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I haven’t been able to sleep for a few days.  After blowing off the snail speed website of http://www.mlb.com for not converting the last 7 teams home start times, I decided to try my luck with http://www.espn.com.

Much to my delight, they have posted all of the games times for all 30 MLB clubs – in coordination with the teams doing so themselves on their own sites.

I have done this for the last 7 years.  Yes, it is sad in a way, but we all have our vices in life, mine just happens to be the master schedule for Major League Baseball.

My interest this year was ramped up even more when Craig Calcaterra wrote a blog about how somebody was doing 30 Ballparks in 30 days.

I am not going to say this is not still a great feat – because it is, I just wish he would have taken 5 seconds to google the record holder for “Fastest To See All 30 MLB Ballparks.”

Once again, this wasn’t done, so half of the story wasn’t told.

For those that have followed this website over the course of 2011 – 2014, or even have been a part of ballparkchasers.com – will be aware we have a fraternity of insane stadium goers.

ALL Games Attended – you must be there from 1st to last pitch.  You have to go to all 30 parks before returning to another one, otherwise it starts all over.

For Weekly/Monthly MLB Schedules or all 2430 MLB games in 2014 on 1 page post – find the links master grid right here

Breaking the record I have established, will take at least 8 successful doubleheader attempts in 22 days. There are just not that many available DH’s in the whole MLB season_). Speaking from experience, it will take a severely cagey traveler to even come close. I spent years perfecting this craft. in the end, I lucked out with no weather cancellations at all for my trip in April of 2012. Someone else may not be so lucky.

In 2008, I managed to see all 30 MLB Parks in 29 calendar days.

2009 saw me break the World Record, by hitting all 30 MLB Parks in 24 days.

2 years ago in 2012, I set forth on a mission to put up a 30 parks in 20 days trip.  I didn’t make it to all of those games, yet I still shaved another day off of the record, with a new mark of 30 MLB Parks in 23 days.

You can read about that entire trip here.

I bought this website 6 months after I finished the 2012 odyssey, so I haven’t had time to embark on another crazy baseball road trip like that.

Planning for something like this took a considerable amount of time.  I have studied geography so well in the USA, I might as well be a teacher on the subject now.

While I am forging ahead with a schedule to see a live game every day in the 2015 campaign, I will not be chasing down any records this year.

Having said that, it was so much fun assembling a potential trip to view.

Believe it or not, this only took me an hour to figure out.  I am at a loss for words for how it comes so naturally to me, but it is years of practice.

I am too excited not to write this blog first – effectively trumping the 34 pages of the MLB schedule I was dedicating myself to finish yesterday.  Those can come later.

Among those pages, I am listing a plethora of doable doubleheader attempts (master list) that people can view in order to perhaps attempt some ballpark chasing themselves. Keep on the look out for that in the next few coming days.

This trip would start with a un thought of doubleheader attempt of Coors Field and Safeco Field.  I must be out of my mind right?

Well, the probability of making it would be about 30%.

The game at Coors starts at 1:10 pm and the outgoing flight is at 4:55, so it would take a miracle for this attempt to come in.

However, with an NL game, it could run about 2 hours and 30 Minutes, to end at 3:40, you could theoretically scramble to Denver International Airport by 4:10, to have about 20 minutes to clear security, in order to make the flight.

Once in Seattle, I would have about 30 minutes to arrive at the yard for game time.  Google says it will take 20 minutes to make the trek.

This wouldn’t be the only doubleheader attempt to try with Colorado, so reaching the flight in time, would not be absolute paramount.

Day, Date/Park or Parks/Local time starts

Day 1  Wed April 9: Coors Field 1:10/Safeco Field 7:10

We either fly from Seattle or Colorado over night to Chicago. If I miss the doubleheader attempt the previous day, these games would become 1 and 2

Day 2 Thu April 10: Wrigley Field 1:20/US Cellular Field 7:10  – Same city, can make it to the 2nd game by way of the Red Line,

Day 3  Fri April 11: Miller Park 7:10 ( Can use the same car to travel to Milwaukee and back to drop off Chicago)

Day 4 Sat Apr 12:  Oriole Park at Camden Yards – TBD: To arrive in Baltimore, I would take a flight from the Windy City to Baltimore.

