Marketing a small business online can provide brand awareness and website traffic for a local company. Whether a firm sells software or offers low-rate mortgage loans, consumers must be able to locate the details online. Mobile Copywriter uses the best search engine optimization strategies to increase website traffic and Internet leads for small businesses.

SEO Tactics for Local Businesses

While large corporations may strive for stronger global sales, small business owners can focus on SEO tactics for local dominance. For instance, an entrepreneur can implement a variety of search engine optimization techniques to increase a website’s online visibility. Several SEO tactics for local businesses are shown below.

·Write website content that contains more than 300 words.

·Strive for a primary keyword density ratio of two percent.

·Use internal and external page links.

·Add ALT tags to images.

·Include keywords in the article title and subheadings.

·Write a concise meta description.

·Avoid writing nonessential filler content.

Small business websites that are not shown in local search engine results might be missing some of the seven SEO tactics displayed above. Beyond the content creation process, a small business will need to distribute the content. We assist busy entrepreneurs with local Internet marketing solutions.

Content Marketing to Increase Website Traffic for Small Business Owners

Content is king. With unique marketing ideas, small business owners may be able to quickly increase website traffic for retail stores, mortgage companies, insurance firms, real estate agencies and for mobile enterprises.

Content marketing can generate free Internet leads. Writing frequent website articles, blog posts and press releases is a great way to attract more website visitors. Sharing recently created content and previously created articles on social media can increase website traffic for a small business. Mobile Copywriter offers affordable SEO services and a unique process for content marketing success. Contact us today to inquire about SEO tactics for local businesses.

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