Today is a good day.  Every day when I get in to the office, I like to check my stats.

I check to see which MOBE consultants are getting sales, what our total volume for the month is, what we’re on track to hit by the end of the month, and how this relates to previous best months.

I check this for event sales, online sales, phone sales, and other divisions too.

And today when I checked, everything is UP.

Right now for example, phone sales commissions for February 2017 are on track to beat our ALL TIME record by about 5%.

This is a record I’ve been wanting to see us beat for a long time.  Finally, we have the infrastructure and team in place to make it happen – and it’s happening.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that there’s a lot of momentum right now with promoting MOBE programs in the marketplace, and if you’ve been inactive for some time then now is the time to get focussed.

If you’re not emailing your list every day, then start doing it.  Start by promoting our new ebook WiFi Millionaire today (I’ve given you a great email you can copy and paste to do this below).  Do it right after reading this email – no procrastination.

If you’re not testing new traffic sources, then go find a new one today and get it done.  Remember, you only need one great traffic source to start having months of $10,000+ and above.  I know one guy who found online forums for potential franchisees, and he started placing little banner ads to promote the MOBE marketing system for a few hundred bucks a month.  He’s now getting a couple buyers of our 21 Step System every single day.

My point is, don’t sit on the sidelines and watch as a new wave of 6 figure earners are created in MOBE in 2017.

Get in the game, and start being one of those people you see featured in these emails and in our marketing, who are making the commissions.  There’s not one good reason why you can’t be one of them.

Speaking of momentum, we are starting to really scale up our live events division in Asia.  Up until now, the USA and the UK has been a focus.

But now we want to start doing our I.M. Freedom and Home Business Summit events every week somewhere in Asia, and in a couple months we’ll start doing the same in Australia.

Here are the tentative dates and cities we are thinking of going to (I’ll confirm these cities and dates with you soon, and get you your links so you can promote):


Kuala Lumpur @ 28 Feb, 1 & 2 March (this one is locked in)

Hong Kong @ 6, 7, 8

Jakarta @ 13, 14, 15

Shanghai @ 20, 21, 22

Singapore @ 27, 28, 29


Kuala Lumpur @ 4, 5, 6

Manila @ 10, 11, 12

Bangkok @ 17, 18, 19


Kuala Lumpur @ 10, 11, 12

Hong Kong @ 17, 18, 19

Jakarta @ 24, 25, 26

Shanghai @ 31 March, 1 & 2 April


Singapore @ 7, 8, 9

Kuala Lumpur @ 14, 15, 16

Manila @ 21, 22, 23

Bangkok @ 28, 29, 30

We have Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Phillipines, and Thailand on the schedule.

These are mostly virgin markets for MOBE – lots of potential, and I bet you can get some dirt cheap clicks on Facebook for these locations.

Also I know some of these are last minute, and you’re probably wishing I gave you more notice so you could get your ads ready.  Moving forwards we’ll be scheduling these further out into the future.  Just right now, we have an enormous amount of momentum behind us so we are moving very fast.

Over 2,500 Copies Sold Already

Thanks To Your Support!

Our new front-end ebook offer, Wi-Fi Millionaire is doing really well for those consultants who are promoting it.

It’s got a great appeal; as long as you have a wifi connection, you can create complete financial freedom with your own online business.

And no one can say no to the price point.  $3 is chump change.  So it’s getting a lot of people into our marketing process, and the ebook itself is very solid content.

Even though it’s got a 30 day refund period, we’re not even at a 1% refund rate.

It’s the upsell that really makes this sales funnel exciting though, because it goes right into our famous 21 Step System.

Check out the funnel for yourself here:

Ebook offer:  Wi-Fi Millionaire Ebook

21 Step System offer:  WiFi Millionaire System

In case you didn’t know, there’s a HUGE $20,000 contest on to see who can make the most sales.

And there’s just 4 days left!!  It ends on the 22nd at 11:59pm.

Here’s a breakdown of the prize pool (again you can see all the details here):

1st Prize: Your Ultimate Branding Experience ($15,000 value)

First prize is the ultimate branding package. You’ll get a first-class flight to Costa Rica. I’ll pick you up in a limo, and from there you’ll ride 90-minutes to the new oceanfront MOBE resort. That’s 7- nights all expenses paid in in Costa Rica.

Plus, we have a brand new film studio there, and you’ll be able to work for three-full videos with our production crew. All the videos you can imagine.

Before you get here, we’ll script out your videos so everything is taken care of for you. Talented videographers, drones, private film studio all at your fingertips for three-days.

This is ON the coast of Costa Rica at our brand new resort. Easily worth $15,000.

Other prizes you could win:

2nd Prize: The Ultimate Mac Package — You’ll get the same computer I use, the MacBook Pro 15.” You also get Final Cut Pro Editing Software and an iPhone 7-plus

3rd Prize: Modobag — Motorized, Ridable Luggage — The world’s first-ever motorized luggage. You’ll never have to carry your luggage again, because it carries you. You can ride it through the airport at 5mph.

