Start to experiment in the kitchen with these fun recipes. This mom shares her family’s favorite recipes, which include dishes from various cuisines. Plus, find out which ingredients you should always keep in your kitchen.

Do you have any family favorite recipes?

There are many recipes which I shared in my site are all my family loved recipes. In that some are outstanding such as:

Rasagulla / Sweet Cottage cheese balls

Butter Chicken

Ulundu Vadai / Lentil Fritters

Kalakhand Using Ricotta Cheese

Since you’ve have children, how has your approach to cooking changed?

Since my boys are non spicy lovers and my husband is non veggie lover, I need to fulfill their expectations begin a vegetarian cook. I cook all non vegetarian items without tasting it. I used to prepare one side dish with more veggies and less spices along with mild soup with our regular meal especially for my kids. Apart breakfast and dinner will be more kids friendly like Indian crepes ( Dosas), Rice cake ( Idli), pancakes, pastas and Indian breads. My approach, begin a mom  is to takecare their taste, health and likeness.

What ingredients are always in your kitchen?

For me the list goes on like this::

Whole grains like Raw rice, parboiled rice, quinoa, barley, oats groats, Brown rice.  Whole grain pasta in kid friendly shape, Boxed cereals, Breads,

Beans like chickpeas, black eyed peas, dry green peas, pinto beans, red kidney beans..

Lentils like Yellow (Toor dal, Moong dal, channa dhal) white( urad dhal)which is must in Indian Pantry..and some  Frozen foods like peas, spinach, berries, coconut etc

Flours like whole wheat and multigrain flour, All purpose flour, Bread flour, Corn flour etc.

Basic sauces like soy sauce, tomato sauce, worcester sauce, vinegar, Sun dried tomatoes.

Oils like olive oil, gingelly oil, canola oil, coconut, oil, butter, cheese, salt, sugar with some nuts..

Vegetables like onion, tomatoes, chillies, cilantro, mint, garlic and some lemons..

Fruits like banana, apples, grapes and strawberry which you will find always in my pantry..

What do you think is the best season of the year, in terms of cooking?

Cooking is my passion and I love experimenting myself in preparing new dishes for my family in all seasons with seasonal veggies and fruits.. If I need to mention any specific season, it is fall and winter.

Meet the blogger:

I am Saraswathi Ganeshan, mostly address as Saras. I am proud mom for two boys Pranav and Anish who are 6 and 2 now..I am living in Dallas, Texas since 2009.  My hometown is Chennai in India, I am the elder kid in our family with 4 sisters and 1 brother.  I learned cooking from my mom when I was 13 and for last 20 years I am experimenting all the dishes from various cuisines.

I started my website in March 2009 with my hubby’s guidances and my website name is Sara’s Yummy Bites. I am able to manage my blog successfully with my viewers and my followers support.

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