Once in Baltimore, I would take the Amtrak train from the airport station to Bal Penn Station, placing luggage for a $4 per parcel fee.  I could pick up my luggage the same day if a day game, or return to the place on Sunday morning.

Day 5  Sun Apr.13: Citizens Bank Ballpark 1:35/Yankee Stadium:  Because I would take an Amtrak Train from BAL – PHI, I could again store my luggage for a $3 per parcel fee at PHL/30th St station.

The ticket from BAL/PHI by this route will cost you just $35 one way.

After the game in Philly, there will be a chance for a doubleheader in New York City, by way of Amtrak train once again.  Providing the Phillies can wrap up in under 3 hours, you can take a taxi to the PHL/30th station.

I would buy both the 519 train that leaves Philly and arrives at Penn Station at 646, that will cost you $39.

Since you can always receive a refund from Amtrak for a nominal fee, I would also buy the Acela Express train that leaves Philly at 5:37 and arrives at New York Penn station at 6:52.

Once you arrive in New York, you are about a 25 minute subway ride away from the stadium.

Your luggage can be stored at a locker – via a restaurant bar ($10 fee) located across from Yankee Stadium  (would have to pick up in Philly after the game), and you can return to pick it up for about one hour after the game.

You would then take a bus to Lu Guardia Airport.

If for some reason, you don’t make it to Yankee Stadium for a classic Red Sox/Yankees tilt, don’t be alarmed, you have another chance to make a Yankees game – as part of a Mets/Yankees doubleheader 2 Sunday’s from there (Apr.27) – and again on ESPN Sunday Night.

The reason you go for it on this day, rather than the easier New York/New York double is you never know about weather or extra innings, so always double up chances to make games if possible.

Day 6 Mon April 14:  New Marlins Ballpark 7:10:  Rent a car in this city, attend the game, rest up at a hotel and get ready for an early morning flight to California the next day.

Day 7: Tues April 15: Angel Stadium 7:10:  You can fly into Los Angeles, watch a game in Orange County – and carry on a with a one-way rental car from National to the city of San Diego. Stay at the hostel right downtown for 2 days.

The purpose is to use a locker rental for the next day when you are taking a cab to the PARK The hostel in San Diego has lockers for luggage, and you are only a block away from the park.

Day 8:  Wed April 16:  Chase Field 12:40/Petco Park 7:10:  I would rent a car, and just hope that traffic is stellar back in coming to Phoenix airport.

Again, you would need a game without massive extra innings, as the returning flight leaves Phoenix at 545 – arriving about 640 In San Diego.

From there it is a 12 minute drive to the park  (via cab) in San Diego (4.4 Miles).  Since you have already secured a hostel room down the street, you can take a cab right to the game in San Diego, watch the game, and walk the block to the Hostel again after the game.

Day 9:  Thu Apr.17: The Ballpark in Arlington 1:10/Minute Maid Park 7:10.  There is a flight that leaves DALLAS Love Field Airport at 530 and arrives at Houston (Hobby Airport at 635).

I know of a taxi service who would pick me up at the game in Arlington right after – taking me to that airport for $50.  I used this in 2012, when an early spring tornado wrecked all car rental fleets.

I had a suitcase and briefcase while arriving at the yard, and they allowed me to take the contents with me after a security search perusal.

Similarly in Houston, I would use a car service for both of my runs to and fro the airport.  This is one of those nights, where I would leave my luggage with the sedan company, and head to Hobby Airport after the game for an early morning lift-off.’

Hobby Airport to Minute Maid Park is only a 16 minute drive, and security is easier at both of the Southwest gates in both Dallas and Houston.

It is  then on to Detroit for the next game the following day.

Day 10 FRI April.18: Comerica Park 7:08:  Fly into Detroit early and rent a car that is a one way rental – ending in Cleveland the next day.  Finish the game and stay in a hotel at Cleveland (168 Miles Away).

Day 11 SAT April.19:  Progressive Field 1:10/PNC Park 7:05.  Another 1 way rental from Cleveland to Pittsburgh.  This distance between these two parks is 133 Miles.

There is another 1 way rental from Cleveland Airport to Pittsburgh Airport.

The good news is that this would be a ground attempt, and therefore you can still keep your flight itinerary for the next day in the event of a miss.

