This is how our journey with doTERRA began…

I always knew I wanted to own my own business. Punching the clock and taking orders from someone else was just not for me. In 2006 my husband and I started a web development business. While I enjoyed the aspect of getting to know other business owners and having the opportunity to help them grow their business, I didn’t love creating the websites. I felt there was something else I was meant to do.

In hindsight I can now see how critical it was for us to have our own web development business and I’m so grateful that God gives us the things we need (even when we don’t really care for them) because He knows it will lead us to the things we want.

In 2010 I was no longer in love with our family business and I wanted to take a huge step back and focus on my family. I found out I was pregnant with our third child, we downsized, I became more aware of the food we were eating, and the medications we were taking.

At the close of 2010 is when doTERRA came into my life. I was super reluctant at first and didn’t know what “Natural Medicine” even was. I was a Tylenol & Advil kind of girl…until I wasn’t and then I wanted to know what options I had. A friend had suggested essential oils. I thought “That’s weird but why not? I’ll give it a try”. And that’s what I did for almost two years. I tried them out and fell in love with them and became so incredibly grateful for the change they made in my life. My family was healthier than I had ever seen them be. We had cut out Dr.’s visits, reduced illnesses, and addressed so many other issues. I had no desire to do the business that doTERRA offered. I never thought I would ever be associated with a network marketing company and to be honest, I never wanted to be. I had just walked away from a business that was super stressful and very hard on our family. I wasn’t ready to walk back into another one yet.

Last summer (2012) the same friend that introduced me to doTERRA asked me (for probably the 10th time) if I was ready to hear about the business opportunity. I had of course told her no up until this point. This time though she said she had reached out to an online blogger and wanted to see if I could help her with it.  I knew online stuff and I knew I could help with whatever she needed in that realm. I didn’t realize that she was secretly trying to help me and that God was placing us in the right place at the right time…for which I will be forever grateful!

So we sat down with our husbands and started strategizing a plan to bring doTERRA online so we could educate everyone, not just those in our circle of influence. There was no Modern Wellness website or Facebook page and I had never even taught a class about essential oils back then. I had been using doTERRA’s products for almost two years though and knew the value in sharing them with others. I told my husband as we left their house that night that if we could bring in an extra $600 a month that would be great. There were things I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want to be gone all the time or sacrifice my family in the process (like we had done with our previous business). I wanted this to be a peaceful venture and if it wasn’t going to be I didn’t want any part of it.

I’m overcome with the amount of gratitude I feel for what we have enjoyed this past year. It has been a lot of work and I’ve spent a lot of time at my computer but what an incredible journey it has been!

What Has Our Journey In doTERRA Been Like?

Pretty darn magical. People are always waiting for that “perfect” opportunity to fall in their lap. The one that makes them feel like they finally found their calling in life. That’s pretty much what this journey has been like for us. It’s kind of like a meteor of abundance fell in our lap. It has been one of the most fulfilling ventures of my life. I told my husband a few months ago that I finally understood why Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump say that Network Marketing is a very smart business move. This is one of the best ways to grow a business and you don’t have to do it alone. The start-up and monthly cost is so low in comparison to other traditional businesses.

In May of this year my husband quit his full-time web development job at a prominent private University because our doTERRA income surpassed his. Now we get to enjoy a lot more family time together, a lot more freedom, and our family is still intact. Our circle of friends has expanded to include some of the most amazing people…that I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to know if it weren’t for this business.  What we’ve already experienced is nothing like what is in store for us in the future. God has been so good to us and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to help bless the lives of so many others with better health and better finances.

Can You Build A Real Business With doTERRA?

People often ask if doTERRA is a legitimate business opportunity and if you can actually make money doing it. The answer is Yes. Oh my goodness, YES!! Like I said my husband was able to quit his full-time web development job in May of this year because our doTERRA income replaced his. It has been so fun having him home with our family again!

Aside from us and our success, we are also surrounded by people who have experienced a huge amount of success and others that are just starting to see the fruits of what this is going to be for them. I have friends in doTERRA that make between six-figures a year to six-figures a month. No, that was not a typo. I really meant that they make over $100K every month! The potential of this business is as much as you believe you can achieve. I personally believe that we have an amazing future in store for us and we have some grand plans to continue to help others on a much bigger scale.

The best part is that the products sell themselves. So you’re not pushing the products on people or making a hard sale. To me, you are genuinely sharing because you care about others.

Does It Matter What Team I Sign Up On?

It does actually. When it comes to most network marketing companies, the team you join matters a lot! Especially if you want to do it as a business. I have had several people contact me or people on my team to ask how they could join our team because they value the kind of support we give. Support and Leadership make a huge difference as you’re getting started with any business, but especially this business.

Our team has a private Facebook page that offers tons of support. Whether you have business questions, product questions, company questions, etc… you have a huge group of people at your disposal that are ever present and willing to help you along the way.The following is a comment I received from a new team member a couple weeks ago.

As a newbie to this group, I would just like to say how much I am enjoying this! Everyone has been SO helpful and kind, willing to answer any question I’ve had. Christy, you’ve built a great team and I am so grateful to be a part of it. A few years ago I was in a direct sales role and didn’t feel much support, only pressure to push products and make the company money. Just the week-ish I’ve been part of this team I have NOT ONCE felt any pressure at all to push products or make the organization money. We all love the products (and they sell themselves so easily), and it’s obvious this team wants to genuinely support each other toward success. I don’t sense any competition or jealousy at all over the success of individuals in the group. It’s just SO refreshing!! Thanks for being so welcoming, everyone! I wish you all the very best in your roles as IPCs!

