to mention the story was actually good! You can tell activision lost its touch after this...If anyone knows if the servers are down on this game, let me know. If theyre still up, then I wanna get on there asap! Btw it was the first game I ever played online!

#7 The Warriors

The Warriors (1979) is my favorite movie of all time! And this game portrays the movie in its entirety. This is a wonderful beat em up/ free roam. It's a short game, but has tons and tons of replay value. Its graphic and bloody as hell, plus also Rockstar did this one too! Way to go Rockstar, now do me a favor! Remake this for present consoles!!! I remember sneaking this game, because I wasn't allowed to play it due to its harsh language

#6 Star Wars Battlefront II

Battlefront 2 is the Star Wars game. Its the one to go to without a doubt. For the amount of content and epicness the game bestows...Its an amazing game. I had it for ps2 and psp, and now I no longer have it...WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! Also that new battlefront was dogsh*t! This a F’N video game.

#5- Fallout 3

Fallout 3 was one of those games I had no prior knowledge about. I just saw an ad for it in game informer and I remember buying it from a blockbuster. The guys there said it was great so..I brought it home and had trouble adjusting at first, but I tried it again later on and this game is perfection. Best RPG ever, and the amount of control that you have over everything is exhilarating! One kill can set you back so far. Its adventurous, scary, gory, funny, over the top, and most of all FUN! And yeah Fallout 4 is good too.

#4 Mortal Kombat Deception

Mk Deception, is my favorite even though I am self aware that it isn't the best. I just like the tone of this game more, plus the konquest mode is the sh*t! Also prob the best roster besides MK9. I love deception and had A huge MK tournament last year and The Deception tourney was one of few that I won! MKD Is a joyride massacre of a game. Play it asap!

#3- Crash Bandicoot 2

Crash 2 won me over after how hard its predecessor was. 2 had more energy and was more creative. Not to mention the soundtrack was the balls! Crash 2 always puts me in a good mood and I am hoping to have a Crash Competition with my friends to see who can beat it first in a speed run! Excellent work Naughty DOG!

#2- Medievil

Medievil is different. Most people I know arent aware of this games existence. But I am aware, for years I never owned the game, but I remember my brother and I had this demo disc where we could only play games like Ninja Shadow Of Darkness, Medievil, Metal Gear Solid, Soul Reaver, and I believe there was a madden game on it, but either way. I loved the vibe and plot of the game. I thought it was cool that an undead night was gonna take on all these monsters and demons in different levels, which you would need to go back and forth too. The game is tough and requires a lot of attention to detail. Its hilarious and action packed. The sequel wasnt very good, but this game packs a solid boney punch!

#1- Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped

My Favorite game of all time….yes Crash Bandicoot 3. Need I say more? The pace, speed, level design, soundtrack, upgrades, boss battles, comedy, creativity in the game, you name it. Crash 2 not only doubled the first game, but Crash 3 did something most 3rd games in franchise arent capable of. Triple everything. It set the bar high, Crash games went from good to okay to crap after C3. Crash 3 is prob the video game I’ve played most in my life and I own it and play it still. I like trying to beat my own time records or creating a whole new save and beating it again! Crash Bandicoot lives on forever and pray that one day we see a well done Crash Reboot, but honestly I’d like to see a redux of the first 3 games in 1. Who agrees? And have trophies and such? Crash Bandicoot who was the unofficial mascot for Playstation is a F’N legend and that game will never get old...ever! I love it.




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