The school curriculum should include 'anti-Jimmy Savile' lessons to protect schoolchildren from predatory paedophiles, says a Labour MP.

Diana Johnson, MP for Hull North and shadow Home Office minister, asked Education Secretary Michael Gove in the Commons: "While the vast majority of parents and the vast majority of young people want a curriculum that's fit for life, including building life skills around self-esteem and confidence which will protect them from predators like Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall, I'd be interested to know why you turn your face against introducing that into the national curriculum?"

Mr Gove replied: "You are a passionate campaigner in how we can better protect our children. I actually think there are a number of things that we can do in order to protect our children better.

"But as you may know I had the opportunity to talk to a group of outstanding young people last week at the Stonewall conference on fighting prejudice in education and empowering young people.

"They made some important points then about the very best in PSHE (personal, social and health education). I think what we can do is learn from the very best schools and ensure they follow the lead of those good schools."

The comments came as ministers unveiled their revised curriculum today with prime minister David Cameron pledging a 'revolution in education'.

Among the reforms are five-year-olds learning simple fractions, evolution and computer programming being taught in primary schools and secondary school pupils reading at least two plays by Shakespeare.

Disgraced broadcaster Savile died in 2011, since when hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse have been made against the former DJ and TV presenter. Former Radio 5 Live summariser Hall, 83, from Cheshire, was jailed in June for 15 months after admitting indecently assaulting 13 young girls.

Schoolchildren should be given 'anti-Jimmy Savile' lessons - Parentdish UK

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