While the original idea for an “Evil Dead 4” would be retootled as a series, Starz’s “Ash vs Evil Dead”, star Bruce Campbell and producer Rob Tapert say there’s still a chance Ash could return to the big screen too. Thanks to the success of the TV series, renewed interest in the brand has paved the way for that possible fourth “Evil Dead” movie.

Tapert tells /Film, “Sam [Raimi], bless him, talked about doing [Ash vs] Evil Dead as a movie for many, many years and teased the fans forever and a day. Finally when the day came, we went, ‘Well, we think it might be better as a TV show.’ That was other people who thought that and Bruce really welcomed the idea and I welcomed the idea because Bruce said, ‘Look, I did three movies. I’m not certain I knew my last name so at least in a TV show I get to explore the character and who he is and all that more.’ Is there a movie out there that we are thinking about that would continue on that would merge everything? There certainly are those thoughts starting to percolate.”

“One feeds the other,” Campbell said. “The movies were dead. Now the TV show comes back, the movies come back to life. It’s funny how that works.”

”’Ash vs Evil Dead” returns September 23 on Starz with new additions Lee Majors and Ted Raimi.

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