4th Prize: 3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter — The most amazing drone you can get on the market right now. Comes with a GoPro, all the accessories. Two onboard computers make it easy to fly. You’ll feel like a film producer with this drone.

5th Prize: GoPro Hero5 Black 4k Waterproof Action Camera — The most recent GoPro on the market. Waterproof, so you can take it diving, swimming, or surfing. 4k-resolution camera makes the picture quality out of this world.

6th Prize: ChargeTech Laptop Battery Pack — Allows you to recharge your laptop without a cord. Plug it in for 5 hours, and you get an extra 5-10 hours of battery life for your phone or any other device as well.

7th Prize: Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Tracker — Swim proof, so you can wear it while you’re swimming and you’re workout. Allows you to measure your fitness throughout your workout.

8th Prize: World-Famous Steak Knives ($40 value)

More details here:  http://mobeaffiliatesupport.com/wifi-millionaire-contest/

Earning Points for Your Prizes:

– Every time you sell a Wi-Fi Millionaire E-book for $3, you get 1 point.

– And every time you upsell the 21-Steps program for $49, you get 3 points.

– Whoever gets the most points wins. These could be the most incredible gifts we’ve ever offered for contest:

My advice is to promote the $3 eBook first. Every time they buy, you get 1 point.

The upsells you make from this will produce a highly qualified buyer. Just remember, promote it daily and be consistent. (See the newest email swipe below).

Also, here’s the current Wi-Fi Millionaire LEADERBOARDS – as of 17th Feb, 2017

1st: Steven Bransfield (413 points)
2nd: John Chow (172 points)
3rd: Venkata & Harpal (167 points)
4th: Shaqir Hussyin, Shakul Gupta (83 points)
5th: Darren Salkeld, Tim Atkinson (61 points)
6th: Chris and Susan Beesley (38 points)
7th: Zack Carter, Ewen Chia, Richard Takemura (34 points)
8th: Sue and Jerry Smart, Tim Donovan (26 points)
9th: Corinna Downie (23 points)
10th: Mike Williams and Mike Antoni (19 points )
11th: Janice Allen, Matthew Tsang, Paul Lynch (15 points)
12th: Edrick Yu, Jill Veverka (14 points)
13th: Michelle & Bill Pescosolido (13 points)
14th: Russ Jones (12 points)
15th: David Franzen, John Gunselman, Luke Lim, Olson Mino, Steven Jenkins (10 points)

Remember, each ‘Wi-Fi Millionaire eBook’ sale at $3 = 1 point

And each ‘Wi-Fi Millionaire System’ sale at $49 = 3 points

Here’s the links for you to use to start promoting this right now:

Wi-Fi Millionaire EBook sales page: www.wifimillionairebook.com

Your Link To Use:  http://track.mobetrack.com/aff_c?offer_id=1722&aff_id=CONSULTANT_ID_HERE

Wi-Fi Millionaire System sales page: www.wifimillionairesystem.com

Your Link To Use: http://track.mobetrack.com/aff_c?offer_id=1724&aff_id=CONSULTANT_ID_HERE

Here’s where you can get banner ads and email swipe: http://mobeaffiliatesupport.com/marketing/wm/

Take action, go place some ads and get a few sales.  Still plenty of time for you to get your name on the leaderboards!

Want To Make A Sale Of WiFi Millionaire Right Now? Then Copy This Email, And Immediately Send It To Your List (Or Share On Facebook)…

Subject: How to avoid getting stuck in ‘Analysis Paralysis’


Hey <First Name>,

Here’s some of the best advice I could ever give you…

The biggest mistake you can make as a new Affiliate Marketer is to get stuck in the learning acquisition mode.

But unfortunately, ‘Analysis Paralysis’ happens to most people who start with Affiliate Marketing.

According to Investopedia.com, ‘Analysis Paralysis’ occurs when an individual becomes so lost in the process of examining and evaluating various points of data that he or she is unable to make a decision with it.

If I had to make a bet, I would guess that 90% of you right now are making the same mistake right now…

You think that in order to start earning more, you need to go and start learning more.

In fact, a large percentage of people in our industry do the wrong things when they first start. Many are educating themselves TOO MUCH.

Don’t get me wrong – I value education— and I promote a lot of education products.

But too much learning is what causes “Analysis Paralysis.”

If you’re always stuck in knowledge acquisition mode, at some point time is just going to pass you by. You’re going to wake up six-months from now and you still haven’t made any money.

That’s when that negative voice starts talking in your head and you start thinking… “am I just wasting my time?  Does this internet marketing stuff really work?”

By the way, this is a natural tendency we all have because of the school system.

Most of us are raised from children to think the answer is always to ‘learn more,’ and learn enough so we don’t make mistakes.

But the only way to become successful is to overcome the fear of failure, and start taking massive action.

The best advice I could give you, is to go and start making a lot of mistakes…

The difference between success and failure, is failure. In other words, the people who make the most mistakes are the same ones who become the most successful.

