Title: Men in Uniform Anthology
Series: Anthology
Author: Edited by Elizabeth L Brooks, written by M. Durango, Emily Moreton, Rob Rosen, Jon Keys, Emma Jane, L. J. Hamlin, Hunter Frost, Mychael Black
Genre: Erotic/Contemporary/ Paranormal
Length: Anthology (184 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-61040-754-0
Publisher: Torquere Press (April 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: There’s just something about a man in uniform, no matter what kind of uniform it happens to be. In “Best Laid Plans” by M. Durango, Craig gets a blast from the past when his new deliveryman turns out to be his college boyfriend, Ryan. In “Seven Steps to Heaven” by Emily Moreton, stripper Steve finds that hooking up with a hot police officer is easy, but navigating what comes next, that’s the challenge. In “UPSex” by Rob Rosen, Don loves a man in uniform, especially Ernie, his brown-clad UPS man with the ample empty space in the rear of his truck. Gunshots rip through an idyllic neighborhood and soon Rick and Gabriel are combing the mountains for a kidnapped child in a search that becomes much more, in “Crossfire” by Jon Keys.

Jonathan dreams of doing unspeakable things to the men in red uniforms at Windsor Castle, and in “The Queen’s Guard” by Emma Jane, he gets his wish. In “Nurse Levi” by L.J. Hamlin, when a nurse patches up a fireman, will there be more than sparks? In “What Can Brown Do For You?” by Hunter Frost, a freak power outage traps IT geek Sean Barlow in the office elevator with the dreamy UPS guy, where he learns first-hand that you can’t judge a UPS guy by the size of his package. Candy maker and mage Sam Burke desperately tries to avoid his ex-boyfriend, Bret in Mychael Black’s “Midnight Magic.” When Bret doesn’t take the hint, in steps Officer Micah Holmes to save Sam from Bret’s magical wrath.

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Review: This anthology surprised me quite a bit. At first, I just thought it would be police or military men in uniform, so I was surprised to find a nurse, two UPS guys, and a firefighter. It was a great surprise. This series was a wonderful one to read. I absolutely had a blast when reading this book.


Craig is happy with his life, even if running his own business and negotiating bank loans can be stressful. The closest thing he’s had to a serious relationship was with Ryan in college. After Ryan moved away, Craig hardly gave him a second thought. When Ryan shows up with Craig’s weekly liquor order, Craig’s thrown off his game and finds himself a little in lust.

They had spent a year together but most of the time it was rocky. After a night of hard sex and a big fight, they had parted ways only to find themselves after quite a bit of time apart falling into a different type of relationship. Craig tries to avoid him, but they just keep finding each other.

Now instead of working in financial, Ryan is delivering alcohol. A job that he finds less stressful and with a little more rewards. It was a good story, but too short for my liking. I want to hear more about them and hope that the author will give Ryan and Craig another story. It was good and I am happy to have a chance to read it.


Steve’s night at Heaven starts badly. What with finding a dead body behind the club where he strips and all that. But, rapidly improves with the introduction of older, attractive Officer Monroe, the first cop on the scene. That’s step one. Steve’s problem is negotiating the steps that come after that. Like lunch dates, small talk and, oh yeah, his own massive uniform kink.

Talk about a downhill run, needing a smoke Steve steps out and finds a dead body. Not something he wanted to see on his work night, or for that matter, any night. However the sexy cop that shows up to get answers makes up for it. He just can’t get Officer Monroe out of his head. It made it even better when Steve asks for his first name and the Officer says guess. But after one night of fantastic sex, Cameron gives up his name. He gives up more than that after awhile.

I think police uniforms are really sexy, and when a man is wearing this uniform, dancing it gets even hotter. I was disappointed that there was not much to the story. However, I do hope that the author gives them their own story because I would love to get my hands on it. I am glad to have had a chance to read it. It was amazing story with great characters.

UPSEX ♥♥♥3Hearts

Don loves a man in uniform, any uniform. Fortunately, Ernie, Don’s brown-clad UPS man, has plenty of old ones on hand, not to mention a truck with ample space in the rear. Ironically, the same can also be said for the hot and handsome Ernie.

Don always loves receiving packages from the UPS. A sexy man in uniform always turns him on. However, it would seem that the one he always watches for has quit, and a new man is now the deliveryman. John was hot, but there is just something about Ernie that turns up the flame for him. It might be that he just looks good in his new uniform or that he loves to show him just how well he looks in the others. He has a special fantasy that only Ernie can feel. And Ernie seems to be all up for it.

This story was missing more than just the length for me. I don’t know what it was but it was just a bit off. It was still a good story though. I would love to hear more about them though. They could make for one really hot love story. I am glad that I got a chance to read it.

CROSSFIRE ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Trooper Rick Anthis and husband, Deputy Gabriel Thorkelson, search for a missing boy until Gabe disappears, too. Everything is at stake for Rick as he works to solve the case. Talk about a sexy dream two very sexy cops in uniform. Rick and Gabriel have been married for some time and live next to a family that is not only dysfunctional, but a bit of a problem.

