Warid and Mobilink started a joint venture to start Pakistan first generation high tech telecommunication service provider to the user.  With this merging venture over 50 million users will get benefit from Warid high speed internet and mobilink fast seamless services. This combined entity will provide 2G, 3G and 4G LTE Services to their valuable users in Pakistan.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company has issued its approval on this merging of Warid and Mobilink into one company and the authority is ready to issue No objection certificate to this venture in the vast benefit of Users.

What Good it will Cost To Users:

With the success of this venture the users will get high speed internet, quality call and uninterrupted service. The joint venture will provide economic stability and helps in the growth of internet users. Warid has decided to start its venture with Mobilink in order to increase its users by merging their services in the leading telecommunication of Pakistan.

Mobilink Launches JS500 and JS700 Affordable 3G Enabled Phones

Mobilink will gain power from this joint venture of merging as they will use the fastest growing internet service of Warid. Warid will enjoy the million users circle for the betterment of their telecommunication services but the catch is that Mobilink has asked Warid to give them 30 percent of employment benefits and Mobilink will keep 70 percent.  In the entire scenario Waird and Mobilink will not change their company names.

The negative Aspect:

his on the outer surface seems a productive venture but it will increase the unemployment of Pakistan. All those people who are working in Warid will be thrown out and this will lead to the curse of society which is unemployment.

Mobilink provides High cost services and Warid has packages cost effective for students. This merging will definitely affect the SMS, call and internet rates of Warid which will cause decline in their users and is not good in the long run for both the companies.

Comparison of Mobilink, Ufone, Warid, and Telenor Smart Phones

After the NOC from PTA the legal approval will be provided to both the companies to continue doing and serving the million users in Pakistan. It is a step forward for the developmental progress of a nation in case it provides quality and low rates to the users.

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