Are You Saying This to Your Customers?

By Bill Farquharson

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You may have heard the phrase, “Common courtesy is no longer common.” Sad, but true.

Interestingly, what was once common is now extraordinary. Manners, attitude, and especially gratitude can take you a long way.

Are you thanking your customers for the business that they give you?

There are many reasons why someone will choose you as a vendor over your competition. It just might be that saying, “Thank you for the business” upon receipt of a purchase order is the difference-maker.

A little appreciation goes a long way. Don’t wait for Thanksgiving or the holidays to show your gratitude. Every time you receive an order, large or small, thank your customers for the faith that they put in you and thank them for the business that they give you.

It might mean nothing or it might mean everything. But it is common courtesy and it is always the right thing.

Thank You to all our customers from the staff at Mountain Media.

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