~ April E. www.holistichomemaking.org

You can also read what others have to say on our Testimonials page.

Do You Have Training Available?

We sure do! Our amazing upline leaders have put together a guidebook and a system that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to be successful. My amazing husband and has taken it one step further and put his web development skills to work. You can go through an online training now that helps you keep track of what to do next. It is the perfect combination that creates order and accountability. We tested out this system with our team last Fall and in that time we tripled our team volume. We did a team challenge again in June-Aug of this year and experienced another huge jump in team volume and team members (as you can see from the graph below).

Our team has grown from 23 members at the beginning of Aug last year to over 530 this year. About 1/5th of those people are actively growing their own business with doTERRA. The fun thing about our team is that we (Modern Wellness) has shared exclusively online so our team spans the globe! We have team members in Australia, Norway, Great Britain, Canada, and all but 6 U.S. states (which we hope to fix by the end of the year). Most of the people on our team do a combination of sharing online as well as in their own communities. Having owned our own web development company we are able to help support our team members with creating new websites and building an online presence.

Why doTERRA?

As I mentioned above I used the products for almost 2 years before I started sharing them with others. We had witnessed many miraculous things in our home from using these oils. My husband getting his blood pressure under control, my son getting better after being sick for 4 years, relief from acid reflux, a severe allergic reaction stopped, and so much more. I knew the products worked, that they were natural, that our current healthcare system was failing, and that people needed these products and that I had information that could help them.

doTERRA is only 5 years old. In the five short years they have been in business they have grown to be the largest essential oil company in the world. You don’t accomplish that kind of growth if you don’t have products and a company to back it up. This is an amazing company. They are unlike any network marketing company I have ever heard of. You can read more about the company here: doTERRA – Company Story

doTERRA is now open in the following countries:

United States






New Zealand

French Polynesia

Costa Rica


and other parts of Central America

What About the Compensation Plan?

If you are at all familiar with the compensation plan of other network marketing companies, you’ll find this one to be refreshing and rewarding. The basis of the plan is that you don’t succeed unless you help others succeed. This isn’t about being selfish with our health, knowledge, or business. It is about being generous all the way around and that is my favorite part!

With doTERRA’s compensation plan there are 5 ways to make money:

Retail Profits – They provide you with a website for free where people can purchase products from you at the retail price. doTERRA ships the products directly to them. Your site will look like this: Modern Wellness Retail Site

Fast Start Bonus – This is a bonus that doTERRA pays you when someone signs up for their own wholesale membership. You receive 20% on anything they purchase in the first 60 days. This bonus is paid weekly so you get money right away to get you started.

Power of Three Bonus – When you have three people who enroll in the Loyalty Rewards Program and have an order of 100pv or more and together with your LRP you and those three people’s volume it equals 600pv then doTERRA will pay you $50. When you duplicate that for those three people the bonus increases to $250. If you do that one more time for the new 9 people it will increase to $1500!

Unilevel Bonus – This doesn’t seem like much at first but it will grow to be the bonus that makes you the most money. You will make from 2%-7% on all purchases after the initial 60 days of a new members enrollment. This will come to you for everyone on your team and is given 7 levels deep. Making 7% on your 7th level (where the most people are) is why you make the most money from this bonus.

Leadership Bonus – Once you reach a certain rank (the rank of Silver) you enter the Leadership Performance Pools. doTERRA takes a percentage of the money they make each month and divide it among the higher ranks.

If you would like to see a full graphical breakdown of the compensation plan click here: doTERRA Compensation Plan

These are the average numbers that each rank makes and the average time frame of how long it takes to achieve. You can certainly move faster than what is listed below. Your commitment and the work you’re willing to do is going to determine what you get in return.

When you compare the investment in traditional businesses vs doTERRA’s opportunity there is a HUGE difference. My husband and I have owned our own business for 8 years and I have to say that this one is way easier to manage and costs a lot less than our other one to maintain. At minimum it’s about $115 per month. That will generally cover your 100pv LRP order that qualifies you for your bonuses and also includes shipping. That is a very minimal investment when you consider the other business opportunities you could try AND actually succeed at.

The following 3 minute video is a testimonial from some good friends of ours who also happen to be our upline Presidential Diamonds. They are incredible people and also the ones who spear-headed the creation of the training workbook I mentioned above. I love these people and am so grateful for their pioneering effort within doTERRA.

I love this company, it’s products and the business opportunity they have shared with the world. For those who are ready to jump in, we welcome you to our team. This is an incredible opportunity and you can achieve great things if you’re willing to do the work.

Where Do I Go To Learn More?

You can check out the following pages to learn more or you are also welcome to call me.

Why Buy Essential Oils From A Network Marketing Company

Come Grow With Us

Benefits of Becoming an Independent Product Consultant

Different Ways To Share doTERRA

How Do I Get Started?

1. Decide what Enrollment Kit is best for you. If you enroll with the Natural Solutions Kit, Premium Essential Oils Kit, or one larger I will gift you the Modern Essentials book & the Lead Guide (which is the manual for the training). Please make sure you let me know you purchased one of these kits and would like your free gifts.

2. Enroll Here or call me to enroll over the phone 801-448-6531

3. Be sure to either call me or send me an email to let me know you are interested in growing a business with doTERRA so we can get you teamed up with a great leader.

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