Enjin – DonationCraft – Donation & Website Plugin

Please note that EMP v3.0.0 and higher require Java 8 and Bukkit 1.8.8 or higher.

Enjin Website & Bukkit Donation Plugin – DonationCraft Plugin. Grow your Minecraft Server by creating a Server Website and Donation Store. Over 80,000 servers are powered by Enjin’s CMS and 100% Free Donation Plugin!

DonationCraft Features (Plugin side) – ALL FREE!

ChestShop GUI! (On by default)

Display recent purchases in game (See stats section below for more details)

Cumulative Packages – Automatically discount or offer upgrades on items based on user purchase history.

In-Game store – Customize border style, text color and display type.

Categories and Subcategories – Create multiple categories and subcategories.

Fast Server commands – run on purchase, expiry, refund, chargebacks – runs within 30 seconds.

Custom Variables & options – create custom questions per item or globally, supported in commands.

Create custom email notifications

Set Custom Payment terms

New Checkout System – Streamlined checkout system for easy purchases.

Create Multiple Stores – Create multiple completely separate stores!

Multiple Payment Processors – Paypal, Credit Cards, 2Checkout, Onebip mobile – More soon!

Multiple Server Support – Assign items to multiple servers or none.

New Display Modes – Display items per category in full visual or list mode instead.

Set Item order – Set display order by manual placement, alphabetical or most popular.

Global options – Setup various option questions on cart purchases.

New Store UI – Optimized and highly usable user interface for front-end.

Actions On Chargeback – You can run commands on chargeback + remove user tags.

Actions on Refunds – You can run comands on refunds + remove user tags.

Item Expiry – Setup expires on items and allow users to renew them.

Payment terms – Setup custom payment terms and force users to agree.

Drag & drop Admin – New shop manager for easy drag and drop category / item management.

Notifier Variables – Notification emails/pms support custom variables now.

Stock Limit – Items now support stock levels.

User Limit – Set the amount of times the same user can purchase an item. Includes reset.

Zero programming knowledge required

Support Paypal, 2checkout and Onebip.

100% Free Forever – No restrictions, all features enabled. DonationCraft is truly the best & free.

Please see Enjin.com for all the website features DonationCraft offers!

Sync your website access with in game server ranks

Ability to select in-game rank to sync with and world selection.

Auto rank user in server when user get tagged on website.

Auto rank user on website when user gets ranked on server.

Remove rank on server when user loses tag on website.

Remove rank on website when user loses rank on server.

Supports access automation. Tag users based on conditions.

Whitelist players on your server when certain tags are added

API for player tags included for your third party plugins

Multiple Server Support per Website

Add up to 10 servers per website.

Create Multiple Donation Shops per server per website.

Create Multiple Minecraft modules per server per website.

Minecraft Specific Modules

Minecraft Server Status

Minecraft Server Players Online

Minecraft Server Top Players Online

Minecraft Server Players Graph

Minecraft Server Response Graph

User in server indicator

Minecraft user in-game indicator and friend list

Minecraft Server TPS Graph

Votes per hour graph

Ticket support submission and management

Minecraft Vote for Diamonds / Rewards Module

Votifier Enabled!

Support multiple Minecraft servers. Create multiple Vote for diamonds / Reward modules.

Long list of supported voting sites.

Add or remove voting sites to your active voting list (rename them also)

Configure top voter sections

Allow voting without a Minecraft character added to profile

Displays Minecraft character details and voting information to entice users to vote

Clearly distinguishes with green ticks which sites the user have already voted on.

Ability to reset votes to zero

Full site and theme integration with optimized front-end UI.

Features the new V3 admin UI for easy configuration

User votes will be recorded even if they didn’t sign up to your site or used the module.

In Game Stats

Use just signs, or signs with heads!

Recent donations

Recent donations for a specific item

Top voters of the day/week/month

Most recent voters

Top server players

Top forum poster

Top liked forum users

Newest forum users

NEW! Give Users Items

We have now added a command where you can give users items using their UUID! It even gives them the item if they aren’t on the server at the moment as long as TuxTwoLib (an optional plugin) is installed.

Basic Command Format

The basic command is /enjin give [player or UUID] [MaterialName] [quantity] You can also specify the damage of the item (useful for items such as dyes and wool) by putting a colon and the damage value after the material name, like this: /enjin give Tux2 Ink_Sack:5 The quantity is optional and as a default gives 1 of the item.

Optional Parameters

-name [Item Name] – Add a custom name to the item. (Supports colors!)