Day 12 SUN April.20:  o.co Coliseum 1:05 Fly into Oakland – and rent a car.  It is a quick game – and then fly across the country.  Sunday’s are great days to use the early matinée games for your own personal time resets.

Leave some personal belongings with friend in SF, in order to travel lighter the next several days.  There is a return game in the Bay Area (SF) a week later.

Day 13 Mon April.21 Fenway Park 11:05A/Nationals Park 7:05:  After a flight from San Francisco (by route of OAK) the previous night, leaving at 930 – it will arrive at 6:15 AM.  (You have to travel light – here you will have primarily the clothes on your back).

After the 1st game, you take the T-Train to the airport – flight is at 500 PM – and arrives in DCA at 635. I completed this exact doubleheader opportunity in 2012.

Day 14. Tues April.22: The Rogers Center/SkyDome 7:07:  Since I have friends in Toronto, I would arm myself with a second set of luggage here.  I would fly to Toronto before the trip even commenced – dropping off the stuff I needed for the next leg of the trip.

Day 15.  Wed Apr.23:  Turner Field 12:10/Tropicana Field 7:10:  Early morning International flight from Toronto to ATL. Rent a car in the renovated car rental center (last couple of years).

I attempted a Turner Field/Busch Stadium doubleheader in 2012.  Despite a 3 HR and 15 Min game, I made it to the Airport in just 27 minutes (car returned to the facility – and tram to the terminal) at Atlanta. 

However a 30 min security wait made me miss a flight to STL at 435 that day.

The good news was I had another flight purchased just an hour later…..I would have arrived in St. Louis with 50 minutes to arrive at the game on time. 

Unfortunately the 2nd flight Officer’s seat belt – would not shut – and our trip was delayed by an hour (****). Still a little sore about that one.

Likely, I would have achieved that doubleheader, but just like a 30 minute delay from Houston to Texas, cost me a 2nd chance at a DH.  I turned in a 30 – 23 trip – Instead of a 30 – 21 chance.

The other doubleheader opportunity I missed out was because of a flight cancellation out of San Diego.  I made no personal mistakes that cost me a chance for these doubleheaders.

Anyways, the flight to Tampa Bay leaves at 433 – and arrives in FLA at 6:08.  The game might have to be under 3 hours to accomplish the feat.

It is 22 Miles from Tampa Airport to the ballyard.  Add a little time for traffic, and don’t spend time waiting to park your car,  so run if you have too.

Day 16 Thur April.24:  Dodger Stadium 7:05:  You still fly into Los Angeles early enough to give ample time for traffic.

Day 17 Fri April.25:  If Seattle  is missed on April.9th it would be Safeco Field (7:05).  If COL/SEA doubleheader is missed, you will go to Minnesota (Target Field – 7:10.  Flying from LA, you fly earliest time possible.  Book flight after Apr.09.

Day 18 Sat April.26: AT &T Park in San Fan TBD:  Whether it is a day game or night game, we will be okay here.  Coming from Seattle is a quick flight. Otherwise , from Minny you gain 2 HRs heading back West.

Day 19 Sun April.27:  Citi Field 1:10 PM/(Potentially Yankee Stadium 8:05 PM) (if missed on PHL/NYY DH attempt on April.13)

You have to fly from SFO to LGA or JFK on an overnight flight.

Day 20 Mon April.28:  The Great American Ball Park 7:10:  A flight from New York to Indianapolis probably in the cards here. It is half way between St. Louis and Cincinnati.

For this, you would probably have a 4 or 5 day car rental to secure.

Day 21 Tues April.29:  If you are perfect on the trip, Kansas City would be this game and forego a doubleheader opportunity.  If you only miss one doubleheader (provided you made the COL/DH), you can make up a game with the Astros.

If you missed the Rays on the DH attempt on April.23, you can switch their game to the 24th, and flip the LA Dodgers to the 29th.  The same flip could be used for the Nationals or Pirates on a failed DH attempt.  They go to the 24th and LAD goes to the 29th.

The Yankees play on this day, but if you can’t make a PHI/NYY or NYM/NYY DH on 2 tries, you may not succeed at breaking the record anyway.

If you miss the ARI/SD double with Petco, you need to moved DET to the 24, LAD to the 29th to give it another shot at the record.

