As most of you know, we LOVE Zipz Shoes! Check out our review ~HERE~ from last year on the Skull Hi-Tops! You can't beat Zipz, not only are the so versatile, they are great quality too! I mean, who doesn't want a pair of shoes that you can wear everyday and constantly change them up with just a zipper? How awesome is that?

I love shoes and was pleased to work with an amazing company and people.  The shoe are called Zipz Shoes.  These are unique shoes that are very versatile.  You will see why by the pictures and my thoughts on them. If you are a fashion and shoe lover you will want to get a pair also!

I never expected the high quality in how they are made!  These are very well made with a lot of attention to detail. They are not only of high quality but very stylish.  These are the Hermosa in Pink Argyle.

Even the bottoms of the shoes are great. They don't slip and give you great traction. I have wood and tile floors and haven't slipped once due to these shoes.

You can see why they are called Zipz Shoes.  The literally zip and unzip!!  How cool is that! Now I'm sure you're wonder what the purpose is in that.  Well let me tell you about this fabulous feature.  You order the pair that you want.  But then you want more than one pair. Well all you need to do is order the tops of the shoe. You can change your shoes easily without having to have 20 pairs in your closet taking up much needed space.  All you do is unzip to remove the top and replace it with your new choice.  You can literally change your shoes with your mood!  I'm sure you are wondering what these look like. Take a look at the picture below and see how wonderful they look on.

They not only look great but they feel great also.  Ok, so I thought, These aren't going to be comfortable at all.  After all how can they be with them zipping.  Well I was proven wrong from the start! From the first time I put these on they were very comfortable with a lot of padding that allows you to walk miles on end in these.  I do have to admit that when I first put them on they were a bit uncomfortable BUT that is because my feet aren't used to wearing tennis shoes now. I normally wear sandles, flip flops or open style dress shoes.  After having them on for just a few minutes my feet adjusted to confinement as I call it.  I wear these almost everyday now!  They have become my favorite pair of tennis shoes and I have retired my old pair which doesn't hold a candle to these.

Check out some of their shoes here: Lo-Top pair of Super Model, Lo-Top pair of Army Camo, Lo-Top pair of Americana, Lo-Top pair of Love Child, Hi-Top pair of Dragon Rose, Hi-Top pair of Punk Pink, Slip-On pair of Flamez.  They have so many more than the few I just mentioned.  Which one would you chose?

About Zipz Shoes:

Zipz Shoes are the world’s first, true, interchangeable shoe! Born in California. Designed in the USA.
Our Zipz Shoes “Covers” are removable and interchangeable.  Simply purchase a completed pair of Zipz and then accessorize your footwear purchase with more Zipz Covers now or in the future!  You can match any Zipz “Cover” with the same size Zipz Soul to create one of a kind mix + match shoes.  Not to mention buying Zipz Covers is easier on the wallet then buying more full pairs of shoes so adding to your footwear collection is a zip!  Whether it’s fashion, function, or fun,  Zipz shoes have it covered.
Patented Technology + Durable YKK Zippers + Foot Arch Support System + Extra Padded Footbed + Soft, pliable Rubber soul with hand –tooled construction to give your feet the comfort and quality they deserve in every day shoes.
Change your shoes. Change yourself. Change your world!

Zipz Shoes is a proud footwear partner of The X Games.

I know you are wanting to get your own pair now you can do so by going to their site and ordering them now!




Zipz Online

I have a big surprise for you! How would you like to win a pair of their shoes?!?! Well, the wonderful people at Zipz Shoes is offering that chance for one of my wonderful readers!  Go ahead and enter below.  If you don't want to wait to see if you are the winner you can always go to ZipzOnline and order a pair now!



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