-color [r255,g255,b255] – Sets the color on leather armor. Separate colors by commas with no spaces. Each color is in decimal from 0-255, and should be prefixed with the color name (r = red, g = green, b = blue)

-repairxp [xpneeded] – Sets the repair cost

Example of a custom leather helmet with a custom name and red color: /give Tux2 Leather_Helmet -name &6Leather Helmet of Awesome! -color r255,g0,b0


/enjinkey <key> – Sets the enjin key

/enjin debug – toggles debugging on/off

/enjin report – generates a debug report that includes a list of all your plugins and versions, world names, group names, java version, operating system, bukkit version, last severe message and 40 lines after it, web connectivity tests, plus a timings report (if enabled)

/enjin push – push all player’s ranks on the server to enjin (WARNING! Depending on how many unique players you’ve had join your server it may take quite a while to synch)

/enjin inform [playername] message – Sends a formatted chat message with color codes to a certain player.

/enjin broadcast message – Sends a formatted chat message with color codes to the entire server.

/enjin lag – Shows you the current ticks per second, average TPS, as well as how much ram is used vs total ram.

/enjin syncheads – Forces a sync of all the stats on the signs and heads

/enjin heads – Shows an in game help/cheat sheet for setting up the different types of heads in the plugin

/enjin addpoints [player] [amount] – Adds points for a specific player

/enjin removepoints [player] [amount] – Removes a specific amount of points from a player

/enjin setpoints [player] [amount] – Sets the amount of points a player has to a specific amount

/enjin points – Shows the amount of points you have

/enjin points [player] – Shows the amount of points a specific player has

/enjin tags [player] – Shows the tags a particular player has on the website

/enjin give [player name or UUID] [MaterialName:Damage (damage paramter is optional] [quantity] – Gives a player with that name or UUID the item. Supports players that aren’t on the server at the moment if TuxTwoLib is installed.

DonationCraft Commands

The buy command will override any other plugin’s buy command by default and is the default command, although you can change it easily either on the website, or in the config.yml file.

/buy – Opens up the shop interface or goes back to the main interface

/buy shop # – Opens up a certain shop

/buy page # – Opens up that page in the listing

/buy # – Opens the details page corresponding to that listing

/buy item <#> – buys the item displayed with points or the item number specified on the current page.

/ec – Enables chat. (This is a non-blocking implementation that allows buycraft to still catch it if you don’t have an enjin shop open.)


enjin.setkey – Allows the player to set the key for the plugin

enjin.report – Allows the player to generate a debug report for submitting to enjin or other plugin authors

enjin.debug – Turns debugging on/off for this session

enjin.push – Allows the player to use the /enjin push command

enjin.broadcast – Allows the player to use the /enjin broadcast command

enjin.inform – Allows the player to use the /enjin inform command

enjin.lag – Allows the player to use the /enjin lag command

enjin.give – Allows the player to give items to players using the /enjin give command

enjin.notify.* – Player gets all notifications from the plugin

enjin.notify.connectionstatus – Player gets informed at login and real time if the plugin loses connection or regains connection to Enjin

enjin.notify.update – Player gets informed of pending updates to the Enjin Minecraft Plugin

enjin.notify.failedupdate – Player gets informed of any failed updates

enjin.notify.invalidauthkey – Player gets informed if the auth key is invalid

enjin.notify.permissionsnotworking – Player gets informed if the permissions plugin isn’t working correctly

enjin.notify.econoutdated – Player gets informed if your economy plugin doesn’t support the new UUID methods in Vault 1.4.1

enjin.notify.mcmmooutdated – Player gets informed if your version of mcMMO is not supported.

enjin.updateheads – Allows the player to force a sync of the heads/sign stats

enjin.sign.set – Allows the player to create an enjin stats sign

enjin.sign.remove – Allows the player to remove an enjin stats sign/headen

enjin.points.add – Allows the player to add points to players

enjin.points.remove – Allows the player to remove points from a player

enjin.points.set – Allows the player to set the points of a player to a specific amount

enjin.points.getothers – Allows the player to see the amount of points another player has

enjin.points.getself – Allows the player to see how many points they have (this defaults to everyone)

enjin.tags.view – Allows the player to see the tags of a player

Setting up the Heads/Sign Stats Display

Setting up the display is extremely easy.

Place the head (optional)

Place a sign around the head (above or below) and type the code for the type of stat you want to display

Repeat steps 1-2 until you have the desired amount of history

Each type of stat has specific text you will need to put on the sign. It consists of the type of stat, and a number, denoting how far back in the history this sign is for. 1 = most recent, 9 = least recent. The place to put the number will be designated by a “#” symbol. So if the code to put on the sign was [donation#], if you wanted the second most recent donation you would put [donation2] on the first line of the sign. For certain types of signs there are different subtypes (day/week/month, item id, etc.) For this type of data it goes on the second line of the sign.

Stats codes

[donation#] – Recent donations. You can tell it to retrieve history for a specific item by putting the item id on the second line. To get the item ID for a specific item just go to the item edit page for that item.

[topvoter#] – Top voter of the day/week/month (defaults to month if the type isn’t specified). To specify the time length put the word day, week, or month on the second line.

[voter#] – Most recent voters.