So here’s what you need to go do right now.

First, find a great offer to promote.  A simple product (digital or physical product, doesn’t matter), and become an affiliate.

Then, write a 3 line ad.  Go find a platform you can place that ad on (eg. Facebook) and buy some clicks.

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting qualified people in front of the offers. That’s it.

It’s time to stop learning (procrastinating), and its time to start doing.

Do the things that actually bring in money—promoting your offers.

This is one of the biggest lessons you’ll learn in the new digital download, ‘WiFi Millionaire.’

Wi-Fi Millionaire clearly lays out your options for different home businesses, and gives you actionable tips and tools for getting more done (while having complete control over your schedule).

Before you know it, you’ll be using these productivity tips, filtering out distractions, and making more money in less time. In fact, some of the more experienced students are making thousands in only 30 minutes per day.

Also, you don’t need to be a computer genius or have any special training or skills to do this. All you need is a willingness to implement what you learn.

All This… For Less Than a Cup of Coffee

WiFi Millionaire only costs you $3… less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

But the real cost is not doing anything.

To claim your copy of Wi-Fi Millionaire for $3 — CLICK HERE{add the link with your affiliate id}

Talk soon,



That’s it!  Just copy, paste, insert your consultant ID number into the link, and send out to your audience.

You can email it, share it on social media, or anywhere that gets the message in front of people.

Here’s the page you’re promoting: www.wifimillionairebook.com

And Here’s Your Link To Use: http://track.mobetrack.com/aff_c?offer_id=1722&aff_id=CONSULTANT_ID_HERE

Congratulations to all of the Winners in the 5-Day Vacation to MOBE’s Costa Rica Resort Contest!

During this 30 day promotion we had a record number of contest winners!

Congratulations to these people who one the 5 night holiday for TWO people WITH flights included:

– Zack Carter

– Mike Williams and Mike Antoni

– Shaqir Hussyin

– Shakul Gupta

– Tim Atkinson

– Vie Muddin

– Roxanne Meta Calvert

Congratulations to these people have got the 5 night holiday for TWO people:

– Aleques Lanier

– Jeff Jeff

– John Chow

– Venkata & Harpal

– Darren Salkeld

– Joseph Kolenovic

And Congratulations to these people have won the 5 night holiday for themselves:

– Paul Baltas

– Chan Nguyen Vong

– Michelle & Bill Pescosolido

– Paul Giza

– Nova Dwi Suryadi

Thanks to Everyone who Promoted!  Please leave a congratulations for them in the comments of the link below – they deserve it!

>>>See the winners HERE

“What do I need to do to create a sustainable online business?”

In a recent episode of Ask Matt Lloyd, I was asked about how to create a sustainable online business.

In the episode, recorded from the stage during the  Diamond Mastermind in Bali, Indonesia with Diamond member  Patrick Koaume, I  explain that the key to creating a sustainable online business is in setting up your customer acquisition process so that it operates independently – and without you.

I discuss why it’s important to automate your processes so that you can step away from your business without stopping the ongoing, revenue producing activities.

I offer strategies to set those processes in motion.

>>>Watch the full episode HERE

Discover Closely-Guarded Secrets from MOBE Super Consultants “In Person” and Potentially Transform Your MOBE Business Overnight …

If you’ve seen the top MOBE Partners making over $50,000 per month in commissions, you might be thinking, “There must be something special about these top-earners.  I mean, they must have some closely guarded secrets I’m not privy to.”

But these top earners have the same resources available to you.

Sure there are some “gurus” who had a network or a marketing system in place before they joined MOBE, but except for these few top earners, “regular people” have made well over $100,000 in total commissions over the last 12 months.

The Major Reason for My Breakthrough

Speaking of my own journey as a marketer and business builder, I would tell you without hesitation that it was in attending live marketing events where many breakthroughs came for me.

I can still recall flying to the other side of Australia in 2006 to attend a live event. It was there I met a few more experienced marketers, talked with them and they became a part of my own support network.

Then in 2010, I flew all the way from Australia to Las Vegas to attend a live event at the Palm Casino. I didn’t even have enough money left over to pay for my own hotel room so I had to share a room with some other attendees.

Was the sacrifice and investment worth it?  You bet it was. I wouldn’t have reached so far so quickly in my business if it wasn’t for what I picked up at that seminar and the further connections I made.

That’s why you should attend this event. Because you’ll be able to model my success and avoid the mistakes I’ve already made.

Attend my LIVE event March 17-19th in Orlando, Florida!

The top-earners do things differently to most of our affiliates, and you’ll get a “sneak-peak” of their secrets when you come to the Super Charge Summit.

The entire training is focused on one thing—you getting results. At the end of it all we’ll then give you a 90-day action plan…

There’s no better way to learn than to come to an event like this… and to ask someone who’s making multiple 6 figures in this industry what they are doing.

To get more information about the Orlando Supercharge Summit—CLICK HERE.

Talk soon,


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