Oh yeah.. SD would need to be around a 2 HR and 40 Min game or under, because the flight from SAN – CLE would leave at 1100 PM on the FRI night – to arrive on SAT in time for the game.

The White Sox DH miss would be made on this day too, with an easier 30th game of STL/KC double.

Day 22 Wed Apr.30 – Busch Stadium 12:40 PM/Kauffman Stadium 7:10.  If the Seattle DH is nailed – and you go perfect the rest of the way, KC would have been done the previous day.

If there was one DH missed at all (and nailed SEA DH), this would still be for all of the marbles.

If Sea DH is missed, this reverts back to Day 21… Providing there was only one DH missed, and no cancellations, today would make 28 Games in 21 Days.

Remember that Minnesota is left on May 1st.  However, if you miss the SEA DH and run perfect the rest of the way, you could still go to Minny on the 29th, and put forth a 30 – 22 attempt with STL/KC.

Finally, if you missed the SEA DH, and 1 other DH attempt, there is one last-ditch effort – to obtain a 30 – 22 mark.  Since you take off the April 9th game, you need to re-do COL.  This would be done May 1….

Here is the thing though, there is a DH attempt to be done between Target Field and Coors Field. 

If you do the maneuver (combined with 1 other DH miss), with a SEA missed attempt.  That first game you go to in Minnesota, automatically puts you 30 – 23 automatically to tie the record of 30 – 23.

So if you miss the Colorado (2nd part of May.1), it doesn’t matter, because you can retro-active the April.9th game again, which is 23 days (April.9th – May.01).

However if you hit the DH with Coors Field on May.01, it would be 30 – 22.  April .10 – May.01.

Lets go back to the STL/KC doubleheader on the 30th.  Busch Stadium to Kauffman Stadium in 241 Miles, and listed as 210 Minutes.

You would need a game under 3 hours.  The National League average for a 9 inning game is 2:39.  The AL averages a game of 2:53 per contest.

For this case, you need the NL average.  St. Louis downtown at around 3:30 is frantically paced for traffic..  You could make up some time on the I-70, but it will cut it close.

That is why if you miss that DH for Seattle, and run perfect until the 29th of April, you may as well do the Kauffman Stadium game on the 29th, and STL on 30th, and risk the Target Field/Kauffman Stadium double.

Potential Day 22 Thursday May.1: (with failed SEA DH, and perfect the rest of the way).  Target Field 12:10/Kauffman Stadium 7:10.

The plan is simple, fly from STL/MSP in the morning, leave your rented car from IND at STL longterm parking.  Take the Hiwatha Line in from the Airport (lindbergh Terminal).

The game starts at 12:10, and with any luck will run no longer than 3 hours.  It takes 30 minutes to get to MSP from downtown.

After the game is over, I would sprint to the next stop past the stadium traffic, in order to bypass that crowd – and guarantee you a seat.

Because you already have your boarding pass from the morning, and are not checking in any luggage, you can use the SKYBRIDGE security checkpoint – upon arriving back at the Lindbergh Terminal.

I have done this before – to catch a 455 flight to Chicago, and this is a 455 flight to Denver.  Since you are crossing a time zone, it only ends up being about an HR flight.

Once in Denver, I would take a cab into town.  I would have all of my possessions at the St. Louis Airport.

You can enter the park even if you don’t make it there by first pitch, you just don’t break the record.  If made it before the game starts its 30 – 22, if not, it’s still 30 – 23, and the 30th park you visited in arrears was Coors Field on Apr.09/2014 anyway.

In the summation of this trip, there are 10 DH attempts, but a couple of times, they are repeat teams involved.  This ups the odds a little bit.

In 2012, I managed to connect on 7/10 DH tried.  This time it must be 8/10.

To end the trip, you need to fly back to STL and drive back to IND, and fly home.  Probably take in another ball game or 2.

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It literally takes all of your stamina, strength and mental toughness to lug every waking second minute on the road for 3 – 4 weeks straight. It has been a lifestyle that has been both rewarding and frustrating at the same time. It is a constant adrenaline rush for the duration of all these trips. So far in my world, I have not found anything to parallel the entire experience. The definition of a “Extreme Ballpark Chaser” – is somebody that gears their entire life in order for the ability to attend games at stadiums!

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