The father had left the family and the mother was just trying to get the child support she is owed. They were always fighting about it so much that Jacob comes over to their house to get away from the yelling. However, on this night, Jacob’s father takes it to the extreme. He shoots the mother and kidnaps the kid. Gabriel and Rick will do everything possible to rescue Jacob. Then while working on another case Gabriel accidentally comes across them. Now it is up to Rick to get his husband home and save a little boy from certain death.

This story will kind of bring it home for you. Not only about parental kidnappings but also people with diabetes. Both Gabriel and Jacob have it. So while trying to save Jacob, Gabriel gives Jacob his insulin to help the kid but it almost cost him his life. I loved this story a lot more than the others. Because it actually gives you a great story line with sexy cops, dangerous situations, child abduction, violence, mystery and a lot more that one could want in a story. I would love to read more about these two sexy men.

THE QUEEN’S GUARD ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Jonathan visits Windsor Castle every weekend to watch one particular member of the Queen’s Guard, and when he spots the man at the local gay bar he knows he might just be in with a chance. As he watches the changing of the guard, he imagines just what he could get up to with his soldier.

Isaac has noticed Jonathan when he visits, but since he can’t move he just watches him back. When Jonathan goes back to the club, he lucks out and see’s Isaac, but he doesn’t realize just how much he lucks out. Isaac comes up to him and asks him if he is the only one he sees. Sure enough, he gets his answer and Jonathan gets much more than even he hopes for.

This story was good but to dang short for me. I want to know where it goes. I love the fact that the guard comes up to Jonathan and shows him just how much he sees him right back. It was a great story. However, it was missing a bit that didn’t give me what I want. I am glad that I got to read this story and sure do hope that the author will right another story a bit longer with Isaac and Jonathan being the main characters.

NURSE LEVI ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Levi is a nurse, and his days are pretty much the same, always working hard. His day changes when another nurse asks him to take over looking after one of her patients. Levi finds himself tending to Ash, an injured fireman and the sparks are there from the start.

Levi leaves work that day still thinking about Ash, but thinking he’ll never see him again. Fate, and maybe some sneakiness on Ash’s part, brings the men together again. And the heat between them quickly grows.

Sexy men in uniform will always make your day brighter. Levi’s day gets brighter when Ash wants the same things he does. I hope the author will make a longer story with these two sexy men because they were a hit. I love the way Ash just comes off so tender-hearted and charming. He is protective of Levi when Levi tells him that his family hated his job choice. It was ok that he was gay but being a nurse was worse. He is not your stereotypical male nurse. He is six-foot six with lots of tattoos. I love the way they just hit it off and keep it going strong considering that they don’t see each other that much. I want more of these two men.


IT geek Sean Barlow lusts after the dreamy UPS guy who charms the ladies in his office with his roguish smile and sinful brown shorts. The delivery guy couldn’t be more out of Sean’s league, even if by some miracle he was gay. But when a freak power outage finds Sean trapped in the elevator with his uniformed hunk, he learns first-hand that you can’t judge a UPS guy by the size of his package.

Rob is gorgeous and Sean wants him, but he doesn’t think that he would ever get a chance. Rob can charm the women left and right. Everyone in the office always can’t wait when he shows up with their packages. But all Sean has done is embarrass himself, every time he sees him. But Rob sees him for what he really is gorgeous, smart and someone he wants. He gets to show him, or more than likely Sean shows Rob in more way then one.

It also has Rob telling Sean to go for his dream. I loved this story, would actually love it more if it was longer. So I do hope that the author will do a book just about their future. Or a little bit spicier than that. I loved it and I am glad to have had a chance to read it.

MIDNIGHT MAGIC ♥♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts

Sam Burke is a candy maker and a mage. He has had ten years to get his ex, and fellow mage, Bret Fields out of his mind. When Bret sets up a candy shop right across the street from Sam’s family candy shop, Sam sees red. Bret makes it clear right away, that he wants back into Sam’s life, no matter what. When Bret doesn’t take no for an answer, a local police officer Micah Homes comes to the rescue.Sparks fly between Micah and Sam, but Bret does not intend to let Sam go this time.

All he had wanted was not to be someone’s dirty secret. However, when Bret shows up he just won’t leave him alone at the fair, but to Sam’s surprise a very sexy police officer shows up and saves the day. Things start heating up between Micah and Sam, but Bret won’t let Sam goes. However, to Bret’s surprise, Sam has gotten stronger and he has a full-time protector now. One very sexy cop that will do everything in his power to save his man.

I loved this book more because it is a paranormal romance book. It has the perfect flare to it. I love the fact that Sam is a water mage. So when Bret uses fire powers, Sam protects himself just perfectly. I also love the fact that Micah will do everything to keep his man safe. It needs to be made into a longer story because it will be a hit when it is. I would have to buy this book, so that is a hint to the wonderful author. I was glad to have had a chance to read this story and will definitely be checking out more by this author.

I would recommend reading this anthology to anyone who loves men in uniforms. It has that and some of the books actually have dangerous situations in it with which they are being saved by their sexy men. I loved it and had a great time reading it.

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