[topplayer#] – Top players. This pulls data from the top players module on the website so whatever time length you have it set to there (day, week, or month), will be reflected here.

[topposter#] – Top forum posters with minecraft characters linked to their account.

[toplikes#] – Forum users with the most likes with a linked minecraft character.

[newmember#] – The latest member to join the website.

[toppoints#] – Shows the players with the most points. Put either month, week, or day on the second line to show top earners for the month/week/day.

[pointsspent#] – Shows the players who spent the most points total. Put either month, week, or day on the second line to show top spenders for the month/week/day.

[moneyspent#] – Shows the players who spent the most money on the server. Put either month, week, or day on the second line to show top spenders for the month/week/day.

In Game Stats Notes

There can be duplicate stat signs anywhere in the world, so feel free to show this data wherever you want to on your server!

You can place a head two blocks directly above the sign so you can hide the sign under a wall if wanted

To remove a stats head/sign, just break them and they will automatically be de-registered


As of this moment the plugin tracks bans and pardons and sends them to enjin as well. This feature is not currently implemented on Enjin, although we were told by bukkit dev staff we had to document this feature on the plugin page. You can disable this feature in the plugin by setting the option “listenforbans: true” to false.

Stats this plugin tracks and sends to the website

These features can be turned off by setting the enableplayerstats variable to false in the config.yml. These are transmitted to Enjin.com for use on your website and are not viewable by anyone unless you choose to make them public on your Enjin website using the control panel.

Tracking of player distance by foot, rail, boat, or pig (oink oink!)

Tracking of player kills/deaths and by what creature

Tracking of block types placed/broken for each player

Kicks and by whom

Server stats (free ram, OS type, total ram, java version, total entities)

Other information this plugin may collect

In some cases we may ask for an Enjin report. This report contains a detailed report of your server and includes information we need to help diagnose errors. These reports are not automatically sent to Enjin and are only stored in a file on your server which you can go through and remove any information you don’t want us to see. The information collected is documented below:

Bukkit version

Java version

Operating system type and architecture

If votifier is working properly and the IP and port it’s listening on

Plugins on the server and versions

All the worlds on the server

The last severe message on your server and 40 lines after it to aid in debugging purposes.

The last 100 lines of your enjin.log which we use for debugging purposes. The information included with this log includes any sync errors, as well as the contents of those syncs.

This plugin checks for and downloads updates automatically

If you would not like to receive updates/notifications of updates automatically you can always turn it off in the config.yml file by setting the autoupdate variable to false, which will disable auto update checking and downloading.

Other stats this plugin collects which cannot be disabled

Please remember that the whole point of this plugin is stats collection, and since these stats are imperative to the function of the plugin they cannot be disabled. If you don’t want these stats to be collected please uninstall the plugin. Please remember that these stats can only be seen by you and in aggregate anonymous reports by the owners of Enjin, or by your players if you choose to make these stats public on the website.

Max players on your server

Player names and UUIDs of the current players on your server

Worlds and weather in these worlds on your server

Players’ permission groups

Completed commands sent from Enjin with the completion status (seen in your admin reports for the shop and votifier module)

Version of bukkit on your server

Which values you have set in your config.yml file for the Enjin plugin. (currently not logged or tracked on Enjin)



Version 3.0.0

Complete rewrite of EMP

Ticket support integration

ZPermissions support

Version 2.7.2

Bug fixes

Version 2.7.1

Added an option to disable ban/pardon listening

Added the command /enjin give with support for UUIDs

More miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 2.7.0

More obtuse logging

Fixed several shop errors

VanishNoPacket support!

Version 2.6.9

Added option to disable log collection

Other miscellaneous bug fixes

Removed Java 6 compatibility

Version 2.6.8

Fixed compatibility with Java 1.6 (first build of 2.6.8 didn’t have compatibility for Java 1.6)

Added compatibility for Minecraft version 1.7.10

Fixed economy integration when economy plugin wasn’t ready yet.

Version 2.6.7

Fixed miscellaneous bugs

Disable mcMMO integration and warn admins if they have a version we don’t support

Version 2.6.5

Fixed mcMMO stuff causing exceptions with servers without mcMMO.

Version 2.6.4

Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 2.6.3

Better integration into mcMMO using their official API methods. Thanks to all of the great guys on the mcMMO team for the help!

Version 2.6.2

More bug fixes relating to GroupManager

Version 2.6.1

Fixed some UUID errors with older versions of Minecraft

Added more friendly error messages

Changed variable “collectstats” to “collectplayerstats”

Version 2.6.0

Re-did stats and removed protobuf dependency

Added check to make sure Votifier is configured correctly

More details on Enjin reports

Added API for custom stats

Fixed a weird NPE relating to logs

Version 2.5.8

Added support for 1.6.4 and below again

Fixed a small heads bug

Includes json-simple API, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Download Links

For 1.8.1


Credits: Enjineer

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